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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRadford

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 06/20/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON
                                     ADVANCED WARFIGHTER
                                        VERSION: 1.02
                                      UPDATED: 20/06/06
    Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced 
    (GRAW), one of the best squad shooters to be made, and currently one 
    of the Xbox 360's best titles.
    **NOTE- To Navigate around press (for Windows) ctrl + F (for Macs) Command + 
    F and type in the 4 character code next to the section you want to move to, 
    enter and you're there (although you may have to press it twice). For some 
    perverse reason, this tends not to work on Macs using IE so don't say I 
    didn't warn you!
    ============================  Table of Contents  =========================
    1. ABOUT THE GUIDE ---------------------------------------------------> AB01
     1a - About the Author ----------------------------------------------> AB02
     1b - Disclaimer ----------------------------------------------------> AB03
     1c - Version History -----------------------------------------------> AB04
     1d - Contact! (Information) ----------------------------------------> AB05
    2. GHOST RECON -------------------------------------------------------> GR01
     2a - About Ghost Recon ---------------------------------------------> GR02
     2b - Controls ------------------------------------------------------> GR03
       2b 1-- Getting around ------------------------------------------> SB01
       2b 2-- Using the Ghost Team ------------------------------------> SB02
       2b 3-- Commanding Support --------------------------------------> SB03
     2c - Display -------------------------------------------------------> GR04
     2d - Tactics / Tips ------------------------------------------------> GR05
     2e - Enemies -------------------------------------------------------> GR06
    3. CHARACTERS --------------------------------------------------------> CH01
     3a - Scott Mitchell ------------------------------------------------> CH02
     3b - The Ghosts ----------------------------------------------------> CH03
     3c - Buddy ---------------------------------------------------------> CH04
     3d - General Martin (Bulldog) --------------------------------------> CH05
     3e - General Keating -----------------------------------------------> CH06
     3f - President Ballantine (VIP 1) ----------------------------------> CH07
     3g - President Ruiz-Pena (VIP 2) -----------------------------------> CH08
    4. WEAPONS -----------------------------------------------------------> WP01
     4a - MR-C ----------------------------------------------------------> WP02
     4b - A550 Sniper ---------------------------------------------------> WP03
     4c - M95 Sniper ----------------------------------------------------> WP04
     4d - MR-C/AGL ------------------------------------------------------> WP05
     4e - MK48 LMG ------------------------------------------------------> WP06
     4f - SCAR-H --------------------------------------------------------> WP07
     4g - SCAR-L/GL -----------------------------------------------------> WP08
    5. SUPPORT -----------------------------------------------------------> SP01
    6. WALKTHROUGH -------------------------------------------------------> WK01
     6a - Mission 1 : Training ------------------------------------------> WK02
     6b - Mission 2 : Contact! ------------------------------------------> WK03
     6c - Mission 3 : Coup d'etat ---------------------------------------> WK04
     6d - Mission 4 : Strong Point --------------------------------------> WK05
     6e - Mission 5 : Mayday! Mayday! -----------------------------------> WK06
     6f - Mission 6 : Ready for bear ------------------------------------> WK07
     6g - Mission 7 : Quarterback ---------------------------------------> WK08
     6h - Mission 8 : Guardrail IX --------------------------------------> WK09
     6i - Mission 9 : Bulldog -------------------------------------------> WK10
     6j - Mission 10: Fierce Resistance ---------------------------------> WK11
     6h - Mission 11: NORAD on the line ---------------------------------> WK12
    7. FAQS --------------------------------------------------------------> FQ01
     7a. FAQs -----------------------------------------------------------> FQ02
    8. THANKS AND CREDIT -------------------------------------------------> TK01
     8a. Thanks and Credit ----------------------------------------------> TK02
     1. ABOUT THE GUIDE ---------------------------------------------------- AB01
    This is my first guide I have done for a while, in fact it's really the first 
    piece of writing I have done in a while so please bear with all of the dumb 
    spelling mistakes and missed out words until I can proof read it!
     1a - About the Author ------------------------------------------------ AB02
    My name is Michael Radford, a 20 year old student in England. I'm currently 
    using my spare time to catch up on some video gaming, and writing for them 
     1b - Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------ AB03
    This guide is protected under copyright law. By reading this guide you agree 
    the conditions that you may read and/or download any part of it. However, may 
    not change, edit, alter and/or host it without express permission from the 
    author. This guide is the property of the author and is not owned or managed 
    any way by any organisation or person but the author, including those with 
    permission to host it.
    The following sites, and ONLY the following sites are permitted to host this 
    guide. If you're reading it anywhere else, please let me know on 
       GameFAQs --------------------------------- http://www.gamefaqs.com
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       Super Cheats ----------------------------- http://www.supercheats.com
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       Game Revolution -------------------------- http://www.gamerevolution.com
    Furthermore, if you wish to host this guide on your website, please feel free 
    to email me. From permission it will always be your responsibility to insure
    that the guide is up to date. If you are on the above permissions list, you
    may copy this guide off another web page to display on your own.
     1c - Version History ------------------------------------------------- AB04
     VERSION 1.00 -- NEW ADDITIONS! ----  24/05/06  -------------------- 130ishkb
    Sorry for the long wait between updates, there have been some slight
    alterations made such as the removal of line breaks where they shouldn't
    be. Also a tip for what was once the hardest part of Mayday! Mayday! and
    also a new site on the list above. Thanks to everyone who wrote in
    (apart from those of you who didn't read the guide before emailing!)   
     VERSION 1.00 -- HOORAH FOR FULL GUIDES! ----  15/04/06  ---------- 130ishkb
    That's right, all the mission are finished as well as most weapons, support,
    Characters, FAQs and everything else. To come, completion of proof reading.
    Goody.... >:(   
     VERSION 0.02 -- MORE LIKE 1 AND A BIT   ----  12/04/06  ---------- 100ishkb
    Okay, the mission Bulldog is now done (look out for the glitch), and
    Heavy Resistance is well underway. Expect it and the rest of the guide
    with a big 'Complete' symbol on Monday!
     VERSION 0.01 -- PART 1 COMPLETE   ----  09/04/06  ---------------   88 kb
    Most of the missions are now up, as well as well as the characters and
    controls section. More to follow soon!
     1d - Contact! (Information) ------------------------------------------ AB05
    If you feel you have something that you want to contribute to the guide, be 
    CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, tips, mistake pointers, hosting requests or anything 
    else then email me on mike8580@googlemail.com and be sure to put something 
    Ghost Recon in the subject so it isn't eaten up by the junk filter.
    On a side note, asking for gmail invites will not be accepted, sorry :(
    2. GHOST RECON -------------------------------------------------------- GR01
     2a - About Ghost Recon ----------------------------------------------- GR02
    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter isn't the first Ghost Recon game to have 
    lived, however the premise has always been around the same. A team of elite 
    commandoes are sent in to what is normally impossible situations and de-fuse 
    conveniently placed non-US provoked global incidents. Although this time 
    has thankfully taken more of a back seat to a more conventional type of 
    a bit.
    As you can probably guess from the title, the game's story is covered by 
    fiction writer Tom Clancy. It may have just been me but I did expect a 
    more interesting storyline that the standard armed force stage a coup d'etat 
    with a stolen black project but that may just be me. From a gameplay 
    however, the game is first rate. 
     2b - Controls -------------------------------------------------------- GR03
    Your not going to get very far into the game if you don't know what all of 
    those pretty buttons do. Here's a list of all of them and their respective 
    Left analogue stick -------------------- Move
    Right analogue stick ------------------- Look
    L3 ------------------------------------- Change stance
    R3 ------------------------------------- Look through scope
    A button (tap) ------------------------- Reload weapon
    A button (hold) ------------------------ Change rate of fire / reload
    B button (tap) ------------------------- Switch to last equipped weapon
    B button (hold) ------------------------ Choose weapon from held
    X button ------------------------------- Activate Thermal vision
    Y button ------------------------------- Perform contextual action 
    Left D-pad ----------------------------- Move left on crosscom
    Right D-pad ---------------------------- Move right on crosscom
    Up D-pad ------------------------------- Team / Support action, move list up
    Down D-pad ----------------------------- Team / Support action, move list 
    LB ------------------------------------- Change to aggressive / recon mode
    LT ------------------------------------- Aim / hold breath in scope mode
    RB ------------------------------------- Move camera to other shoulder
    RT ------------------------------------- Fire
    Back ----------------------------------- Go to tactical map
    Start ---------------------------------- Pause
       2b 1-- Getting around ---------------------------------------------- SB01
    There are some missions in the game where you are going to have to go it 
    But even if you're not on one it can be helpful to know exactly what you can 
    can't do.
    Stick to walls
    The most basic of basics, an enemy will have a much harder time hitting you 
    you are behind a solid wall. Whenever you see one, jog up to it and press the 
    analogue stick towards it to push up. From this point on you can shimmy left 
    right under cover.
    Precise Aiming
    Providing you don't want to waste all of your ammunition firing at one rouge 
    enemy, hold down LT, this takes you into the aiming mode. Allowing you to 
    with greater accuracy. If that's still not enough, if your weapon is equipped 
    with a scope, hit R3 to aim through it. From this point hold LT to steady 
    aim by holding your breath.
    Y Contextual
    There are plenty of times pressing Y will do helpful things, so here's a list 
    of them.
    Use fixed gun placement -- When standing near the grip of a mounted gun 
    press Y to take up the controls and blast away!
    Roll -- When crawling left or right, hit Y to roll in that direction to cover 
    ground faster.
    Use Ammo Box -- If you come across an ammo box, pressing Y will re-fill and 
    sometimes give you the option to change your current weapon as well as boost 
    you and your team's health a notch.
    Place C4 -- If you are near something that needs removing, loudly, press Y to 
    set a C4 demolition charge. Don't forget to get clear within the time limit.
    Administer medical aid -- If one of the Ghosts go down, you can patch up the 
    wounded with a press of the all-functioning Y button. They won't be good as 
    but at least they won't be kicking the bucket right now.
    Exit cover -- If you are courageously hiding behind a wall, hit Y to exit 
    hiding place and be shredded to death in a second.
       2b 2-- Using the Ghost Team ---------------------------------------- SB02
    One of the best parts of Ghost Recon is the Ghost Team. They will work as a 
    unit to spot and destroy foes using whatever is at their disposal and often 
    very well as bait / meat shields. Command them by doing the following.
    Go to
    Order your entire squad to move to a specific location by pressing up on the 
    pad. This location will be where ever your targeting reticule is pointing at. 
    For a less precise but longer range moving method, press the back button and
    use the left analogue stick to choose a location, then press up to have them 
    move there.
    You can make your team press against walls, pillars or have them watch over 
    general area. However you cannot move your team individually or can you move 
    them yourself.
    If you want your team back press down on the d-pad at any time, the team will 
    position themselves at the best positions around you. 
    This can also appear as snipe if you have a marksman, point either the map's 
    cursor or your aiming reticule at a located enemy and press up for the team 
    focus on hitting them.
    Assault / Recon
    Alter how your team move and react to enemies with the different modes. Hit 
    to switch between Recon, where you team will move slowly, checking their 
    surroundings for and attempting to locate enemies, holding fire when they do 
    until they are spotted; and Assault where they will strike enemies on sight, 
    alerting nearby enemies and bringing a hoard of bullets their way.
    Destroy tank / heilo / vehicle
    If you are in range of an enemy vehicle get your heavy gunner, grenadier or 
    anti-tank gunner to destroy it. Try to do these on sight before they have a 
    chance to return fire and pin you down.
    Heal Teammate
    If one of your team mates health turns grey and begins to flash you must heal 
    him before he bites the dust. If you're not in a position to do it yourself, 
    target the casualty and press up on the D-pad to send one of the others into 
    what may very well be a firing line. Try to kill the enemy who killed your 
    mate or lay down suppression fire while he is being healed up.
       2b 2-- Commanding Support ------------------------------------------ SB03
    Not only do you get your Ghost Squad helping out with the fighting, but 
    occasionally you get some support units to help out too. These come in the 
    of UAVS, ACPs, tanks and helicopters. To use them do the following:
    Air support -- UAV 3 Cypher
    UAVs move around the map like a member of the Ghost Team, for best results go 
    into the tactical map and press up on the D-pad to choose their destination. 
    You can then press LB to send it into Recon mode, it will then locate all 
    enemies, but make it very vulnerable to attack, so only do it in short 
    press LB to send it back up to a higher altitude and move it to a safer 
    location when you're done.
    Air support -- Black Hawk / Apache
    At times you will get slightly more advanced flying machines that can fire 
    back. These are often a good alternative to taking out all the bad guys 
    yourself. Just hide, activate the tactical map and select targets for the 
    chopper to strike. Be warned however, although impervious to small arms fire, 
    it only takes one hit from a AA battery or mobile platform to take one out of 
    the sky, so either deal with these positions before sending in the support or 
    try to get in the first hit, the latter tactic is not advised for the Black 
    Ground support -- Tank / APC
    A lot less flexible then the air support units, but in general a lot tougher, 
    ground units can only be sent forwards and backwards along a pre-allotted 
    track. Do this by pressing down and up on the D-pad for move back and 
    respectively. Target an enemy and press up as normal to fire.
    Be careful when moving tanks when there are enemy tanks in the area, they 
    take too much punishment and sometimes will just sit there taking damage 
    you order them to fire.
     2c - Display --------------------------------------------------------- GR04
    Okay so ready to kick to Mexican rebel bee-hind? Well fire up the console, 
    the campaign and stare on in horror at all of the flashing menus. Fear not,
    here's a list of what you may expect to see.
    Cross-com Command window (top left)
    Either in red or blue depending on the situation or if no support is present 
    not there at all, this video feed shows which support you have ready and what 
    they can do.
    In the centre of the Cross-com (CC from now on) there is a video box. Who 
    you have selected at the time (Ghost team, Black Hawk etc) will appear in 
    first person view in this box, although it's never too helpful unless out of 
    aerial vehicles sadly.
    Above and below the CC video channel are two arrows with some commands on 
    (detailed above) press which ever one tickles your fancy and watch as team 
    go about their orders being shot to death instead of you. Remember that you 
    cannot move individual team members (annoyingly), where one goes they all go.
    **NOTE- As well as pressing up and down on the main screen, hit back to go to 
    the map and use to cursor to give longer range, if less accurate orders.
    Finally, if you have more then one supporting unit you will see vertical bars 
    running down either the left or right (or both) sides of the CC. This means 
    there is more then one support unit available for orders, press left of right 
    switch between them.
    Support Health
    Having a team is good, and having a team that has not been torn to shreds the 
    second they go into combat is even better. So depending on who is selected in 
    your CC you will see underneath it either a green, yellow or red box. The 
    colours are fairly self-explanatory just remember, if any team member's 
    is in the red (especially the Ghost Team), their chance of surviving a full 
    assault is quite low. It's also worth remembering that you cannot heal 
    units that are not the Ghost Team, as they have a habit of exploding when 
    health hits 0%.
    Player info
    At the bottom left of the screen you will see three boxes detailing your 
    character's current actions and status. On the far left there is an icon 
    what position you are in (prone, crouch or upright), obviously the more 
    you are, the faster you can move but more inaccurate and larger target you 
    In the middle of the info boxes we have all of the Y Context actions 
    above). If you come near a wall, gun, near-dead team-mate, gun turret etc hit 
    to perform the relevant contextual action.
    Lastly, on the right you have your health meter. Not surprisingly, this 
    your health. When health is at 100% you're green, 45% it's yellow and 25% 
    it's red and you're nearly going the way of the scores of baddies behind you.
    **NOTE- Although health does recharge, it only does so up until the last 
    (100%, 45% or 25%), you can only get it recharged by going to an ammo box or 
    which moves it up from either red to yellow or yellow to green once, or by 
    visiting the Ghost Truck which returns it to full charged and green.
    Download Channel
    Another video link this time at the top right of the screen and only appears 
    when a transmission is being made. Here is where you get you mission orders 
    information about your current location.
    Targeting Reticule
    The circle in the middle of the screen, this normally is the best way of 
    targeting close range enemies. It is also a way to accurately move support 
    units. For instance, point at a wall and press up with the Ghost Team in the 
    and they will press up against it. This system is handy for giving short 
    commands to your team, although less accurate with Air Support.
    External context action
    When you point the targeting reticule at an incapacitated teammate 
    or an active enemy vehicle a small box appears in the lower centre of the 
    screen. Pressing up at this point will cause a certain team member to heal 
    fallen teammate or destroy the vehicle.
    Objective Box
    A reasonably simple one now, when ever you get a new objective or cross a 
    checkpoint to save, a box appears in the bottom right corner telling you so.
    Ammunition Information
    In the far bottom right is a box detailing your current supply of ammunition
    as well as how much is left in your current clip.
     2d - Tactics / Tips -------------------------------------------------- GR05
    Of course, knowing what all of the things on the screen do is one thing, not 
    getting killed to death at the first shout of 'AIEEEEEEEEE' is another thing 
    completely. So, here're a few tips you may find useful to avoid all of that 
    unpleasant being shot to pieces business.
    Rate of Fire
    There maybe a time in the game when you consider it is a virtue to only be 
    to shoot one round at a time. However, normally you will have plenty of ammo 
    lots of rebels to deal with. So on your assault rifle (providing you're 
    carrying one) press and hold 'A' to bring up the menu, then go to the 
    automatic setting, release 'A' and spray metal projectile death at the 
    Okay, grenades can be a bit of a pain to throw accurately in this game, and 
    you have the Ghost Team with you, they tend to be fairly handy with them. On 
    other hand, smoke grenades can be a real help when used correctly. They don't 
    have to be thrown far, and as long as you stay concealed enemies will not 
    fire. Use this tactic when you're vastly out numbered and need to meet the 
    in a head-on situation.
    But I don't feel like fighting today!
    There are many occasions in the game, where you will not even have to move to 
    beat your latest adversary. Use the map function to move teammates 
    around and provide locations for them to fire. Then stroll down the post-
    streets to give them a well earned pat on the back (after you finish your 
    coffee obviously).
    Surprise @#*o$*%$, #o*# o&#* $&*#!!!
    If there are two ways of getting to an enemy position, it maybe worth sending 
    your team one way, and going another. Then, when everyone is in position, 
    Assault mode, and volia! Fire from both sides, nobody knows what's going on 
    the resulting combat is over fast with less friendly casualties.
    The Whirly Bird catches the evil rebel
    If on the rare occasion you have a Black Hawk or Apache buzzing around, 
    can be made a lot easier. Pull back your squad to an area when they either 
    see the enemy for targeting, or just cannot be hit, send in the chopper and 
    the back menu to fire at targets. Since helicopters are bulletproof (as long 
    the bullet isn't an AAA shell obviously) they will take no damage and neither 
    will you. Huzzah!
    Tanks go Duh, duh, duh, duuuh, duh for a reason
    Sometimes you will have a few tanks along for the ride, and like the 
    are, to small arms fire bullet proof. This means that when ordered to advance 
    they can provide needed cover to your team while taking out enemy artillery.
     2e - Enemies --------------------------------------------------------- GR06
    There are several different enemies in the game, and there's a lot of them; 
    Ontiveros got such a huge army is beyond me, anyway, here's a run rown of all 
    the enemies. Which ever enemy you face the best way to 'liberate' them from
    their distorted crusade is to stay behind cover, wait until they stop firing
    and then return fire.
    RoF = Rate of Fire
    Soldier -- Aim (7/10), RoF (5/10), Damage (6/10)
    Your basic grunt of the Rebel army, these guys wield 30k assault rifles and 
    more accurate then the Gunner. You will encounter more Soldiers then any 
    type. They more or less always move together in groups of 2 or 3 and may go
    for M50 mounted guns if they're nearby.
    Gunner -- Aim (3/10), RoF (7/10), Damage (7/10)
    Gunners can be a pain to your advancement, especially if there is more then 
    of them and are guarding each other. Gunners pack heavy machine guns and 
    can fire for long periods of time (albeit not accurately). You will often 
    Gunners around Soldiers and will provide them cover while they stick their 
    out to fire at you. If you run into them, take them out before dealing with 
    their lesser Soldier friends.
    Marksman -- Aim (8/10), RoF (1/10), Damage (10/10)
    At second to top of the 'must kill first' list, these guys normally hide on 
    roofs or inside buildings. They may not fire very fast, but if they hit you 
    the head (and they will almost exclusively aim for it), they will kill you or 
    your team mates in one shot.
    Anti-tank Gunner -- Aim (6/10), RoF (1/10), Damage (10/10)
    An Anti-tank Gunner can be both you and your support units' worst nightmare. 
    They will destroy support tanks in two hits and if you or the rest of the 
    are anywhere close to the blast one hit for you. Taking cover won't really 
    matter if what you hide behind explodes all over you in a blitz on concrete 
    doom, so as soon as you see him, take him out.
    The Anti-tank Gunner takes a long time to line up and fire, so use this 
    opportunity to kill him as soon as possible.
    Agula 7 Soldier -- Aim (9/10), RoF (7/10), Damage (8/10)
    Identified by a Ghost Team member saying 'Rebel elites', these are Ontiveros' 
    personal special forces and they are a lot more accurate and faster then 
    troops. Use the same tactics as always for them, but watch out, they always 
    attempt to shoot for the head. Don't expect to see these until the last few 
    Agula 7 Gunner -- Aim (6/10), RoF (9/10), Damage (8/10)
    Surprisingly accurate and very deadly, don't be caught out in the open if 
    is one of these close by.
    Agula 7 Marksman -- Aim (10/10), RoF (4/10), Damage (10/10)
    The special forces marksman will always aim for your head, don't leave 
    open even when pressing against a wall as any part of you maybe showing and 
    therefore be shot by them. There is almost always more then one in an area 
    providing cover in secure positions for their teams either in more buildings 
    soldiers on the ground.
    3. CHARACTERS --------------------------------------------------------- CH01
     3a - Scott Mitchell -------------------------------------------------- CH02
    The main character of GRAW and leader of the Ghost Team. He is well-respected
    as captain of the Ghosts and renowned in the higher echelons of the army as 
    effective leader whose level headedness under intense conditions make him a
    perfect commander of one of their special operations teams.
     3b - The Ghosts ------------------------------------------------------ CH03
    Elite units of the army, members who have been promoted to the special 
    forces Ghost Team are quiet, well trained and loyal to Scott and their 
    commanders. Facing off a large enemy force using new hi-tech equipment is
    their speciality.
     3c - Buddy Aldridge -------------------------------------------------- CH04
    De Facto leader of the Ghost Teams actions on the ground. Buddy pilots the 
    Ghost's Black Hawk and keeps an eye on troop movements around the area. Buddy 
    was once an instructor at the Academy, where he was in teacher of, amongst 
    others Carlos Ontiveros. He remembers the young man's aggression and remains 
    anxious that he is not underestimated.
     3d - General Martin (Bulldog) ---------------------------------------- CH05
    Leader of the US Troops on the field, General Martin, codenamed Bulldog over 
    time comes to rely on the Ghost Team to end the rebel uprising in Mexico. 
    General Martin is often found in a Black Hawk keeping an eye on the 
     3e - General Keating ------------------------------------------------- CH06
    Overall command of the Occupation force is given to General Keating in the 
    Crisis Center, although letting Martin handle the hands-on orders, Keating
    issues commands and objectives to the Ghosts.
     3f - President Ballantine (VIP 1) ------------------------------------ CH07
    Supreme Commander of the US Forces, although involved in the current 
    by accident. Ballantine was signing an North American accord with the 
    Prime Minister and Mexican President before the coup. While working to 
    peace to the country, he leaves most of the decision making to his Generals.
     3g - President Ruiz-Pena (VIP 2) ------------------------------------- CH08
    The current President of Mexico, Pena works with the US forces to try to 
    peace and end the Coup over his country. When he learns of General Ontiveros'
    involvement he does everything in his power to stop him.
     3h - Josh Rosen ------------------------------------------------------ CH09
    Second Black Hawk pilot, Rosen is most of the time with Bud in Black Hawk 4. 
    oversaw the Ghost final training before been called into use when the coup 
    takes place in Mexico City.
     3i - General Carlos Ontiveros --------------------------------------- CH10
    Son of the first General Ontiveros, he is committed to instate himself as the 
    leader of Mexico. With a surprising large force he successfully instates 
    as ruler of the county and attempts to fight off American troops until he 
    international backing.
    4. WEAPONS ------------------------------------------------------------ WP01
    Magazines: 50
    Bullets: 500
    5.56x25mm - The Modular Rifle - Caseless is a lightweight weapon with a 
    50 round magazine. Although it maintains decent accuracy, it's high rate of 
    can make it harder to control then other infantry rifles.
    Without a doubt the best weapon in the game, if you don't know what you 
    use this is always the best choice. Combining near sniper rifle performance 
    long range and discreet, accurate fire on mid to close range means you can't 
    wrong. Oh, and ignore the synopsis about it being harder to control, it stays 
    stable even on full auto. Finally it has a large magazine, so you rarely find 
    yourself needing to reload when you could be shooting during a longer 
    A550 Sniper
    Magazines: 10
    Bullets: 50
    12.7x99mm - Built for Special Operations counter sniper and anti-vehicle 
    the SR A550 is both powerful and accurate at long ranges. This weapon can 
    thin walls and shoot hidden enemies.
    The best sniper rifle in the game, this semi-automatic sniper rifle can fire 
    through small walls and has a meaty magazine size. Use this when given the 
    choice between it and the M95.
    M95 Sniper
    Magazines: 6
    Bullets: 50
    12.7x99mm - The M95 is a compact, bullpup, bolt-action sniper rifle designed 
    fit into a small package. This weapon can pierce thin walls and shoot hidden 
    About the same as the A550 only bolt action with a smaller magazine size, 
    you need to fold it away in your backpack for a field meeting (which is 
    unlikely) it doesn't provide much of a different service then the A550.
    Magazines: 50
    Bullets: 600
    (Grenade launcher) (6)
    5.56x25mm - Coupling the high rate of fire of the MR-C with a 40mm grenade 
    launcher provides a tremendous amount of firepower.
    This is the standard MR-C with reduced accuracy, no zoom and a grenade 
    attached to the bottom. Fun for blowing up enemy (and abandoned) vehicles 
    but overall inferior to the MR-C.  
    MK48 LMG
    Magazines: 100
    Bullets: 800
    7.67x51mm - The Mk48 is a newly designed light machine gun, designed to 
    heavy firepower in a light portable platform.
    A heavy weapon sometimes used by the gunner of your team. The MK48, like any 
    machine gun, cannot fire very accurately and is best used for spraying areas 
    with multiple contacts.
    Magazines: 30
    Bullets: 500
    7.62x51mm - This is an assault rifle. This weapon employs two modes of fire: 
    burst and single shot. Low scope range.
    One of the better weapons in the game, similar to the MR-C with a lower zoom 
    range and more indiscreet fire. Use it when there are a lot of enemies that 
    taking out quickly in the same area.
    Magazine: 30
    Bullets: 500
    5.56x40mm - The SCAR-L is fitted with an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher 
    heavy indirect fire.
    Exactly like the SCAR-H only with less accuracy and a grenade launcher and no 
    zoom. Again, nice for blowing up vehicles and that's about it, use the SCAR-H 
    the MR-C.
    5. SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------------------ SP01
    There will be various support units available during the campaign. Here's a
    list of them all.
    NAME -- Name of support
    TYPE -- Support type
    DESTRUCTIBILITY -- How fast does it take damage (higher the worse it is)
    MOBILITY --------- How easily / quickly does it move round the battle zone
    FIREPOWER -------- How much fire can it lay down, obviously
    RECON ABILITY ---- How easily it can locate targets on the HUD
    Ground support
    Destructibility -- 7/10
    Mobility --------- 8/10
    Fire power ------- 6/10
    Recon ability ---- 8/10
    You will get the rest of the Ghost Team as support for you for most of the 
    game's missions. They are fast, agile and can put down quite a bit of fire 
    power. Their ability to regenerate health is also nice, in a way having more 
    health then any other support unit (although they do lose it faster).
    Air support
    Destructibility -- 8/10
    Mobility --------- 7/10
    Fire power ------- 0/10
    Recon ability ---- 10/10
    A handy device used to scout out the area for enemies, this can be extremely 
    useful when you are entering a zone with high rebel activity or locating 
    before sticking your head out. The UAV can be positioned like the Ghost squad 
    and has two modes of flight. Although not very fast and normally spotted by 
    enemies when you send it over, it is agile and can spot enemies in any 
    within its range instantly.
    Air support
    Destructibility -- 4/10
    Mobility --------- 7/10
    Fire power ------- 7/10
    Recon ability ---- 7/10
    As well as providing a useful method of moving around the Black Hawk can use 
    mounted machine gun to fire at enemies whilst you remain concealed. Although 
    vulnerable assault rifle fire, it will take small damage from gunners and 
    of damage from AAA sites, tanks and APCs, destroying it instantly. However, 
    and with decant
    mobility it is well worth using if you have the choice.
    Destructibility -- 2/10
    Mobility --------- 8/10
    Fire power ------- 9/10
    Recon ability ---- 4/10
    Although only capable of spotting targets at its forward quadrant and even 
    only within a small distance, the Apache more then makes up for it in heavy 
    weapons with the standard machine gun and a rocket launcher. The Apache is 
    but immune to any sort of personal weapon fire, but can be damaged by APCs, 
    tanks and AAA batteries. If you see any of these make sure they are removed 
    before opening fire on anything else.
    6. WALKTHROUGH -------------------------------------------------------- WK01
    This walkthrough was composed on the Normal difficulty setting since that's 
    most players will go on first time round. If you play on the harder setting 
    expect more enemies, head shots and easier being killed etc, but nothing 
    Also, note that enemies will often move around, the same soldier / gunner may 
    not be in the same place twice so be careful if you can't find them and work 
    around it.
     6a - Mission 1 : Training -------------------------------------------- WK02
                                   DIFFICULTY: 1/5
    When the mission first loads listen to Rosen and press the left analogue 
    forwards to move to the objective.
    New Objective: Shoot from cover
    Press the right analogue stick left or right and turn 180 degrees to see a 
    concrete block to your left. Run to the other side of it and press up against 
    the wall. Hit RB to switch sides and then move along the wall to the edge of 
    block, continuing to hold the direction you are going to peek.
    Press LT while peaking to jump out, use the left analogue stick to aim at the 
    target and press RT to fire at it, then unstick from the wall with the Y 
    Now it's time to reload. Press a briefly to do so, after it is complete press 
    and hold A, using the D-pad to select the automatic fire function.
    Move to the low wall further from where you shot the first target and press 
    against the checkpoint. Press up on the left analogue stick to peak and while 
    doing so hit R3 to go into scope mode. Hold L3 to hold your breath, as soon 
    you do two targets will appear, shoot them both and press R3 a few more times 
    exit scope mode and press Y to un-stick from the wall.
    New Objective: Ambush enemy
    Woohoo, time for the assault course! Go near the low wall you just shot from 
    (not close enough to stick) and press Y to use the context action, then run 
    to the next low wall, sticking to it and moving to the left hand side.
    Exactly like the first time only with moving targets. Wit for them to come 
    then press LT aim, and RT to fire.
    Before proceeding, hit back and look at the area, when Josh shuts up and more 
    the map becomes accessible follow the road. In front of you there should be a 
    low wall, an even lower wall and the next objective. An enemy tank will use 
    opportunity to fire at you, so use the cover provided (pressing L3 to crouch) 
    move to the objective.
    New Objective: Acquire smoke grenades
    At the ammo box, hit the contextual action Y button to restock and change 
    (this is automatic). Now press and hold the B button to go into your gun 
    from here choose the grenade icon, then hold A to go into the weapon specific 
    menu and choose the smoke grenades.
    Move slightly to the right to get a good view between the two walls, being 
    careful not to become in range of the Bradley and throw the grenade. Wait for 
    the smoke to fill and then run forward.
    New Objective: Reach rocket launcher in the parking lot
    As you near the garage listen to John and move left, up the ramp, then again 
    the ramp at the back of the first floor. Finally turn right and approach the 
    next ammo box.
    Hehe, now we've got a rocket launcher, a ZEUS MPAR to be exact. You probably 
    still have you're smoke grenades equipped so hold down the B button and 
    the ZEUS.
    Move to the left of the two wrecked cars and duck under the low wall. You 
    press up against it with a rocket launcher so stay crouched until you get a 
    clean shot, pop up and fire. The tank takes two shoots to be destroyed, so 
    sure you duck while reloading.
    New Objective: Move to rally point
    Take a look over to the right of the destroyed tank to see the Ghost Truck 
    up. Retrace your steps down to the truck and move to the objective. You have 
    choice of who you want to bring with you here, but since all of their jobs of 
    the same it doesn't make a lot of difference. On the Teammates screen press 
    then A again to select the default weapon (or which ever you want since you 
    get to choose two for now).
    Objective updated: Order team
    After pressing A to confirm, the Ghost Truck drives away and you are left 
    three teammates. Look directly away from where the Ghost Truck was and look 
    the objective. Point the targeting reticule at it and press up on th d-pad to 
    order the team to go there, then do the same for the low wall to the left.
    Press down on the d-pad to regroup your team and press LB to go into Recon 
    then again to move back into assault mode, if you are unsure what these do, 
    in the appropriate section above.
    You will now be taken into map mode, look around and then press the back 
    to leave it.
    New Objective: Secure the zone
    Move to the next objective point, your team will also head over there. When 
    get to the next corner, aim at the low wall to the side of the road and press 
    on the d-pad to order your team there. From this point either sit back and 
    for the other Ghosts to finish them or do it yourself.
    After combat ends, one of you men gets hit, either stand by them and press Y 
    heal the up or target them and press up on the d-pad to get a teammate to do 
    New Objective: Command vehicle
    Order a regroup to make sure your team follows you and move to the next 
    position. You now have an APC Stryker under your command. Press right on the 
    pad to change to the APC and press up to issue the Move On order.
    **Note- Sometimes the APC will not move, if so move in front of it and give 
    order again to sort it out.
    As the APC moves forward and enemy Stryker moves out with some infantry. 
    left on the d-pad to go back to the Ghost and move out of combat range. After 
    the APC destroys the enemy move to the next objective.
    New Objective: Clear the zone
    Make sure the Ghost team are following by ordering a regroup and stop near 
    sand bags, from here shoot at all the enemies that appear. Remember to use 
    scope for far off enemies and try your hand at grenades. If you run out of 
    there is a fill up to the right of the sand bags. Once everything is settled 
    you get your next order off Josh, go to the Black Hawk on the other side of 
    New Objective: Reach extraction point
    Head on over to the Black Hawk, when you're there it's training, and mission 
     6b - Mission 2 : Contact! -------------------------------------------- WK03
                                   DIFFICULTY: 2/5
    Here is the first time we meet Buddy, he is going to be the main rely of 
    information between the ground and the Generals for the Ghost team.
    New Objective: Reach Ramirez's position
    Objective updated: To reach Ramirez, leave the highway and move into 
    After the cut-scene finishes and you're on the ground make your way down the 
    highway. Listen to the chatter between Buddy and Jose until you get to the 
    destroyed car in the shadows to the right of the highways end.
    Press and hold A and switch to automatic, then locate the sentry walking down 
    the street, kill him and move to the wall ahead. Move to the right, passed 
    window and locate the guard behind the fence across the road, take him out.
    Move down the road and locate the last solider down an ally to the right. 
    he is down follow the road until your objective changes.
    New Objective: Move to rally point
    Ramirez has been rumbled and you've been ordered to abort. Turn left and move 
    past the wooden fence into an alleyway. Duck under the barrels ahead and 
    the far enemy on the right, then throw a grenade at the car in front to 
    the one behind it.
    Move to the car and kill the solider to the right, then head left following 
    road, as you go you should hear Buddy trying to contact Ramirez. AS you enter 
    the open space the Ghost Truck pulls up. Select your team, for this section 
    recommend using the MR-C although the SCAR-L works nicely too. Which ever you 
    choose, confirm and press A. Now it's time to find Ramirez!
    For this part you get a UAV3 Cypher, anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 
    as well as a few other games will be very familiar with these things, 
    is, this time there on our side, and then don't have guns, awww.
    To control the Cypher, select it in the CC by pressing right on the d-pad. 
    will go into map mode, move the selector to the objective and press up to 
    it to go to (just like the Ghost Squad), when it arrives press LB to go into 
    Detect mode. After Ramirez is located switch back to Standby mode and press 
    regroup to bring it back. You will automatically exit map mode and the 
    objectives update.
    Objective updated: To reach Ramirez, move to the railroad
    Okay, point at the objective and move down the small slope and through the 
    Ahead will be a stack of planks and beyond that some stairs leading back onto 
    the highway. Put the team on Recon and place them against the wood, then look 
    the right and position them against the other stack. From here they should 
    on an enemy. Take the shot yourself or give the order to fire, shortly after 
    first goes down they should spot the other one. After they're both down go up 
    the stairs with your team.
    On the highway head right and move to the far end. Look over to the road 
    underneath and sight the two transports coming down the road. It's a bigger 
    headache if you leave them since you have to deal with twice as many enemies 
    order your squad to crouch near the low wall edge and fire at the guards and 
    After it quietens down carry on moving right and when you get to the stairs 
    Depending on how many solider you got when they came out of the transports 
    decide the final amount of enemies. Move with caution towards the objective. 
    Soon you will come to two high walls outside the train station. Hit Recon and 
    position the team on the corner to look for enemies. Send the Cypher out to 
    the carriages, locate the targets.
    New objective: Reach extraction point
    hit regroup and move past the wall, locate the enemy to the far right past 
    fence and take him out if he is there, if not move past the gap to the next 
    with the squad. Take out any enemies who appear, look out for the one on the 
    rails of the water tower to the far left. Fighting in such close quarters can 
    a pain, try your best to keep everyone in one piece and keep moving through 
    gaps, taking out enemies as they appear.
    When you get to the end of the train store you should see a red building with 
    car poster. Move forward with the team and look to the left. Guards will pour 
    out of the gate so take them out.
    Next go into the map and choose the Black Hawk in the CrossCom. Select 
    for it and press up to clean them out. Once all the targets are down move to 
    courtyard and make your way into the building. Watch your step as there maybe 
    some enemies that the Black Hawk didn't see and the Cypher doesn't work 
    Move up the stairway on the left and across the railing over the warehouse. 
    the other side you will get a transmission from Buddy, follow the walkway 
    you get to a low wall with railings above. Sight the two enemies on the top 
    floor, after they are neutralised go up the stairs at the end of the platform 
    and keep following it to the next corner.
    Head up the stairs, past the chimneys and up more stairs to the roof, your 
    Black Hawk leaves at this point not that it matters since after you move to 
    Black Hawk it's mission complete.
     6c - Mission 3 : Coup d'etat ----------------------------------------- WK04
                                   DIFFICULTY: 2/5
    For someone who is badly injured they Ramirez seems to be doing awfully well, 
    just holding his arm. Anyway the Canadian Prime Minister has suffered 
    more then Ramirez in the fact he's dead. Black Hawk 4 is currently flying 
    Mexico City, it's your job to find the US President and Mexican President. 
    first it's time for some well earned sitting down time.
    Remember in the last mission where the Black Hawk used it's chain gun to 
    wanton carnage, didn't that look fun? Exactly! As Black Hawk 4 circles the 
    you must take out the enemies. They appear on the HUD when they're in range 
    no need to detect them manually. The gun is very prone to over heating so try 
    fire in bursts of only a few seconds, if the heater indicator gets in the 
    stop firing and let it cool down again.
    When BK4 gets to the Plaza take out the APC coming down the road on the far 
    right, then the two troop transports at road running along opposite side to 
    APC. Clean up the mess and wait until you land.
    New objective: Reach VIP1's position
    Time to find the President. After you land move forward along the road past 
    destroyed transports to the parked minibus. Follow the side street and put 
    squad against the red building. Look down towards the green bin and locate 
    enemy soldier (if he is not there don't let down your guard). Move down the 
    sticking near the left wall. When the wall ends look past it and press up 
    against the one further back. If the previous enemy was not there last time 
    will be standing here, if so take him out and regroup the squad to your 
    Put the squad next to the wall and hit Assault mode. Take out the two 
    enemies and then duck into the small shading near the wall. Take out the next 
    enemy through the first window, then move along to the corner, take out any 
    remaining enemies through this window. After Buddy confirms the last one them 
    are down follow the road to the corner and duck into the outstretch 
    the plaza.
    Look out for the green shack outside of the outstretch, when you see it, aim 
    one of the pillers and order 'Go to', then either move to a free one or press 
    against the green shack and use the corners to fire.
    After all the enemies are down, hit recon mode and move the squad to the 
    shack. Give it a few seconds and if no more targets appear run over to the 
    Objective updated: Hold position
    Once at the limo look at the tents directly opposite the stage, move your 
    to the side facing the stage and kill the rebels who arrive. Move to the 
    of the tent when the APC arrives, take out the gunner and order it's 
    Objective updated: Create a diversion
    Abrew and the President need to escape in the APCs which are currenly stuck 
    another roadblock. Head to the objective, there are no enemies around yet. 
    you get to the checkpoint locate and destroy the tanker to create a 
    After the pyrotechnics end kill anyone who somehow managed to survive and 
    regroup with the Ghost Truck.
    Hoorah we can use Ramirez, probably the most accurate of all the Ghosts (told 
    you he got better fast). Choose a team and a gun, and wait for the APC.
    Send it forward and use it for cover. Order it to shoot at the enemies and 
    and the Ghosts wipe up what's left. At the corner send to Ghosts to the edge 
    the APC round first. Use the same strategy of ordering the APC to fire and 
    and the Ghosts hitting what they miss.
    Make sure you stay away from the final APC further down the road, after they 
    all mopped up regroup with the APC convoy.
    Objective updated: Secure VIP2
    Stay away from the second APC as it gets destroyed, after it does follow the 
    Mexican President and Abreu up onto the second floor of the garage. Regroup 
    squad at the top and if you aren't already go into Assault mode. The team 
    normally get into fairly decent positions so find one yourself and kill the 
    rebels as they follow you up. Keep an eye out on the ramp up next to your 
    position some more rebels will attack just to the left of it.
    After they are all destroyed go upto the roof.
    Objective updated: Reach drop point
    Head over to the ammo box and retrieve the ZEUS MPAR and head to the far edge 
    the garage. Just like back in the first level, you need to destroy the APC, 
    unlike the first level, there's two of them and you can die. Make sure the 
    stay away since they always end up being hit and destroy the two APCs from 
    roof, it helps if you throw a smoke grenade at the side to cover your 
    Objective updated: Extract with VIP2
    Retrace your steps down to the ground and head to the objective. Don't worry 
    there're no more enemies to worry reach the APCs and board them.
    New objective: Ambush enemy convoy
    Objective updated: Destroy the armoured vehicles
    When the mission start press your team against the low wall and wait for the 
    enemy. From this point use the ZEUS MPAR to destroy the vehicles and let your 
    team hit the troops.
    Objective updated: Move to rally point
    When the objective updates head over to the rally point pick your team and a 
    weapon again, I'd recommend the MR-C or the MK48 LMG.
    New objective: Regroup with VIP2
    After everything's agreed on go into the map menu and choose the Cypher in 
    CC. Move the cursor over to the plaza in red and search as much of it as 
    possible paying special interest the rightmost building and the building in 
    back of the plaza for snipers. When the UAV is almost destroyed send it 
    somewhere safe.
    Move around the building in front of you and start taking out the group of 
    enemies. You should try to place priority in eliminating the sniper in the 
    building before taking out the soldiers and gunners. After you take out all 
    ones in range, move forwards near the troop transports and finish off the 
    of them.
    Move to the left side of the building in the centre of the street, slowly 
    you're way around until you see the sniper between you and the embassy. When 
    range take him out. Keep an eye on the alley left of the sniper for troops.
    After he's down, head down the ally to the left of his and stick to the edge 
    the wall. Near the corner, throw a smoke grenade and kill the closest guards 
    you, then the gunner on the roof, finally kill the two one the opposite end 
    the area. After they are down, make your way over the large plaza to the US 
    After the embassy is destroyed get to VIP2's position, then place your squad 
    near a low wall and take cover behind the broken pillar. When APCS enter make 
    sure you kill the gunner, after that it doesn't matter whether the actual 
    vehicle is destroyed or not.
    New objective: Hold Position
    Your squad normally deal with the enemies coming in from the centre, however 
    they will try to move round to the side and attack, kill any soliders who get 
    range keeping an eye out for any trying to rush the embassy and kill the 
    President. After a while, an Apache will enter the battle, go into the map 
    and use it to destroy all the enemies (vehicles first!) in the area. Continue 
    do so until Black Hawk 4 enters. The Mexican President will now follow you so
    slowly make your way to the helicopter making sure that no enemies remaining 
    VIP2. After VIP2 and your squad enter the Black Hawk, it's mission complete.
     6d - Mission 4 : Strong Point ---------------------------------------- WK05
                                   DIFFICULTY: 3/5
    New objective: Destroy Anti Air Bunkers
    Objective updated: Reinforce at rally point
    When the mission starts, head over to the rally point. At the minute there's 
    enemies around.
    Objective updated: Destroy the first Anti Air Bunker with C4
    For this mission (and only this mission sadly) we get to use a marksman. Her 
    skills can come in quite handy later on in this mission, so don't neglect to 
    her if you see an opportunity.
    For now, you have to take out 2 anti-air bunkers. Take a look on the map 
    and point it due south. We will be destroying the left one first.
    Look at the area around the Bunker, there are houses arranged in a circle, 
    around it are three in the middle. Of these three you want to go to the one 
    the right, make sure you order the squad to stick to the side away from the 
    Your looking for this building:
         To Bunker
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |          -------
    |          |
    Order go to here
    Follow your team, on the way you may encounter a marksman on top of one of 
    buildings, give the order to fire (using night vision and the scope works 
    to take him out) and reorder the go to.
    When you arrive you're cover should still be intact and along the way you 
    have made visual contact with a few of the enemies. Look to the left of the 
    building, you should see a pile of wood. Order the team to go there and use 
    as cover to take out all the enemies guarding the base.
    After the enemies have been dealt with approach the Bunker leaving your squad 
    near the wood, approach the objective and hit Y to set the C4. Head back to 
    team making sure everyone stays out of range of the blast.
    Objective updated: Destroy the last Anti Air Bunker
    Okay, let's get the other Bunker, look on the map screen, this time there 
    doesn't look like a well places shooting position to take care of the guards.
    Look on the map screen again, there's a house directly east of the second 
    (the one with the corner missing), so send your squad over to press against 
    (again make sure it's the thinner side away from the bunker.
    After you all arrive, head over to the missing corner and look past it to see 
    blue bin. Order the team to press against it, look over to the right and see 
    house across the road, stick to this and order Assault. From these two 
    the defences should fall in a matter of moments (the MSO Fixed gun is also 
    of range so don't worry about it. There is a sniper on a tower to the left of 
    the Bunker, make sure he is taken out before proceeding.
    When things quieten down spot the wood pile between you and the Bunker order 
    your squad to wait on the side facing the bunker (not the side you were 
    from) staying in assault mode, then approach the Bunker and apply the C4. 
    setting the C4 make sure that the squad doesn't follow you.
    New objective: Lase power generator
    Objective updated: Reinforce at rally point
    Okay, now time for the best part, but first a troop transport will drop bad 
    off in front of you. Providing you're on assault mode, stay stuck to the wall 
    next to the team and let them do the work. 3 - 4 dead rebels later and you're 
    Look at the map screen and find the rally point, again there's an absence of 
    enemies at the moment so just order the team straight there and follow them. 
    the truck pick any team members you like (keep the marksman) and choose a 
    rifle, since they are almost exactly the same it doesn't really matter which.
    Objective updated: Reach targeting position
    Now you have to destroy the bases' generator before attacking it directly. 
    again there are no enemies so just order the team to go to the objective and 
    follow them. When you arrive make sure you go into Recon mode and put the 
    where ever you like.
    Objective updated: Lase power generator
    Our ol' friend Mr. Apache's back. Make sure you stay out of the enemies gun 
    range and switch to map mode. Before taking out the generator locate and 
    all the enemies in the area, gunners and APCs can all damage the apache and 
    hovering over a big generator being shot at doesn't do much for it's 
    survivability. Locate and destroy either with the Ghost Team or Apache the 
    advancing up the road to your position. When the dust settles, order the 
    to fire at the generator, and then move it somewhere out of the way.
    Find the wrecked generator on the map and look further ahead to the main 
    you should see it's perimeter fence. Hit regroup and run down the hill over 
    the fence, stopping at the gap.
    New objective: Neutralize the rebel camp
    Objective updated: Search and destroy artillery pieces
    When you arrive at the fence you will be reinforced by an MA2A Bradley. For 
    rest of the mission forget the Apache as it doesn't last five minutes (this 
    an Anti Air station after all).
    To take out the artillery, logically you must first get into the base, no 
    task since it's reinforced with machine gun nest mounted troops in bunkers. 
    Order the Bradley to move forwards until it refuses to go anymore (it should 
    halfway between the bunkers and the fence. While it's moving, look at the 
    bunker and spot the small building directly north east of it, send the Ghosts 
    here and move through the gate yourself.
    Buddy will tell you that there's movement all around you and two APCs will 
    out of the gate. One will stop near the Ghosts but not fire at them, the 
    will stop next to the Bradley and try to shoot it. Order the Bradley to take 
    the one next to it and the Ghosts to fire at their one, if the Bradley 
    it's APC first get it to help out the Ghost team.
    Okay, head over and join the Ghosts, Buddy chimes in again and the Bunkers 
    activate. Order all units (except the Apache) to destroy all local enemies, 
    your sniper rifle to help them out. After three or four waves later the 
    should give up attacking, leave the Bradley to watch the entrance and move 
    yourself and the Ghosts past the Bunkers.
    Where enemies appear inside the base can be a bit random so if you see 
    or don't see described don't worry about it.
    After passing through the gates a enemy should be spotted at the back of the 
    base, take him out. Another guard will take his place so take him out as 
    Point the map to the south and examine the base, there are three targets that 
    need to be destroyed. It doesn't matter in which order you do it in but for 
    guide we will be starting from the one on the left.
    Take a look at the run-up to the bunker, there are two more building with the 
    corners 'missing'. With the map pointing east put your squad against the left 
    most one and look towards the bunkers. A small way ahead is low wall of wood, 
    send the squad there and attack the enemy. Chances are they will get on the 
    turrets, if so wait until one stops firing and order the entire squad to 
    them. Repeat with all the enemies. When the fighting ends, send the team to 
    other side of the wall and go over to the Howitzer, plant the C4 and go and 
    up with the rest of the Squad.
    Look at the destroyed bunker, cheer, then turn 180 degrees to the next one. 
    the to left to see a lit up area and beyond it a hanger. Progress down the 
    of these buildings with the Squad, when you come to a gun turret look down 
    towards the objective and take out the guard in wait.
    There is a second guard here if he did not attack when you first entered the 
    base, move carefully and take him out if you see him. Look at the bunker and 
    then look to the right, there are several tents with go up all the way to the 
    last target. Put your squad against one of them and go down to plant the C4 
    the objective.
    Head back to the squad and take a look at the map, there are three buildings 
    lines up between you and the last objective. Line the squad up against the 
    one and follow them. To their left is a concrete block and a stack of wood in 
    front and to the right of it, go here and use it for cover. Take out all the 
    enemies guarding the last bunker.
    After all the enemies are dead head over to the bunker and give it the C4 
    New objective: Reach extraction point
    Easy part, order the team to the extraction point to complete the level.
     6e - Mission 5 : Mayday! Mayday! ------------------------------------- WK06
                                   DIFFICULTY: 5/5
    Ah, ha, welcome to what's probably the most difficult level of the game, the 
    to survival here is to not let your health fall below green, especially on 
    You start out on the cool helicopter shooting mini-game. Killing the enemies 
    here doesn't seem to affect their numbers on the ground, but take them out 
    before they can damage your health. As usual, destroy APCs, Tanks when you 
    them and ignore troop transports if there are no troops nearby and shoot only 
    bursts of around one second; not shooting when you don't need to. This 
    overheats faster then the Xbox, and that's saying something...
    When you hear Buddy warn you about RPGs on the roof, look at the large tower 
    two enemies labelled Anti-Tank Gunners, kill them before they take away all 
    your health in one bug fireball.
    New objective: Destroy mobile AAA units
    When you come to the ground, run forwards and get into the prone position. 
    the enemy transport arrives shoot as many as possible while they are getting 
    Move around to get a view on any you missed, then move passed the transport 
    to the high wall to it's left. There are three rebels here, kill them before 
    they have an opportunity to shoot/grenade you.
    Slowly move forwards and locate the guard in the tower behind the road. When 
    is dead move over to a rebel and pick up his weapon. Turn around and go up 
    stairs. Keep going up and duck into the alcove, press against the corner and 
    watch as some rebels take up positions. Wait until some start running towards 
    you, kill them first, then take out the rest of them.
    Continue up the stairs and duck under the low wall as you move up to the 
    courtyard. When you get to the corner locate the sniper in the tower and as 
    other enemies as you can. Start to take them out, killing anymore who appear.
    Make your way around the left hand side of the courtyard, shooting through 
    tents. After you clear the way move over to the objective, shoot any 
    guards and set the C4.
    Objective updated: Reach scrambled zone
    The next part is quite hard not to take damage on, head over to the far left 
    hand side of the courtyard and start down the grass side to the right. Spot 
    three enemies (two on the ground one in the tower to the left) and take them 
    out (use sniper and night vision to be quicker and more accurate).
    Before carrying on down the road equip your smoke grenades. Progress slowly 
    the road until a Helio flies past, keep a sharp eye out for an APC coming 
    the road, when you see it, immediately throw a smoke grenade a few meters in 
    front of you and open fire on the gunner on top. After he is dead the APC 
    drive past so make sure it doesn't hit you.
    As soon as the APC is destroyed throw another grenade and kill the soliders 
    running at you, if they get close they'll kill you in under a second so move 
    back the entire time.
    Continue up the road making sure you don't miss any of the special forces, 
    you get past the barrier move up the hill and shoot anyone one sight.
    Thanks go to JC Suttun and Rod Roach for the much better / easier strategy:
    After you go around the corner near the grass, find the gun emplacement and
    use it to take out the three enemies at the far end. The Heilo and APC are
    scripted after you move so far down the road, so when it triggers, run back
    to the gun and use it to take everyone down.
    Objective updated: Destroy AAA artillery
    You now enter a scrambled zone, these places are a pain since your vision 
    blurred and you will lose trace of targets the instant they go off the 
    Look on the map, here's the two AAA batteries that need destroying. For now 
    are going to go for the closer one on the right.
    After going through the barrier, follow the road across the other side of the 
    wall. Keep going for around 5 seconds, then turn around and locate the enemy 
    the top of the hill. Shoot him and then carry on down the road. You should 
    a large tent and beyond it the target, zoom in on the target and locate a 
    radar dish. Shoot it to put the HUD back to normal and locate all enemies. 
    Immediately shoot the rebel next to the dish, then look at the tent, two 
    enemies will round the corner on the left, shoot them and proceed to the 
    then blow it up.
    Press on to the next target, the enemies will almost certainly have noticed 
    so take out who you can see, if you get a shot at it, destroying the jammer 
    here helps a lot.
    When the zone is clear, don't go to plant the C4 instead stick to the AAA 
    and move to the left corner. Locate the three guards (again, one in the tower 
    and two on the ground) and kill them. When you're done plant the C4 and move 
    Head over to the watch tower and move past it, follow the left road up to the 
    castle. When you are facing the castle (south east) look up to spot two 
    at the top of the stair case, shoot the one on the right first, then kill the 
    one on the left as he tries to run down the stairs (if you miss him he will 
    shoot at you from the path ahead so be careful).
    Keep heading up the winding path until you reach the stone part of the road. 
    Head round the first corner and duck, stick to the wall and move to the next 
    corner. Here the enemy will have four troops, two in the front, two in the 
    Keep attacking from the corner until they go down.
    Instead of following the road take the side passage next to the corner you 
    shooting round, in the right of this area is an ammo box where you can boost 
    your health.
    Carry on past the dead guards and move to the next corner, there are two 
    there, take them out. As you go down this path two more guards will ambush 
    at the top of the short staircase. Kill them both as fast as you can and 
    the next two corners.
    Stay close to the right hand side on this path, at the top hill the guard in 
    front. Retrace you steps along the wall for about one second, then kill the 
    other three guards from behind it.
    There are now no more enemies on the ground, move to the artillery and C4 
    After you destroy the second one, move over to the castle and under the 
    sheltered area. Point directly at the wall and turn 90 degrees right. Run 
    the sheltered area and round the corner onto the dirt road behind it. The 
    that flew overhead earlier is back, and the mini game at the start just got 
    reversed. As long as you constantly move, the gun shouldn't hit you. Follow 
    lights on the ground down the hill to the road, reach the checkpoint and get 
    the Helio flies off and it's another mission complete.
     6f - Mission 6 : Ready for bear -------------------------------------- WK07
                                   DIFFICULTY: 3/5
    New objective: Locate tank trainers
    Objective updated: Reach Barracks entrance
    Why can't these people talk properly, they already said they have to move the 
    President over the radio for all to hear, so why they then go about saying it 
    code is beyond me. aaanyway...
    As soon as you get control move off to the right near the fence, an enemy 
    will come down and if you stay still will spot you. Look over to the road the 
    APC came down and locate three enemies near the base. Kill them, focusing on 
    who use a turret. After the combat finishes keep moving up the right side of 
    area and locate the next defence point further ahead. After they are all 
    out, move your squad to the low wall. Jump over it and head to the larger 
    behind it. Move across it to the left until you reach the entrance 
    Kill both the patrolling guard and the one in the checkpoint. Look to the 
    of the hut to see another guard, kill him before he moves out of sight (he 
    come through the other gap in the wall further on so be ready). Finally, kill 
    the last guard as he rounds the corner.
    Position your team on the closest wall of the checkpoint and let them sight a 
    guard. Order them to kill him, head over there, go to the other side and kill 
    the guard.
    Head to the next wall in front of the checkpoint, there will be an APC 
    patrolling beyond this building, as soon as you see it, shoot at it and get 
    to come over to your position. You should focus your attention on killing the 
    gunner, as soon as you do it will drive off (if the others don't blow it up 
    With that out of the way, go into the map screen and send the Cypher over to 
    large 'C' shaped building and locate the three guards. Move to the left side 
    building A-04 and shoot the solider in the window, then send the team to the 
    wall to the left of your position. Follow them and move through the gap in 
    wall. Move between the two rooms until you reach the corner over looking the 
    road that the APC was patrolling. Shoot both guards to clear the way.
    Send the Cypher off to overlook both areas further ahead from the 'C' shaped 
    building. The left one is cornered off by fences and is also the place we're 
    Depending on who ran where when the shooting start, guards maybe in both 
    or just the one with the tank trainers. Send the squad to the perimeter wall 
    head to the edge closest to your position. Locate the sandbags on the 
    side and shoot the gunner behind them.
    Now head right to the opposite wall and take out the other two. Now head into 
    the building and free the Tank Trainers.
    New objective: Lead trainers to tanks
    Head back outside to the sand bags, there are two gunners on the roof so take 
    them out asap. Retrace your steps through the C building and to the red area.
    Move down the slope until you see the enemy, bring the squad to you and start 
    taking them out. When you're done head to building H-01, stick to the wall 
    the entrance and take out the guard. Enter the storage area and the trainers 
    will stop getting in the way and board the tanks.
    New objective: Clear the way
    Move back outside of the warehouse and follow the road, the tanks will roll 
    of the hanger so don't get too far away from them.
    Move to the building with the red cross on the side, and through the passage. 
    Stick to the left wall and take out the road block near the tunnel, after all 
    the enemies are destroyed head over to the ammo box on the left side of the 
    tunnel entrance.
    Head into the tunnel followed by the tanks, two gunners will round the far 
    corner, take them out. An APC come round next which the tanks make short work 
    Follow the tanks round to the rally point, then head over to the Ghost Truck.
    New objective: Hold Position
    The tanks are being re-armed so you have to hold off the enemy counter attack 
    (why did the rebel leaders get so many troops anyway?) Look over to your 
    where is a shaded section with two gun turrets. Grab the one closest to the 
    Ghost Truck and repel the counter attack.
    This type of stationary gun doesn't overhead anywhere near as much as the one 
    mounted on the Black Hawks, you will still need to fire in burst shots, but 
    them going for about 3 seconds.
    After a few minutes a confiscated Bradley will come into the fight. 
    on killing the gunner as well as any other enemies nearby, the tank itself is 
    bulletproof but can't hit you. Soon the tanks are re-armed and roll out of 
    hanger. Issue the command to destroy the Bradley.
    New objective: Reach assembly area
    Let go of the turret with Y and move towards the low wall of boxes ahead. 
    Position your squad there and move the buildings on the left. Two more guards 
    will come into the courtyard, order the attack and fire yourself to kill them 
    the cross fire before they can get to cover.
    Send the tanks forward they should be able manage the two tanks waiting for 
    them, keep an eye on the map whilst they are moving and make sure they are 
    destroyed. When the tanks stop, move to the first one out of the courtyard 
    turn left. Go up the stairs and onto the roof where you will find an ammo 
    You should have sighted the enemies further ahead. Move yourself and the 
    to the edge of the roof and take out all of the enemies you have a visual on.
    After they're out of the picture head to the large building near the water 
    tower. Position your squad on the near one of the gaps to shoot at the enemy 
    head around the left hand side to enter the building itself. Here use the 
    to move and have a good shot on all of the enemies, while doing this order 
    tanks to move forwards. When they get close enough, order them to attack the 
    Keep following the road to the tanks main storage area to your immediate left 
    and right are two bunkers. Head left and use the cover to attack the soldiers 
    inside. After they are gone, move up to the bunker and grab the mounted 
    You will now be attacked by two helicopters, use the turret to shoot them 
    then move to the centre of the tank area and wait for the APC to arrive. Get 
    to complete the mission.
     6g - Mission 7 : Quarterback ----------------------------------------- WK08
                                   DIFFICULTY: 3/5
    New objective: Secure US President
    Objective updated: Reach Salvatore's position
    That pesky President Ballantine's gone and gotten himself lost. Well 
    actually and it's the Ghost's job to go and get him.
    As soon as you move out of the APC order your team up against the Bradley, 
    out of firing range yourself and use the map to select targets for the tank 
    the Ghosts to fire at. Don't try to poke out of cover during this time as the 
    chances of being hit are very high. After all that's done, order the tank to 
    advance and follow on behind it. At the corner into the shantytown you maybe 
    attacked by two rebels, so take them out as soon as you see them.
    After a short walk you should be encountering a rebel position complete with 
    armoured vehicle. As soon as you see it order the Bradley to attack it while 
    mop up the infantry. After the fighting stops press on leaving the tank where 
    is. Further up the road you will be faced with an anti-tank gunner. Order 
    squad to attack him and fire yourself before he has a chance to launch a shot 
    you. After he is dead find the two gunners near him and get to cover. Over to 
    the left side of the road are several back allies (these have guards too so 
    watch out) and use these to move around the back of the gunners on the road. 
    After they go down the road should be clear of enemies to Salvatore's 
    so head there.
    Objective updated: Reach construction site
    On a side note, you can never get here fast enough to stop Salvatore and his 
    team from being killed.
    Take a look at the map and face due east towards the red zone. See that 
    claustrophobic street almost certainly swarming with enemies, yep that's what 
    you have to go through.
    Go back into the game and run forwards, when you spot the tall wind tower 
    to it's left and position the squad at the corner of the building overlooking 
    the road. Move back the way you came and go between the building the squad 
    should be on and the to it's right. Cut through the gap and spot the shaded 
    across the road with the rebels, from here you and your team should mow them 
    down quickly.
    Order the tank to move and wait for it to reach your position. Order it up 
    street and let it sight the APC Mogwag, order it to attack and wait for until 
    is destroyed.
    Leave the tank where it is and slowly move up the road, staying towards the 
    right hand side. Two rebels will attack from around a corner to the left, so 
    take them out.
    The path will split ahead, take the left hand route and kill the guards at 
    other side. Look to the left, there is a path down to the large structure 
    is in, to the right is a small flat that you can fire from. Go here first and 
    take down all the visible enemies (including the sniper on the top-centre of 
    roof). After they are destroyed, make sure the squad is following and head 
    Objective updated: Find the US President
    Locate the cement mixer at the bottom of the hill and order your squad to its 
    left hand side, follow them closely and locate any enemies along the route. 
    the route's clear head round to the back of the building and go inside the 
    door. Follow the passageway and press up against the corner where two Rebels 
    taking to the President. Wait for the order to fire from Keating and kill the 
    both of them.
    **NOTE- The President will run as soon as you shoot, make sure you don't hit 
    by accident.
    After he is secured order your squad to press against one of the corners 
    overlooking corridor you came from, two rebels will run down make sure that 
    are taken out before they can shoot the President.
    Objective updated: Extract with President Ballantine
    When the coast is clear, move forwards and take the right turn at the T-
    Approach the garage doors, kill the guard if he is there and take position on 
    the right corner, order the squad to Assault and put them against the left. 
    There is a marksman on the highway across the fences as well as several other 
    guards. When the guards are defeated, send the Ghosts to the concrete block 
    the centre of the road, they should spot most of the guards, there is a 
    on the roof of the far building to the south, make sure you kill him before 
    has a chance to fire.
    Move slowly towards to target, face the building you just came out of and 
    the gunner on the roof, kill him and check the area for stragglers. Once it 
    fairly secure move to the objective, at this point more Helicopters come, you 
    can't damage them with you're current weapons, so make a run for the APC.
    New objective: Recover the football
    Objective updated: Move to rally point
    When you exit the APC head down the road to the rally point, there are no 
    enemies in the area at the moment.
    Pick a team and a gun and get ready. When you get control go into assault 
    and hold your position. Two enemies will come out of the base, kill them and 
    move into the small tunnel. Stick onto the corner and shoot the gunner inside 
    the base. Order your team across the road and look for anyone shooting at 
    After the coast is clear, cross the road yourself and enter the base.
    Hmm, it doesn't look like Boland's having a run time with Ontiveros. Take out 
    the three rebels on the ground and the ones on the containers. Look down the 
    road and order the team against the stacks of wood.
    Carlos Ontiveros is getting into a Heilo, kill his guards on the roof and 
    moving towards the objective. The chopper will fly straight past you, at the 
    moment it is indestructible. Buddy lands just next to the construction site, 
    after reaching the objective, turn right and run over to Black Hawk 4.
    New objective: Reach extraction point
    Head over to Black Hawk 4, what follows is the standard mini gun game in a 
    dogfight. Use the gun to fire at the two enemy helicopters and any troops on 
    ground when you see the opportunity. After both choppers are down, it's 
     6h - Mission 8 : Guardrail IX ---------------------------------------- WK09
                                   DIFFICULTY: 3/5
    New objective: Recover the football
    Objective updated: Move to the abandoned train station
    You're on your own again for this one (I thought it was supposed to be a team 
    game? Anyway) head to the parked truck under the highway and use the UAV3 to 
    check the first set of buildings and the road between you and them, you 
    see three enemies two walking down the far off road and one in the alleys of 
    left building.
    Because of the guardrail, you'll lose track of any enemies within a few 
    Move forwards and wait until you see the two guards patrolling far off, shoot 
    them both. Wait for a few moments and the gunner from the alley should appear 
    If you didn't see the guards patrolling head the left of the left building 
    kill the guard down the alley. Look towards the far street and locate the 
    (you may have to move down the alley a bit to see them.)
    Move down the ally the guard was standing at and kill the remaining two 
    There are now two sets of buildings, the one on the left is split into four, 
    other has a large drop in it. Send the cypher to the cross roads of the left 
    building and locate three enemies.
    Head down the middle of both sets of buildings to approach the right alley of 
    the left set. Kill the guard there and wait for his two friends to come over, 
    kill them when you see them.
    Go down the ally head right to the other side of the buildings, then look at 
    your map. You are looking for the building directly ahead of the group you're 
    near now. Between the two is a truck. Move the back of the trailer and look 
    at the gardens. Spot the two guards and take them out, then head over to the 
    corner just in front of the cab section.
    There is a sniper to the east, on top of the far left building, your priority 
    should be to hit him, if you can't see him use the scope, thermal vision or 
    Cypher to get a lock.
    After the sniper is down slowly move down the road to the left of the 
    he was on. Look on the map, on the other side of the building is a roadblock. 
    Head down the first alley to the right and follow it until you are 
    the roadblock. If you has a scope equipped you should be able to hit most of 
    rebels from this location, if you haven't run to the white building opposite 
    you don't stop you shouldn't be hit), or just go around the other side of the 
    building you are on. You should now have a good shot at all the rebels, be 
    careful if any run right at you. Several dead bad guys later and you can 
    the train station.
    New objective: Disable GUARDRAIL XI
    Objective updated: Reach drop point
    The first building is free of enemies so head straight into the second 
    the door on the right.
    Stick to the yellow container ahead and look at the two high windows. There 
    gunner behind each of these so take them out. Positioning yourself can be a 
    here, make sure you are not in a position where you are leaving yourself 
    Move forwards, past the first track and head for the red container carriage 
    the next line. Two gunners will position themselves to the right, for some 
    reason you cannot fire round corners in one of these so just blast away.
    Move past the stairs into the next area, stick to the corner of the container 
    past the fire extinguisher and shoot the guard at the far end, another guard 
    will round the corner next to you, when he does quickly unstick and shoot 
    There will be two guards on the left and right on the staircase above. There 
    then two more guards behind the crate you're in front of, make sure they 
    stand right in front of you since they can be a pain to hit and almost always 
    finish you off in a few seconds.
    Head forwards, then right, then left. Shoot the guard in the centre of the 
    then turn 180 degrees to hit the guard in the window, finally keep look to 
    south. Keep going round the containers until you find the last rebel and 
    Head into the next room, via the stairs and head to the drop. From the ammo 
    pick up the A550 Sniper and head outside.
    Objective updated: Go to turntable
    As soon as you hit the outside, push against the corner of the crates and 
    at the closest watertower to find the sniper. Wait until just after he shoots 
    and use your sniper rifle to take him out.
    **NOTE- You cannot use your thermal vision to find this sniper as he is too 
    When he is down spot the small hill ahead, run over and crouch at the top. 
    a vehicle will enter the area, wait until it gets close and snipe the gunner, 
    will then drive off.
    Now turn your attention to the crates and enemies ahead, snipe the two 
    on the right from this position.
    Move over to the left wall and run over to the next hill. From here shoot the 
    gunner behind the second line of crates and anyone you missed before.
    Head over to the left wall again and follow it to the right angle. Head along 
    this wall to the corner and shoot the three soldiers waiting.
    **NOTE- This corner doesn't let you stick to the corner so just keep stepping 
    out and firing or using grenades to get them.
    After the fighting ends keep moving forwards to the walled storage facility. 
    From here, press against a corner wall and try to spot enemies (the Cypher 
    work here because of the roofing).
    I never liked this part because there are always more enemies then what there 
    seems. Shoot the closest enemy on the right first, then look to the far left 
    hand corner to find the next. Move up to the next red container and look at 
    exit, find and shoot the rebel through the wall. Now move up to the barrels 
    Shoot the enemy nearest the exit as well as the one on the other side of the 
    Head over to the large orange container on the left and peek around both 
    to check for enemies. When it is all clear run into the large red warehouse 
    the back.
    Objective updated: Demo the antenna with C4
    When you enter the turntable go up the stairs on the right and move to the 
    large gap, get into the crouch position and start sniping all the enemies 
    Five dead rebels later and go back down the stairs and through the second gap 
    into the train yard. Move slowly down the side of the red carriage, if you 
    didn't see him in the sniping there will be a rebel hiding inside one of the 
    passages. If he's there find and kill him be hiding against the barrels after 
    the carriage. After that's taken care of, go to the far left wall of the 
    turntable and exit through the door.
    There is an ammo box in the corner so pick up some fresh reserves and head up 
    the stairs. Move along the railings until you reach the end, duck next to the 
    corner. Kill the three rebels and head down to the platform.
    This part's important, if you are using a sniper rifle then pick up an enemy 
    weapon otherwise the next part gets a lot tougher. Continue down until you 
    a low carriage, jump on and off, then move right to the next carriage.
    The jamming is starting to get really strong at this point.
    Move to the other side and press against the corner of the container. Look at 
    the large structure with the antenna on top. There are two guards in the 
    and two on the roof. Take them all out, this maybe a bit harder without the 
    superior zoom, but as long as you keep ducking behind cover you should not 
    hit badly.
    After they're down jump down onto the platform and slowly approach the 
    There are two more guards down below, so take them out as well.
    When all six enemies guarding the structure are down, run down the slope and 
    around the buildings right side. Near the fencing is a trench, go into it and 
    follow the building up to the GUARDRAIL. Plant the charges, you now have 
    seconds to retrace you're steps, there are no enemies, so just run all the 
    to the containers outside (which promptly get made smaller).
    Objective updated: Hold position
    The enemy doesn't seem to happy you did that. Move to the left side of the 
    go to full auto if for some reason you haven't already and switch to thermal 
    mode. Stay hidden behind the boxes and wait for the enemy to come to the 
    side of the tracks, taking cover behind boxes. There are four points they go 
    to fire, make sure you keep watching for enemies.
    New objective: Reach extraction point
    After Bud updates you're mission stay where you are until the enemies stop 
    coming, then slowly move towards the extraction point spotting and taking 
    enemies and using the Cypher if needed.
     6i - Mission 9 : Bulldog --------------------------------------------- WK10
                                   DIFFICULTY: 3/5
    New objective: Clear Convoy route
    Objective updated: Neutralise first anti-air position
    When you get control, move down the slope to the left then make your way to 
    front of the roof, pressing against the low wall. Use this position to locate 
    and kill the 2 soldiers, 1 gunner and 1 anti-tank gunner in the area below.
    Objective updated: Neutralise last anti-air position
    Head back up the ramp and cross the rooftop you landed on, crouch and move 
    towards the next ramp. A guard will run across the rooftop below, fire at him 
    get his attention and kill him as he runs up the ramp. If he doesn't run when 
    you are ready to move down the ramp be alert for him hiding behind one of the 
    structures facing away from the ramp.
    Press against the low wall overlooking the roof and locate the sniper at the 
    end. After he is down, look over the area for the remaining solider, if you 
    can't see him, stand back up and walk down the ramp. As soon as he exposes 
    himself, kill him.
    Move down the ramp and follow the wall to the next short ramp. Head up turn 
    the next rooftop and then up the large ramp ahead. As you get near the top, 
    crouch and stick to the wall. At the top look over to the building with the 
    yellow sign across the road. Locate the marksman to the right of this yellow 
    sign and kill him. Unstick from the wall and head to the wall facing the ramp 
    the centre of the rooftop. There maybe an enemy here, if so kill him.
    Move to the right side of the wall and scan the palm tree ahead (zooming in 
    needed). When you spot the marksman, take him down.
    Move away from the wall and approach the small wall near the red and white 
    antennae. Before you get too close to the wall, throw a smoke grenade against 
    to conceal your position. After the smoke fills, move to the edge and take 
    the three - four (depending if you found one on this roof) rebels. You may 
    to move around the wall to get them but remember to stay in the smoke for as 
    long as possible, using the wall for cover.
    After all the enemies are down, head down the ramp to the right of the 
    and cross the rooftop. On the next roof top there is a low wall with a right 
    angle. Press on the side closest to you and take out the two soldiers who run 
    around the far corner. One may tray to get as close as possible to your 
    position, so if anyone makes a charge, take him down as quickly as possible.
    Move down the right ramp and stick to the left corner of the large wall 
    Take out the enemy hiding behind the cover ahead. Run over to the left side 
    the cover the enemy was behind and sight the guard and remove him.
    Head up the left ramp and duck behind the wall at the top, don't stick to it 
    however. Two guards (one at a time) will rush your position, stand up and 
    them as they approach, then duck before the sniper hits you.
    Once they are dead stick to the corner and look at the white skyscraper 
    opposite. Point your targeting reticule to the top of the far low wall and 
    to the left of the water tank, this should locate the marksman, if not keep 
    zooming and using the thermal vision until you find him. Head across and down 
    the ramp, this large rooftop is clear of enemies and the roadblock dead 
    Move closely to the edge facing the roadblock and throw a smoke grenade to 
    conceal your location, then move to the edge and kill the Soldier and Anti-
    **NOTE- After the roadblock is completely cleared Buddy should say 'Good 
    If not then you have encountered the bug, press pause and go to load last 
    to fix it (or it normally fixes it >_>).
    Objective updated: Neutralise roadblocks
    Head along the rest of the rooftop and duck behind the first air-conditioning 
    unit to your left. Look at the yellow block at the far end, zoom in and go 
    thermal mode to find his feat. Shoo them and wait for two more guards to 
    Using the air con units for cover, shoot all three guards. Move to the yellow 
    bricks and press against the side nearest the road. Move over to the far side 
    and peek out. There are three air con units, just to the right of the centre 
    is a marksman, take him out.
    Head past where the sniper was, and turn left, turn left again and you should 
    in a small passage facing the road. Stick to the right wall and move across 
    the corner. As soon as you reach it look around the corner to the white sign 
    across the road to find a marksman. When he is registered move back down the 
    passage a bit.
    Unstick from the wall and slowly move along it in scope mode, looking at the 
    marksman in thermal mode. As soon as you see him fire before he can kill you.
    Head across this roof, through to the next area on the right and stick to the 
    air con unit to the left of the passage facing the road. At the far end there 
    a soldier so take him out. Head over the roof the guard was at, you should be 
    looking at a white satellite disk on the right and two metal fences ahead.
    Move between the fences and turn right, move across the metal bridge and head 
    the end of the building. Standard procedure again: throw a smoke grenade and 
    kill the enemies below before the smoke clears and they return fire. There 
    three rebels, a gunner and anti-tank gunner near the troop transport, and one 
    solider on the other side of the road to the right.
    New objective: Return to Black Hawk 4
    After the three rebels are downed Black Hawk 4 returns get in and begin the 
    minigun section.
    New objective: Escort US convoy
    Once again, very little to say can help with this mini-game. Shoot APCs as 
    as they appear and don't worry about your health dipping into the red as it 
    be fully restored after the mini-game ends.
    New objective: Secure General Martian
    Objective updated: Proceed to crash site
    You may notice the new addition to your team, an anti tank gunner. This means 
    lot less evasive manoeuvres as angry vehicle drivers try to run over you 
    killing their gunner. He'll also use his weapon as a grenade launcher of 
    and won't fire when standing right next to a wall blowing everyone up in the 
    process, unlike some games. So it's all good.
    Anyway, look on your map and find the two long buildings to the south. Head 
    the right side of the one closest to you. There is a large road block here, 
    order the attack and kill the gunners on both sides of the road. After they 
    destroyed move your squad to the next long building ahead. Clear any 
    enemies from the area and then send your team to the last corner ahead. A 
    Panhard will come down the street, kill the gunner before it gets too close 
    order the attack on the vehicle.
    After it is destroyed, head down the street and press against the corner to 
    right. Order the attack and kill the guards, order the vehicle to be 
    and proceed down the left side of the road.
    At the grey wall, order your team to one side and go to the other. Shoot and 
    kill the two soldiers on the ground, order your team to the left wall ahead. 
    Look at the read building with the green cross to the right. On the roof is a 
    marksman, move to the left corner of the wall to get a clear shot and kill 
    Look on the map and locate the two long buildings to the west running north 
    south. The easterly building is separated by a road, move past it and head to 
    the next building, move to it's right edge and look at the map (you should be 
    right next to the blue zone with it on your right). Finally look down the 
    and sent your team to the next building, follow them.
    To your left is a passage to the town square. Send you team to one end of the 
    building and stand against the other. There are several enemies on the 
    so give the order to fire and kill them all.
    After the firing ends leave your team where they are and move up the road 
    towards the square, staying near the left wall. About halfway through towards 
    the square run to the other side of the road and look at the building to the 
    left with the two flagpoles sticking out, regroup, find and kill the sniper 
    before he can hit you. After he is dead, head over to the objective.
    Objective updated: Protect General Martin until APC arrives
    Put your squad on assault mode if you haven't already and regroup. Enemies 
    start approaching from the south, take them out and follow General Martian to 
    the western stalls. After the Black Hawk explodes enemies will start coming 
    from the west. Regroup your team and keep protecting Martian (they will 
    go for him if any members of the Ghosts are around).
    Objective updated: Reach extraction point
    After the attack is neutralised, the area is clear of enemies and you get a 
    run to the APC with General Martian in tow.
     6j - Mission 10: Fierce Resistance ----------------------------------- WK11
                                   DIFFICULTY: 4/5
    Y'see, this is what happens when you leave bits of your black projects laying 
    around, they get stolen and disassembled by madman. Well, maybe not all the 
    time, but most of it!
    Follow the street for the moment, it seems your reputation precedes you. Head 
    over to Zocolo Plaza and when you arrive the Objective updates.
    New objective: Neutralise the jamming signal
    Objective updated: Reach the scrambled area
    Send your team forward to the red box ahead, to the right of them are some 
    pillars, head their and start taking out the enemies on the road and the 
    floor of the building to the right. Once the path is clear, run over to the 
    target, the objectives then update.
    Objective updated: Locate and eliminate the scrambling source
    Head left down the street. You'll run into an enemy standing at a corner, 
    him out and position the Ghosts next to this corner, shooting at the enemies 
    down the road. South and look down the street in thermal mode while they are 
    fighting. Two guards will appear down the road and start shooting, kill them 
    both and help your team finish off the rest down the side road. For more 
    see below.
       |        E  |
       |       E   |      --------
       |          /      |    J   |
      /          /       |        |
     /        ^  |---------        ----
    |         |        E
    |         P
    |              G-> E
    |          G|----------------------
    |        P  |
    E - Enemy
    G - Ghosts position
    P - Player position
    J - Jammer position
    G -> Ghosts fire
    P -> Player fire
    Yes I know, I suck at ASCII Art. Anyway that's the best position to be in to 
    take little to no damage for this section.
    After all the enemies are destroyed, head down to the objective and destroy 
    jammer. Turn around and head out of the alley towards the red building and 
    left. Head past the burning vehicle and press the team against the wall to 
    There are two marksmen on the roof of the building at the far side of the 
    (where the flak fire seems to be coming from). Use thermal vision and zoom to 
    locate and kill them before they can fire an accurate shot.
    Head down the road and past the two taxis. After you pass them and start to 
    affected by the jamming again follow the street moving off to the right.
    Follow the wall until you see a white van with a colourful logo on the side 
    ahead. Stop at this corner and spot the sand bags down the street.
    Slowly move up the street in thermal mode with the Ghosts, as soon as enemies 
    start appearing shoot them, there is an enemy in the window directly above 
    sand bags who will fire and throw grenades at you, make sure you sight and 
    New objective: Secure the zone
    Objective updated: Reach counter sniper position
    Exit the room, as you do so turn 180 degrees and look at the above window for 
    solider. After he is done with, head towards the objective until you find a 
    garage door to your right and the street beyond. Here there is a roadblock of 
    four men. Face the street and move to the left, order a regroup and look down 
    the street to the right, find shoot and kill the four guards. After they are 
    dealt with, head up the stairs to the objective.
    Before on the roof itself position the Ghosts next to a wall on the stair 
    and run onto the roof on your own. You will see a Black Hawk heading your 
    run back down the stairs and make sure nobody can hit you.
    Use the Black Hawk in the map mode of destroy the Havok sites (they appear as 
    vehicles) as well as all other enemies in the area. After the Havoks are 
    destroyed the mission updates.
    New objective: Protect General Martian
    Objective updated: Reach Majestic hotel
    At the moment the area is clean of enemies, so make your way over to the 
    Once inside, move up the stairwell, one on the higher level, follow the 
    through to a balcony over watching the surrender request. Make sure your 
    is on Recon at this point.
    Martian will announce his intentions, wait until they start to fire at him 
    the US Troops. Pay attention to the snipers on the roof over to the left of 
    Palace, and make sure none of them snipe Martian.
    New objective: Reach rally point
    Martian's only been hit a little bit (it's nothing compared to what the 
    seem to take). Head back the way you came out of the hotel and to the rally 
    point. Wait for the Ghost Truck to arrive and choose a weapon.
    For this part I'd recommend the Mk48 LMG as it has heavy firepower and a lot 
    ammo. You could also use the MR-C/AGL to make up the fire power with a 
    launcher (only you'll only get six shots with it).
    New objective: Reach the palacio Nacionale
    Although the Palace has a large plaza ahead of it, there are no enemies 
    Head down the road towards your Abrams and follow the road towards the 
    right side. Hide behind the destroyed tank and spot the enemy positions to 
    left and right down the road. Your tanks are fairly useless here, so use what 
    cover you've go to locate and destroy the enemies. After the fighting ends, 
    heading towards the palace entrance from the side. As you approach, regroup 
    go into thermal vision. Several enemies will run out, fire indiscriminately 
    them until they all fall down. When the entrance is clear, head in.
    New objective: Arrest General Ontiveros
    Head into the palace and stay under the pillared roof. At the T-junction turn 
    left, round the right angle and locate the box in between two of the pillers. 
    Position your squad here and hide behind the next pillar.
    The three walls in front of you contain a lot of enemies, none of which are 
    Ontiveros so blast them all to pieces. After there are no enemies left, head 
    under the cover right to the other side of the square and kill the enemies on 
    the last remaining wall, ducking behind the pillars on the way. After a 
    US Soldiers will enter the second floor and capture Ontiveros, he is in green 
    there shouldn't be any danger of you mistaking him as a hostile, has also 
    doesn't shoot at you.
    New objective: Move to rally point
    Head out the way you came in and get into the Ghost Truck in the square 
    the palace. For the next mission (which you are now choosing a weapon for) 
    pick the MR-C, another choice would be the SCAR-H.
    After all that's set, run into the APC to complete the mission.
     6h - Mission 11: NORAD on the line ----------------------------------- WK12
                                   DIFFICULTY: 4/5
    New objective: Retrieve the football
    Objective updated: Clear the zone
    As soon as you gain control, run to the left and put your squad against the 
    corner overlooking the roads. Look to the right to spot a burned out van, use 
    that for cover and start destroying the enemy special forces in the area.
    After combat finishes, head towards the white three-story building and move 
    it. Spot the red stall ahead, make your way over to it and use it for cover 
    against the enemy gun.
    Head along the road to the next stand and go to its left side. Here you can 
    the main outpost. To the right side is an anti-tank gunner, make sure you 
    him before he can fire and almost certainly kill you. Then take out the other 
    two gunners. Look over to the right, there is a building nearby with a pile 
    rubble near the side, between here and the end of the building is a corner 
    can fire from head here and take the last three rebels out.
    Objective updated: Return to APC
    Head over to the ammo box if you need to and wait for the objective to 
    then retrace your steps back to where you got out of the APC.
    Objective updated: Reach Angel Plaza
    Well that put a proverbial cink in the works. Again, retrace your steps back 
    the where the enemy outpost was and continue down the road. As you get close 
    the next enemy strong point you will a staircase. Press your team against it 
    order the attack (it's probably already underway anyway). Locate and order to 
    attack the two marksmen in the buildings before concentrating on the soldiers 
    and gunners, these snipers will almost exclusively aim for the head. Use the 
    zoom and thermal vision to help you locate and dispatch them.
    Move across the gardens and rejoin the road at the other end, keep pressing 
    towards Angel Plaza.
    There will be a high wall ahead with a gap to move between on the left. Head 
    through and spot the helicopter hovering around. Order your team to attack, a 
    few hits from the anti-tank gunner and it will go down. Move over to the 
    wall and position your team at the gap overlooking the road. Head out across 
    road and take cover behind the obstruction. There are a lot of enemies here, 
    when you get past them continue on down the road.
    Objective updated: Seize the football
    After the objective updates, look out for the turn in the road. Get over to 
    back of the upturned bus and sight all the enemies around the plaza. Keep 
    jumping out to hit enemy positions and duck back when they return fire. After 
    the Plaza guards are dead head up to the large statue in the middle of the 
    Move past it and sight the embassy. Position your team behind the low wall in 
    front of the stairs near the spike on the left and position yourself on the 
    below the stairs behind the sand bags slightly closer to the embassy (they 
    both to the left of the statue in the centre of the plaza.
    Objective updated: Neutralize Carlos Ontiveros and secure launch codes
    From this position, keep sighting and killing targets. Eventually Carlos 
    Ontiveros will come onto the roof with a rocket launcher. When you see him 
    the entire squad to attack him, your Anti-tank gunner will probably fire at 
    at some point, killing him in one shot. After he is down, stay behind cover 
    until you are certain all the rebels are down, when they are proceed to the 
    Black Hawk for your final extraction. On that objective completed, you have 
    completed Ghost Recon, congratulations!
    7. FAQS --------------------------------------------------------------- FQ01
     7a. FAQs ------------------------------------------------------------- FQ02
    A: At the moment, no, due to lack of Live. However, in the future it's always 
    possibility (but don't count on it). Check the guide by Morph for detail into 
    the multiplayer.
    A: It depends on what you're doing. However, for the most part the MR-C is
    a good choice. When there are lots of enemies about any variant of the SCAR
    (CQC, GL etc) can work well but lacks a zoom.
    Since ammo is rarely ever a problem I'd recommend always using the full 
    automatic mode on all main weapons that have it.
    A: The grenades always come with frag and smoke options and you can carry 
    both at the same time, but there are no other available options. The handgun 
    always the same and there are never any others to choose from. 
    A: You can view your total health as a percentage on the map screen, if you 
    damaged below 65% and 25% your health will only recharge to those points
    and your health display will change to yellow or red accordingly.
    You can move your health back up a step by going to an ammo box, kit
    container or if you enter an APC. This works for you and your squad but not
    support units (whose health doesn't recharge at all). Your health will also
    be fully restored at the Ghost Truck.
    A: Because they are the names of the location you start in, the mission title 
    found by pressing start and going into statistics, it's in the top left of 
    A: That doesn't seem to matter, you could argue Ramirez is slightly more
    accurate then the other Ghosts but aside from that they're just all governed
    by the same ally NPC AI.
    A: This is a common glitch, if after clearing the second roadblock on Bulldog 
    the tanks don't move then you have encountered it. Reload the last save from 
    pause menu and try again. Buddy has to say 'Good Job!' if he does then it has 
    worked, if not make sure there are no more enemies before reloading to save 
    yourself some time.
    A: By all means, just make sure that what you need is not in the guide. If 
    is in is not working or otherwise causing difficulty, email away! Contact 
    detailsin the above section.
    A: All along the watchtower - an original song to the game
    A: They are indeed. GUARDRAIL IX was in Nicaragua when its team was ambushed 
    captured / killed. The Nicaraguans then went to Mexico and sold the black 
    project to the Mexican Rebel leader Carlos Ontiveros. All of this was 
    by a retired US General who plays no active role in person throughout the 
    A: Although it is never seen, it seems Carlos kills his father, or he somehow 
    dies, and Carlos takes the rank upon himself. This is further supported by 
    General Ontiveros is confirmed to be in the palace* during the second to last 
    mission, but never actually appears. 
    *Read the mission synopsis on the level select screen.
    Chances are this was supposed to appear as transmissions throughout this 
    but for unknown reasons was cut from the final game.
    A: Probably because he heard Bud talking to him, however it seems he spent 
    time in the US (he trained at the Academy) so perhaps Mitchall knew him from 
    A: Nope, it's scripted
    A: As stated before, the traitor general plays no part to Mitchall and the 
    Ghosts in the story
    A: Game AI (not just GRAW) has always been notoriously spotty when it comes 
    NPCs with rocket launchers, this is one example. Anyway he doesn't blow 
    up ALL the time, just most of it.
    A: It certainly looks like it doesn't it. As for the football, it could be
    assumed it's either destroyed by the fall or is later retrieved by US Forces.
    8. THANKS AND CREDIT -------------------------------------------------- TK01
     8a. Thanks and Credit ------------------------------------------------ TK02
    I'd like to thank anyone who has read and found this guide useful, feel free 
    send in anything that you think will help to the email above (full credit 
    be given). Also, all the sites who currently host this guide.
    I'd also like thank Ubisoft for making such a great game. So thanks 
    forreading and good night!

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