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    Multiplayer Guide by sk8terguyjake

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Multiplayer Guide
    	Table of Contents
    I	Introduction
    II	Version History
    III	Legal Stuff
    IV	General Tips
    V	Class Strategies
    VI	Game Type Strategies
    VII	Map Strategies
    VIII	Co-op Missions
    IX	Acknowledgements
    I	Introduction
    	This is a multiplayer guide, for the players online, not for the 
    missions, rather a guide, giving you the player, helpful hints for each map, 
    and general strategies.
    	It is for the person just starting to get online, and the player who 
    just nees some helpful points on how to become the best player he or she can 
      Just so you know, my gamertag on xbox live is bigbadblubanana.  So I hope to 
    see you on the battlefield.  If you have any tips and points that you want to
    contribute you can email me at boardslide30@yahoo.com and if I see them fit
    for this guide, I will put it in.  I will continue to update this guide, as
    new maps are bound to come along for download.  Hope you enjoy this guide; I 
    have put a lot of hard work into helping everyone enjoy this great game even 
    II	Version History
    	Version .1 March 13 2006 I began writing my guide.  I wrote up the 
    introduction and legal stuff.
    	Version .2 March 15 2006 I write up the first 4 general tips in the 
    general tips section.
    	Version .3 March 16 2006 I finished the general tips section
    	Version .4   March 19 2006 I began writing the Class Strategies, and 
    finish it up the same day.
    	Version .5  March 20 2006 I wrote up my first few maps in the map 
    strategies secion, Desert Gulch, Rocky Cove and Nowhere.
    	Version .6 March 21 2006 I wrote up tips for fishing village, wharf and 
    	Version .7 March 22 2006 I finish writing the guide, but the margins are 
    all messed up, and I'm trying to get them to meet gamefaqs formatting 
    	Version .8 March 28 2006 Finally after about a week of checking the help 
    boards incessantly, I have met the fomratting standards YAY!!!
    	Version .9 March 29.  My guide got rejected for lack of content, so now 
    I'm going to add in a game type tips and tricks, and add some more to the maps 
    and general tips and stuff.
    	Version .95 March 30 2006
    	Yay my guide got posted.  I've decided to put in a co-op section for 
    each mission, and tips on how to beat it.  I just wrote a walkthrough for the 
    first two missions.
    	Version .97
    	Wrote a faq for the third co-op mission.
    	Version .98 April 02
    	Haven't written for a couple of days, today I just finished the final 
    co-op mission.
    	Version .99  April 006
    	I'm updating some parts of my general strategies and stuff, but nothing 
    	Version 1.0
    	Added the part about hamburger hill, where it tells where it comes from.
    	Version 1.1
    	Added fgbgames.com to my list of sites that can hold this.
    	Version 1.2 July 16 2006
    	I added Jungle mines, Jungle mines evening, as well as Shipping Port, 
    Shipping port evening, Old Town morning, Coffee plantation, Coffee plantation 
    evening, Nowhere night, and Wharf Day to my map parts.  I put a lot in today.
    	Version 1.3 July 17 2006
    	Put in the Team battle mode, which includes the Team battle and Blind 
    siege game type, as well as the River Depot, River Depot Day and Fishing 
    Village sunset map parts.
    III Legal stuff
    	You cannot reproduce, copy or post my guide anywhere without my consent. 
    You can get my permission at boardslide30@yahoo.com.  IF you do reproduce, 
    copy or post my guide anywhere without my consent, except for person and or 
    private use.  I don't know who actually reads this, but I'm writing it up 
    anyway.  Posting this guide anywhere without previous written consent is 
    	The webstites that I allow to post my guide, are gamefaqs.com and 
    neoseekers.com, gamespot.com, aol.com, 360box.co.uk, supercheats.com, 
    				Copyright 2006 sk8terguyjake
    IV   General Tips
    1. Work with your team mates!
    Know where everyone is on the map, what zones they are covering and where they 
    plan on heading.  It's smart to coordinate your attack with your allies, and 
    this is really made possible by the voice chat feature.  Let's say that 
    there's a sniper who needs to be escorted to a spot, have a rifleman help 
    cover his back, or escort him to his spot. Make sure that everyone is covering 
    a part of the map, because one guy could slip by, and shoot everybody in the 
    back, so always make sure that every part of the map is covered.
    	A major strategy on objective and territory based games, especially 
    siege, is to have everyone move together.  When you're dfending your base in 
    siege, you have to make sure every street is covered, because if one street is 
    covered, it makes it a lot harder to slip by.  For instance 5 on 5, siege, on 
    Old Town.  Each street has to be covered, so the most you can expect to be 
    covering a street is 1 or 2 guys, depending on how many players are in the 
    game.  If you have all 5 guys rushing up the street, they'll be overwhelmed 
    and get shot up before they can say anything.  This catches the defending team 
    off guard, and they'll probably have everyone head over to their last known 
    position, and then if you have one of your guys swing around, you'll have the 
    rest of the team completely surrounded.  This is a major stratey that I use 
    when playing siege, and other objective based games.
    	Only problem with using this strategy is that if you're not careful,
    you're going to have everyone get killed.  Make sure everyone is covering a 
    certain side so that if they see anyone everyone can turn and gun him down.  
    Don't use this strategy on maps like Boneyard, Dry Docks, Treasury or temple. 
    There's too much open ground for your team to cover and one guy flanking your 
    team, could take out your whole squad.  But on maps like Old Town Fishing 
    Village* Wharf and Rocky Cove, there is plenty of cover so that the chances of 
    you being taken out by one guy is pretty low.
    *On fishing village this strategy nees to be used very carefully.  It's 
    effective in siege, you're
    working your way through the village, but not if you are going across the 
    2. 	Use the Peek!
    Use the peek whenever you are scouting a large street or alley.  Let's look at 
    it this way, if you're peeking around a corner, and there's an enemy coming up 
    it, who has the advantage, the guy who's peeking or the guy coming up the 
    street?  95 percent of  the time, the guy who's peeking is going to come out 
    on top.  It's really simple, think; the guy who is peeking can shoot the other 
    guys whole body, where as the guy coming up the street only has a sliver to 
    shoot at. Whenever you're going to have to look down a street, always peek 
    around the corner.  Another great thing about his is that since less of your 
    body is exposed, the chances of him not seeing you is a lot higher so that's 
    just another great reason why you should peek.
    3.	Use the Drone and kill your enemy's one!
    The drone has been a new addition to the game, and it is an extremely 
    strategic part of this game.  Shooting one down isn't all that difficult, if 
    you are using an assault rifle,maybe a couple of magazines.  Make sure to have 
    one guy cover the guy who's shooting it down.  
    	You can order your drone by bringing up your tactical map, putting your 
    little  cursor onto the spot where you want it to go, then pressing up on the 
    D-Pad.  It will fly over, and if it spots anyone, it will put a 
    red or blue diamond on them, depending on which team they're on.  Once their 
    spotted their pretty much dead, because then everyone just starts heading 
    towards them and knows exactly 
    where he is.  Which brings us to our next tip.....
    4. 	Always remain Stealthy
    Being stealthy has always been a major part of Ghost Recon and it still hasn't 
    changed.  If you can remain unseen, it will go along way for you to survive 
    the match.  If you can remain out of sight, you can sneak up and get a lot of 
    free kills.  If you just rush out into the open, you won't last a minute.  
    Another major part of being stealthy is using  silenced weapons.  On certain 
    maps silenced are good to use, because when you fire a silenced weapon it 
    doesn't come up on the screen.  So if you could take out your enemy before he 
    could get a shot off, his allies may not even notice that he died, allowing 
    you to sneak around and kill quite possiblye the rest of the team.
    5. Always use Cover!
    Whenever possible, it is always smart to use cover, especially when you're
    covering a certain zone or area.  Again, like I said, when you have less
    of your body exposed, it just makes hitting you a lot  harder.  Maybe
    you'll get lucky, a guy will shoot you, miss you, because you were using
    cover, then you see him and gun him down,.  It's just logic, always use
    cover.  Also, always use soft cover whenever possible, soft cover refers
    to grass, little bushes and the like.  They don't actually protect you as
    much as make you hard to see.
    	Once I was playing a game of Siege on Wharf, and the base was up in
    the dark grassy areas.  I was watching an enemy walking towards the zone
    that has to be capture.  He walks right by my ally, because you can barely
    see him in the grass.  And my ally guns him down for the easy win.  Soft
    cover in some areas is more effective than hard cover, rocks, walls, and
    cars, because it makes it so that you can sometimes not be seen, or at
    least by the time it's not too late.
    6. Use L to aim better!!!
    	Unless you're at long range where scoping in would be a more viable 
    option, always use L to aim better.  Even with a sniper rifle, and while 
    you're running around, you'll notice that you're surprisingly accurate.  Even 
    at point blank range this is smart to use because you become 10 times more 
    accurate.  To any of those who have played Call of Duty 2, use it like you do 
    in Call of Duty 2 because even at point blank range, I always aimed down the 
    sight, and you should always use this feature in this game as well.
    7. Use Smoke Grenades
    	Smoke grenades are a major part of this game, in the sense that throwing 
    them acts as a diversion. They can be used as a major strategy in objective 
    and territory based games, because it causes the enemy to have to react and 
    change their position allowing you to have more options in your attack plan.  
    All of a sudden, the other team has to gamble, are they going to come through 
    the smoke, or are they going to go all the way around?  It causes confusion, 
    which is it's main attribute.
    8. Always position yourself well
    Positioning yourself and your team is a major part of your overall strategy.  
    If you can position everyone in a favorable position, that will go a long way 
    to making you victorious.  Also, whenever you can overlook a large amount of 
    ground, although seemingly being a great spot, it leaves you vulnerable to 
    fire from all of those areas so always keep that in mind.
    	Another thing is the shadows.  Always, whenever choosing a spot, try to 
    find a dark little corner or a spot with a shadow covering it.
    	One time I was playing a game of Siege on fishing village.  I was on the 
    attacking team, and had worked my whole way through a village.  I was hiding 
    behind some tires and I thought the village was clear, I looked everywhere, 
    but as soon as I came out to capture the base, I got shot.  To this day I 
    still don't know where that guy was.  
    	Shade and shadows are extremely effective on maps where there is mostly 
    sunlight, but little splotches of shade I.E desert gulch, fishing village, 
    Nowhere and Old Town.
    V	Class Strategies
    	It is always important to choose the right class, for the right game 
    type and map.  Also, the team that has a wide variety of classes is going to 
    do better, because if you can have a wide variety of guys, you're just going 
    to be able to do more and play more strategically, and the more strategic team 
    will usually win.
    1 Rifleman Strategies
    	The rifleman is the jack of all trades, the multipurpose soldier.  He 
    can shoot at relatively long range, but is effective at close and short range 
    as well.  The rifleman uses assault rifles and can hold grenades.  The 
    rifleman gets accuracy bonuses for standing up, and moving.  He is more 
    accurate in these positions than a marksman or grenadier or auto rifleman 
    would be.  They are effective on maps where close range is the main thing 
    you're going to be doing. Rifleman are good at running to certain areas and 
    shooting on the run, not that you should run and gun, but they can do it a lot 
    better than an auto rifleman or Marksman can.
    2 Auto Rifleman Strategies
    Auto Rifleman use the big guns, these are your support gunners.  They pretty 
    much just prone over an area where the enemy is and cover it, and anything 
    that walks into there is mincemeat.  They can pin guys down while someone goes 
    around and flanks him.  An example is a support gunner sees a guy, tells his 
    allies, and starts shooting.  Chances are that the enemy will stop dead in his 
    tracks and hide behind some cover.  Then you send a rifleman around to put him 
    out of commission.
    	Being an Auto Rifleman seems like a simple and easy job, but it's 
    extremely important to the success of the team.  IF there is one guy you want 
    defending and holding a positions, it's this guy.
    3. Grenadier Strategies
    	Grenadiers are extremely effective with explosives.  Only problem is 
    that lots of servers, (including mine) ban explosives because they can ruin 
    the game.  What's more annoying than hiding behind a rock and just having a 
    grenade hurtle out of space and kill you.  Let me answer that for you.  
    Nothing.  But when explosives aren't banned, these guys are very good.  They 
    are better with explosvies and grenade launchers.  I don't use these guys as 
    much, but with a grenade launcher, these guys are very deadly, with the 
    ability to use their grenade launchers like mortars.
    4. Marksman Strategies
    Marksmen are your snipers, your long range guys.  They get bonuses for being 
    prone and using a sniper rifle.  They are extremely good on maps where they 
    have an unobstructed field of vision.  They can cover zones much like support 
    guys can, except they can take out guys at long range, unlike support guys.  
    Only problem with these guys are that they are completely vulnerable at close 
    range, unless you're good with a pistol.  Pistol vs. Assault Rifle, 10 to 1 
    assault rifle wins.  Use these guys when you can have an unobstructed field of 
    vision, over long range.  Actually they are extremely accurate, even when 
    moving a little bit, but against an assault rifle, you'll just get gunned down 
    before you can react.
    	V	Map Strategies
    	Desert Gulch
    	On this level, I recommend definitely being a rifleman, or maybe a 
    support gunner.  Being a grenadier with a grenade launcher wouldn't be bad 
    either considering that as soon as you spawn; you could probably just launch a 
    couple grenades over and get a kill or two.  One of the best strategies on 
    this map, the one I employ the most often is just rush to the middle of the 
    map, prone and just wait for them to come, often they take a little longer 
    because they were selecting a weapon or chatting or something.  If you spawn 
    in F2, it's smart to just rush off to the left, to that little ravine under 
    the bridge, dive, prone and then just wait for them to come up.  Again it's 
    important that your allies are covering the other sides so that you don't get 
    	If you spawn on the end opposite of F2, you can just lay prone and wait 
    for the guys to rush up there.  The main thing about this map to remember is 
    that you should always just rush in, and have your team setup a perimeter 
    covering the whole map before they can react, then your team will have a huge 
    advantage in the game.  Once you and your team sets up that perimeter, the 
    other team won't have anywhere to hide.  Then have your team all advance at 
    the same time, so that they just close in on the enemies and surround them.
    	Rocky Cove
    	This is definitely a marksman map.  If you spawn in F1, you can head 
    down towards the shore to the right, and just prone, and you will definitely 
    see someone.  The thing to remember in general on this level is that all of 
    the rocks provide lots of cover, so if you make your way through the rocks, 
    you can pretty much get to the other side without being seen.
    	If you go down through the middle it's just suicide, someones going to 
    see you and just pop you down quick.  The smart thing on this level is to be a 
    marksman, wait in one spot and just snipe or be a rifleman and sneak your way 
    through the rocks to the other base and catch the snipers off guard.  This 
    level is really tricky in the sense that people can just blend right in with 
    athe rocks, making it really difficult to see people.  Use that to your 
    advantage, and always leave a marksman on your team back to cover your 
    	On Domination, the Sniper can run the game.  There are two zone, D and E 
    defending the zones from a distance.  I once was a marksman playing domination 
    on this level, and I was picking all of the guys off one by one because they 
    were trying to get to Dand E.  This makes it so that my allies can focus on 
    getting A, B, and C.
    	This is a great map for pretty much any class.  If you're a marksman you 
    can cover the whole junkyard area, and the main road, if you're a rifleman, 
    you can go through the canyo.  If you spawn at the base of that huge hill, my 
    favorite strategy is to head towards the canyon, but instead of heading 
    through the canyon, go up to the little hill to the right of it.  If you prone 
    here, you can cover the canyon perfectly.  Have one of your teammates go up 
    and then you cover him, or wait for the other guy to come down, it always 
    	One great sniping spot that I saw is when you spawn at the base of that 
    huge hill, but then head right once you hit the road and go all the way to the 
    fence.  Prone, putt out your sniper rifle, and then you can pretty much cover 
    the whole canyon, and a part of the road on your own.  
    	Again,if you spawn at the base of the hill, you can head up to the left, 
    prone and then snipe anyone who is trying to cover the junkyard as well.  
    	Now lets say you spawn at the top of the hill, this makes things a 
    little more difficult.  I tend to go to the canyon out at the left, and work 
    my way through there.  If you're a sniper, you can also head straight out to 
    the right, pull out your sniper rifle, and then cover the whole junkyard, but 
    make sure that no one is sniping in that spot I mentioned above.  As crazy as 
    this sounds, you can also just rush down the street, and sometimes you will 
    flank guys who were waiting for you to come through the canyon.
    	Nowhere Night
    	This is, as you guessed, a night time version of Nowhere.  The thing 
    that is really different about this map, is that now you can actually go 
    through the canyon and be a lot more safe.  If you poke your ahead around the 
    top of the canyon, they won't be able to see you.  The one thing that night 
    does is it really reduces the range on everyone.  Let's say that a guy is 
    going through the junkyard.  In the normal nowhere, you would see that guy, 
    but on this one, you really wouldn't.  That's what's hard.  So this map really 
    lends itself to rifleman.  And since night vision has no range, if you're 
    going to snipe it's useless.
    	Fishing Village
    	This is a huge map.  There is so much ground to cover.  When you're 
    walking through the grass areas and all of that, be mindful of where everyone 
    else is, and make sure that everyone is covering each other.  This is a pretty 
    simple map, I don't really know any good spots, but a major strategy is to try 
    and go all the way around the map without being spotted, and try to flank 
    them.  I tend to work through the village, if I'm spawning down on the coast.  
    The village offers cover, so you can just keep moving up through the village.
    	The thing with this map is that there's lots of rocks and cover for you 
    to use.  Some players go down to the beach, and then head towards the other 
    peoples base.  I will also sometimes just run out into the grass, prone next 
    to a rock, watch, and wait.  Although I hate to condone it, camping is a 
    useful strategy on this level, considering that with so much ground, if you 
    run out you'll just get shot before you even know it.
    	Fishing Village Sunset
    	Wow.  This is probably the dumbest map because the lighting isn't a 
    whole lot different than the original Fishing Village.  I don't know what to 
    say.  The biggest difference is that since it's a little darker, cover is a 
    lot more useful, and going through the village becomes a little bit more 
    dangerous because looking into the area of where the team spawns in the 
    village could be hiding behind boxes or cars.  But other than that it's 
    basically the same thing.  
    	This is a good map for night vision, and being a marksman.  Since it's 
    so dark, using a silenced assault rifle isn't a bad idea either.  
    	If you spawn on the wharf, I tend to actually go through the village but 
    you should always have some people working their way through the warf, and/or 
    under the wharf as well.  If you can, have at least one guy working through 
    the woods as well.  The village, like on fishing village, offers cover, so  
    that you can make your way into their territory.  
    	Another thing you can do is go through the woods, again, the woods offer 
    cover for you, and leaves you less exposed.  When you're out on the wharf, 
    there is lots of cover, but you can take cover from pretty much everywhere.  
    If you spawn on the wharf, I would strongly recommend either going through the 
    village or through the woods, because you're the least vulnerable.  Again it's 
    smart to have maybe a couple of guys going through the wharf, but have the 
    guys in the village make sure that they're covered.  
    	If you spawn in the woods, I like to go all the way through the woods 
    and wait for people to come through the campsite area.  If you go through the 
    woods to the very end by the ruins there's a great spot covering a lot of the 
    wharf.  It 's by F8 on your map, in the ruins area.
    	Another good strategy is to take cover in the grass as a marksman and 
    cover the whole wharf.  The hard thing with this map is that it's in the dark, 
    so it makes it really hard to see.  I personally am not really good at this 
    level.  The best tip I can give you is to have everyone covering a point of 
    the map, and have everyone tell each other where everyone is.  Being a 
    marksman is really useful because when you have that scope it makes it a lot 
    easier to see people.  
    	Wharf Day
    	This is the Wharf's day counterpart.  It really changes the map.  Going 
    under the wharf is a good idea in the sense that it provides shade, and is 
    really good for watching the spawn on the grassy hill.  The other thing to 
    remember as well is that sneaking through the back and the camp area is a lot 
    more safe and straight up.  The chances of you being shot up and not seeing 
    your enemy is a lot lower.  SO going around the back isn't a bad idea. 
    	This is really a tine map, with lots of clutter and parts to hide 
    behind.  There are two really high points on the map that have a clear view of 
    the whole level.  If you can control both of these towers, you will have a big 
    advantage.  One of them is at G5, the other is at B5.  What I tend to do is 
    lay prone and try to avoid exposing myself, and then I'll act as a spotter.  
    Whenever you do this be careful, the other tower across from you would have a 
    pretty good shot, so make sure that no one is up there.
    	There is another little area, E8, where you can take cover behind the 
    crates and have a good vantage point from where their base is, especially if 
    you're playing siege.  The thing is that there's a roof above you, so the guys 
    in the towers won't be able to see you.  Always remember, for any map, where 
    there's a roof, there's a shadow.  IN E8, it's really hard to see guys in 
    there, because of the shadow.  So use that to your advantage.  
    	    The main thing to remember here is, to always make sure the towers 
    are clear, and if you can, insert a teammate in each tower, because with both 
    of those towers, they can pretty much cover every area of the map, except for, 
    	Old Town
    	This level is huge; there are tons of streets and alleyways to make your 
    way through.  Whenever your team is advancing, make sure everyone is moving up 
    at the same time, and through streets, so that if you lose a guy, the people 
    nearby can get your teammateskiller.  Try to avoid moving up a main street, 
    because you will be an easy target for snipers.  If you're playing siege, and 
    you're on offense try to go through the alley ways, and flank the defenders.  
    	Always peek around the corners in this map, especially when clearing a 
    street, and when you're trying to clear one of the courtyards, have some of 
    your teammates close in from the other side, so that you can trap your 
    	When you're defending in a game of siege, a smart thing to do is to have 
    everyone just cover and defend a street.  This is an extremely effective 
    defense, because on siege, the guys on offense have to come.  They don't have 
    the luxury of hanging back.  
    	A great strategy on this level, is to setup an ambush on one of the 
    streets, or alleyways.  Always be careful moving up a street, because some one 
    may be waiting for you.
    	Old Town Morning
    	This is the dark version of Old Town.  Use most of the same strategies.  
    It's a lot easier to sneak through a lot of the areas under the cover of the 
    dark.  The alleys and little roads will provide an even larger role because of 
    the dark, so when you peek your head around that alleys corner, it will be 
    much harder to see you.  But other than that, use the same strategies as the 
    above list provides.
    	This is a humongous level, filled with alleyways, sniper perches, and 
    tons of areas to go to.  It reminds me of the first ghost recon in the sense 
    that the maps were huge, and that there were so many different spots and areas 
    to shoot.
    	Again, if you're playing siege, there are some nice camping spots in the 
    area.  The thing to remember on this level is that if you walk out into the 
    main streets in the middle, you will get shot. 
    	There are tons of tables, cars to take advantage of, so always keep that 
    in mind.  Whenever you're moving together, make sure someon'es covering the 
    back and both of your sides, because this is an extremely easy map to get 
    ambushed on, because of all the cover, sniper perches, and little nooks and 
    crannies, it is not advisable to move out in the open.  It's never smart to 
    completely run out in the open but especially on this map, more than any 
    	This map has tons of foliage, leaves, bushes, trees, and moss to blend 
    right in with . In the center of the map is the temple which can be a very 
    good spot to recon the enemy territory.  The main thing on this level to 
    remember is stealth.  With so much foliage around, you should always use it 
    whenever possible.
    	The temple itself offers plenty of cover, but beware, if you go on the 
    top, you will make a great target for snipers.  The thing that I do is have 
    everyone cover a side, and hide in the bushes under the tress, and watch for 
    enemy movements.  Only problem with this camping strategy is that if a guy 
    with a silenced gun sneaks around, he will pretty much kill your whole team.
    	This is a really shady map, with a little bit of sunlit areas.  If you 
    stay in the sunlight you'll just stick out.
    	Dry Docks
    	This isn't that big of a map, the main feature here is that it's dark, 
    and raining, making your visibility very poor.  This is a map that works very 
    well for the stealthy commando.  Using a silenced gun because of such poor 
    visibility, the only way they are going to spot you at a distance, is if they 
    hear the gunshots, and see the flash as the bullets come out.  Then all of 
    your enemies will just come to where you are, or maybe just look where you are 
    and shoot, then your gone.
    	Night vision is quite useful on this map and lots of maps in general, 
    because when you see white, you aren't going to miss it.  
    On one side there are some stairs that lead up to some rafters.  This is a 
    useful area for spotting your enemies, but you're pretty vulnerable at the 
    	Coffee Plantation Evening
    	This is very reminiscent of ghost recon 2.  It is full of trees and 
    other cover.  Also there is plenty of shade so make sure to use that.  What 
    I've also noticed is that the whole map is just littered with rocks which 
    provide this map with plenty of cover.  In the middle of the map is an 
    observation post, which can be very useful for acting as a spotter.  You can 
    pretty much look over a lot of the surrounding area up there, so use that.  
    What you can also do is wait for your enemy to go in there and gun them down 
    before they get in.
    	Coffee Plantation
    	This is a dark map, where you can't see much, and what doesn't help is 
    all of the trees that block the moonlight, which makes it that much darker.  
    Using cover will be even more important.  What the main thing to remember is 
    play this map very stealtily.  Actually, I think in the whole game that this 
    is the most stealthy map in the game.  It's not only in the middle of the 
    night, but it's full of bushes, trees and other forms of cover, so focus on 
    utilizing your cover, and using that to remain concealed.
    	Shipping Port 
    	This is another night time map.  It is huge.  Since it's huge, and dark, 
    silenced guns are that much better.  They won't have the faintest idea where 
    the shots are coming from.  There are tons of boxes and crates to hide behind, 
    not to mention a couple of cranes that overlook a large part of the map.  
    Actually, if you spawn down in the G 3 area and if you sneak over to the 
    cranes, it acts as a great infiltration area, and it acts as a good spawn (how 
    do I say this) containment.  It's not a hard core spawn kill spot, but it 
    works as a greatarea to watch where they are coming out of and gun them down.  
    The cranes are at B2 and C2.
    	In the middle of the map is a huge hangar, and if you go to the top of 
    it, it can act as a great observation post as well, if you spawned in the B5 
    area.  What that point is good for is to just watch over where the guys 
    spawning in the G3 Area are coming from.
    	Another great area you can go is on top of the big ship that is pulled 
    into the port.  There are some ramps leading up to it.  It's around B4.  That 
    also serves as a great point to be a marksman, probably the best one, and it 
    works for either side, since it's situated right in the middle.
    	Shipping Port Evening
    	This is the Daylight counterpart to shipping port.  The observation 
    posts are even more useful now that it's daylight.  You can see farther, and 
    hit your targets much more accurately.  
    	One thing to remember is to try and move through the large boxes, as 
    they provide great cover and shield you from people shooting at you from those 
    observation posts.  You might get picked off by snipers so pay a lot of 
    attention for that.  Other than that, just use the same strategies for the 
    night time version of this map that I listed above.
    	Jungle Mines
    	This is a very fast paced and frenetic map.  The basic outline of this 
    map is the middle, which is a 4 level tower, surrounded by a dirt moat.  The 
    only way to get in the middle is go on the ground floor, or cross a bridge.  
    Inserting a few people inside the tower is both dangerous, but can yield great 
    rewards.  They can pretty much cover all of the angles, especially if you go 
    to the top, but you will be vulnerable.
    	ON this map, the one thing that jumps out at me is the fact that you can 
    really spawn contain.  You can pretty much trap the other team  by inserting 
    someone to guard the middle, and someone to cover each side.  They won't be 
    able to get out of there, unless they charge one of the sides and break 
    through the flank.
    	Jungle Mines Evening
    	This is the Jungle Mines Dark brother.  This a dark map, and that 
    darkness can actually make the middle tower a safer area to be, much more than 
    it would be in daylight.  The main thing to do on this map is be stealthy as 
    usual.  If you do that you will do very good.  One thing on this map is that 
    you can see a lot of the map, from pretty much any angle, which is what makes 
    it so fast and frenetic.  That's why steath is even more important on this map 
    than most other maps.
    	River Depot 
    	This map is foggy, and cloudy, so visiblity is restricted.  Use that to 
    your advantage.  And considering that there are so many trees and bushes, if 
    you're wearing the right camo, it will be near impossible to see you from a 
    distance.  The thing about this map is that it is chock full of trees, bushes 
    and other cover.  On the end near the river, it is full of buildings, and can 
    be used to cover some of the jungle areas.  But on the opposite end is just 
    trees and heavy vegetation.
    	This map definitely plays right up the riflemans alley.  It's too 
    uneven, and vision is too poor to be an effective marksman.  So when you're 
    playing this map, the main thing to remember is to stay crouched, and don't go 
    over a big hill where your silhouette will give you away.  Because after about 
    100 yards, it gets really hard to see people very clearly.  I mean if they are 
    hiding under a bush, you won't see them, even if you're fully scoped in.
    	River Depot Day
    	This is the sunny version of River Depot.  It really changes the dynamic 
    of the map, because all of that sunlight penetrates the vegetation and makes 
    it as much less effective cover.  It's basically the same map, but that cover 
    really makes a difference.  On the foggy version, you might get shot and have 
    no idea where it came from, but now that it's sunny, that cover really isn't 
    all that effective.  You can get a kill or two but your enemy will sight you 
    and gun you down pretty quick.  It's much more fast paced on this map then on 
    it's foggy counterpart.
    VI	Game Type Strategies
    	This section will give you some helpful tips on each of the gameplay 
    modes, so that you can become a well rounded player.
    	Team Elimination
    Team Eliminations objective is very simple.  Kill the other players to get 
    points.  No other objectives, just some straight up play.
    A	Sharpshooter
    Sharpshooter is where you play until the clock runs out, and which ever team 
    has more kills at the end of it wins.  Not a whole of strategy in this game, 
    because there isn't any objective, and there are infinite respawns.
    B	Last Man Standing
    		 A much more strategic gametype, considering that there are 
    usually no respawns.  If you get killed, that's it, so it makes everyone else 
    play much more cautious.  Since everyone is playing so cautiously, everyone 
    needs to make sure that they are covering each other and that everyone knows 
    where everyone is, so that if you lose a man, you know the area in which is 
    assassin probably is hiding.  Make an effort to try and flank the other team, 
    because unlike sharpshooter, when they get killed their dead, and the dead 
    can't talk, so you might be able to kill the whole team before they even know 
    what's hitting them.
    				Team Territory
    			Team Territory is a team game based on territories, if it's 
    defending them, capturing them, or holding multiple zones.  This is one of the 
    game modes where support gunners can play an even larger role than they 
    normally would.  If you want one guy laying down and covering a zone, it's 
    this guy, and this is the game where you're going to need lots of that.
    A. Siege
    		Siege is a game where one team has a base to defend, and the other 
    attacks.  What makes this game so strategic is the fact that respawns are 
    disabled, so if you lose a guy, you have to adjust your strategy.  If you're 
    defending in Siege, you can do one of two things.  You can hang back and cover 
    all of the streets leading up to the base and just wait for them to come.
    		 You can also leave a couple of guys to camp at the base and have 
    everyone rush forward and setup an ambush so that they'll wak right into your 
    trap.  I was once playing on old town, and me and my team were attacking.  We 
    made a turn on a street, but got gunned down because a guy had been waiting 
    for us to come around the corner.  We weren't expecting anyone to be there, 
    because we were still pretty far from the base so we were caught by surprise.
    		Usually the attacking team is expecting everyone to hang back, so 
    setting up an ambush closer to the middle, is an effective way of killing a 
    couple of guys, thus hindering the attacking teams ability to fully penetrate 
    the defenses.
    B. Hamburger Hill
    		This is the King of the Hill game.  It's called hamburger hill 
    after the 1987 movie Hamburger Hill, which is based after the assault, led by 
    Americans in the Vietnam war, when they pretty much got killed like well, 
    But anyway, this is a game type where you get points for each secound you're 
    in the zone.  The team with the most points at the end of the time limit is 
    the winner.  Respawns enabled.
    			The main strategy here, is to have a couple of Marksmen hang 
    back and pick off the guys going towards the zone.  You only need one guy in 
    the zone if  to get points, you don't get more if more are in it.  Have one 
    guy in the zone, then have an auto rifelman covering each flank.
    			Depending on the server options, the team in control of the 
    hill will spawn a helicopter, that can take out enemies.  It can be taken out 
    if you fire a rocket at it, or if you fire some grenades at it from your 
    grenade launcher.  If that helicopter is up there, taking it out becomes your 
    main objective, then you work on capturing the zone.
    C. Domination
    		This is a game where there are 5 zones, and you get a point for 
    each second your  team holds a zone.  If you are holding all 5 zones you'lll 
    get 5 points a second, if you're holding 3 zones, you'll get 3 points a 
    second, and son on and so on.  The team with the most points at the end of the 
    time limit wins.  Respawns enabled.  If you're trying to up your ranking this 
    is the game to play.  If your team wins, and scored 700 points, then that's 
    how many ranking points you get.  You even get points if you lose, the same 
    amount that your team scores.
    		The main strategy here, is to have everyone move to a point at the 
    beginning of the game.  If you look in the top right of your screen, you can 
    see when their conquering a zone.  For instance, if your blue team, and you 
    have control of the zone, and then you see a red bracket blinking around it 
    red team is taking control of your zone.  Whenever that happens, just rush 
    towards the zone that's being conquered so that you can kill whoever is 
    capturing the zone and take care of it.
    		Also identify the most important point in the map.  Let's take 
    Desert Gulch for instance.  There are 2 zones on each teams side, and the one 
    in the middle under the bridge.  That's really the most important point, 
    because the zones on your sides you're going to be able to hold, it's just the 
    one in the middle that will be the most contested.  That zone will be the key 
    to your success always identify the most important zone, and make that your 
    main objective.
    				Team Objective
    				Objective based games are when you have particular 
    objectives that you have to capture to win.  If it's a flag, or a VIP, they 
    all share some common strategies.  In this section, I'm going to give you the 
    strategies I use for each gametype.
    A.  Capture the Flag
    			This game type is when each team has a flag, and you have to 
    go to their base, touch the flag, and bring it back to your base, and retain 
    control of your flag to score.  Respawns are enabled.  It's one of the most 
    popular game types in all shooters, and I'm sure it's familiar to all of you.
    			One of the main strategies to do is have one guy hang back 
    and act as a marksman, picking off any of the guards that he sees waiting 
    there.  Make sure to have a few people camping near the base, so that your 
    flag is protected.  Then send out a couple of people to come from each side, 
    so that the flag area is surrounded.  As soon as you get the flag, have that 
    marksman covering your advance, because he'll be able to pick off any of the 
    guys coming to get the flag bearer.  
    			The use of smoke can be very effective, because if you have 
    everyone just chuck some smoke in the flag area, the guys trying to hunt down 
    whoever has the flag will have a very difficult time, and by the time they get 
    out of the smoke, the flag bearers advance is covered by other guys coming in 
    to help him out.  Again, by the general tips, I had a section on smoke 
    grenades, and use them like that as said.  It turns into a game of just 
    outfoxing your opponent.  As soon as you throw the smoke, the other guys have 
    to make a decision.  Is he coming through the smoke or going around it?  
    You'll either get slaughtered, if they guess right, or you'll slaughter them, 
    if you guessed right.  But anyway I'm sidetracking a bit, but capture the flag 
    is probably the game where smoke grenades are most useful, so always be 
    mindful of that.
    B.  Recovery
    			This game type is a lot like capture the flag, but there is 
    one flag in the middle of the map that you have to bring back to your base.  
    The team with the most points at the end of the clock wins.  Respawns are 
    		This game is very simple and not as strategic as it's regular 
    capture the flag counterpart.  The only area where you can really strategize, 
    is how your going to keep the other team from scoring, and all of the areas 
    that you should try to cover, so you can keep them from scoring.
    C.  Search and Rescue
    			Teams must escort three unarmed officers back to their base.  
    Teams score per second for each officer held.  The team with the most points 
    when time is up wins.  Infinite respawns.
    			A big strategy here is to just track down the VIPs and hold 
    them.  Bring them into a safe zone where you can cover them, and where your 
    teammates can cover the areas leading up to where you are hiding them.  Always 
    try and make sure that they don't get killed, because then they have to 
    respawn somewhere else.  Just camp with the VIPS in an area where your 
    teammates can cover you.
    	Team Battle
    A. Team Battle
    Team battle is a great game type.  It's basically domination, except there are 
    AI soldiers who are running around for each side.  Mind you they won't go out 
    and actively pursuit the zones, but they'll basically just walk around and 
    shoot everybody up.  And if you have captured a zone, they'll go in and camp 
    there.  But other than that, it's basically the same thing as domination, just 
    with more guys.
    B.	Blind siege
    	Blind Siege is siege, but you could spawn at any area.  So instead of 
    the standard areas you spawn at, you could spawn at a completely random point.  
    So it forces you to be able to adapt to spawning and defending different 
    points.  Other than that it's basically the same thing as siege, but you can 
    spawn at anywhere, so it's more fun.  
    		Solo Elimination
    		This section is going to give you pointers on how to become a 
    better Solo Elimination player, but the main tip I can give you right now, is 
    to always watch your back.  That's the main problem when playing Solo, because 
    as soon as you walk into an unknown territory, your susceptible to getting 
    shot in the back.  The people who are really good solo players, are extremely 
    good players skill wise, because they don't have the luxury of teammates 
    covering their back.
    A.	Sharpshooter	
    	It has the same specifications as it's team counterpart, but your on 
    your own.  It's pretty much just run around and shoot who ever you see, but 
    the main strategy I can give you, is find an area where everyone seems to be 
    meeting, and find an area overlooking it.  Finding good spots to hang out is 
    really the big strategy on this game type, other than that you pretty much 
    just have to be a good shot.
    B. Last Man Standing
    	This has the same specs as it's team counterpart, but once again you're 
    on your own.  It's basicaly last man alive.  No respawns are on here.  A good 
    strategy here, even though I hate to condone it, is to camp, wait for everyone 
    to sort of kill each other off, then walk right in and just shoot up the last 
    guy.  Again, find a nice spot to snipe, and recon the territory, but make sure 
    you don't get flanked, unless you like getting shot in the back, but always 
    make sure that you are on the move so that they don't track you down.
    C. Thief
    The player with the most kills is the thief.  If you kill the thief you get 
    two points, any other kills get you just one point.  The person with the most 
    kills at the end of the time limit wins.  Respawns are enabled.
    	The main strategy here is to go around and just shoot up whoever you 
    see, but try and keep an eyeon the thief, and target him especially, but it's 
    pretty much the same thing as sharpshooter.
    D. Seek and Destroy
    	Score by eliminating and becoming the target or eliminating players as 
    the target.  The player with the most points when time is up wins.  Infinite 
    	This game is very similar to the original ghost recon's cat and mouse.  
    One of the dirty tactis is to shoot the other players who are trying to become 
    the target with a pistol in the leg, so that they're wounded, but if you kill 
    them you lose points.  Problem is that this is frowned upon in most servers, 
    so you might get kicked.  
    (credit to nivnivniv and his ghost recon original multiplayer guide for this 
    dirty tactic)
    E. Bounty Hunter
    	Players reieve incrementally higher points for consecutive target kills.  
    Killing others resets points per kill.  The player with the most points when 
    time is up wins.  Respawns are enabled.
    	The strategy here is pretty much the same as sharpshooter, except you 
    get lot's of points for consecutive kills.  That and there are red diamonds on 
    all of the enemies, so everyone knows where everyone is, making it really fast 
    and frenetic.  Always keep an eyeon the red diamonds that are somewhat behind 
    you because they'll probably come and shoot you in the back.
    	Solo Objective
    	These are objective based games where you have to fair on your own, and 
    offer more strategy than solo elimination.
    A. Flag Carry
    	You get points for each second you hold the flag, the most when time is 
    expired wins.  Respawns are enabled.
    	The main strategy here is to rush out, grab the flag and just try and 
    find an area where you can camp.  It's really difficult to hold on it for 
    long, especially on maps like boneyard and desert gulch, but you'll just have 
    to adjust.  Remember always keep on the move, and if you find a nice spot sit 
    yourself down and camp.
    B. Escort
    	Players gain points for escorting an armed officer, the first player to 
    50 points wins.  Infinite respawns.
    	This game is pretty much the same as flag carry, but you can also kill 
    the armed officer to end his acurining of points.  He is an armed officer, but 
    he doesn't really do anything, and he's slow to follow you around.  So try and 
    get him in an area where he's protected by some cover.
    	Solo Territory
    	Well, as of today, there's only one solo Team Territory game type, 
    Hamburger hill, so lets just jump right into it.
    A. Hamburger Hill
    	The player with the most time in the hill at the end of the time limit 
    wins, respawns are enabled.
    	You pretty much just have to head to the zone and hold it, not too 
    complex.  Being an auto gunner is not too bad of an idea.  Hopefully the other 
    guys going into the zone will kill each other off.  Try and find a nice little 
    corner to hid in, so that it's providing you the most cover, other than that 
    there isn't a whole lot of strategy, just rush into the zone and camp.
    		IX CO-OP
    A. CO-OP  general tips
    The CO-OP portion is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game, in my 
    poinion.  It's especially fun with friends, so in this section, I have general 
    CO-OP tips for beating any of the missions.  
    1. Make sure everyone has a job.
    If it's making sure everyone is the right class, to where they are on the 
    battlefield, you need to have a coordinated attack plan.  Make sure everyone 
    knows what their doing.
    On a similar note, having everyone surround the objective and move in from all 
    sides isn't a bad idea either.  This way, no ebels can sneak around and shoot 
    down some of your teammates.
    2. Use the drone.
          The drone is especially useful in fo-op, because it spots the enemies a 
    lot more easier, and it puts a red diamond on them, making it easy to take 
    them out.  I've ner lost a drone to enemy fire, I'm sure it can happen, but 
    I've never seen it happen in one of my games, so maybe it can't .  Using the 
    drone pretty much just scouts out all of the territory, so you know it's clear 
    before even setting foot in the area.
    3. Take out Enemy gunners!!!
          In the first missioin his is a real big issue, but always make sure you 
    take out enemy machine gunners, especially when their drivintg around in 
    jeeps.  Just shoot the gunner, then the car will stop, then you can get on one 
    of the .50 CALs and take it out.
    4. Always pick up more ammo
          This sounds really stupid, but make sure to always reload your ammo.  If 
    you look on the tactical map it will have some white boxes.  This is where you 
    can go pick up some more magazines, as well as grenades and that kind of 
    thing.  If you don't go and pick some up, you will run out, and sometimes 
    getting to a rebels gun is kind of difficult, especially when you're one of 
    the last soldiers left.
    B. Map Walkthroughs
    Mission 1-1 Old Town
          This is the same as the other old town, so always remember that there 
    are plenty of alleyways to have your team go through.  There are a few humvees 
    that keep drivingt around, so make sure that you have a couple of grenadiers.  
    They have gunners on them, so try and headshot them.  The .50 Cal can take 
    them out very easily, so make sure you have one guy on the .50 CAL to cover 
    the coner.  Make sure you have a couple of guys camping up at the top of the 
    stairs.  The guys will just come rushing up and you can gun all of them down.  
    There is a humvee camping down there with a gunner on it, make sure to have a 
    marksman take it out.  
    	After the square is cleared, a humvee might come around the corner, if 
    not make your way towards where the park is.  There is a humvee in the park, 
    so make sure you take out the gunner on that.  Have Marksmen surround the park 
    and pick off any of the guys who are in the park, then have a couple of 
    rifleman go through and clear it.  About now you should receive a new 
    objective, to go and aid your pinned down allies.  Make sure to get their fast 
    because without assistance, they won't last long.
    	After you aid them, you have to clear another park area, but beware, 
    theren's another Humvee in there, so make sure it's taken out.  Have everyone 
    coming from each side, and you'll becable to clear the area out.  Then the 
    mission will end, and you should get an achievement.
    	Mission 1-2 Wharf
    	This mission takes place on wharf, so it's completely dark and it's 
    difficult to clear the wharf area.  
    	Make sure to insert a marksman in F8 in the ruins area.  He'll be able 
    to pick off maybe 20 guys without any problem.  Make sure that the sniper 
    knows to listen for footsteps, because after killing a certain amount of guys, 
    they'lll come and try to shoot him in the back.
    	Having some grenadiers really helps on this level, with their baility to 
    launch grenades into the campsite areas.  Make sure to send the drone into the 
    campsite areas, because that's really the hardest part of the map.  It's 
    completely dark making the drone even more useful.
    	After clearing that out send the drone over the wharf, and have one team 
    swing all the way through the woods, and have some cut through the village.  
    You just have to make sure everyone collapses on the wharf.
    	The second objectives are really easy to complete, you just have to have 
    some grenades and blow up the green crates.  After you complete all of the 
    objectives, you just have to get to the extraction point and then the mission 
    is accomplished.
    	Mission 1-3 Treasury 
    	This mission takes place on treasury so you pretty much have to use the 
    same strategies.  Your objectives are to secure the treasury, destroy the SAM 
    units, and then stop the rebels from looting, but I''l get into that one 
    	Have everyone start working through the alley at the beginning of the 
    mission.  Everyone should be able to make their way to the main courtyard, but 
    beware of snipers and rifelman down in the courtyard.  Out to the very left of 
    the courtyard is a SAM so take it out with the .50 CAL.  Then have everyone 
    move up to the big archway, with the bridge on top of it.  Have someone get up 
    on the .50 CAL and take out the SAM.  Now have that guy stay up there and gun 
    down some of the guys in the courtyard.  Even after the courtyard is cleared 
    leave that gunner up there, you'll need him there in a bit.
    	Keep moving towards the treasury and work your way through the 
    alleyways.  In the middle of the court yard are a couple of humvees, so take 
    out the gunner.  Up on the the right side is a little tower area with a .50 
    CAL.  Now about now intel should inform you that some rebels are going to loot 
    the other treasury back by your spawn, and that you have to intercept them.  
    Remember that guy on the .50 CAL you left on the archway?  Well that humvee 
    will come driving straight towards him, and he can take it out to complete the 
    	Now as soon as you have control of the treasury, your main objective, 
    you'll have to defend it against a counter atttack which is easy.  Leaving 
    that guy on the .50 cal up in the little building will make it easo to 
    complete this objective.  Then the mission will end and you should get an 
    Mission 1-4 Temple
    	This mission takes place on temple, and is actually one of the smaller 
    maps.  Be way of all of the cover and foliage, because it makes it difficult 
    to see the enemy.  This is why the drone is extremely imprtant on this 
    mission.  Before you go into a major area, make sure to send the drone, 
    because it makes thing much easier.  Considering that it is such a small level 
    the drone will really be able to do lots of damage.  
    	The objectives consist of killing the rebel lieutenant and destroying 
    the weapons cache.  Then when you get to the extraction point, you'll have to 
    hold out against some rebels trying to over run your point.
    	The main hard point in this mission is killing the lieutenant and 
    clearing the main temple.  Once you've doen that the rest of the mission is 
    pretty straightforward.  But you do have to clear the temple so here's how to 
    go about it.
    	Have everyone move out, and sort of surround the temple so that no 
    rebels escape.  Then have 3 or 4 rifleman go around the back way, while the 
    guys on the outside are covering them.  The 3 o4 r rifleman should work their 
    way through the camp area and swing all the way around.  Make sure they dget 
    the weapons cache while their there.  While doing this, the guys who are 
    covering them should slowly work their way up and get closer, so that they can 
    gun down some of the guys in the temple.  Make sure to send the drone over the 
    temple, and then have everyone just go in and gun the guys down.
    	After the temple is clear have everyone head towards the final weapons 
    cache.  As your heading towards the final cache, make sure the rebels don't 
    shoot you in the back, because sometimes they'll come from behind you.
    	As soon as you destroy the final weapons cache, have everyone head to 
    the extraction point.  From this point you have to hold out against rebels 
    trying to overrun your position.  Have everyone take up a side and defend it 
    until the helicopter arrives.  Then the mission will end.  Congratulations, 
    you've beaten the first chapter of the co-op campaign, as some new maps have 
    just been released for download over xbox live.
    VII	Acknowledgements
    	Right now the ones who I really want to thank right now is Ubisoft.  
    These guys released a great title, for all of us gamers to enjoy.  They put 
    together a great multiplayer and singleplayer game for that matter, and rolled 
    it up into a great package.  I want to thank you the reader for looking at my 
    guide and motivating me to write this thing up.  Lastly, I want to thank 
    gamefaqs.com, and neoseekers.com for letting me setup and post this guide, and 
    for all of the times that I have had help and had one of the other users 
    guides help me out.
    	If you have anything you want to contribute to my guide, make any 
    compliment, or ways I can make it better, just email me at 
    boardslide30@yahoo.com.  I will continue to update this guide, as new maps 
    come out, so I really look forward to doing that.  I had a great time writing 
    up this guide, and I hope you had a great time reading it.  Can't wait to see 
    you guys on the battlefield.  Again my gamertag is bigbadblubanana so I'll see 
    you guys later.  Just make sure you're on my team, unless you want to get your 
    butt kicked.
          Here is a list of those who have contributed something to my guide.
    	Bryan Ogden, for explaing to me where Hamburger Hill came from.
    	Eryk Syzmanski, for explaining to me the difference between a clip and a 
    magazine, which was an interesting anecdote.

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