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"Ghost recon, how advanced?"

We have all come to expect the very best from a Tom Clancy game, especially from the Ghost Recon series. The game, just like it's title is advanced. Appearing on the Xbox 360 as the first next-gen Tom Clancy game it really sets the bar.

Since this is on the first released next gen console you expect they're to be good graphics, and it does. When you first start the game the lighting, textures, explosions, bullet trails, immediately stun you and about everything this has to offer in terms of graphics.

No game is good without some sound and in Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter there is no exception to that, the sounds are amazing and really add to the effect of being in a real war zone. You can hear the bullets zinging by, a grenade blowing up a car or even the music; the music in this game is placed at the right places and adds suspense and tension to the game.

Game play:10
The game play on this game is at it's highest quality and just like it's predecessors it keeps giving you more and more options on how to play the game in a whole new way. One of the newest features you will notice is the cross-com. It will feed you intel, teammates status, locations, and what else there is to make up your HUD. You will also notice a few other changes to the game play that you will find very useful. Diving to cover, UAV, Loading done though transportation in either a black hawk helicopter or an APC, and the tactical map.

Single player:10
Single player is present to you in a wide screen unlike the multi-player full screen. You will notice that in single player you will be commanding, tanks, APC, Helicopters, UAV, and usually a team of three.

multi-player has always been part of video games since the very beginning and will always be incorporate in the games we play. Tom Clancy games always bring to us a multi-player aspect of the game, and it always sets the bar yet again for the way multi-player should be played.

In this game there are many controls to get use to but they are all used in some way or another. It does take a while to memorize and learn all the controls but once you get them down then it makes the game a whole lot more fun and less frustrating.

Ending statement:
A question always asked by someone about a game is to rent or buy. This game retailing for $60 USD is definitely worth every last penny of your hard earned money. It's definitely a game that every 360 owner should have in his/her game library. This game is one that gamers have been looking forward to for a long time. So is it advanced yes, in ways we only dreamed of until now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/13/06

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