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"Ghost Recon's first appearance on the 360, and hopefully more to come."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, released May 3rd, 2006, was a very anticipated game. This successful series made its debut on the Xbox 360 at a great time, right before the drought of games for this coming summer. I had downloaded the demo on Xbox Live Marketplace and tried out the mission it allows you to play. It gives a great experience on what to expect out of this game. After deciding I liked what I saw and played, I bought the game and I do not regret buying it one bit. The game has also released it's first Xbox Live Marketplace content, named Chapter 2, which adds a lot of new multiplayer features such as levels, weapons, and new modes.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics on the Xbox 360 are simply amazing. Truly one of the closest "next-gen" graphics you will see. The characters are pretty detailed, though not much customization is available, it is still a beauty to watch. Everything in the levels are beautifully detailed actually making you feel as if you were in Mexico City as a Ghost. When it comes to multiplayer, the levels are still pretty great looking, but some stuff seems to be detailed down a bit, minor changes to enhance game performance, though it really isn't that noticeable, and most of the time you will be
keeping an eye out for enemies.

Sound 9/10: The soundtrack, though I'm not a fan of the type of rock genre it plays, fits perfectly with the game. On some occasions the music would change into something dramatic, as I was being pinned down and assaulted by rebels, making me feel like a hero defending himself and his team until the very end. The sound for each weapon is different, allowing you to identify which kind of gun your opponent may be using. In multiplayer I find this helpful, I will be able to hear snipers thus allowing me to be more cautious, or I could hear someone running with his machine gun, giving me time to better prepare myself for such a situation. The voice acting is good. Better than most games though sometimes I just couldn't feel the main character's voice being his seeing as you never see any facial expressions from him.

Game play 8/10: The game play differs from single player to multiplayer a bit, so I will start off with single player game play. The controls for single player are pretty sweet. Allowing you to run and slide, pin yourself against walls for cover and allowing yourself to get a better view from the side without revealing yourself. All of these are pretty useful; unfortunately you cannot use these in the multiplayer, which is somewhat of a disappointment. In multiplayer you can stand/crouch and kind of peak through the side or top allowing your opponent only a small part of you to shoot, though if you don't have a good aim your opponent can take you out pretty easily. You cannot use the slide, which I personally loved, though you have more control over your character in multiplayer opposed to single player. Sometimes the sticking to walls of running and sliding would happen when I really didn't want it too. The frame rate of the game is perfect. I have yet to run into any sort of lag or frame rate issue.

Xbox Live/Multiplayer 7/10: Multiple multiplayer types, such as local games, system link and xbox live. Tons and tons of online modes to choose from. If you aren't all into ranked games, you can just chill out and play some non-ranked games, or have fun playing many of the co-op games. Ranking can be a tedious job, and because of hard work, people will find ways to try and make it as easy as possible. Thus bringing team stacking into play. It is really hard to start off multiplayer in this game because you won't know the levels perfectly, and no one wants a level 1 or 2 or 3 player on their side. But they have no problem going up against them. You will find tons of people trying to bring the high level players on their team and pinning you along with all the other low levels against them. Spawn camping is also inevitable if your team lacks the skillful players, once a good spawn camp is settled, it is incredibly hard to overcome it, this ending your chance of winning. Finding games are also a pain, it takes a good 15-20 seconds to load the list of game, and if you fail to join one, you have to reload the list again. Once you get into one, if it has already started you must wait because if you leave or get kicked, back to refreshing the annoying list again. Ubisoft recently released their Chapter 2 content pack for a nifty price. Which isn't really a must buy, seeing as how I was able to find others refusing to buy it, but overall it is much more enjoyable having it.

Overall 8/10: The single player campaign is extremely fun and challenging even if you do not want to play multiplayer. Great game to replay over and over seeing as you get achievement points for beating levels on normal and hard difficulty. The multiplayer modes are where this game really shines though. Plenty of different modes to choose from, ranging from co-op campaign, team elimination, CTF, deathmatch, and tons more. You can also get achievement points online which motivates you to continue playing. Though at times difficult to find the right game, once you do it turns out great. Definitely a must buy for any Tom Clancy fan and people who just want to hop on the bandwagon. With a fun, but tedious multiplayer, and a not to friendly community for solo players, this game isn't a failure, yet it doesn't break any barriers to be proclaimed one of the best games of the year. It is one of the best xbox games out there though. I suggest playing the demo, if you like the demo you will like the game whether you wish to play multiplayer or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/06

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