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"Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Basic Review"

***** Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter *****

***** Game Reference - The core software - how does it stand up? *****

Graphics - 9/10 - Everything looks great. Aside from some cheesy 2D vehicle explosions, I can't think of anything in the game that could, or needs to, look better than it does. It uses a lot of picture in picture gun camera windows. If you're playing on a low res screen of less than 25", you'll probably squint at these things for the first hour, but you'll get used to them with a litle practice.

Audio - 7/10 - Mostly well done sound effects. Music is sparse, and what you do hear sounds lifted straight from the Battlefield Vietnam soundtrack. The voice acting is solid, but it's all pretty typical military banter - inside cut scenes and out. Considering the subject matter, I don't think GRAW should be heavily penalized for uninspired audio.

Interface - 8/10 - Your soldier, Scott, moves well and feels natural. The crosspad works well for commanding other units, and most the controls become intuitive after the first hour of play. My one sticking point is the situational jump/climb set up. Sometimes you can vault an obstacle that's only three feet high, other times it's an insurmountable barricade. There's no way to climb onto things, even structures that are shorter than you, nor can you do simple things like climb chain link fences or open doors.

Single player - 8/10 - This is an excellent single player game. The story, which revolves around a coup attempt in Mexico, is a little dry and flavorless, but the presentation is fantastic and the missions are fun and well designed. Gameplay is stealth oriented, but the feel of things is far from the traditional Metal Gear template. Issuing orders to other units, particularly the vehicles, is a lot of fun.

Multi-player - 8/10 - Multi-player is very robust. The engine gets dumbed down during the transition to multi, but the myriad game modes make up for it. Co-op and competitive modes of onlines play are both supported by many maps and game types. I believe you can even play those modes alone, against bots, a feature too few games include.

***** System Reference - Aspects of the game specific to the console. [Xbox 360.] *****

Downloadable Content - 10/10 - With a 700+mb Episode 2 expansion pack available in Marketplace, GRAW gets the full score here. All 360 games should be so well supported by their makers.

Achievements - 10/10 - Achievement points are well distributed between single and multi-player modes. Single player gives them out on a mission by mission basis, which I consider the "correct" way of dispensing the things.

***** Review Base - What's the rig? Who's that talking? *****

Standard controller, crt television. The flood of military games over the last few years has left me a little jaded to stuff from this genre. I picked up the Advanced Warfighter titles because one of my best friends on Live is so in love with them. After about an hour of playing GRAW, I understood why.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (US, 03/09/06)

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