Review by Syphonforever2

Reviewed: 11/07/06


If you don't understand my tagline, what I mean is that Splinter Cell 1 is a great game, (I know some people will contest this) Pandora Tomorrow was better, Chaos theory was the worst, and Double Agent is the best.

Nw many people will probably disagree with me, but that is my opinion and I hope you will accept that. Now on to the review. As I said before, Double Agent is my personal favorite. Here's why

GRAPHICS: 10/10: I hear on GAMEFAQS message boards that there is bad framerate and a lot of Screen Tear. I saw a little bit of framerate problems in Kinshasa, but not to a bothersome point, and no screen tearing. Grittier and darker looking than Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (A game that has its graphics frequently compared to those of Double Agent) People say that the shaodw effects are gone. Play on 20% brightness and 60% contrast, and come back to me. Character models and environments are very detailed. Mouths move to the correct movement when people talk, even in gameplay most of the time.

STORY: 9/10: Great story that could have been developed more, I won't say anything to spoil it. Missed the news sequences though.

SOUND: 10/10: It's hard to vividly describe sound in video games, but to just say whats good and bad. Good sounding guns, good sounding gadgets, good sounding knifings, good sounding voice overs, good sounding explosions. What more to say. (Some wierd, kind of silly sounding noises in multiplayer though.

MULTIPLAYER: Hard to rate, so I won't because multiplayer is something that you love or hate. Me, myself is multiplayer kind of guy, but I do enjoy working with other people, and slaughtering them and breaking their necks. Much more balanced multiplayer. In PT and CT, being a merc was so hard, a spy could easily paralyze you and kill you. Now, spies have no weapons but a smoke grenade OR a flash grenade OR a jammer OR a syringe to help their partners. That's right, one tool, no electric gun. Much more fair and balanced (Like Fox News) Personally, I like it much better.

SINGLE PLAYER GAMEPLAY: 11/10: Yes, single player, what made Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell. It certainly did not dissappoint me. The HUD is gone, which some people complained about. I thought that the 3 lights (Green: shadow--Yellow: Visible-- Flashing red: spotted) were just fine, becuase that is pretty much the light meter in the originals. People also whined about the sound meter being gone. You didn't have one in the first 2, you can deal without one now. Fun for the whole family (not really, very violent) because you can run and gun ((((((((((((SOMETIMES)))))))))))) or stay silent and out of sight (((((((((((most of the time)))))))))))) If you know Splinter Cell, you know this gameplay.


Trust Meter: shows how much trust you have with the NSA and the terrorists you work for

3 lights: Already explained

Weapon and Gadget upgrades: Doing star marked objectives will get you upgrades.

REPLAY VALUE: A lot. There are three different endings, 11 levels, 3 different difficulties. I have had it since release, and haven't taken it out of my XBOX 360.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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