Review by Ares925

Reviewed: 07/18/06

An overated game that didn't live up to half the hype.

Why GRAW, WHY? I really wanted to like you. Any of the tags, Ghost Recon or Tom Clancy's should have made this an instant classic. It just wasn't in the cards. You will no doubt find about a billion reviews opposite to mine but I stand by it. Graphics alone can not make a game.

Graphics: 10

There is absolutely no room for speculation here. The graphics earn a resounding ten. The textures are amazing and suck you in. Battlefield events alter the game. Not to the point of true geo-mod like Red Faction but close. The real immersion factor with the graphics is the environments themselves. They look sound and feel like a battle torn warzone. The particle effects( explosions, bullets, dust) are amazing and add a gritty feeling that makes you feel like you are part of the battle. The graphics are a big reason that the game got so much publicity. They tap into the Three Sixty's power and are one of the best visual experiences to date.

Sound: 9

Another great aspect of GRAW is the quality of the sound. Their isn't very much voice acting and it is done well enough. Choppers, tanks, jeeps, all sound real. While these sounds are do well enough to get by the real greatness in the sound is the battle sounds. Bullets whizzing by your head as you dive behind cover. Hearing tank treads roll up next to yo will give you a feeling of fear or relief, depending on if it's friendly or not. Weapons that you fire all have the same generic gun sound with little variation between them. Overall the sound is an imersive element that really help the game along.

Gameplay: 2

Ah well, the good scores just couldn't last. The gameplay is awful for GRAW. Plain and simply awful. The story is the fairly standard madman with nukes scenario with you as the only thing that can stop total destruction. I think it is time to finally bury this story. Madman with nukes has been used so much you can almost guess the story. You get the choice to change your weapon at different times during the mission. Not that it will matter because even though there is a good variety, they all feel the same. None of them have strengths or weaknesses. Half the time I found myself using the same rifle that every enemy in the game has. Suppressors are useless because all stealth aspects of the game are gone. The sniper rifles don't give you the same feeling the first game did because you are in the middle of a fire fight when you snipe. The game seems to try to be turning up the intensity but fails miserably. I also don't understand why they won't let you see the rifle in first person mode. Another weakness is the linear structure of the game. Many times have I been looking at the Tactical Map and go " I found a shortcut, Sweet!" Only to get there and find that my progress was impeded by a small mound of dirt or a do not enter gate. The cover system is confusing and frustrating. It seems that Ubisoft ran into a deadline and threw this together in a week.

Overall: 5

The gameplay is to awful for the graphics and sound to bring it up. It has strayed far from the path that it's predecessors set down. The joy you got from setting up an ambush and flanking an enemy camp in the first Ghost Recon has been replaced by straight up gunfights that get old very fast. Your teammates are the definition of stupid and if that is our elite military I have no hope for the future. In conclusion, I urge you to at least rent before you buy. Do not make the same mistake I did and buy it on the hype. Graphics and sound can NOT make a game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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