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"The Darkness will consume you..."

I have one recommendation for you if you are doubting playing this game: play the first level. It blew me away.

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10

The graphics in The Darkness are clean, crisp and very good looking. the light/dark transitions and the lighting in general are really what make this game, and thus it's important to do the concept justice, which Starbreeze most certainly has. Character models are well done, with only a few minor complaints like the near absence of lip synching. Overall very well presented.

GAMEPLAY: 9.7/10

If you enjoyed Starbreeze's last game, The Chronicles of Riddick, then you'll be familiar with the layout of the game, which has several distractions from the main story in the form of collectables and side quests. The side quests are a worthy addition to the game and add an extra level of replayability, as do the collectables. The control system for the Darkness powers is well executed, with your powers easily manipulated by the D-Pad and the Left Bumper, and in tandem with the easy-to-use shooting mechanics (just turn auto-aim up full) you can make some really cool moves with liitle effort. Your Darklings are easily controlled as well, and for the most part you won't need to direct them, the AI is fairly good.

SOUND: 8/10

The music is OK, but I preferred to play in silence, as it adds to the tension and atmosphere of the game. The sound of the Darkness eating your victims is particularly chilling, and Mike Patton's grinding voiceover suits the game well. Most of the main characters are voiced well, and the enemies aren't too annoying.


The Darkness is definitely worth a look, and worth it's price tag if you enjoy FPS's. The story is well executed and keeps you hanging for the next plot twists, which are fairly predictable, but fun all the same. The graphics are good, and hold their own compared to other 360 games, and the Darkness powers add the twist this game needs to make it unique. Worth a rent at the very least, another quality game from a quality developer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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