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"Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter"

Alright, I was never huge or big on Tom Clancy games especially Ghost Recon ones. I'll have to say though that this game made me change mind. GRAW is truly the next gen game that we all been waiting for. There have been games with excellent graphics, great story lines, or great gameplay. GRAW on the other hand has a great blend of all these things. Here is the full review:

The year is 2013 and technology is on rise. Using Cross-Com, soldiers on the field get an edge and tactical data real time from anyone, anywhere. You are Captain Scott Mitchell, leader of the Ghosts and your assignment is to take back the military surveillance hardware that has fallen in the hands of the Nicaraguan rebels. In another part of Mexico city the Canadian prime minister, Mexican, and US president have gather to announce NAJSA (North American Joint Security Agreement). The treaty is to help stop illegal immigrants and drugs from moving in and out of North America. During the signing Mexican rebels attack under the influence of a Mexican general. The Canadian prime minister gets killed and the US president has disappeared. Its up to Captain Scott Mitchell and his tame of Ghosts to find the president and stop the insurgency. Its a pretty political kind of story, but it gives you something to swallow as your playing through campaign.
Score: 9

Wow, the graphics in this game are so impressive. They shine the best in single player and get a slight down grade in multiplayer, but they are still great. These graphics are a huge upgrade from all the other Ghost Recons. Overall these are the kind of graphics you should expect from the next gen of games.
Score: 10

What can you say about the sound? All I can say is that it sounds like your actually firing that weapon. Every bullet, every explosion and every yell from your Ghost team falling down on the ground wounded is impressive. The music in the game is also first class. It really adds to the intensity of the game. My favorite music is at the menu screen, but overall these things are nice add ons to a near perfect game.
Score: 10

Now, this is probably what you all have been waiting for. The gameplay in here is spot on. The controls and moves can be complicated at first, but once you got the hand of it you will be a force to be like no other. You can change the controllers to the classic GR style or another one. You all can switch between third and first person point of views which is a nice change. Multiplayer is a blast and all the maps are great. You can't go under cover in multiplayer, but using the LB button you can peak around corners. Gameplay is spot and can't really get any better.
Score: 10

Replay Value:
Ummm, well besides the fact that you will pop in this disc again and again for the multiplayer there isn't really much else in replay. Once you have gotten through the single player under normal you can play through it on hard and go in different routes changing how the enemies react and move, but that's really it. This is the kind of game where you buy it and play through the single player to get the hang of the controls and the spend the rest of the time online.
Score: 9

GRAW is an excellent game for the 360. With incredible graphics, sounds, and great gameplay, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is going to be one of the games that will hold you over until this fall.
Overall: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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