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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CounterShock

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    King Kong The Official Game of the Movie
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Table of Contents
    1.1.VH  Version History
    2.1.C  Controls
    3.1.TV  The Venture
    3.2.SI  Skull Island
    3.3.N  Necropolis
    3.4.S  Scorpions
    3.5.TW  The Wall
    3.6.SF  Sacrifice
    3.7.OKT  On Kong's Tracks
    3.8.H  Hayes
    3.8.VR  V-Rex
    3.9.A  Ann
    3.10.K  Kong
    3.11.TC  The Canyon
    3.12.M  Millipedes
    3.13.B  Brontosaurus
    3.14.J  Jimmy
    3.15.OTR  On the Raft
    3.16.R  Rapids
    3.17.F  Fight
    3.18.SW  Swamps
    3.19.CBVR  Chased by V-Rex
    3.20.TL  The Log
    3.21.TSI  The Skull Islanders
    3.22.TSA  To Save Ann
    3.23.TC  The Cave
    3.24.V  Venatosaurus
    3.25.ITM  In the Mud 
    3.26.CK  Call Kong
    3.27.KTTR  Kong to the Rescue
    3.28.TTP  To the Plane
    3.29.TTL  To the Lair
    3.30.KL  Kong's Lair
    3.31.FITL  Fight in the Lair
    3.32.F!  Free!
    3.33.CBK  Chased by Kong
    3.34.HB  Heading Back
    3.35.BTTV  Back to the Village
    3.36.KC  Kong's Capture
    3.37.KSD  Kong Struck Down
    3.38.ITSONY  In the Streets of New York
    3.39.TESB  The Empire State Building
    3.40.KD  Kong's Death
    3.41.AEN Alternative Ending Level
    4.1.C  Cheat Codes
    5.1.E  Extras
    6.1.LS  Legal Stuff
    7.1.CR  Credits
    1.1.VH  Version History
    Version 0.05, October 17th 2006. File Size: 11.2 KB
    Started Guide. Finished Cheat Codes and Extras sections. Started
    Version 0.10, October 19th 2006. File Size: 13.6 KB
    Finished writing the level: Scorpions.
    Version 0.15, October 20th 2006. File Size: 16.0 KB
    Finished writing the level: The Wall.
    Version 0.30, October 21st 2006. File Size: 29.1 KB
    Finished writing the levels: Sacrifice, On Kong's Tracks, Hayes, 
    V-Rex, and Kong.
    Version 0.32, October 22nd 2006. File Size: 32.3 KB
    Finished writing the level: The Canyon.
    Version 0.35, October 28th 2006. File Size: 35.5 KB
    Finished writing the level: Millipedes.
    Version 0.40, October 29th 2006. File Size: 42.2 KB
    Finished writing the levels: Brontosaurus, Jimmy, On the Raft, Rapids,
    and Fight.
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    Finished Controls section.
    Version 0.48, November 17th 2006. File Size: 45.2 KB
    Finished writing the level: Swamps.
    Version 0.55, December 10th 2006. File Size: 47.3 KB
    Finished writing the levels: Chased by V-Rex and The Log.
    Version 0.58, May 14th 2007. File Size: 50.0 KB
    Finished writing the levels: The Islanders, To Save Ann, and The Cave.
    Version 0.70, May 16th 2007. File Size: 58.3 KB
    Finished writing the levels: Venatosaurus, In the Mud, Call Kong, 
    Kong to the Rescue, and To the Plane.
    Version 0.85, May 23rd 2007. File Size: 62.3 KB
    Finished writing the levels: To the Lair, Kong's Lair, Fight in the Lair,
    Free! And Chased by Kong
    Version 1.00, May 24th 2007. File Size: 67.7 KB
    Finished writing the Levels: Heading Back, Back to the Village, Kong's 
    Capture, Kong Struck Down, In the Streets of New York, The Empire 
    State Building, Kong's Death, and the Alternative Ending Level.
    Version 1.01, May 25th 2007. File Size: 67.8
    Fixed spelling and grammar errors, also fixed some parts of the walk-
    **ATTENTION** This guide is now 100% complete. There will be no 
    more updates.
    2.1.C  Controls
    Controls for Jack
    Triangle button: Drop Spear.
    Circle button: Check reserve bullets.
    X button: Call NPC.
    Square button: Not used.
    R1 button: Reload.
    R2 button: Shoot (+ L2 button) Take; Use; Repel.
    R3: Zoom (+ L2 button).
    L3 button: Crouch.
    Right analog stick: Turn/Look.
    Left analog stick: Move Jack.
    START button: Display Pause menu.
    Controls for Kong
    Triangle button: Repel; Bite enemy; Fury mode.
    Square button: Dodge; Climb; Swing.
    Circle button: Catch/Throw; Take/Drop Ann; Throw finish; Unblock path.
    X button: Hit; Use as weapon; Jaw break finish.
    Right analog stick: Free camera.
    Left analog stick: Move Kong.
    START button: Display Pause menu.
    3.1.TV  The Venture
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Weapons: None
    Just sit in the boat and watch the scene and the level will end.
    3.2.SI  Skull Island
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Weapons: Pistol, Shotgun
    After the scene, push the analog stick forward to stand up. After the
    conversation between Carl, Hayes and Ann proceed up the cliff to
    the left. At the top, you will be at the entrance of a cave. Ann will
    light a torch so follow her. She will stop at a gate and crabs will
    emerge from behind the gate. Press the "X" button to talk to Hayes
    and he'll give you a pistol. Press "L2" to take out the pistol and,
    while holding the "L2" button, hit the "R2" button to fire the pistol.
    Take out all the crabs by the gate, then slowly enter through the
    gate, staying to the left. Crabs will start to attack from the right once
    through the gate, so take them out and Carl, Ann, and Hayes 
    should continue moving ahead. Stay close to them until they come 
    to a gate will a crab guard. Take out the crab and use the "R2" 
    button to knock down the gate. Go up the path a little ways, and you,
    Carl, Hayes and Ann will be back in the open.
    Head down the path going left, and you'll be on the beach, with a
    large wooden door with cranks to the left. Go up to one of the cranks
    and press "R2" button to start turning it. After a few turns crabs will
    start emerging from the water. Let go of the crank and start taking
    out crabs with the pistol. After a few crabs, one giant crab will come 
    out of the ocean. Start shooting it in the head to hold it off while
    Carl and Hayes open the gate. After several rounds of bullets, the 
    crab should die. Go through the gate, up the steps on the side of the
    cliff. Near the top, a plane will fly overhead and drop some supplies 
    on the opposite cliff. Zoom in with your pistol and shoot the crate 
    down revealing a shotgun.
    Go left through a tunnel that will curve over to the cliff with the shot-
    gun. Take it by pressing the "R2" button and go around the path to 
    the left and take out the single crab. Up ahead from the crab, there
    will be a gate. Knock it down and there will be 3 crabs. Take them
    down using the shotgun. Once their dead, there will be another gate.
    Pick up the wooden stake in front of the gate, and stick it in the 
    post and use it as a crank to open the gate. Once through the gate, 
    follow Carl, Ann, and Hayes up a little way to end the level.
    3.3.N  Necropolis
    Difficulty: 2.5/10
    Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol (2X)
    When the level begins, follow Carl, Hayes, and Ann out of the cave
    onto a stone like bridge. Below, you'll see Jimmy in the other boat 
    trying to land. Once the boat passes out of sight, continue across 
    the bridge and knock the crate down and take the shotgun. Go left
    from the crate, around the thorn bushes, through the narrow path.
    Ahead, the path will widen and you should see a fire up ahead. Go
    up to it and pick up a spear or bone to the right of the fire. Now go
    up to the fire and press "R2" to light it. Now go to the bushes to the
    left that surround the door and press "R2" to set the bushes on
    fire to clear the path. 
    Continue on until you reach a dead end. You will now be in a tomb.
    After a few second of conversation between you teammates, Maga-
    peads will start coming out of every direction. Take out your shot-
    gun and start unloading on them. If you get low on ammo, ask 
    Hayes for his pistol. Once that round is finished, about 4 more will
    break through the statue. Use the pistol/shotgun to kill them. Now
    head through your new exit out of the tomb. While following the
    path out, a Megapead will try and kill Carl, and 2 shots of the mega-
    should take care of it.
    Once through the passageways, follow Hayes out into the open. A
    giant bat should fly by so quickly zoom in and take it down. 
    Eliminate the megapeads in the area and head to the far end across
    the planks. The planks will cave in separating you from Carl and 
    Hayes, but Ann will start climbing the wall heading toward you. You 
    will need to protect her from several megapeads as she climb across. 
    If you run low on ammo, there is a pistol right behind you. Once she 
    makes it completely across, she will be on the ledge above you. You 
    must now make your way to her. Run up the hill and start across the 
    planks of wood. Once across, you'll meet up with Ann.
    Turn left from Ann, over looking an area with several megapeads 
    and a bat. Take out the bat, then kill the megapeads in the area. 
    Now go to the thorn bushes and set then on fire. If your lucky, you
    might have killed some megapeads in the process. Take out any 
    megapeads left, and protect Ann as she climbs up the wall to open
    the door for you. Now, immediately turn around the take out the two
    bats flying towards you. Now enter through the door, and pick up a
    worm to the right of the spider infested cave. Now drop the worm to
    the left of the spiders and they'll clear out. Head through the cave
    to end the level.
    3.4.S  Scorpions
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Weapons: Pistol, Sniper Rifle
    Follow Ann through the cave, and you'll come to some stone steps.
    There should be a bat the attacks so take it down with your Pistol or
    pick up a spear on the left and throw it at it. Continue up the 
    winding path of steps and you will reach an area with several thorn 
    bushes. Ann will start climbing up the wall on the left. While she 
    climbs several bats will try and kill her, so take them out. Once she 
    reaches the top, she'll throw a flaming spear and burn away the 
    Once the bushes are burned away, jump into the water. Start 
    swimming through till you reach the end. While your swimming, a 
    few enemies will attack. Dont worry though as Ann will take care of
    them. Once at the end, press "X" and Ann will help you out of the
    water. Follow her ahead and you come to a area with a path 
    surrounded by thorn bushes. Head forward a little and a Scorpion 
    will come out of the thorn bush. by now, you may be low on bullets, 
    so its best you kill the scorpions with spears as it only takes one hit
    with a spear to kill them.
    Follow through the path of thorn bushes, fighting off scorpions till
    you reach a fire. Grab a spear and light it. Now torch the thorn 
    bushes in front of the fire. Once you light the fire, three scorpions
    will appear to the right, there will be a bat over head, and right in 
    front of the fire is a magapead in front of a box with some much 
    needed pistol ammo. Quickly take out the magapead with a spear or
    whatever you have left of your pistol, and get the ammo. Now quickly
    take out the scorpions and the bat should fly down and start eating 
    them leaving you with a perfect opportunity to torch the bushes and
    kill it easily.
    Go up the path to the right of the fire and follow the path till you 
    reach some thorn bushes that are blocking your path. Pick up a bone
    and zoom in and throw it at the fire hanging above the arch-way over 
    the bushes. Once the path is cleared continue and you should see
    Hayes and Carl on the ledge across from you. Take Hayes Sniper rifle
    and take out the magapeads that appear right behind you with it. Once
    their defeated, the bridge to the right will lower. Move across it to 
    end the level.
    3.5.TW  The Wall
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle
    You'll start this level in front of a old wooden gate. Knock it down 
    and kill the megapead that attacks. Run forward till your at the tip of
    the cliff, then zoom in on the bat with your Sniper Rifle. Take him
    out and look ahead. You should barely be able to see a bat hanging
    upside down under a arch way. Shoot it once and it should die. 
    look left and shoot the fire on the wall and it'll burn the bushes on
    the far side, possibly killing a few scorpion in the process.
    Next, try and pick off as any scorpions left in the bushes below. 
    Now go left a little ways down the hill to the left and two scorpions
    will emerge from the bushes. Take them down by using spears then
    knock the fire off the wall and burn the bushes blocking your path.
    Move past the bushes and get some Sniper Rifle ammo from the crate
    and head to the arch-way that you shot the bat off of previously.
    As soon as you get past the arch-way into the tunnel, take down the
    scorpion that attacks on the left. Go through the tunnel and drop 
    down to the lower level. Go across the bridge ahead, follow the path
    and then turn left again onto another bridge. Straight ahead is a
    large area with allot of bushes, scorpions, and bats. When you enter,
    there will be an unlimited supply of bones to the left. You'll need
    them as your probably getting low on ammo. 
    When you enter the area, a bat will immediately attack so take it down.
    It'll drop in the bushes with a fire directly over head. Now all the 
    scorpions and megapeads will swarm it, so knock down the fire and
    torch them. Use the bones to pick off any remaining scorpions and
    megapeads. If you have any remaining bullets, save them for taking
    down the bat on the right hanging from the arch way. 
    Once all the enemies in the area are eliminated, move up the path on
    the right, burning through the bushes, and go through the arch-way
    where you shot down the bat. Now move through the long narrow
    path till you reach a little stream with a door on the other side. Ann
    will climb the wall on the right and other the door. Move across the 
    stream, back onto land and move through the door. Now jump into
    the water, and Ann will open another door revealing the Islanders.
    They will knock you out, ending the level.
    3.6.SF  Sacrifice
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Weapons: None
    You begin this level tied to a post. Watch Ann get taken away by 
    Kong, then Carl will come and untie you. Now follow him down the 
    path, and after a few second the Islanders will notice your escape and 
    start throwing spears at you. Continue running down the path, and, if 
    you can,  pick up one of the spears.
    Once you get past the flaming spears, you'll come into a stone path
    where Carl will start filming. Once he finishes, go through the small
    passage on the left. Once through, you'll be in a large area, with 
    several thorn bushes and a wooden door straight ahead. Follow Carl
    to the wooden door. He will stop, and a venatosaurus will come 
    attacking from the left. Wait till he reaches the bushes and torch him.
    Now this part is very hard. You have no weapon, and several 
    megapeads and a few venatosaurus's will start attacking. Take 
    advantage of the various stone structures to hide in and slowly pick the
    enemies off with bones and spears. Now, if you want, I suggest using
    the KKcapone cheat code to get the Machine Gun. That'll make this
    so much easier. But if you'd rather not cheat, this may take awhile.
    Once you finally eliminate all the enemies in the area, you must find
    a crank for the door. To find the crank, go to where the first 
    venatosaurus attacked and turn left. Ahead is a thorn bush with the
    crank right behind it. Shoot down the fire above and grab the crank.
    Go back to the door and stick the crank in the post and open the door.
    Move through the door and turn left down the steps. Move forward
    to end the level.
    3.7.OKT  On Kong's Tracks
    Difficulty: 5.5/10
    Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol
    You'll start this level, again, weapon less. So that will make it a little
    tough, but not as bad as last time. At the start, pick up a spear 
    beside the fire and head straight to meet Carl. Now follow him out
    of the cave into a grass-covered area. Move through the grass and up
    the windy path until you see Kong pass by. After he passes, go right
    down a hill that curves left into the valley where Kong was.
    Head up the steps ahead into an area with several bats over head. 
    After a few seconds, a giant bat will take Carl away leaving you to deal
    with two smaller bats. Use the spears in the area to take them out and
    head down the path on the right. Head up to the fire, and on the right
    is a large door. Remember this, as you will go through this door at the
    end of the level. Now go past the waterfall and break down the door 
    just ahead.
    Move through the tunnel and when you come back into the opening 
    you will see the giant bat fly by with Carl. Immediately after, you will
    be attacked by a smaller venatosaurus. (These are much easier to 
    kill versions of the regular size Venatosaurus  One spear should do 
    to take him down. Head up the path he came from and go through the 
    arch-way to the left. Inside, you will be ambushed by 4 smaller 
    venatosauruses so use the various spears in the room to eliminate 
    them. Now head out the exit at the top of the room through the grass 
    into the opening.
    In this area, there will be dozens of bats swarming overhead but only
    one or two should attack, so take care of them with spears. Go up the
    hill straight ahead and you'll come to a plank-bridge with a bat flying
    over it. Use a spear to kill the bat, then move across and enter the 
    door on the other side. Before you enter the door though, you will be
    attacked by one or two bats so keep them back with spears and enter
    through the tunnel.
    Once you come out of the tunnel, there will be a bat nest with at least
    two dozen bats. Now head up the path, and there will be a crate with
    a shotgun in it. Quickly grab the shotgun and dispose of the four bats
    attacking you. Now, if you can, try and pick of as many small bats 
    as you can before going up and dealing with the giant bat. When your 
    ready, go to the right, across the planks, up the hill, through the grass
    and start unloading on the giant bat. After a few hits, he'll fly down 
    and try and kill you. He's easy to dodge though. When he stops,
    that means hes about to fly down and hit you. So when he starts fly-
    ing down, quickly move to the right or left and he'll miss you, leaving 
    you with a perfect opportunity to get a few quick shots off at him. But
    if he hits you just twice, you'll die, so watch out. Now just repeat that
    process several times and you'll beat him. And if you run out of ammo, 
    use the pistol in the crate on the left side of the nest.
    Once the Giant Bat is dead, take the pistol and go back to that large
    wooden door that you past earlier by the water fall. On your way, you
    may face a few bats and two smaller venatosauruses. But sense you 
    have a pistol, they shouldn't cause much trouble. Once at the gate, turn 
    the crank and move through the gate straight ahead towards the fire to 
    end the level.
    3.8.H  Hayes 
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Weapons: Pistol (2X), Shotgun, Machine gun
    Start by following Carl up the hill until you reach a post with spiders
    on it. In the post is a crank that'll you'll need later on, so remember
    where it is. Follow Carl past the spiders and you should reach an area
    with two venatosauruses eating a dead venatosauruses. Follow Carl
    to the shelter on the far side. Now once your safe, head up the steps
    in the shelter to over look the area with the two venatosauruses. Now,
    you can either use bones to kill them that are just outside the shelter
    or you could just unload your pistol on them. If you run out of ammo,
    there is a crate with another pistol in it. Which ever way you choose,
    when their both defeated, a third venatosaurus will come out along
    with two bats. Use your pistol to eliminate them then go back to the 
    spider infested post, and bate the spiders away from the post by 
    using a worm that you got from the shelter earlier. Now you have
    to find one more. While facing the door, turn left and burn away the
    thorn bushes to get the last crank. Now stick the crank into the door
    and open it.
    Once the door is open, take the shotgun from the crate and follow 
    Carl down the steps to the right. At the bottom, proceed through the
    crack in the wall straight ahead. Once through, kill the megapead and
    and jump through the waterfall. Move through slowly and take out the
    megapeads that come out of the wall on the left and right. Continue
    through the water around on the right and kill the megapeads that
    come out of the holes in the wall as you move through the water.
    Around the corner on the left, you'll be back on dry ground. Now 
    move through the passageways killing the megapeads until you come
    out onto the opening with Hayes on the opposite cliff.
    This next part is pretty tricky. Go left across the water, and as soon
    as you get close to the other side two venatosauruses will come and
    try and attack you. Unload whatevers left of your shotgun to weaken
    them. Then, if you want, go back to that wooden door you opened
    earlier to get your pistol back. (I haven't tried that, but im pretty sure
    it'll work) then stealthily move into the passageway straight ahead past
    the stream you cross. As soon as your in there, the two venatosauruses
    will come back. Wait for them to leave then turn right and make a run
    for the next passageway. They will come back again so wait, then turn 
    left and make a run to the next. In the next passage, turn right and 
    quickly move to the next. After the venatosauruses leave, make a run
    through the archway, up the steps and you'll be directly across from
    Hayes. Ask for his Machine gun, then one of the venatosauruses will
    come around towards you and try and kill you. Use the Machine gun
    to take care of it, then use a spear to burn away the bushes on the
    other side blocking Hayes.
    Its now time to go back and kill the remaining venatosauruses. With 
    the Machine Gun, this shouldn't be to difficult, but if you run out of
    ammo, either sneak back to carl and Hayes and get your pistol back,
    or take them out using spears and bones. Once the venatosauruses
    are gone, go to the far back wall and grab the crank out of a post. Now 
    go to the door Carl and Hayes are standing by and stick the crank into 
    the post. Open the door and enter the stone structure. Move forward 
    and turn right down some stairs, then follow them into the water. Now 
    swim through the long tunnel following them. At the end, run towards 
    the fire to end the level.
    3.8.VR  V-Rex
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Weapons: Machine gun
    Start the level by following Hayes and Carl up the path. Pick up the 
    Machine gun ammo in the crate (You'll need it bad) and continue on 
    till you come to a overhead bridge with Jimmy and Lumpy on the 
    bridge. After a quick conversation, a huge V-Rex will come and tear
    apart the bridge eating Lumpy in the process. Now run like crazy 
    through the pillars ahead. In this area, your going to have to distract
    the V-Rex while Carl and Hayes open the door. Use the various stone 
    structures in the area to keep distance between you and V-Rex. Dont 
    waste to much ammo on it though. Just shoot it a few times to keep it
    away from Carl and Hayes. Once the door is open, Head through to the 
    far side of the area and hide in the water. The V-Rex will leave once it 
    heres Ann scream, so it'll be safe to move out of hiding.
    Once your out of the hiding place, follow Carl and Hayes around to 
    the left around the corner. Up ahead, you should see a crank in the
    post in front of a wall. Take the crank and continue following Carl and
    Hayes till you reach a door just before where the bridge used to be. 
    Put the crank in the post and open the door. Enter the stone tunnel
    and go up the hill as it curves to the left. At the top, there will be a 
    planks connecting the cliff your on to the cave entrance. As soon as 
    you step on the plank it will cave in, separating you from Carl and 
    Turn left, and go up the hill and through the cave entrance. Head
    forward a little to end the level
    3.9.A  Ann
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapons: Machinegun, Shotgun
    Once the level begins, head forward up the path. Turn right and up
    ahead is a crate containing Machine gun ammo. Move ahead, and you
    will be in a large field with a bat, and ALLOT of smaller sized 
    venatosauruses. Take out the bat then slowly advance through the 
    field eliminating every mini venatosaurus you come across. Once 
    through the field, you will meat up with Ann, only shes in the tree on 
    the other side.
    This next part could be a little tricky. You must now follow Ann on the
    opposite cliff, protecting her from swarms of bats and at least a dozen
    small venatosauruses. Keep following her, keeping the enemies away
    from you and her. There is a crate with a shotgun through the cave
    you should get if low on ammo. 
    Towards the end of protecting her, there will be dozens of bats that
    come out of every where so keep using the shotgun to keep them
    off of her till a Giant Bat come and takes her away, ending the level.
    3.10.K  Kong
    Difficulty: 2/10
    This is the first level as Kong, and there are two new differences, 1)
    your now playing in Third person view. 2) There is a whole different
    control use, so make sure you pay close attention to the directions
    on the screen of what button to push.
    This level is basically a side scroller, so there not much help I can 
    give. When you get to a part where you have to jump between tree
    limb, press the "Square" button. Then to jump to the opposite wall, 
    press "Square", then push the analog stick forward. Just use the
    "Square" button to jump between objects. To knock away bats and
    kill them, the "X" and "Circle" button works well.
    After awhile of chasing the Giant bat, you will reach a high cliff and 
    you have to fight the giant bat. When its about to come down and hit 
    you, use the "Square" button to dodge the attack. While its within 
    striking distance, hit it with the "X" button. Now a swarm of bats will 
    attack so press the "Triangle" button repeatedly to go rage mode and 
    beat them all back with the "X" button. Now just repeat this until the 
    end of the fight. At the end, Kong will grab the giant bats mouth to 
    try and rip it apart. Press "Square" + "X" repeatedly to kill it. 
    Now go to the door behind you and move the bolder by pressing the 
    "Circle" button repeatedly. Now break through the gate. Go across the 
    stone bridge and continue jumping from wall to tree till you catch up 
    with Ann. She will be being chased by venatosauruses. Just press the 
    "X" button to beat them easily. Now continue chasing Ann, and at the 
    end, press "Circle" to pick up Ann, ending the level.
    3.11.TC  The Canyon
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Weapons: Pistol, Sniper rifle (2X)
    Once the level begins, move forward up the path and turn left. Ahead
    is a crate with a Pistol in it. Now go to the very edge of the plank 
    bridge and several bat will emerge in the air. Pick them off with your
    Pistol and quickly run across the bridge. Now head forward, around
    the cliff on the left till you reach a much larger plank bridge, with
    about 5-10 bats flying over it. Use you pistol to take out as many as
    you can, then go around the path to the right and get the Sniper
    Rifle in the crate. Return to the bridge and take down any enemies
    left. Head across the bridge.
    On the other side, head up the steps and go around the side of the
    cliff on the left till your inside a small tunnel. At the button of the
    tunnel, jump into the water and swim forward staying on the far 
    right. After a little while, a herd of Brontosaurus's will walk by. They
    should ignore you, so dont fire at them. Ahead you should see a fire.
    pick up a spear and light it. Torch the bushes ahead to clear the 
    path and move up the steps. Go around the side of the cliff as it 
    swerves to the right.
    You should eventually come to a plank bridge, and on the other side
    to the right, is a water fall with Sniper Rifle ammo. Go across the
    bridge, get the ammo, and fall through the water fall and go through 
    the tunnel into a cave. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, there
    will be a small pound below with several Megapeads crawing on the
    walls. On the other side is a small room with bones. Pick off as many
    megapeads as you can, then quickly swim to the other side and pick
    up a bone. Now stab a fish and drop it near the exit on the left.
    Several megapeads should attack the fish, so just clear them out. If
    some got away, go hook another fish, drop it near the door, and 
    snipe the megapeads. When your ready, swim through the exit back
    onto dry ground. Brake through the gate on the left, and you should 
    be attacked by 2 megapeads. They shouldn't be much trouble for
    your Sniper Rifle.
    Now from the gate you broke down, brake down the next, right in 
    front of you. As soon as you break down the gate, run back as several
    megapeads, and one small, Millipede will attack. Get to a safe
    position and snipe them all, and throw spears if you run low on ammo.
    Now move through the gate, and go left, swimming through a very small
    tunnel. While swimming through, you will be attacked by two mega-
    peads. At the end of the tunnel, move down the steps into a area with
    about five bats, and a few scorpions. Zoom in and snipe the bats, then 
    use spears for the scorpions. Go through the exit at the end of the 
    room, into a small room, with a scorpion, and the exit on the right. 
    Dont waste ammo on the scorpion, just throw a spear at him. Now go to 
    the exit.
    There will be a plank bridge infested with spiders. To clear them away, 
    throw a spear with a fish on it above them. Now quickly move across. 
    On the other side, deal with the megapead and proceed through the 
    tunnel to end the level.
    3.12.M  Millipedes
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle (3X)
    You start this level outside a wooden door. Brake down the door and
    you will enter a large canyon with a herd of Brontosaurus's walking by
    below. Their is a crate with a sniper rifle in it so I suggest you take 
    it. Now, look to the opposite cliff and there will be Carl and Hayes. 
    Carl will open the door, but while he does, you will have to defend 
    them from several Megapeads. This really shouldn't be a problem as 
    Hayes has a shotgun and he should be able to defend himself. Once 
    Carl has opened the door, wait a few seconds and make sure they get 
    through the door. (Sometimes Hayes will be attacked by Megapeads 
    when he goes through the door).
    Go up the slope on the left till in the distance you see a wooden 
    bridge. Dont go to the bridge, but zoom in on it with your Sniper Rifle.
    On the bridge, you should be able to see over five bats hanging from 
    it. Snipe them then head across the bridge till you reach a sterdy plank
    with Sniper Rifle ammo. Look down below to see Carl and Hayes. Carl
    Will begin opening the door, and you will have to defend them again.
    Dont worry about the megapeads attacking on the right, just focus on 
    the door and several crabs will come out from under it. They arent to
    hard, about one or two shots with the sniper rifle per crab should do. 
    Once the door is open and Carl and Hayes go through, move across the 
    last plank and follow the cave till you are at the top of some stairs 
    overlooking several megapeads, a milipead, and two bats hanging from 
    the waterfall ahead. 
    Zoom in and easily take out the two bats in front of the waterfall, then
    focus on the megapeads and milipead. You should have enough ammo
    to kill them, but if you run out, there is a unlimited supply of bones 
    below to the right. Once the area is cleared, go to the waterfall and 
    look right at a pillar. Take a spear and knock down the fire at the top
    of the pillar into the the urn below. Now pick up a spear and light it. 
    Now face the waterfall and turn left and look through a hole in the wall
    toward a urn. Throw the lit spear at the urn to light it. Ok, now head
    through the waterfall. On the left is the urn you lit, and on the right is
    a wooden door. Leave the fire you lit till later in the level and head 
    towards the door. On you way, three megapeads should attack. Use the 
    remaining sniper rifle ammo to clear them, or use spears.
    Knock down the door and go around the corner. On the other side of 
    the stone wall Carl and Hayes should pass. Now go left into a room with 
    a small pound in the middle of the room, a door with Carl and Hayes on 
    the other side of the room, crabs coming out of the water attacking, a 
    crank that you need to open the door behind some bushes on the right,
    and some much needed Sniper Rifle ammo ahead. Pick up the ammo, 
    snipe the crabs that come out of the water, and head back to the 
    waterfall you pasted earlier. Pick up a bone or spear and light it 
    through the urn on the left of the water fall. Now go back to the room 
    with the pound and light the bushes to the right. Grab the crank and 
    head across the pound. Stick the crank into the post and open the 
    door.  Follow Carl and Hayes through the door to end the level.
    3.13.B  Brontosaurus
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Weapons: Shotgun (3X)
    Once the level begins, follow Carl and Hayes out of the cave into a 
    field of Brontosaurus's. Run across the field to the stone structure
    ahead. In the stone structure, your path ahead is blocked by bushes. 
    Hayes says you must follow the Brontosaurus's to the far end of the 
    field to get fire to burn the bushes. Now, your probably low on ammo 
    now, so ask Hayes for his shotgun. Now, while facing away from the 
    structure, you will see the cave you came out of earlier. On the right, 
    is a crate with shotgun ammo, so now you should have plenty of 
    ammo. You now should be ready to make your way across the field.
    Getting across the field is no easy task. You will to constantly have to
    worry about being stomped on, and sudden ambushes by Venatosaurus
    and small-Venatosaurus attacks. Some good things to try if low on 
    ammo, is move into the herd of Brontosaurus's and maybe the
    Venatosaurus's will get stomped on. Now most importantly, DONT 
    WASTE AMMO!!! Even though it looks like you start off with enough,
    the field is pretty long, and there will be several enemy attacks 
    along the way, so you will be using allot of ammo. If you do run out
    of ammo, there is some shotgun ammo on the far end of the field.
    After awhile of running through the field, you should come to a 
    waterfall. Go through, up the hill and light a spear. Now you have to
    take the fire back to Carl and Hayes. How? Well, on the way, you 
    should have notice several urns. Use those as check points by 
    lighting them so you dont have to go all the way back to the 
    waterfall every time the fire goes out. 
    If you do run out of ammo, and your constantly being ambushed by
    Venatosaurus's, use the covering on the left, and throw spears at 
    them. But really, if you've been saving your ammo, you shouldn't
    have much trouble. 
    Once you get back to Hayes and Carl, a V-Rex will attack. Hurry and
    clear the bushes and head up the hill to end the level.
    3.14.J  Jimmy
    Difficulty: 7/10 (Theres only one fairly challenging part)
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle (3X), Shotgun
    Follow Carl and Hayes out of the cave, past the waterfall. Straight a-
    head is a crate with a Sniper Rifle in it. I highly suggest you switch 
    your shotgun for it. Now head down the steps into the valley. As soon
    as your at the bottom of the steps, you will immediately be attack by
    several small-Venatosaurus's, and Bats. You will have to fight your
    way straight ahead, around the next corner till you get to Jimmy. This
    may be hard at first, but try not to charge right into a fight with a
    couple dozen enemies attacking. Sense you have your Sniper Rifle, 
    Slowly pick them off from far away.
    Once to get around the corner, there you will see Jimmy on the other
    side on a small piece of land. Also, there will be some much needed
    Sniper Rifle ammo, so take that. Kill the two small-Venatosaurus's
    attacking Jimmy. As soon as you kill them, you will be ambushed by
    at least a dozen small-Venatosaurus's. Use spears, or whatever to take
    them down, then continue following the path to the right, following
    the stream. Follow Carl and Hayes into the stream and swim through
    the stream onto dry ground, and Follow Carl and Hayes around the
    small path till you reach a small enclosed area with a door ahead. 
    The Islanders will close you into this area, and open the door ahead
    letting in at least two or three dozen small-Venatosaurus's.
    Theres really not much strategy involved just hope you dont run out 
    of ammo. After the several rounds of small-Venatosaurus's, a regular
    Venatosaurus will come in. Its not easy at all to bring down, Just un-
    load the rest of you ammo at its head. Now move through the gate. Go
    up the path and aviode the Islanders spears till you reach the stream.
    Go around the corner till you reach a log bridge. Pick up one of the 
    Islanders spears and burn the bushes blocking the log bridge. Go
    across the log bridge and pick up a shotgun from the crate next to
    Jimmys raft. Clear the small-Venatosaurus's and move onto the raft. 
    After a few minutes on the raft the level will end.
    3.15.OTR  On the Raft
    Difficulty: 1.5/10
    Weapons: Pistol
    This is a very short and easy level. You will have to fight off several
    Megapeads at the first half of the raft ride, and Bats and Megapeads on 
    the second half. There will be three bridges with Islanders throwing 
    spears at you along the way. Simply light a Bone or spear and burn the 
    bushes under the bridge to collapse the bridge. Dont worry about 
    running out of Bones though, as there is an unlimited supply of them on 
    your boat. After the three bridges are destroyed, the raft will go down 
    the rapids ending the level.
    3.16.R  Rapids
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapons: Pistol
    This level is like the last, you will be on the raft, only, you will have
    to fight off three V-Rexs until the level end. All you have to do is
    shoot at it to keep it away from the raft. Dont waste to much ammo, 
    just shoot it when it gets close, and try and use spears and bones 
    when you start to run low on ammo. After several minutes of fighting
    them, the level will come to a end.
    3.17.F  Fight
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Your second level played as Kong is much harder then the last. Start
    off by pressing the "Circle" button to put Ann down. Now go up to
    the V-Rex and start button smashing. Thats really all you have to do.
    A good way to kill a V-Rex is to press the "Circle" button grab the V-
    Rex by the head and throw it against the wall. Once the V-Rex is 
    knocked out, go up and press "Circle" button, to start doing a combo,
    and continually press the "X" and "Circle" to finish it off.
    Now, like last time, just follow the path, jumping from tree to wall, 
    ect. and fighting of Venatosaurus's till you reach Ann, and the last two 
    V-Rexs. Do what you did to kill the previous one, and the level will end.
    3.18.SW  Swamps
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapons: Pistol, Sniper Rifle (2X)
    As the level begins, you'll notice a crate to the right with a Sniper Rifle
    in it. I suggest you take it as the pistol you have is probably low on 
    ammo. But if you prefer the pistol, there is an open crate with some 
    pistol ammo in it. (Its best you pick up the Sniper Rifle though, as it will 
    be most usefull in this level) When your ready, follow Carl, Hayes, and 
    Jimmy into the water. Swim forward, and you'll come to a new enemy;
    The Swampcrawler. It's not to difficult to deal with. About one or two 
    shots with the Sniper Rifle should take care of it quickly.
    Now exit the water back on dry ground, and turn left towards another
    section of the swamp with two Swampcrawlers fighting in it. As soon
    as you get to the edge of the water, a bat with attack. Kill him, and get
    a few easy shots off killing the swampcrawlers as they eat the bat. As 
    soon as their dealt with, Hayes will tell you to swim across the water
    while he covers you. Once you make it to the other side turn around 
    and protect them as they cross.
    Once everyones across, follow Carl, Jimmy, and Hayes through the 
    narrow path, back into another small stream. Now proceed through the
    stream, taking out the Swampcrawlers as you go. Once you make it to
    the other side, take the Sniper Rifle ammo and follow Hayes, Jimmy, and
    Carl through the path until you reach an area with some bats, bushes
    ahead, and fire up the narrow stone steps on the left. Kill the bats, then 
    carefully head up to the fire and burn away the bushes below. Now your 
    going to have to cover Hayes, Carl, and Jimmy as they swim across the 
    swamp, from Bats and Swampcrawlers. Once they make it to the other 
    side, its your turn to swim across while Hayes covers you.
    Once across, head up the steps, into a room with allot of bones. Go up
    the steps on the right to end the level.
    3.19.CBVR  Chased by V-Rex
    Difficulty: 3/10
    When the level begins, clear the area of Bats and Venatosaurus's. 
    When the area is clear, climb up the stone pole on the right and set 
    Ann down at the top. She'll clear the top of the wall ahead so you can 
    climb up it. While she does that, you have to fight off another round of 
    Bats and Venatosaurus's. When its cleared out, climb up. You will be in 
    a stream with about four or five Venatosauruses. Keep pounding the 
    "X" button to defeat them, then move ahead and jump down the 
    waterfall. Kill more Venatosauruses then pick up Ann and climb up
    the wall to the right.
    Continue jumping from wall to tree ect. till you climb up on a ledge
    with a very similar set up as the beginning of the level. Break down
    the door on the left, set Ann down by the door, and she'll go in and 
    get fire. When she returns, she'll be followed by several 
    Venatosauruses. Also, Bats will attack. Use the circle button and "X" 
    button to clear the several rounds of enemies that attack. When the 
    area is finally cleared, climb up the stone pole and Ann will clear the 
    top of the ledge like last time. After one more round of Bats and 
    Venatosauruses, climb up the wall.
    And the top, jump down and swing from the tree limb up ahead into a
    area with a door being blocked by a large stone boulder. Clear the
    Venatosauruses, then begin lifting the boulder. As soon as you do, a V-
    Rex will come and attack. Use the "Circle" button to knock him down, 
    then begin a final combo on him. Afterwards, lift the stone, brake 
    through the door, and move ahead to end the level.
    3.20.TL  The Log
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Weapons: None
    The level starts with Kong turning the tree you're on over. When re-
    gain control of your character, jump into the stream and swim to the
    left. Ahead you will meat up with Hayes, Carl, and Jimmy. Turn right
    and run forward to end the level.
    3.21.TSI  The Skull Islanders
    Difficulty: 4/10
    You begin the level in a small circular area, with Islanders shooting
    arrows at you from two bridges above a closed doorway. Pick up the 
    tree stump beside Ann by pressing the "O" button, and throw it at the 
    bridge to the left of the door. Next grab the stone on the other side 
    of where Ann is hiding, and use it to knock down the last bridge.
    While your doing this, several small Venatosauruses will attack. Don't
    let them kill Ann, or you will have to restart. A few taps of the "X"
    button should take care of them. Move the stone blocking the exit
    under where the bridges were to continue on.
    Pick up Ann, and continue along the narrow path, killing the
    islanders that get in your way. This is very straight forward, and 
    requires little strategy. Follow the path till you reach a area with a 
    bat and and three small caves with respawning Islanders. Kill the bat, 
    and set Ann down. She will climb up to a bridge and clear an exit for 
    you at the top of the wall to the right of the bridge. While she clears
    the exit, you have to hold the Islanders off. Stand in front of the 
    middle cave so you can reach the Islanders more quickly through
    whichever cave they come out. When the exit is cleared, climb the 
    Pick Ann and continue jumping from wall to wall killing all the 
    Islanders until you come to a door with a stone blocking the exit.
    Move the stone, and the level will end.
    3.22.TSA  To Save Ann
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Weapons: None
    Move up ahead, out of the cave to reach Ann being chased by a V-
    Rex. Turn left down the path, through water, until you reach a 
    stone structure which Ann hides in. Move around the V-Rex and 
    throw one of the spears to the left of him to get his attention. Now
    comes the hard part. 
    Turn around and head through the stone arch. You are now in an 
    area with several stone Structures. After about 15 seconds, he will 
    break through the Archway and be in the area you're in. Use spears 
    to keep his attention on you and instead of Ann. Use the stone 
    structures as cover, and continue to throw spears at him while Ann
    opens the gate behind you.
    When its open, move through along the path and use the circle 
    button to help Ann up the cliff at the end. Follow the path until You
    meat up with Jimmy and Hayes.
    3.23.TC  The Cave
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Weapons: None
    Just follow Ann through the Cave to end the level.
    3.24.V  Venatosaurus
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
    Proceed out of the cave, and up the steps into a small stone court-
    yard. There is a crate containing a Sniper Rifle if you want it. (I
    strongly suggest you take it.) In the courtyard, you will have to hold
    off several waves of Venatosauruses. Use the Stone Structures for 
    cover, and make sure your team remains alive.
    After several minutes of Venatosauruses, a small sized V-Rex will 
    attack. Again, use the stone structures for cover, and unload your
    Sniper Rifle ammo on it. Also during the fight, a few more 
    Venatosauruses will attack. Once the area is clear, Ann will ask you to
    follow her. Before following here, grab the Shotgun by the Thorn 
    Bushes. She will head left down towards where you started the level.
    Head down the tunnel and break through the gate. Continue down
    through some water into an area with several stone columns.
    Move through the path until you come to an area over looking a 
    pond and fire down below. Jump down through the waterfall and go 
    into the middle of the courtyard where the fire is. Once there, 
    several crabs will start attacking from all areas. If you run low on 
    ammo, use the unlimited supply of bones next to the fire. Once the
    wave on enemies stops, light a bone or torch, and burn the bushes
    at the top of where you previously were. Now make you way back
    through the tunnel. Ann will keep a spear lit, and light the Urns 
    along the way. Fight through giant crabs and Megapeads until you 
    make it back to where Hayes and Jimmy are.
    Ann will burn the bushes, (Or you will, depends on who has the lit
    spear.) and then you must follow Ann through yet another tunnel.
    Go though the waterfall and you will be in a large tunnel. Kill the
    two megapeads up ahead using the spears on the right. Continue on
    the linear path until to come to a grassy area with two 
    Venatosauruses. Light a spear and torch them. Jump down, and kill
    the Megapeads, and grab the lever in the post. Now head back to 
    Jimmy and Hayes. Use the lever to open the door, and move forward
    to end the level.
    3.25.ITM  In the Mud 
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Weapons: Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle
    Move out of the cave and kill the two small sized Venatosauruses. Go
    forward and pick up the Machine Gun in the crate up ahead. After 
    one more round of Venatosauruses, move ahead. The path is blocked
    by some bushes. Go back to the previous area, and use a bone or 
    spear to pick up a Dragonfly. Go back to the bushes and turn left. 
    Throw the bait to lure the spiders away, and quickly grab the spear 
    and light it. Get back to the bushes before the spiders block your 
    path again.
    Burn away the bushes, and continue along the path through a small
    pond. Hayes will cover you as you move across. Once across, turn 
    around and guard him as he makes his way across. Onces he's across
    move through the tunnel. At the end, you come to a structure with
    several bats. Eliminate the bats, then move to the top of the 
    structure and turn right and move through the water, watching out
    for attacking Swampcrawlers.
    On the other side, you'll find a Sniper Rifle, and a few 
    Venatosauruses to welcome you. Kill them with whatever is remaining
    of your Machine Gun Ammo, then take the Sniper Rifle. Move
    through the archway and through more water and you will come to 
    another stone structure. Break through the wooden door under the 
    structure and kill all the Swampcrawlers. Just move through the water
    breaking through the doors until you see fire up ahead. Move 
    towards it to end the level.
    3.26.CK  Call Kong
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle
    I hate this level. Move through the stone tunnel, then through some
    water. And just when it looks like we're going to get off this Island, a 
    V-Rex shows up. Great. Turn left and follow Hayes, Ann, and Jimmy 
    across several planks. Use the Sniper Rifle you started with to keep
    the V-Rex from catching up. This will be hard, as he is allot faster
    then you. Once through the maze, you will make it to a large area.
    This next part is hard 
    Your going to have to distract the V-Rex while Ann tries to call Kong.
    Follow Jimmy and Hayes to a stone structure. Move up the steps to 
    the left to be overlooking the area. This is a good Sniping Point. To 
    distract the V-Rex, You will have to shoot bats down as bait, so he 
    wastes his time eating them instead of attacking Ann. If you run low 
    on ammo, there is some Sniper Rifle ammo down by the stone 
    structure in which Ann is climbing.
    After awhile of distracting The V-Rex, Ann will finally make it to the 
    top and light a fire, calling Kong. This will end the level.
    3.27.KTTR  Kong to the Rescue
    Difficulty: 7/10
    You start off in a fight with a V-Rex. You know what to do. After you
    have killed the V-Rex, a Giant Bat will come and take Ann away. Move
    the stone boulder blocking the door up ahead and start chasing the 
    bat. Not much of a strategy involved. Just jump from tree limb to
    tree limb, and wall to wall, fighting off any bats that attack.
    Eventually you will come to a circular area where you will have to 
    fight two giant bats. Remember, that two consective hits by the Giant
    Bats will kill you instantly. When you get swarmed by smaller sized 
    bats, remember to use furry mode. This can be hard as it takes a 
    few seconds to go into furry mode, and in that time, a Giant Bat may
    hit you. Use the tree log and try and hit one of the giant bats. This
    will knock it out, leaving you with a perfect opportunity to use a
    finishing move on it. This is a tough battle, but you will eventually 
    beat the two bats.
    Once you've defeated them, climb the wall in front of you. Pick up
    Ann and continue along the linear path until you come to and area 
    with lava. Jump down to the stone pillar and then jump to the tree
    limb up ahead. From the tree limb, jump and climb the wall in front
    of you and you will be in a area with a waterfall. Oh, and also, 
    there are three V-Rexes. Turn left and set Ann down beside the tree 
    limb, and the first should attack. There will be one right by the 
    tree limb. Grab him, and use the circle button to throw him off the
    waterfall. One down, two to go. Try and do the same to the next one, 
    as he will be near the top of the water fall as well. If you cant get
    him near the water fall, kill him normally. I managed to push all
    three down the water fall. 
    Which ever way you choose to kill them, pick Ann up after they're 
    dead, and move the boulder blocking the door up ahead. Once
    through the door, the level will end.
    3.28.TTP  To the Plane
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun
    After the scene of Hayes dieing, Jimmy will run out of the Stone 
    Structure you're currently in. Follow him. Once out a little ways, two
    Venatosauruses will attack. Use the Sniper Rifle you start with to take
    them out quickly. Help Jimmy open the gate and proceed through 
    the small stone tunnel. Once through, you should see the beach up
    ahead, and several bats swarming over head.
    Follow Jimmy through the winding path, fighting off Bats and a few
    Venatosauruses. You should soon make it to a small shelter. Move 
    across the path to your right towards some fire up ahead. Light a 
    spear and burn the bushes separating you and Jimmy from some much
    needed ammo. You're probably out of ammo from the dozens of bats 
    that have attacked now.
    Move across the plank and pick up a much needed Machine Gun.
    Quickly grab the Machine Gun, then eliminate the Venatosaurus and
    bats guarding it. Once the area is clear, go back to the fire and clear 
    away the bushes separating you and Jimmy from the plane. Once 
    Jimmy makes it on the plane, the level will end.
    3.29.TTL  To the Lair
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun
    For the first part of this level, grab the Sniper Rifle from the Crate 
    and continue along the path until you reach a long set of stairs 
    leading up to a temple like structure. Along the way up, several Bats
    will attack. Use you Sniper Rifle, and try to Eliminate them before 
    they reach you. At the top of the stairs, proceed through some 
    water until you reach a courtyard type area.
    In this area, there will be several Smaller Sized V-Rexes, and some 
    Bats. Shoot one of the bats. While one of the Small Size V-Rexes eat
    it, you will have a chance to go down the steps to the right and
    safely to a stone shelter. Break through the door and move up the
    steps. Grab some Sniper Rifle Ammo.
    Now shoot another bat to distract the Small V-Rexes and QUICKLY
    move across to the other stone structure with fire in it. Brake 
    through the door to the left and grab a Spear and light to. Now burn
    away the bushes to the left that are blocking your exit. Now move 
    up the steps to the top of the hill and use the Larva to bait the
    Spiders away from the post. The Larva can be found to the right 
    once at the top of the hill. Now grab the post and go back to the
    door. This would be so much easier if you found a way to kill the 
    small V-Rexes. Try using some of the bones at the top of the hill and
    just launch it at them. You have an unlimited supply of bones.
    Once back at the door, use the post to open it. Grab the shotgun
    inside and turn right into the tunnel and move forward to end the 
    3.30.KL  Kong's Lair
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle
    Proceed through the tunnel and brake through the door at the end. To
    the left, is a Sniper Rifle hanging from a tree. Take it and at the base
    of the stairs to the left, start taking out any bats that you see. At the
    top of the steps, move though the large door-way. Move down the steps 
    and turn right. Follow the path through some water and call Ann. This 
    ends the level.
    3.31.FITL  Fight in the Lair
    Difficulty: 5/10
    You start the battle fighting... well, I dont know what they're called.
    They look like Giant Swampcrawlers. There are to types of them. Giant
    ones, and smaller sizes of them. Try and ignore the smaller ones and
    go after the Giants. This is a rather tough battle. Use Furry mode to
    keep the smaller type of them off you, and focus on the larger ones.
    Basically the same as fighting a V-Rex, only slightly harder. When 
    your health is in the critical range, circle the area jumping from the 
    stone ledges and onto the wall. You shouldn't have to much trouble
    with this. Once you have defeated them, the level will end.
    3.32.F!  Free!
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Weapons: None
    You're just following Ann in this level. Follow her, and ride a raft to
    end the level.
    3.33.CBK  Chased by Kong
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Weapons: None
    When the level begins, continue following Ann like in the previous
    level. Up ahead, you will come to a field with several venatosauruses
    fighting a V-Rex. The V-Rex will win the fight. Follow Ann out into the 
    field to a shelter on the right. Find whatever way you can to eliminate
    the small V-Rex. There is an unlimited supply of bones you should use.
    Once you have eliminated the small V-Rex, move across the field to
    another stone structure. Light a spear and burn the bushes back
    where Ann is hiding. Follow the path and move towards the fire at
    the end to end the level.
    3.34.HB  Heading Back
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Weapons: None
    Follow Ann down the open path to some fire up ahead. Here you will
    come across a Venatosauruses eating a bat. Use one of the spears
    scattered throughout the area to defeat it. Afterwards, grab a spear
    and knock the Urn down burning the bushes to the left of where the
    dead bat is. You are now facing a long stone path. Proceed across.
    While going across, you will be ambushed by several enemies ranging
    from Bats, to Venatosauruses. Use the spears all along the path to
    defeat them. Once at the end, turn right from the pile of ruble, and go
    down the long winding path.
    Eventually, you will come to a tall field of grass. Let the Islanders
    burn it for you then quickly run and follow Ann, avoiding spears. When
    you reach a shelter with fire, the level will end.
    3.35.BTTV  Back to the Village
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Weapons: None
    Follow Ann up the steps to the left. You will be in a Area full of 
    bushes. Just use the bones to knock down Urns and proceed through
    the area. Just follow Ann to end the level. You will not have to fight
    any enemies in this level.
    3.36.KC  Kong's Capture
    Difficulty: 2/10
    You start where the last level left off. Only you're playing as Kong. 
    Jump onto the trap where Ann was captured to break through the 
    door. There will be allot of Islanders in this area. Very easy to kill, 
    and will require little strategy. Kill the Islanders and break through 
    the door on the left. Climb the wall up ahead. At the top, swing to 
    the opposite ledge. To the left, there will be two caves where the 
    Islanders will respawn. Turn right and jump across to the next ledge. 
    Once across, there wil be a bolder blocking your exit. Before you can 
    move it though, you must kill the Islanders throwing spears at you. 
    Do so.
    The first are easy to reach. Simply move opposite of the door. The
    others are a bit more tricky. You will have to jump across to the 
    other side of where the door is. Climb up the wall and climb the 
    stone pillar. Jump across to kill the Islanders. Now jump down, back
    to the door and move the boulder. Break through the door and go
    down the steps. Kill the Islanders and break through the door at the
    You will be in a area filled with lave. Jump across and pick up Ann.
    Climb up the stone pillar ahead and put Ann down at the top. She
    will burn the bushes blocking your exit at the top of the wall. Once it
    is cleared, pick Ann up and climb up the wall. You are now at the 
    beach, and Kong will get knocked out, ending the level.
    3.37.KSD  Kong Struck Down
    Move around Kong's body to his head. After Ann and Carl finish 
    talking, the level will end.
    3.38.ITSONY  In the Streets of New York
    Difficult: 5/10
    You begin the level chained up in New York. Start preshing the "X"
    button to brake free. Move forward and break through the gate in
    front of you. Proceed down the path and turn left. Break through
    another gate and jump across the gap in the path. You are now in a
    small alley. Skip past the first street and turn right down the second.
    This part can be confusing at first, but it really isn't. Just keep 
    moving down the street and you will eventually come to a bus. Along 
    the way to the bus, the only real threat will be the rocket turrets on
    the back of the trucks. To defeat these, pick up a car using and
    throw it at the turret. Dont try and rush up to it, or you will more 
    then likely be killed.
    Once at the bus, you will have to pick up cars and throw them at the
    turrets beside the stop-lights on the buildings to the right and left.
    Also watch out for more police cars as you do this. Once you have 
    destroyed the turrets on the top of the buildings, use the "circle"
    button to move the bus. Break through the gate run forward to start
    a cut-scene. After the scene, turn directly left and start climbing the
    Empire State Building. Keep climbing up to end the level.
    3.39.TESB  The Empire State Building
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Continue climbing up the Empire State Building. At the top, you will 
    have to fight off planes. Not very hard. Keep the needle of Empire 
    State Building between you and the planes, and at the right moment, 
    lean out and knock the plane down. Eventually though, Kong will get
    knock off the Empire State Building, ending the level, and the game.
    3.40.KD  Kong's Death
    This is just the ending cutscene. You have now completed King Kong
    Official Game of the Movie.
    3.41.AEN Alternative Ending Level
    Difficulty: 3/10
    You start this level exactly the same as The Empire State Building. 
    Climb to the top and fight off the planes. Eventually, you will switch 
    and be playing as Jack in a Airplane. Once it begins, take out two of
    the three planes, then start working on destroying the Spotlights, 
    avoiding the attacks from the 3rd plane. Once the four spot lights 
    have been destroyed, kill the last plane. Wait a few minutes and the 
    spot lights will turn back on, ending the level. In this ending, Kong 
    4.1.C  Cheat Codes
    Cheat mode 
    At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, Up, Square, 
    Down(2), Up(2). Release L1 + R1 and a "Cheat" option will appear 
    at the main menu. Select the "Cheat" option, then enter one of the 
    following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
    function. Note: The codes have no effect when playing as King Kong.
    Level select 
    Enter "KKst0ry" as a code. Note: This code includes the number "0".
    Enter "8wonder" as a code. You will still take damage, but will not 
    lose a life; however high falls and fire can still cause loss of life. 
    Also, this code must be re-enabled with each new level.
    One-hit kills 
    Enter "GrosBras" as a code.
    Full ammunition 
    Enter "KK 999 mun" as a code.
    Infinite spears 
    Enter "lance 1nf" as a code. Note: This code includes the number 
    "1" in the second word. Press Reload to get the spears.
    Get Revolver 
    Enter "KKtigun" as a code.
    Get Shotgun 
    Enter "KKsh0tgun" as a code. Note: This code includes the number 
    "0". Alternately, enter "KK BigBlast" as a code.
    Get Machine Gun 
    Enter "KKcapone" as a code.
    Get Sniper Rifle 
    Enter "KKsn1per" as a code. Note: This code includes the number 
    Bonuses completed 
    Enter "KKmuseum" as a code.
    All the Cheat Codes are from CheatCC.com
    5.1.E  Extras
    Old Movie Filter option 
    Get a 15% game completion to unlock the Old Movie Filter option.
    High Contrast Filter option 
    Get a 100% game completion to unlock the High Contrast Filter 
    Horizontal Flip option 
    Get a 100% game completion and obtain the correct online code for 
    your particular game at www.kingkonggame.com to unlock the 
    Horizontal Flip option.
    Artwork gallery 
    Successfully complete the game to unlock the artwork gallery.
    Weta Artworks: Environments Part 1 
    Get a 5% game completion to unlock the Weta Artworks: 
    Environments Part 1.
    Weta Artworks: Environments Part 2 
    Get a 25% game completion and obtain the correct online code for 
    your particular game at www.kingkonggame.com to unlock the Weta 
    Artworks: Environments Part 2.
    Weta Artworks: Environments Part 3 
    Have at least 50,000 points and a 100% game completion to unlock 
    the Weta Artworks: Environments Part 3.
    Weta Artworks: Creatures 
    Get a 50% game completion to unlock the Weta Artworks: Creatures.
    Weta Artworks: Kong Part 1 
    Get a 75% game completion to unlock the Weta Artworks: Kong 
    Part 1.
    Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2 
    Have at least 20,000 points and a 100% game completion to unlock 
    the Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2.
    Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3 
    Have at least 100,000 points and a 100% game completion to 
    unlock the Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3.
    Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4 
    Have at least 150,000 points and a 100% game completion to 
    unlock the Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4.
    Peter Jackson interview 
    Have at least 75,000 points and a 100% game completion to unlock 
    the Peter Jackson interview.
    Philippa Boyens interview 
    Have at least 200,000 points, a 100% game completion, and obtain 
    the correct online code for your particular game at 
    www.kingkonggame.com to unlock the Philippa Boyens interview.
    Save Kong alternate ending sequence 
    Have at least 250,000 points and a 100% game completion to unlock 
    the Save Kong alternate ending sequence.
    6.1.LS  Legal Stuff
    This walkthrough can only be used at GameFAQ.com, unless you PM
    me using my Gamespot account asking if you can use it on your site. 
    I won't be putting up my E-mail address, so PM me from Gamespot is 
    the only way of contacting me.
    Also you can PM me using my Gamespot account, if I missed 
    something in the guide or whatever.
    7.1.CR  Credits
    Cheat Codes and Extras from CheatCC.com.
    ...Copyright 2006/2007 CounterShock

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