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Reviewed: 03/13/06

Now this is what you call realistic warfare!

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is the the newest installment of the Ghost Recon series. This installment allows you to use the weapons and gadgets of the future. This time you are Scott Mitchell, charged with saving your Commander-In-Chief, among other objectives. It takes place in the year 2013, at the beautiful capital of Mexico, Mexico City.

Gameplay: 9

In my opinion, gameplay is the backbone of a video game. Without it, the video game will not succeed. You can be glad that in G.R.A.W., the gameplay is excellent. There are minimal loading times and minimal loading times. It is very realistic and exciting. One aspect that is done very well is the way you can hug the wall and use it as cover. This allows you to tactically eliminate your enemies while greatly reducing the enemies' chances to kill you. Another aspect that is really cool is the transitions between missions. Sitting in the helicopter or APC's really give you the sense that you are actually in the battlefield yourself. After when you are done with one mission, then you go to another area without any interruptions. It allows you to feel like you are part of the action, not just playing the video game.

There are several areas that need improvement, however. Although many times your teammates very efficiently help you kill the rebels, they don't seem to be able to protect themselves. Many times they stand out in the open and wait to be shot. They should be able to take cover and shoot around corners better.

Another area that is annoying is the night missions. It is weird how there aren't any light posts in the streets. Also, if the soldiers are using the weapons and gears of the future, how come they can't have proper night vision goggles or at the very least, flashlights? Many times it feels like you are walking around blind, only able to know that there are enemies when they shoot at you. It is not impossible to play, but it does bring down the gameplay experience a bit.

One last thing that is worth mentioning is that the Ghosts are in Mexico City, not a city version of Antarctica. What I mean by that is the lack of civilians roaming the streets. This doesn't hinder the gameplay, however, you do come to notice how come the streets are empty. If there were civilians, that will be even more realistic. That will make players think twice before shooting wildly, since they can't injure civilians. It will add another dimension in this tactical warfare. Other than that, this game excels in the gameplay area.

Graphics: 10

Man, this game is beautiful. When you roam the streets, you can only marvel at the beauty of the buildings, the player models, the support units, just everything is beautiful. The explosions look like real explosions, and smoke looks the way it is supposed to look. This takes my vote to be the best looking game available for the Xbox 360 so far. When you play, it seems like you are watching an actual movie, except you are directing the actions in it. Three words can describe the graphics of this game, DDG: Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Controls: 9

There really isn't anything wrong in this area. When you play the game the first time, the training level teaches you how to play this game very well. The control scheme is actually very good. The only things that took the score down to a nine from ten are very minor. One of them is the exclusion of the southpaw control scheme. Although myself I don't use southpaw, it does hinder the gameplay experience of the southpaw users. It would've been nice for Ubisoft to include it in this game. But that is only a minor issue.

Another issue is the menu controls. For some reason, in the main menu when the game boots up, it is very hard to move from one selection to another. It usually takes more than one press to move the selection cursor up or down. However, the good part is that this is very minor, it is just a minor annoyance of mine.

Sound: 10

This game sounds great. You can hear the bullets whizzing by when it misses you, you can tell if there is an enemy nearby when they yell out, and the explosions of buildings or vehicles sound tremendously real. Overall, this game uses sound to its full advantage, allowing you to feel like you are in the action.

Multiplayer: ?

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fully try out the multiplayer online yet. I have live, but I haven't hooked it up yet. Therefore I cannot comment on this aspect of the game. However, I did play a split screen game with my brother. What I didn't like was that it forced us to play in first person. However, this I can forgive since I understand that playing in third person would take up too much space. However, what I can't accept is the fact that you are controlling a soldier that has rollerblades on that has a rocket propeller on it. You walk so fast, it is not funny. I don't understand how Ubisoft will allow that to happen.

Final Thoughts:

This game deserves your undividing attention and much more. This is what a next-generation game should play like. It plays great, like how a real military tactical shooter should, it looks fabulous, and it sounds great. All other games of the same genre needs to take a class with Ubisoft as the teacher. When you play this game, you will be so immersed in it, your heart will beat faster than before. This game makes you so intense because it grabs you, suck you into the action, forces you into the body of Scott Mitchell, and never lets go.

In conclusion, I wish I could say more, as there are lots more things I can comment about. But to keep this review as short as possible, I had to leave them out. If you want to know about other aspects of the game, just visit or other review sites, for they can review the game in detail. My purpose is just to inform other fellow gamers how this game plays and looks so that you guys, or gals, can decide if you want to engage in the war against the rebels. I'm sorry that this review is so long, but I hope that this review fulfills its duty in being informative and helpful. If it is not, then I am truly sorry.

All things said, please, enjoy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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