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"GRAW = Ghost Recon A Wish come true!"

After buying this game for the Xbox 360 and playing it for a few days, I have to say its one of the most best games I have played, if not the best. It really is a wish come true! Anyways, lets get started.

Graphics 10/10
Well the first thing noticed while playing were the graphics. They meet the next-gen requirements and pass them by far. They're the best I have seen so far right next to Fight Night Round 3. If you you want a game that has good graphics and lots of action, this is the game for you. SO...... 10/10!

Controls 10/10
Well the controls are the second thing I noticed, they take a few minutes to get used to them and then they are a 2nd nature to you. There really is no way to put the controls into a better pattern than they already have for you, but I find myself once in a while pressing the wrong button. Its because there are so many things to do, I confuse myself in the midst of battle. But really, no other way to put the control setup, so it gets a..... 10/10!

Sound 10/10
The sound is extraordinare! I mean the guns sound as real as they can get in a video game for each and every gun (there are A LOT of guns to choose from!). Every time you shoot a gun, you will feel excitement rush through you! Buuut for other sounds, sometimes you will find all of the action going on making it hard to hear your objectives (though you can just read them). Really it makes it a better experience, for the realism. 10/10

Gameplay/Replay 10/10
Now this is where the game really shines the most, when you get into battle it makes you feel like you're actually there. It will make you think about tactics and how you are going to defeat the squad of enemies to get to your objective, just like in real life. Also, the replay is great, playing on hard mode makes it pretty damn hard! You will basically have to play through each level without getting touched at all! 10/10

Multiplayer/Online 9/10
The multiplayer is pretty good. Not as tactical as I was thinking but uhh, pretty close. Its basically like Socom 2 or 3, except this has way better graphics and way bigger/better levels. You can also play coop, it has it also has its challenges, like the difficulty rising with each player that joins the game. 9/10

Overall: 10/10
This game has been the best game I have played on the Xbox 360. I recommend everyone to pick it up, even if you're not a fan of warfare. Im sure you will enjoy it just by the graphics and sounds and all. This is definitely not a rent, a MUST BUY!!!! GO GET IT NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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