Review by Golden_ArcV2

Reviewed: 04/17/06

It's a good game but, it can be hard and frustrating at times.

The ghost Recon series has to be one of my favorites of all time and, I'm truly amazed at how far we have come since the first Ghost Recon game.

When the Xbox first came out, Tom Clancy showed up fashionably late to the party but, when he got there, things got much better. Tom Clancy is famous for having the award winning Splinter Cell series that not only changed the way we think of stealth-action titles but, mesmerized us with it's stunning graphics and gameplay. Ghost Recon was no different. Neither was rainbow six. They all managed to revolutionize the way we think of gaming.

Well, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is doing exactly that for the Xbox 360. Ghost Recon is changing the way we think not only of the Ghost Recon series but, Tom Clancy's games.

Graphics: 9/10

These graphics are amazing! They have incredible detail and, manage to make this game feel so very realistic. If bullets are flying past your head. You will see them fly past your head. When something blows up. You will see it blow up.
The graphics are simply beautiful. Even though the lighting is supposed to make the game feel more realistic, it often gets in the way and gets you killed.

Music/sound effects: 9/10

The music is very good. I'm not much of a musical person but, I must say the music definitely grabs my attention. The sound effects are awesome. Especially if your playing on surround sound or HDTV or both. The sound effect will not only help you through the game but, they will provide you with a mind-blowing sense of reality. Especially when something blows up. You might even find your self blowing up friendly vehicles just so that you can hear the great sound effects.

Gameplay 5/10

I am new to the Ghost Recon series but, this game is simply an utter disappointment to one of the best tactical shooters out there. GRAW has good gameplay but, the moments when you call for backup and your squad never comes or you get shot by something you can't even see become very very frustrating and leave you in disappointment. There are missions in this game that try to be realistic and provide you with a real sense of front-line fighting but, instead leave you confused and, mad. Unless your a veteran of the series this will probably just make you madder and madder as you go along. However this is actually somewhat good because at the end of each level you will feel a real sense of accomplishment as you unlock Xbox Live achievements and get your gamerscore up.

Multiplayer: 8/10

The multiplayer is good but, until you get a chance to sit down and really get into this game you won't know much about the maps and, that can be a very bad thing at times. The community is so-so. Their isn't much customization in GRAW but, their is much variety in how you play the game but, the online achievements seem really hard to get.

Rent, but, or don't even bother

I would say rent. Rent the game for about a week and, play through campaign and multiplayer. If you like it: Go out and buy it, or if you don't feel like shelling out the cash to rent the game go on Xbox live and download the demo via Xbox live Marketplace.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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