Review by wolfycookie

Reviewed: 04/18/06

Probably one of the best racers on 360 so far.

After having played the original xbox and ps2 versions I had thought that the 360 version would be just the same sort of racing game where you race other racers and run away from the cops. Essentially it is the same game.

I have read some people say that the game is not worth getting if you have it on the original xbox or ps2. Originally that is what I had thought also. However after playing the game on a propper high def tv I went out and bought it.

The graphics are alot better, you can now see the driver in the car properly and see inside the car. YOu can see the dash and interior trims of each car. The weather effects seem to be alot better too. The frame rate seems to have been improved also.

For those of you who havent played the game. The story follows your character having a race and loosing his car unfairly. You must then challenge 15 blacklist members ( who are racers in a gang ) to get your ride back. You do this through various races, drags, lap knockouts, circut, sprint, speed challenges and so on....Theres plenty to do.

There are around 30 to 35ish cars in the game which all can be modified with kits and performance. The presentation of the game is a very high quallity. EA almost always have high production values for athe games they make, this is one of them.

Very well done, alot better than other versions. Some people won notice the difference from the current generations but rest assured there are differences for the better.

The sound department is good, each of the cars engines sounds good, also the cops have alot of speach variety when chasing you. Its fairly well done. The music though seems very thrashy mostly rock type songs, which is only good if you like that type of music. A bit more variety would be nice.

The game is a racing game that is fairly arcadey but has a pretty heavy physics engine for the cars. So you wont find yourself doing jumps hundreds of feet in the air like other racers. I think the physics are quite good, you can have some really good challenging chases with the cops and other races.

The game is fairly long Id say 15 to 20 hours for the normal person. More if you want to unlock all the cars

In all Id say its a fairly solid racing title. I bought the 360 version after owning the other xbox version because of the better graphics and frame rate. If you own the previous versions it may not warrant a purchase, so best try before you buy. For everyone else I say pick this up straight away if you like open ended style racing where you can tune and mod your car a fair bit.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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