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"Hey whats that lurking around the corner?"

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (G.R.A.W) is the fifth installment in the long running Ghost Recon series. This is the best game of the series. They introduce the cross com system in which you can see what is going on through your teammates eyes, this is the best and most noticeable new feature. The story mode also sticks out to be the best in the series also.

The graphics look so real, everything looks and moves like the real thing. You can see every bullet, see the sweat gush out of your soldiers faces. The smoke and Fog are blinding like the real thing. The lighting effects are great, the reflections off of windows is amazing and the overall style and design of this game is just unparalleled to any other game out now.
Final Verdict: 10/10

The controls do take a little while to get used to, they do feel quite clunky and cumbersome at times but once you get used to the mechanics it is a breeze to play. Everything is responsive and their is not a button that does not have a feature.
Final Verdict: 10/10

What can be better than a tactical war shooter set in the near future that plays better than probably any other game in this genre yet. Absolutely nothing, thats what. In this game you play as a captain of the U.S Ghost team as you protect and escort presidents and fight a war in Mexico City. The amount of things to do is amazing. Each level is long and has a lot of replay value. The A.I. is probably the best ever seen in a game to date. Their is nothing wrong with this game in the gameplay department what so ever.
Final Verdict: 10/10

The sound is one of the biggest helpers in this game, you can hear people creeping up behind you, you can hear where gunfire is coming from, in this game YOU use the sound to your advantage. Everything else in this department is great too, the songs are fitting and fit with the mood of the game and you can hear bullets scraping against metal and groans of your teammates as they get hit.
Final Verdict: 10/10

So much stuff to do! With over 1000 possible types of setups online their is always something new to do. The servers always have a good amount of people on them and their is always someone willing to play. Their is almost no lag so every game is 100 percent enjoyable from start to finish, this is the major selling point in this game.
Final Verdict: 10/10

To Rent or to Buy
This is a no brainier, buy this game. This will be the best $60 you have ever spent, With some great new features, great live, best graphics for a game yet and so much more their is no reason not to buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/06, Updated 03/10/06

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