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"Is It Really 2013?"

Ubisoft brings one of their famous titles into the Xbox 360 market, but this time, it's the future. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter takes place in Mexico City, a city full of rebels. Your mission is to save the president using tactical new devices such as the cross cam and the drone.

Gameplay: 10
The game runs smoothly. I've never seen such huge maps that didn't jolt with lag ever once in awhile. The game doesn't have load times during time of gameplay. You don't ever wait for a new area to load in a map. One minor glitch I came across while playing was that your teammates every once in awhile get stuck. They just don't follow you, or obey orders. This is the same thing with AI. Every once in awhile, you'll see AI just running into trees or objects and in essence being stuck. It wasn't a huge problem, but it did happen.

Graphics: 10
The visuals are just absolutely stunning. GRAW includes HDR lighting, real-time soft shadows, and the popular known "ragdoll" effect. All these amazing graphics put into one game is overwhelming. Why? Because it has never been done on a console system. This is truly "next-gen" as far as the Xbox 360 goes.

Controls: 10
Left Analog is to move, right stick is to aim, right trigger enables fire while left is for precise aiming. Pretty basic stuff. They do also provide other options but nothing drastically strange. For you left handed south paw lovers, it's not in the game, so you might have to learn how to play the game a new way which might be a challenge for some.

Sound: 10
Explosions of cars, gun shots, movement, etc. It's all there. Plus you have the dramatic music in menu and during the wait before a multiplayer game. I haven't come across any sound issues.

Multiplayer-Aspect: 10
This is what will keep bringing gamers back to a game. This is the difference between a rental and a buy. There are leaderboards, there are co-op missions, Solo matches, team matches, and more. There are so many variation to playing the game online.

Final Thoughts
This game DOES have vibration unlike what EA has done to make their games suffer. This was one of the most anticipated games before the release of the Xbox 360 and it has truly met up to its hype. Do not rent this game if you are not a fan of realistic strategy shooters. This is no Call of Duty or Halo. This is Ghost Recon, you get shot in real life, you will die. For those who have been a fan of Tom Clancy's team base strategy shooters, this game is a must, don't even bother renting the game. With all the replay value and open ended gameplay GRAW provides, this game is well worth $60.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/06

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