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"Finally, Ghost Recon makes me proud"

Tom Clancy has impressed me in the past with his Rainbow Six games, and Splinter Cell series, but he has also made me regret me being a gamer, with the flops like Sum of all Fears, and the Ghost Recon series. I have never been a huge fan of Ghost Recon, I felt it was neither realistic, straight forward, and not to mention fun. But Advanced Warfighter, actually changed something in me about how I see, not only Ghost Recon but the Tom Clancy game line again.

I watched the game while it was being developed, and read all of the updates and stories about the game, which is something I hardly ever do, trust me. I am still not sure why it caught my eye, but I remember seeing the first trailer for it and being amazed. The game came out for most of the systems, but I am glad to say, I have found the game to get for the 360 right now.

Advanced Warfighter starts out in the shoes of Captain Scott Mitchell, the leader of an elite Ghost unit that is sent into do the job when normal soldiers either cant, or when no one is supposed to know your there. Your team is consisted of a wide variety of soldiers, most available to you whenever you reach a rally point, but once you find the three you like, you probably won't stray from them.

You and your squad has been sent into the midst of things, the year is 2013, and stolen U.S. military surveillance hardware has been recovered by a group of Nicaraguan rebels, and are planning to sell it to Mexico's paramilitary forces. While all this is happening, the Canadian Prime Minister, as well as the Mexican and U.S. Presidents have come together to form a new treaty, the North American Joint Security Agreement, or NAJSA for short. But something goes horribly wrong, as a crazed Mexican general launches an attack while the forces met.

The Canadian Prime Ministers is killed; The President of the United States has vanished. The Ghost are sent in to find him and to stop this new threat that has the whole world on edge, only problem is, the only have 48 hours to do all this. It is very political in its story, as is most Tom Clancy games, but if you follow along, it will keep you hooked the whole time, as it did me. It is full of action, and many twist and turns throughout the story to keep you going.

But probably the real thing that makes Advanced Warfighter is its amazing tactical stance at war. Through out the game you will be relying on many different devices, maps, orders, and weapons to help you get through to your objectives. There is something available for every situation, and you will never be without some kind of help in the game. In some instances you will be pinned down by a sniper up on a ledge, but can't exactly see him from where you are. By pushing on your 3-D map, you can find his position, and either tell your team to fire on him, or find a way to kill him yourself.

But killing the sniper isn't all just about running out and shooting aimlessly, you must be precise, quick, and most of all safe. You could press yourself up on a wall, and peer out the side for him until you see him, and then flip out and shoot. Or maybe you want your team to help you out, so just set them up in a safe position, and have them open fire. Or maybe you just can't get the shot in from your current position, with the help of the map you can see the whole battlefield, and know exactly where to go to, to get the sniper. Making use of the Cross-Com will also help you out in battle, to know where your fellow Ghost or tanks are seeing, and the always changing Narcom will give you insight on any news happenings or from your upper leaders, some of which include Generals, your Chopper pilots, to the President himself.

There are also a wide variety of ways to see or attack any unseen foes that might be lingering. You can use your trusty drone overhead to go out and locate them, but make sure to keep it out of sight, or your enemies will be alerted and fire upon it. Plus with the new technology night vision and thermal vision have combined into one amazing new tool that can be used to locate far away enemies or when its just to dark to see them.

You will also gain the help of tanks and/or helicopters during some missions. Using these handy vehicles isn't just about sending them to mow down grunts, because you will probably never get to use them unless pinned down by your enemy's own tanks or heavy fire power. Also these units while heavy on firepower, usually wont last long if you have them trucking into the battlefield, you will need strategy and use an effective plan to killing the targets.

Make use of the sound in Advanced Warfighter to help locate targets and oncoming gunfire. The chatter of your enemies and the bullets ringing out from many directions will help you on the battlefield probably just as much as the map and Cross-Com will. The foot steps of all characters, the gunshots, the natural events in the game like wind and rain, explosions, all sound amazing. If you have surround sound its even more enjoyable. The voice acting is miraculous as well as all the music which included some spectacular guitar solos and blaring metal music, even though music doesn't happen often in this game.

Most of these things are all in the other console versions though, even though the older consoles games have lagging games, worse controls, and annoying AI, what makes the 360 version of Advanced Warfighter so much better, graphically it blows the others away. If you have high def you will know what I mean when I saw, wow. It's scary to think that these are just the beginning of what the next gen games are going to look like.

Character models are incredibly realistic, although they aren't perfect and not in as much detail as say Fight Night, environments are gorgeous, the never ending sky really improved the realism of the game. Gun shots, while they may not look exactly the same in real life, I will say that they are sweet looking. Details in the buildings like little cracks in the walls, blown out potions, fires in certain areas, pieces of paper and garbage lining the streets, it truly makes you feel as if you are smack dab in Mexico City.

Personally though my favorite part of Advanced Warfighter, is the Live action. While it may not be as great to some as say Call of Duty or PDZ, because its not in first person, I tell you know no other Live game has grabbed me so much like Ghost Recon, not even Halo 2. The amazing teamwork skills and precision needed in this game is incredible. The lagging, is no where as frequent or as bad as Call of Duty 2, the multiple ways to play and all the different people to play with will keep you going for hours and hours. Although it isn't first person and isn't as run and gun as Halo 2, or any other amazing live game, Advanced Warfighter requires skill and practice and knowing what to do.

Ghost Recon has finally come out of the shadows, and not only impressed me, but has probably made me re look third person shooters as a whole. While it isn't as tactical as most people would have hoped for, and isn't a 360 only game, it does everything to such an amazing degree that it truly deserves nothing less than a 10. Whether it's playing Live or chilling on single player GRAW should be one of the first choices you should make for picking up great games. Personally if I had to choose between this and Oblivion, I would just Advanced Warfighter, no contest really.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/06/06

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