Review by TheDarkness654

Reviewed: 07/06/07

Once again Sam Fisher show is on top of the stealth action genre.

Some claim that this Splinter Cell is not as good as Chaos Theory or the other previous games, but I think it beats all of them except the original, which I still find great.
Graphics- 10

Double Agent truly shines here, I find these graphics to be one of the best on the Xbox 360. Sure, it may not be as good as Gears of War, but it has very good graphics. Overall these are great graphics, and the lighting is absolutely beautiful, as usual.

Sound- 10

Well of course this has to be good! I mean you have to be able to hear things to know if people are coming, or even hear yourself so you can take care to be quieter. The music really creates tension, it gives it a very good mood. Overall the sound will most likely live up to and past any expectations you have for the sound, unless you are just a really weird person. Overall the sound is excellent.

Story- 10

I think this has a very, very good story! I truly enjoyed it start to finish, but I really will not spoil anything here, it is something that you really have to experience first hand. I think it is a little to short, but that sadly seems to be a trend recently. But because it was short I played through it several more times, and am currently trying to beat the game on hard, which is no easy task. Overall the story is one of the finest today.

Game Play- 9

First off I have to say pretty much the major reason that I am giving the game play a nine is because of the shortness of the game. Now the multiplayer mode is a whole different creature, it will keep you hooked for a very long time. It has a unique mercenaries vs. spies mode in which the spies must hack data from terminals and the mercenaries must find and kill them. It may sound boring, but this is one of my favorite multiplayer games. Overall the game play is very good but the single player is too short.

Overall Rent or Buy. BUY, even if you do not have xbox live to play multiplayer I still recommend buying this game, it is truly a great game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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