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Reviewed: 07/30/07

The Ultimate Mission Impossible!!!

The Splinter Cell series have always been providing us with a slow paced, but intense single player and a fast paced, and exciting multiplayer. Not only did the series give us game play, but it also gave us great visuals. Now, the Splinter Cell genre moves over to the next gen console, but how does it hold up?

You are Sam Fisher, an old, yet, strong character who is working for the NSA. You start off investigating a facility, now, to me; this opening scene felt a lot like Goldeneye. You have to stop a rocket from launching and killing millions of people. Sam has a new comer coming with you, and he manages to wander off and get himself killed, and the task comes up to Sam to stop the rocket.

You escape to your plane, and Sam has just been informed that his daughter has died, and in reality, all of this is pretty harsh. Now, Sam has to go to jail to help a terrorist member to escape so Sam can get links to what his group is planning on. The terrorist group is named the JBA, which is John Browns army. You also have multiple choices to do in this game. A lot of the story can and will shock you for all the consequences of your choices, and it’s not always easy to do the right thing. Some of the stuff is as simple as not killing or killing someone who doesn’t deserve to die. Some of it is complicated, like, not getting caught or not killing civilians (Which is very hard to do). As I said before, the story will shock you at times.

Splinter Cell games have always been providing us with good visuals. Here, it’s no different. There is a lot of detail in the character models. Sam Fisher has never looked so good. The environments are beautiful, no matter if it’s an ice land with the blurry snow storms, or if its in the middle of a dusty town. This game is a very beautiful. It definitely pushes the Xbox to its limits. The only problem, though, is that the game has frame-rate problems. Sometimes the game will stop on you for a good 5 seconds, and other times the game will just lock up on you, but this is still a beautiful game.

The sound in this game is fantastic; Sam Fisher sounds what he should sound like. An old, gruff man who thinks he’s getting to old for this kind of thing. Other characters have good voices to, whether it’s your typical enemy, who say, “Who’s there”, or if it’s your boss. Everybody sounds great. The sound effects are cool too, your gun’s fire, your glass shattering, or your footsteps. The sound is incredible in this game.

The game also has game play to match to. If you’re in to action stealth games, than this is your game. You sneak around and try to plant a bomb on a ship, or you can just go all out commando. Whatever is up to you. You also have to sometimes sit still if your enemy has heard something, and pray your enemy doesn’t catch. Going all out commando is risky though, because the game is about stealth, and if you get caught, it isn’t easy to always defend yourself. Thankfully, you have rechargeable health, and you have a quick save option which works very well.

The game also features what stealth games rarely have. In the JBA headquarters, people will think you’re working for them, and you have to walk right pass them and hack into computers behind their backs. You have to sneak past cameras in restricted areas, and if you get caught in a restricted area you’ll lose trust in from the JBA, if you get caught doing something suspicious, you’ll lose all of there trust and the game is over. This is an exciting experience, it’s a feature rarely seen in stealth games, and here it does it very well.

You also have tons of neat gadgets and weapons. You have stuff like a grapple rope, an assault rifle, and a silencer, which has this thing where if you push the left trigger while aiming at a light, you’ll defuse the light for a few seconds. The grapple rope can hang on to edges, and you can repel off of buildings, you can also climb on a pipe and use your grapple rope while upside down, and you’ll be like in Mission Impossible, you’ll hang upside down on a rope and be able to bug something without triggering in security alarms, it’s an awesome experience. The assault rifle has tons of attachments; the gun is equipped with airfoil rings, a grenade launcher, and a shotgun attachment.

The game is very fun, you’ll investigate facilities, investigate a super tanker in a blizzard, sneak around in a hotel in a beautiful city, plant a bomb on a boat in broad daylight, and sneak around in a dusty city. The game has a lot to offer in its single player, and it will take you about twelve hours to beat, so you’ll be busy with this for a little while, and you might want to do it again on the harder difficulties, so the campaign will have replay value.

The multiplayer, on the other hand, is a completely different game. You can play either as a spy or an upilison force on a three on three match. When you play as the upilison force, the game will control as if you were playing a first person shooter. Their objectives are to hunt the spies, and prevent them from getting data. The spies are way too much to play as, they control like Sam Fisher in the single player, but are nothing like him, they move faster, and are able to perform acrobatics with ease. Their objectives are to steal the data, they a mechanical device on their wrist to download the data with.

As the upilison force, you run around and hunt down the spies, they can get a little boring at times, because sometimes the spies don’t show up that much if they’re working well, though, they are fun when you find a spy and successfully kill him. The upilison force is able to use melee attacks to knock out their enemies and they can grab a hold of them, say something to them, and finish them off. They also have grenade launchers and grapple ropes to use them on rails. They also have different visions to spot the enemy. All of this makes it fun to play as an upilison force.

The spies are better, and control better. You use stealth wisely to get past you enemies and hack data. You have a mechanical device on your wrist to use, so you can hack onto the computers. You hold the right trigger and push a when the machine is close enough to hack. You don’t move as fast while doing this, so it can be risky. The spy is completely defenseless; they have smoke grenades or flash grenades to use to escape. They can also sneak up behind enemies and choke them, and before you can choke them, you can say something to them. You can also jump on them from a great height to kill them, and the best one is to hang off of an edge from a rail and grab them, if they are close enough, and pull them down so they can fall. The spies are definitely the high light of multiplayer.

The multiplayer is a ton of fun to play, and will keep you busy for months. You can also play with bots for the upilison force if you don’t have enough players for them. There is no split screen or online co-op campaign, which is disappointing, and there isn’t split screen at all for this game, but there is local play if you manage to have a bunch TVs and 360s lying around, but still, if you have Xbox Live, than this is a game worth getting.

Splinter Cell Double Agent is an exciting experience, and you’ll have a ball with this game. It certainly does what games rarely do. It’s a really good game, and you shouldn’t deny yourself the experience if you’re a stealth fan.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 10
Lasting Value: 9
Presentation: 9

Overall: 9.3

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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