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    FAQ/Walkthrough by King_Brandon

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                        @  @ @ @      @        @   @
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                        @   @@ @      @        @   @
                        @   @@ @      @        @   @
                        @    @ @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@@
                          @@@@@@@  @@@@@   @@@@@@
                          @       @     @  @    @
                          @       @     @  @@@@@@   
                          @@@@    @     @  @@
                          @       @     @  @ @
                          @       @     @  @  @ 
                          @        @@@@@   @   @
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                      @      @    @ @      @       @    @
                      @      @@@@@@ @      @       @    @
                      @@@@@@ @      @@@@@@ @@@@@@  @    @
                           @ @      @      @       @    @
                           @ @      @      @       @    @
                      @@@@@@ @      @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@@
                        @@     @@  @@@@  @@@@@@ @@@@@@@  
                        @ @   @ @ @    @ @         @     
                        @  @ @  @ @    @ @         @
                        @   @   @ @    @ @@@@@@    @
                        @       @ @    @      @    @
                        @       @ @    @      @    @
                        @       @  @@@@  @@@@@@    @
           @      @@      @      @@     @@   @ @@@@@@@ @@@@@ @@@@@@@ 
            @     @@     @      @  @    @ @  @    @    @      @    @
            @     @@     @     @    @   @  @ @    @    @@@@@  @    @
             @   @  @   @      @@@@@@   @  @ @    @    @      @    @
              @ @    @ @       @    @   @   @@    @    @      @    @
               @      @       @      @  @    @    @    @@@@@ @@@@@@@
    ASCII Art made my me
    Need For Speed Most Wanted FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 2.30
    Copyright 2006 by Brandon Harilall
    Email: King_Pin_Brandon AT hotmail DOT com
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. Currently the only site allowed to use this guide is 
    GameFaqs.com. If you wish to use my guide please contact me at my email 
    adress. I have the right to not grant you permission to use my guide for my
    reasons. Currently there are no "banned" sites from using this guide. For 
    finding something quick press "CTRL" and "F" at the same time and type in the
    code. Please don't send spam to me. All messages to me must be typed in 
    proper English. You must make the subject say "Need For Speed Most Wanted" 
    and no, I have over 100 people on my MSN list, I don't want to add you. Thank
    Table of Contents
    -Introduction (INTR00)
    -Version History (VERS1)
    -The Basics (TBC1)
     -Controls (CONTL)
     -Detector (PODTC)
     -Heat levels (HAVLS)
     -Your GPS (YG5PS)
     -Heads Up Display (HUDEE)
     -Pursuits in general (PIGD3)
      -Non Race Pursuits (NRPOO)
      -Race Pusuits (RCP00)
      -Tips In General (TIGG3)
     -Advanced tuning (ADVT2) 
     -Heads up Display (HUDEE)
     -Speedbreaker (SPBO0)
     -Nitrous (NO0S1)
     -Pursuit Breakers (PU4N6)
     -Hiding Spots (HDPOT)
     -Your Rap Sheet (Y0RPS)
     -Safehouses (SFFH7)
     -Car lot (CP4N8)
     -Tuning Shop (TNE3M)
     -Money ($$$$$)
     -SMS (S5M4S)
    -Types of races (TPYCE)
     -Circuit (C466N)
     -Drag (DOGS3)
     -Speedtrap (SPTRP)
     -Lap Knockout (KNOCK)
     -Sprint (SP4N7)
     -Tollbooth (T0L9B)
    -Career Mode (C0OMD)
     -The Beginning (DSBGG)
     -Blacklist Racer 15: Ho Seun (Nicknamed Sonny) (BR1HS)
      -Sonny's Bio. (SNYBI)
      -Sonny's Car (SNY5K)
      -Races (KIG21)
      -Milestones (FW5L8)
      -Races Against Sonny (M367F)
      -SMS Messages (LVW48)
     -Blacklist Racer 14: Vince Killic (Nicknamed Taz) (BRA4M)
      -Taz's Bio. (J57G2)
      -Taz's Car (3GU8L)
      -Races (R5J2V)
      -Milestones (P4A1M)
      -Races Against Taz (MY63B)
      -SMS Messages (LGM25)
     -Blacklist Racer 13: Victor Vasquez (Nicknamed Vic) (VVN6V)
      -Vic's Bio. (LH6D1)
      -Vic's Car (HE1S8)
      -Races (H37B9)
      -Milestones (HD19N)
      -Races Against Vic (R57NQ)
      -SMS Messages (K5V2K)
     -Blacklist Racer 12: Isabel Diaz  (Nicknamed Izzy) (LOJ79)
      -Izzy's Bio. (DG48J)
      -Izzy's Car (LGL6E)
      -Races (K8436)
      -Milestones (H4G7J)
      -Races Against Izzy (HJ59K)
      -SMS Messages (LOJU3)
     -Blacklist Racer 11: Lou Park  (Nicknamed Big Lou) (9HJ6H)
      -Big Lou's Bio. (D5JG3)
      -Big Lou's Car (AQW3M)
      -Races (KIU3M)
      -Milestones (PQV48)
      -Races Against Big Lou (LYBD5)
      -SMS Messages (567N2)
     -Blacklist Racer 10: Karl Smit (Nicknamed Baron) (L05G1)
      -Baron's Bio. (GJ48D)
      -Baron's Car (OMFG4)
      -Races (LG95K)
      -Milestones (QB58N)
      -Races Against Baron (GL49C)
      -SMS Messages (5GK52)
     -Blacklist Racer 9: Eugene James (Nicknamed Earl) (KQ2ME)
      -Earl's Bio. (LK5N2)
      -Earl's Car (Y684M)
      -Races (MGK68)
      -Milestones (08M2C)
      -Races Against Earl (8MWN2)
      -SMS Messages (LG59K)
     -Blacklist Racer 8: Jade Barret (Nicknamed Jewels) (LY7M5)
      -Jewels' Bio. (58MG2)
      -Jewels' Car (0975M)
      -Races (46JD1)
      -Milestones (65N3F)
      -Races Against Jewels (J7HN3)
      -SMS Messages (O964N)
    -Challenge Series (CHLLR)
    -The Police Guide (GYJD3) 
     -Police Vechicles (GFG3U)
      -Police Civic Cruiser (PPGD3)
      -Undercover Police Civic Cruiser (FKRJ5)
      -Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser (LD46F)
      -Undercover Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser (L365F)
      -Police Corvette (ERGH3)
      -Undercover Police Corvette (LJK35)
      -Cross (CRSS25)
      -SUVs (B456G)
       -Light (KDL35)
       -Heavy (PFO34)
     -Other Police Vechicles (FGD46)
      -Helicopter (HCG54)
     -Police Bounty For Immobilizing Police Vechicles (PBFIPV)
     -Heat Level-Police Car Chart (HL5PC)
     -Maxiumum Police Cars Per Heat Chart (MPCPH)
     -Police Tactics (PF36F)
      -Rolling Roadblocks (WNS26)
      -Roadblocks (C364F)
      -Spike Strips (SPKSE)
      -SUV Tactics (FHE2K)
      -Radio (BFH45)
       -Police 10 Codes Section (P10CS)
      -PIT moves (LD34F)
     -Tactical Police Tactics Chart (TPTC4)
     -Surviving Tips (SVG35)
      -Heat Level 1 (LOW2G)
      -Heat Level 2 (PYV34)
      -Heat Level 3 (LEDX7)
      -Heat Level 4 (TJVw3)
      -Heat Level 5 (UTHL7)
      -Heat Level 6 (Challenge Series) (QEDV3)
      -Heat Level 6 (Career Mode) (QD3VE)
     -Evading Tips (DSRB35)
      -Basic Evasion (ERJ3D)
      -Helicopter Evasion (HE4ED)
      -Heat Level 1 (KHDJ1)
      -Heat Level 2 (LHDJ2)
      -Heat Level 3 (KH6J4)
      -Heat Level 4 (KH291)
      -Heat Level 5 (655J1)
      -Heat Level 6 (Challenge Series) (KDDJ1)
      -Heat Level 6 (Career) (SPOILERS) (UBF3P)
     -Busted (BTS35)
    -Glitches (GLHSS)
     -Stadium Glitch (STAD3)
     -Bus Station Glitch (HRE35)
     -College Glitch (COGT3)
     -Odd Roadblocks (O67KB)
     -Stadium Bounty (STDBT)
     -No Roadblocks/Spike Strip (NRSSP)
    -Fequently Asked QUestions (FAQ24)
    -Credits (CRUDK)
    Introduction        (INTR00)
    Welcome to my Need For Speed Most Wanted Pursuit guide. This is my very first
    guide I have ever made, so bare with me. This guide contains alot about
    police tactics and how to own the police. Remember to use CTRL F to find
    sections quick! If you don't know how to, press CTRL and F at the same time,
    then copy and paste the codes (ONLY THE CODES) into the finder. Example:
    If I want to find the credits section fast I press CTRL F then copy and paste
    (CRUDK) into the finder and poof I'm there! ^.^
    Version History       (VERS1)
    Version 1.00: Hopefully it'll be accepted...Nope, it was dead and burned in 
    hell...I'll try to reincarnate it. -January 29, 2006
    Version 1.10: Added some more questions in frequently asked questions and 
    added the Stadium glitch, hopefully it'll be accepted. (Resending guide to 
    GameFAQs). -January 30, 2006
    Version 1.50: Added "Surviving Heat Levels" section, basically teaches you 
    how to make long pursuits and how to "survive" them. (Didn't send, I'll send
    this along with 1.80 or 2.00). -January 31, 2006
    Version 1.55: Added "Tips In General" section. Basically some tips you should
    always know when you do pursuits. (Resent again) -January 31, 2006 
    Version 2.00: Added Police Car Chart and a Police Tactic Chart. Both are for
    quick references and should be helpful instead of scrolling through the 
    whole guide. Made some spelling corrections and made the Table Of Contents a
    little easier to read. Added a Maxiumum Police Cars Per Heat Chart. Also 
    added dates to the Version History section. Added more freqently asked 
    questions. (This guide still isn't accepted...) Fixed up the Heat Levels,
    GPS, Race pursuits, and the The Police Guide sections. Fixed the ASCII art 
    and put the words "Most Wanted" in. Added "Odd Roadblocks" section in the
    Glitches section. Added "Helicopter Evasion" section for quick help on how to
    evade helicopters without scrolling through this entire guide. Added the 
    "Advanced Tuning" section, a section most people question on. -January 31, 
    Version 5.00: Well, I made this into a FAQ/Walthrough. Now, this is going to
    be a REALLY big updade. Viewer Discretion is advised ;)
    Added a types of races section which contains circuit, drag, speedtrap, lap
    knockout, sprint, and tollbooth races. Added a challenge series section, but
    that's incomplete. Added a Safehouses section. Added a car lot section. 
    Added a tuning shop section, and even a money section! Added the SMS section
    and the career mode beginning section. Added Blacklist number 15 for career
    mode, added Sonny's Bio, Sonny's car, Races, and milestones. I did that all
    the way up to Blacklist number 8. -February 6, 2006
    Version 2.25: Added some stuff to the Roadblock section, added a 
    "Speedbreaker" section as well as a "Nitrous" section. Added yojimbo453's 
    Stadium Bounty glitch. Added a pursuit breakers section and a hiding spot
    section. Added a Rap Sheet section. -February 1, 2006
    Version 2.30: Added a no roadblock/spike strip glitch. Fixed some spelling
    and grammar mistakes. (Guide got rejected, again...I'll have to make this
    guide ever BIGGER!) I might even make this guide into a FAQ/Walkthrough!
    The Basics          (TBC1)
    Controls (CONTL)
    X Button: Press this to accelerate your car. Letting go of this will make
    your slow down.
    O Button: Press this to slow down time. Very Useful for making sharp 90
    degree turns.
    ^ Button: Press this to look behind your car. 
    [] Button: Press this to make your car brake.
    Left Analog Stick: Push left/right to steer your car.
    Right Analog Stick: Push up/down to accelerate/brake.
    L1 Button: Press to use your NOS.
    R1 Button: Press to use your emergancy brake. 
    L2 Button: Press this to shift down (Note: Only useable when you're using
    R2 Button: Press this to shift up (Note: Only useable when you're using
    Up on D-Pad: Press this to enter a shop or to enter a race (Career mode 
    Down on D-Pad: Press this to see the Blacklist 15 races and milestones
    (Career mode only).
    Left on D-Pad: Press to see your world map (Career mode only).
    Right on D-Pad: Press to see your SMS (Career mode only).
    Select Button: Press to reset your car.
    Start Button: Press to pause your game.
    Detector (PODTC)
    This radar appears on the top of your screen when you're not in a pursuit
    (Except when you're evading the pursuit in cooldown mode). It tells you where
    the police are when they're close to you. The faster this radar goes the
    closer the police car is. It also has a green arrow when a police car is near
    you, telling you where it is. This radar also tells you where speedtraps are 
    in races and photo ticket milestones are. It works the same way; the closer
    the speedtrap/photo ticket is the faster it'll go off. It also has an arrow 
    for speedtrap/photo tickets except the arrow and radar will be orange. It's
    very useful when you're returning to your safe house after a race and you 
    don't want to start a police pursuit. You'll automatically use it so you
    don't have a choice to use it or not. After some pursuits you'll know how to
    use this device in and out and easily evade pursuits using this great device.
    Heat levels (HAVLS)
    Down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, next to the GPS you'll   
    see a flame icon thing and 10 bars going around your GPS. This is your heat 
    level. Heat levels determine how hard the police will be on you. There are
    seven different heat levels; but I'll only list 6 of them as I have the 
    normal version of the game and heat 7 is only in the black edition of the
    game. There are ways to reduce your heat levels. Paint your car or add some 
    bodykits to your car. Any visual changes to your car will change your heat 
    level. You unlock heat level 1 and 2 at the beginning of the game. You unlock
    heat 3 after you defeat Blacklist racer #13. You unlock heat level 4 after 
    you defeat Blacklist racer #9. You unlock heat level 5 after you defeat 
    Blacklist racer #5. You unlock heat level 6 after you beat Blacklist racer #1
    or when you do challenge number 69 in the challenge series. You unlock heat 
    level 7 when you do challenge number 70. You can only unlock heat level 6 
    once in career mode. But you can access heat levels 6 and 7 anytime using the
    challenge series. I sure wished I had the Black Edition.
    Your GPS  (YG5PS)
    Your GPS is in the bottom left corner of your screen. It's a little circle 
    that shows some of the map. Use it to find races of to get to your safehouse.
    You can also press left on the D-pad to change your GPS icons from races/
    phototickets to safehouses/shops. To view your world map press the left D-pad
    after that you can use your right analog stick to view other parts of your
    world map. If you hover your arrow to a shop or pursuit breaker or safehouse,
    etc..and then press your X button you can make an arrow on the top center of
    your screen. Following this arrow will result in you going to the place you
    chose. If you go in the opposite direction your GPS arrow connection will be
    lost and the arrow will disappear; good if you change your mind about going
    somewhere. You can also disable the arrow if you go back to your world map,
    hover the arrow on the destintion again and press the X button again.
    Pursuits in general  (PIGD3) 
    This sections is basically teaching new poeple to the game how to do pursuits
    and such. This section is really basic and should be used if you don't 
    understand pursuits.
    Non Race Pursuits  (NRPOO)
    This section is for pursuits that aren't in races. Now, basically you have 
    "milestones" to do. These are basically objectives you must do to race a
    Blacklist racer. There are many different types of milestone challenges. 
    Bounty milestones, cost to state milestones, infraction milestones, photo 
    ticket milestones, pursuit time challenge milestones, pursuit evasion 
    milestones, roadblock milestones, spike strip milestones, and finally trade
    paint milestones. You must do a certain amount of these for a milestone,
    explample: "You must trade paint with 8 police vechicles then evade the 
    pursuit.". For bounty milestones, get the highest heat level possible for 
    yourself and keep driving, immobilize police cars as well, these are easy.
    For cost to state milestones destroy signs and ram into cops, activate as
    many pursuit breakers as you can. For pursuit evadion do heat level 1 and...
    evade it...For photo tickets build up your speed and don't crash into cars.
    For infraction challenges you must break "police rules". You get infractions
    for: Speeding (150 MPH), excessive speeding (180 MPH), reckless driving (200
    MPH), hit and run (just hit a random non police vechicle), ramming a police
    vechicle (self explanatory), damage to property (self explanatory), driving
    off roadway (self explanatory), resisting arrest (enter cooldown mode). For
    pursuit time milestones start at heat level 1 and work your way up. For 
    roadblock challenges be at heat level 2;heat level 3 or higher recomemended.
    For spike strip challenges you must be at heat level 4 or higher. For trade
    paint milestones start at the highest heat level possible for you, because
    there are alot of cars to bump into. Basically if you get busted and you did
    your milestones you won't complete your milestones; you must evade the 
    pursuit for it to count.
    Race Pusuits  (RCP00)
    Now, race pursuits are different than normal pursuits. Firstly you'll have 
    your racing heads up display instead of your police heads up display. You 
    can't tell how many cars are chasing you at ocne other by counting them. You
    can't get busted unless you stay at 0 MPH for a while or press the reset 
    button. When you get busted in a race pursuit you just restart the race as
    if you were in second place. The bust doesn't go on your rap sheet. You don't
    get an impound strike and you don't need to pay any fines. You can't evade
    a pursuit while racing; you can only enter cooldown mode. If the police 
    chased you to the finish line you must do a normal pursuit and evade it. If 
    you get busted after you finished the race in first the race will count as
    completed. Police won't set up roadblocks or spike strips while you're doing
    a pursuit in a race. You won't get any bounty while doing a pursuit in a race
    even if you activate pursuit breakers and immobilize police vehicles.
    Tips In General (TIGG3)
    -Use the speedbreaker on roadblocks at heat level 4.
    -Save the speedbreaker when you don't need it.
    -Save NOS incase the police make a rolling roadblock on you.
    -Never use NOS to try to evade a pursuit; trust me it's not worth it ;).
    -Save pursuit breakers unless you REALLY need them.
    -Always keep an eye on your GPS.
    -Always keep an eye on your police HUD.
    -Always look ahead of you for SUVs.
    -Always pay attension (in attension to those 3 above).
    -Watch out for invisible walls.
    -Watch out for spike strips.
    -Never press the reset button (if your car flipped over the game auto-resets
    it and the busted meter won't go fast).
    -Watch out for the helicopter on heat level 5, it loves ramming you.
    -Sometimes, just sometimes press triangle and look behind you, in case.
    -On heat level 4, don't use the speedbreaker to look for a hold through a 
    spikestrip, it's probably a small spikestrip hiding.
    -Use a car with AWD (all wheel drive), because they're good for getting out
    of rolling roadblocks due to their faster acceleration than the other car 
    -Never use a RWD (rear wheel drive) car because they spin out easily and when
    you're accelerating from 0-70 MPH you'll have almost no control. Only use a 
    RWD car if you're skilled with them.
    -Never get cock/overconfident because you read my guide, it's for helping you
    it doesn't guarantee you 100% not to get busted, even I'm not that good at
    making guides ;).
    Advanced tuning  (ADVT2) 
    This section will explain the performance tuned in the options menu. This 
    should be very helpful.
    The steering slider will control how fast your steering response will be for 
    you. Moving the slider to the right will increase it and moving the slider
    to the left will decrease it. It depends, do you want your car to slide more?
    Do you want your car to be as stiff as a brick? Set to your taste, and it 
    depends on what your car is. Usually RWD (rear wheel drive) needs the slider
    moved to the right, otherwise set to what will like it to be.
    This slider adjusts the brake bias of your car to the front or the rear.
    Adjusting this affects how much your car will be able to turn while you're 
    braking. Move the slider to the right to move your brake bias forward and
    move the slider to the left to move your brake bias towards the rear. Now,
    FWD (front wheel drive) cars need more brake bias in the rear. RWD
    (rear wheel drive) cars need more brake bias in the front. AWD (all wheel 
    drive) don't need to tune this.
    Ride Height
    This allows you to raise or lower your ride height. Move this slider over to
    the left to lower your ride height, while moving the slider to the right will
    result in you raising your ride height. Lowering your car's ride height will
    help you to make turns, but your car will be bad offroad. That's bad 
    considering all the shortcuts and offroad racing in this game. I recommend
    that you leave this setting alone or maybe move it to the left by 1. 
    This allows you to add or decrease your overall downforce on your car. Move
    the slider to the right to add downforce to your car, and move the slider to
    the right to decrease downforce on your own. Increasing your downforce on 
    your car will help your car stick to the roads but it'll affect your top 
    speed of your car. Decreasing this will make your car looser and will make
    your slide more. I recommend you increase the downforce to your car because
    top speed doesn't really matter in races, considering the rubber-band AI in
    this game. Most races require more control than top speed, but if you see a
    course that mainly goes on the highway you may feel free to decrease this 
    Move this slider to the left for a longer but less powerful NOS. Move this 
    slider to the right for a more powerful boost but will last less longer. 
    Usually you'll need quick but powerful boosts in races and pursuits. So move
    this a little to the right. However in drag races you'll want a longer but
    less powerful NOS so set this to the left for drag races.
    This lets you adjust the charachertistics of your induction system. Move this
    slider to the right to shift your torque boost into a higher RPM range. 
    Doing this you'll make your car have lower RPM ranges but you'll gain more
    torque. Move this to the left to make the torque boost across a bigger range
    of RPMs. Basically moving this to the right increases your top speed, while
    moving this to the left increases your acceleration. Usually you'll want 
    acceleration rather than top speed. So move this to the left on races and 
    pursuits, and move it towards the right for drag races. X.X That was a long
    boring section.
    Heads up Display    (HUDEE)
    Your heads up display are all those icons you see on your screen. You already
    know about the heat level indicator, and your GPS so I'll explain the pursuit
    icons and stuff; not the race HUD. Now, while you're in a pursuit you'll see
    three mini police icons on the bottom of the screen. The left police car icon
    shows how many police cars you "tagged"/damaged by ramming into them. The 
    middle police car icon shows how many police are near your location. This 
    varies from 1-40, maybe even more. Don't attempt to evade a pursuit until
    this icon says 1 or 2. The right police car icon shows how many cars you've 
    immobilzed (destroyed). You can rack up thousands of bounty from immobilizing
    police cars. Below those icons there's a backup timer. This comes up when you
    have only 1 or 2 police cars on you. The time varies and it depends on your 
    heat level. When the timer goes to 0 then you'll have a certain amount of 
    police cars on your back again; depending on your heat level. 5 cars for heat
    level 1, 10 for heat level 2, 15 for heat level 3, 20 for heat level 4, 25 
    for heat level 5, 30 for heat level 6, and 35 for heat level 7. You'll 
    probably want to evade the pursuit before the timer goes to 0 or you'll have 
    alot of police cars on you and it'll be harder to evade, as well as taking 
    more time to evade the pursuit and as well running the risk of getting 
    yourself busted, and that's not good. Under the police car icons there are 2
    bars. One bar is the busted bar, and the other is the evasion bar. The left
    bar is the busted bar and the right one is the evasion bar. When the busted
    bar fills you'll get busted. When the evasion bar fills you'll enter cooldown
    mode. You DON'T want to get busted. For more help on what happens if you get
    yourself busted, please see my "Busted" section.
    Speedbreaker  (SPBO0)
    This section will explain about the speedbreaker. The speedbreaker is a new 
    feature in the Need For Speed series. What it does is slow down time and lets
    you make sharp turns. You should save your speedbreaker for when you really
    need it, for both pursuits and races. When you hit roadblocks/spike strips
    you should always use your speedbreaker. It helps you aim on the trunk of
    the car you're going to hit and lets you spot spike strips on the roadblock
    so you can avoid them. You can use it if you're about to hit a wall head on.
    Your speedbreaker is probably your best part. You can even dodge SUVs with
    the speedbreaker. Use it to dodge PIT moves as well. Use it to make sharp
    turns to avoid rolling roadblocks and to avoid the helicopter's rams. 
    Remember: Always save your speedbreaker for one of the above reasons. Your
    speedbreaker recharges when you're going at least 100 MPH or higher.
    Nitrous  (NO0S1)
    This section will explain NOS and how to use your NOS wisly. Use it to 
    straight out your car if you're sliding too much. Just a little light tap 
    should do it. Remember, Speedbreaker + NOS = good. Use it to catch up to
    other racers in a race if you're falling behind. Use it to accelerate fast
    out of rolling roadblocks. Use it to help you evade the police. Again, always
    remember to save your NOS for when you'll really need it.
    Pursuit Breakers  (PU4N6)
    This section will do in depth about pursuit breakers. Pursuit breakers are 
    objects that'll fall and immobilize police vehicles. They are marked as red
    triangles on your GPS. They DO respawn, it's been confirmed, by me. I'm not
    sure how long they take to respawn, if you know please emial me. Using a 
    pursuit breaker immobilizes are police that the object falls on. The most
    "famous" pursuit breakers are: The Doughnut, The Tire shop, The Stadium,
    and many Gas Stations. Of all the pursuit breakers I use, I use and like the
    Doughnut pursuit breaker. It's very big, blocks most of the road, and it's
    funny beating up the police with something they love to eat. ;)
    Hiding Spots  (HDPOT)
    This section will fully explain everything about hiding spot. A hiding spot
    is a...hiding spot...You must be in cooling mode to use them. They appear as
    blue circles on your GPS while you're in cooldown mode. What they do is they
    hide you from the police while in cooldown mode and it speeds up your cooling
    down bar. Note: Sometimes police can still find you while you're in a hiding
    spot. Becareful, the chances are low usually of that happening and if it 
    happens you're normally trapped as hiding spots usually only have 1 way out
    and that 1 way out will be blocked by police vehicles.
    Your Rap Sheet  (Y0RPS)
    This section will explain about your rap sheet. It's only accesible for 
    career mode. After you beat Blacklist racer number 13 Mia will give you a 
    device to view your rap sheet. To skip yourself watching yourself typing in
    your username and password into that deivice press X. You can use this to 
    keep track of ALL of your pursuit history. There are 6 sections of your rap
    sheet. Summary, vehicle database, infractions, cost to state, top 5 pursuits,
    and rankings.
    Summary is basically where most of your pursuit information is stored. Things
    like how many police vehicles you immobilized and bounty and stuff...
    Vehicle database basically shows all your cars that you've used in pursuits.
    Infractions basically shows all the infractions you've ever done in your 
    entire career.
    Cost to state shows how much damage you've done. 
    Top 5 pursuits show your top 5 pursuit information.
    Ranking is rankings of how many roadblocks you've dodged, how many spikes 
    you've dodged..etc. There's a section for lifetime and in one pursuit. 
    Lifetime is your ranking for how many times you did X in your entire career,
    while one pursuit is all the stuff you've done in...one pursuit!
    Safehouses  (SFFH7)
    This section will explain about safehouses. Safehouses are...safe..houses.
    It's where you store your cars and stuff. Going to your safehouse while in a
    pursuit's cooldown mode will end the pursuit. Go to your safehouse if you 
    want to save manually, or if you want to switch cars. You can acess your rap
    sheet after you defeat Blacklist racer number 13 in your safehouse. You can
    only acess your safehouses in career mode. You unlock more safehouses as you
    go through your game, so don't worry. These appear on your GPS.
    Car lot  (CP4N8)
    Tired of your old stinky car? Want to get a new shiny car? Well look no 
    further, going to a car lot will help you. Car lots appear on your GPS during
    free roam (only accessible in career mode). At car lots you can buy new 
    cars. You unlock some of the cars as you progress through your career. If you
    can't afford some cars (no offence ;)), then check out the Money section.
    Tuning Shop  (TNE3M)
    So you've bought a car, but you'd like to tune it, in both porformance and 
    visually. Tuning shops appear on your GPS while you're on free roam. You can
    buy parts to tune your car up to the top speeds. You unlock parts and stuff
    as you progress through career mode. Tuning shops are good, you can even
    tune your beginning car to the whole bar.
    Money  ($$$$$)
    You want some money, honey? Well, the only way to get yourself money to tune
    up that car of yours is to redo races. Acess your Blacklist and redo races.
    The races in the later part of the game can get you over $10000 per race. 
    Sorry, that's the only way to get money.
    SMS  (S5M4S)
    Your SMS is your single messaging system. You can recieve messages from other
    racers/police. Sometimes Mia and Rog and give you some hints about the 
    basics, races, and pursuits. You can delete messages in your SMS. You can't
    respond back to people sadly. Well, that's about it!
    Types of races  (TPYCE)
    This large section will contain information on all the types of races you're
    going to be doing while up your way on the Blacklist.
    Circuit  (C466N)
    Circuit races are basically like the "normal" races. You race around a track
    a cetain number of times. There are a total of 28 curcuit races in Need For
    Speed Most Wanted. Circuit races are generally the longest type of races. 
    When I say 28 circuit races, I mean there's 28 different tracks, not 28 
    circuit races in career. I hate these races because they can soemtimes be 
    Drag  (DOGS3)
    Drag races are when you race from POINT A to POINT B. If you hit a car when
    you're going at a high speed your car will get totaled and you'll need to 
    restart the race. You must drive in manual, no automatic. When there's a 
    yellow sign near the center of your screen it means it's time for you to 
    shift up. If you don't shift gears your car will overheat and you'll have to
    restart the race. Drag races are usually a mile or two. These are the 
    shortest types of races. Remember, you CAN use your speedbreaker in drag 
    Speedtrap  (SPTRP)
    Speedtrap races are when you go from POINT A to POINT B, except there will be
    speed cameras scattered throughout the race. You must go through the cameras
    the fastest. Your total speed through the cameras determine if you win or
    not. No, you don't have to finish the line first to win. Save your NOS for 
    the speed cameras. Speed cameras do appear on your GPS. If someone gets to 
    the finish line first, then you'll lose points (your total MPH through the 
    cameras) until you get to the finish line. These races are fun.
    Lap Knockout  (KNOCK)
    Lap knockout races are circut races with a bit of a twist. If you don't cross
    the finish line before the other racers cross it you'll get knocked out of
    the race and you'll be forced to restart the race. Knockout races in CAREER
    mode are always 3 laps.
    Sprint  (SP4N7)
    Sprint races are when you go to from POINT 1 to POINT 2. Just like drag or 
    speedtrap races, except you can drive in automatic and no speedcameras. Be
    the first to get to POINT 2, or you'll lose this type of race. I love these
    races, they're medium to long in longness.
    Tollbooth  (T0L9B)
    Tollbooth races are basically like time trials. There are toolbooths all over
    your GPS, you must get from TOLLBOOTH 1 to TOLLBOOTH 2, before a certain 
    amount of time runs out. You'll have to tune your car if you're having 
    trouble with these races in career mode.
    Career Mode  (C0OMD)
    This section is about career mode. This section will help you beat career 
    mode. You'll want to use CTRL F to find your place fast.
    The Beginning  (DSBGG)
    - Six Days Ago...
    You're new to the city. You'll meet a tough police officer (leader of the 
    police force in RockPort) named Sergant Cross. He's about to bust you, but he
    gets an important call, and they let you escape. Mr. Cross leaves a scratch
    on your car :(.
    - Four Days Ago...
    You're still in your BMW M3 GTR. You're going to have to race a buy called 
    Ronnie (Ronald McCrea). He wants to race you. Don't worry, this race is very
    easy, so don't worry. It's a sprint race by the way. You'll meet a man called
    Razor (Clarence Callahan). You'll also see a girl named Mia, she seems to 
    like you ;). You'll be forced to race with Toru Sato. It's another easy race.
    Oh, it's another sprint race.
    - Two Days Ago...
    Now you'll have to race a man named Rog. It'll be a circuit race (2 laps). 
    You might have a little trouble, but it'll be very easily, you should be used
    to the handling of your BMW M3 GTR.
    - Present Day...
    Now you'll get to race against Razor. You must risk your pinkslip on this 
    race. Near the end of the race your car will automatically stop and break 
    down. You'll see Cross again, you lost your car now.
    - Later...
    Mia will pick you up from jail and she'll give you a safehouse; how nice of 
    her =). You'll get to buy a car with $30000, $40000 if you have Need For 
    Speed Underground 2 on your PS2. I recommend you buy the Cobalt SS, cheap and
    From: Mia
    Subject: I'll meet you there
    Hey, it's me.
    Check out your map.  Head up to the location I told you about.      
    I'll meet you there,
    Blacklist Racer 15: Ho Seun (Nicknamed Sonny)  (BR1HS)
    This is the first part of the game. You'll beat your first Blacklist racer!
    What fun! You'll learn as you play. It'll be easy, except for the races 
    against Sonny. His car is better than yours.
    Sonny's Bio.  (SNYBI)
    This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride 
    is worked so don't be fooled,it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a 
    hold of parts before they hit the streets.
    Sonny's Car  (SNY5K)
    Sonny's car is a Volkswagon Golf GTI. It's much faster than yours, and you 
    might have some trouble when you race this car of his. You'll definatly want
    to win his pinkslip. Trust me, his car is great, at the beginning. The trick
    to stay in the lead is to "block" Sonny's car from getting past you. Once you
    get ahead of him, you'll usually stay in first.
    Races  (KIG21)
    Number of races: 3
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Race # 1
    Ironwood Estates, 2 laps
    Reward: $1500
    Cop probablility: Low
    A quite easy race. Note the shortcut at the very beginning of the race, that
    will help you a bit. The last turn can be a doozie, don't risk going through
    the gas station as you might crash into the walls.
    Race # 2
    Diamond and Union
    Reward: $1500
    Cop probability: High
    There's a shortcut on your left near the beginning of the race, just smash
    the fence and enter. You'll encounter some police, just ignore them. Some 
    chalenging corners await you near the end of this sprint. Note: The police
    will chase you after the race and it'll be back to a normal pursuit, just
    evade them using my great police guide.
    Race # 3
    Lap Knockout 
    Hickley Field
    Reward: $1500
    Cop probability: Low
    This'll be a long race for you. Just keep your head up and you'll easily win
    this race. Not much to say, except stay in the lead and win. Not that hard, 
    just a little long.
    Milestones (FW5L8)
    Number of milestones: 4
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Milestone # 1
    Trade Paint
    Reward: 5000 bounty
    Objective: Tag 2 police vehicles and then evade the pursuit.
    Very easy, just smash 2 cars and make some sharp turns and evade the pursuit.
    Too easy, everyone always complains about milestones.
    Milestone # 2
    Pursuit Evasion
    Reward: 5000 bounty
    Objective: Evade a police pursuit in less than 2 minutes.
    Just use a pursuit breaker. Done.
    Milestone # 3
    Pursuit Time Challenge
    Reward: 5000 bounty
    Objective: You need to last 2 minutes in a pursuit and then evade the pursuit
    to get this milestone.
    Easy, just try not to accidently evade the cops. Don't activate any pursuit 
    breakers until it says your milestone is complete. Quite easy as well.
    Milestone # 4
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 4000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 80 MPH.
    Really easy, even if you have a crappy car. You don't really need much space
    to accelerate. The Cobalt SS makes this very easy.
    Races again Sonny  (M367F)
    Race # 1
    Campus Way, 2 laps
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    Avoid crashing in this race. It'll be a little tough, but sometimes you can
    get lucky on this race. Be careful, Sonny's car is quite fast. Keep ahead of
    him and eventually you'll finish this race and win. Also be careful for the
    rubber-band AI, it has a habit of catching up to you when you're about to 
    cross the finish line -.-!
    Race # 2
    Highlands, 2 laps
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probability: None
    Same thing, different track. Also try to block him from getting ahead of you
    once you've taken the lead. He catchs up alot in this race, so be careful as
    one little crash into a car can make all the difference. I recommend you get
    his pinkslip, it'll be very useful, his car is great! Congrats, you've 
    beaten your first Blacklist racer! Woot!
    SMS Messages  (LVW48)
    From: Rog
    Subject: Working your way up the Blacklist.
    Get to the top of the Blacklist and take Razor down. The Blacklist is 
    reached from your Safe house and your in-game engage system. It keeps track 
    of your progress and what's needed to challenge a rival. How?
    RACES - 2 ways: Enter by driving to the flag icons on the map and use the
    engage mechanic OR bring up the Blacklist, enter the Races page and select a
    race. Either way, you're good to go.
    MILESTONES - Reach Blacklist rival will make you prove you can handle the 
    heat before they race you. View the milestones by brining up the Blacklist 
    and entering the Milestones page.
    BOUNTY - Your bounty level indicates how wanted you are by the police, and
    affects your nitrouiety with Blacklist members. It increases by completing
    milestones, for every second you are in a pursuit - higher heat levels
    increase it more quickly - and if you happen to immobilize any police 
    vehicle during a pursuit. Your bounty only increases if you get away from 
    the police. You can start a pursuit by accessing the Bounty page on the 
    From: Mia
    Subject: Basic rules for evading the police.
    The Rockport police are always looking for street racers. Here's some advice:
    DISTANCE - To escape, get some distance between you and the police. Until 
    you're out of their sight, you can't get away. Take a route where you can 
    make some quick moves and use traffic to your advantages to lose the police. 
    Don't assume you can outrun them on the highways.
    HIDING - Once you're out of sight, the police will be looking for you. Find a
    hiding spot or watch your radar and stay away from the police for a while. 
    Hiding spots appear as blue circles on your minimap.
    PURSUIT BREAKERS  - If the police are hot on your tail, look for the pursuit
    breakers that can quickly lose the police. Pursuit breakers appear as
    triangles on your minimap.
    BACKUP - Whenever the cops following you are getting low on numbers, they'll
    call for backup. Make sure you get out of sight before the backup arrives or
    you'll have more police to deal with. You can see the backup timer on the
    pursuit bar.
    From: Rog
    Subject: The regss for racing the Blacklist members. Listen closely cause 
    I'm only goin over this once. Whenever you go up against a ranked racer, 
    the pink slips go up for grabs. Now if you win, you get to choose 2 markers.
    Those markers represent anything from parts to favors to get you outta 
    trouble with the cops.  Included somewhere in those markers is the pink slip.
    You just gotta get lucky and pick the right one.
    Simple, right?  We'll see.
    From:  Rog
    Subject:  Sonny's lookin' for a run.                                    
    Hey man, that chump Sonny is lookin' for a run. He's still pretty fresh on 
    the Blacklist, so now's your chance.
    Don't blow it.
    Blacklist Racer 14: Vince Killic  (Nicknamed Taz)  (BRA4M)
    Now you're onto your second Blacklist racer! You've still got a loonnngggg 
    way to go. Two more cars will be unlocked in your car lot. The Audi TT 3.2
    Quattro and the Audi A3 3.2 Quattro. I don't recommend you to waste your 
    cash on these cars. If you've been lucky enough to go Sonny's car use that.
    If you still have your Cobalt SS then head over to the Upgrade Shop and 
    upgrade it. 
    Taz's Bio.  (J57G2)
    This crazy fool has a major heat score. Blacklist gave him the name Taz.  
    He hates cops and they hate him.  Watch yourself around this guy. He prowls 
    the streets of Rosewood looking for newbies.
    Taz's Car  (3GU8L)
    Taz drives a Lexus IS 300. He sounds easy to beat, and he is. Don't get 
    overcofident when you're racing him, he's still a good racer. You don't need
    his pinkslip, Sonny's car is better. You still might want to get his pinkslip
    and sell his car for money to buy upgrades on your car. Trust me Taz is easy.
    Races  (R5J2V)
    Number of races: 6
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Race # 1
    Petersburg, 3 laps
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probablility: Low
    This will be a long race, in the beginning that is. Try to spay the the road
    as the grass slows down your rate of acceleration. You start and end the laps
    on the highway. You might consider using your speedbreaker for some turns and
    remember, stay on the roads, and don't hit any barrels on the highway.
    Race # 2
    Highway 99 and State
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probability: Low
    A nice short easy race. You'll have a few difficult turns on the start, but
    otherwise there isn't much to say that's hard about this sprint race.
    Race # 3
    Clubhouse and Hollis
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probability: High
    Watch out, this sprint will have a few 90 degree turns. Use your speedbreaker
    it'll help you alot on these turns. There's a shortcut on your left at the 
    very beginning. Cops will also show up, they're so annoying when they're in
    races. Just ignore them and continue the race, then you'll have to evade the
    Race # 4
    Lap Knockout 
    Rosewell Collage
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probability: Low
    An easy race. It's long again... Just try not to crash into cars or walls or
    anything that'll put you last in the lap. It'll be easy. You'll probably 
    remember the track after you're first lap, so you'll know where the sharp 
    turns will be.
    Race # 5
    Skyview and Campus
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probability: Low
    This'll be a very easy tollbooth to beat. Lots of time, low traffic,
    the easiest tollbooth you'll probably ever do. If you're having trouble with
    this then I recommend that you upgrade your current car a little.
    Race # 6
    Heritage Height, 2 laps
    Reward: $2000
    Cop probability: Low
    Wow, a very short circuit. This race is very easy. Only a little traffic, 
    watch out for some sharp turns near the middle and use your speedbreaker on
    them and you should be go to go on those milestones
    Milestones  (P4A1M)
    Number of milestones: 5
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Milestone # 1
    Reward: 6000 bounty
    Objective: Gain 1000 bounty in a pursuit and then evade the pursuit.
    Easy, just don't try to immobilize any police vehicles, or you might 
    accidently evade the pursuit. Very easy milestone to complete.
    Milestone # 2
    Cost to State 
    Reward: 6000 bounty
    Objective: Get a cost to state of 15000 and evade the pursuit.
    A little harder than the last milestone. Just crash into citizen vehicles 
    and signs and stuff to get your cost to state to 15000.
    Milestone # 3
    Reward: 6000 bounty
    Objective: Get 3 infractions then evade the pursuit.
    Easy to do. Check the Basic section to find out about infractions if you 
    don't know already.
    Milestone # 4
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 4500 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 92 MPH to get this milestone.
    Should be very easy, since you have NOS now.
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 4500 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 90 MPH to get this milestone.
    Should again be easy. Nothing to say here.
    Races against Taz  (MY63B)
    Race # 1
    Stadium and Highway 99
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    Really easy. However there'll be some tight corners. Always use your 
    speedbreaker on these kind of turns, also make use of your NOS if you crash 
    into anything. There's 2 or 3 90 degree turns in this sprint.
    Race # 1
    Stadium and Highway 99
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probability: None
    This race will be easier than the other race. There will be a little few hard
    turns but nothing you haven't seen in the other races. Just don't get
    SMS messages  (LGM25)
    From: Rog
    Subject: New cars and parts. 
    Now that you've beat Sonny, the local shops are gonna help you out with parts
    and upgrades to your ride.  There'll be new cars to buy too, if you're 
    interested. Remember to choose smart cause cash ain't always easy to earn.  
    Plan out which cars you want and what upgrades you're gonna make.  Don't 
    assume you can buy everything or that drivin' a stock car will get you to 
    the top. 
    From: Rog
    Subject: Taz put out the challenge.
    Taz just sent me a list of the races and milestones that you need to beat to 
    get a shot at his Blacklist position. Taz isn't new to this game so you're 
    gonna have to prove you're ready to race him by winning races, beating the 
    milestones challenges and racking up more bounty with the police.
    From: Rog
    Subject: If you need parts
    Yo, it's Rog.
    If you need any parts or think you got enough for a new ride, head over to 
    one of the shops.  I told them you're a friend, so they should be cool. 
    They're on your map. Check it out.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Pursuit breakers
    Hey. When you're being chased by the 5-0, take a look at your map, you'll 
    see a bunch of icons.  These are structures you can use to shake the cops 
    off your back. You just smash into them - instant Pursuit Breaker moment. If 
    the cops aren't damaged, they'll probably stop to provide assistance. Trust 
    me, they work.
    From: Mia
    Subject: About Razor...
    Hey, what's up?  It's Mia. Looks like Razor's keepin' tabs on you.  I guess 
    he never figured he'd see you again. I like the idea that he'll be lookin' 
    over his shoulder from now on. Keep layin' it down out there. I'll call you 
    From: Rog
    Subject: Some info you might need.
    Nice Run. Alright, here's the deal. Razor's left the borough. He's racin' in 
    Rockport. To get him, you've gotta go through the ranks of the Blacklist and 
    clean out each area. There's three areas known as bouroughs. This here is 
    Rosewood. Camden Beach is on the coast and Rockport is right after it. Unless
    you have enough rep, you can't get into the next level of racin'. To do that,
    you've got to win. There's no second place here. Just keep plowin' through 
    your objectives until you can challenge a Blacklist racer. I'll feed you more
    info as I dig it up, Later.
    From: Rog
    Subject: You're buildin' hype.
    Your wins have generated some hype and got the attention of Taz. He's the 
    next Blacklist racer. Guy's nuts and has a major heat score, so watch 
    yourself. He's waitin' for your call, Later.
    Blacklist Racer 13: Victor Vasquez (Nicknamed Vic)  (VVN6V)
    Good job. Now, these races should be getting a little harder. Same with the 
    milestones, don't be too surprised. There'll be another two cars unlocked. 
    The Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Don't buy these cars
    just upgrade your old cars. Use Sonny's car on these races, Taz's car isn't 
    as good as Sonny's cars.
    Vic's Bio.  (LH6D1)
    This dude's been holding it down in the #13 slot for a while now. He can't 
    break out of his rut and no one can run him out. He's slach and dangerous 
    but knows how to handle his ride. He'll smoke you if he gets the chance.
    Vic's Car  (HE1S8)
    Vic drives a Toyota Supra. It's a great car and I recommend you get the
    pinkslip for it. Vic is quite easy to beat. But, still don't be cocky when 
    you race him, he might even take the lead on your car a couple of times, but
    overall, he's easy.
    Races  (H37B9)
    Number of races: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Race # 1
    Rosewood and Lyons
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probablility: High
    This is quite an easy sprint. Remember to keep up your top speed, there's a 
    bit more traffic than before, but nothing you're not able to be able to
    Race # 2
    Lap Knockout
    City Center
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    There will be many shortcuts in this race, and also many tigh corners. Take
    the shortcuts and use your speedbreaker and leave the other racers in the 
    dust. You'll have to not make any mistakes that'll make you get into last 
    Race # 3
    Lap Knockout
    Rosewood Collage
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    This will be a easy race. Just watch out for some tight corners near the
    middle-end. Make sure that you be careful of the traffic, hitting a truck is
    race over.
    Race # 4
    Highway 99 and Highlands
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    This tollbooth will be mostly on the highway, so remember to keep up your top
    speed. Otherwise there's not much left to explain about this tollbooth race.
    Race # 5
    Highway 5 and Forest Green
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    There's a shortcut near the Golf Country Club. This tollbooth is also on the
    highway so keep your top speed up. If you have trouble tune your car then. 
    Athough this is easier than the last tollbooth race you did.
    Race # 6
    Diamond and State
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    Remember to save your NOS for the speed cameras. Don't crash into cars, don't
    get your top speed get too low, you'll always need to keep up a good top 
    speed in speedtrap races. This is a quite easy speedtrap, it's also your
    first speedtrap race in career mode so enjoy this race.
    Race # 7
    Forest and Ironwood
    Reward: $2500
    Cop probability: Low
    Another speedtrap. Slightly tougher than the last speedtrap race, but still
    easy. You'll want to avoid the shortcut, because you'll probably lose some
    speed and you can't risk losing any of your top speed.
    Milestones  (HD19N)
    Number of milestones: 5
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Milestone # 1
    Trade Paint
    Reward: 11000 bounty
    Objective: Trade paint with 4 police vehicles then evade the pursuit to gain
    this milestone.
    Quite easy, even at heat level 1 you'll have 5 cops on your back. There's no
    way you could possibly have any problems with this milestone, if you do, then
    sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
    Milestone # 2
    Reward: 11000 bounty
    Objective: Get 5000 bounty in a single pursuit then evade the pursuit to 
    complete this milestone.
    Once again easy. Stay on the highways if you can't get enough bounty by the 
    time you accidently evade the pursuit. Don't immobilized cars for bounty or 
    you might accidently evade the pursuit.
    Milestone # 3
    Pursuit Evasion
    Reward: 11000 bounty
    Objective: Evade a pursuit in less than 4 minutes to complete this milestone.
    Simple using pursut breakers.
    Milestone # 4
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 5000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at 108 MPH or higher.
    Really simple, the only way you could have trouble is if your car isn't 
    upgraded enough to get the nessicary speed.
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 5000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at 105 MPH or higher.
    See the above milestone.
    Races Against Vic  (R57NQ)
    Race # 1
    Union and Hollis
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    Avoid the truck shortcut. Everything else about this race should be easy.
    Nice, short and easy. Watch out for traffic, and use that speedbreaker on a 
    few blind/tight corners. Don't be surprised if Vic gets ahead of you at one
    Race # 2
    Heritage and Campus
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probability: None
    This race is easier than the first sprint race against Vic. Just use your 
    speedbreaker on tight turns and take that shortcut on your left near the 
    middle of the race. Woosh! Beaten # 13 on the Blacklist. Be sure to get Vic's
    car, it'll help you out alot.
    SMS Messages  (K5V2K)
    From: Rog
    Subject: Taz didn't see that comin'.
    I'm impressed. Taz underestimated you and paid the price. Make sure you 
    never do the same. I'll hook up with you later. 
    From: Rog
    Subject: You wanna see the ocean?
    Hey, it's Rog! Here's the deal. The next Blacklist racer holds the key to 
    Camden Beach. Smoke'm and the next borough is yours. I'll see if I can dig 
    something up on him. We'll talk later.
    From: Vic
    Subject: Stay out of my way and we're cool.
    Yeah, it's Vic here. Keep your mouth shut and listen up. It don't matter to 
    me what you got goin' on with the other guys. You just make sure you stay 
    outta my way. These are my streets, you got that? You just bow out when 
    you're told and everything will be cool.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Camden Beach.
    Hey, you're really holdin' it down out there. I can't believe how deep this
    thing goes. I can't wait to see what the set up is in Camden Beach. I heard
    the odds might be better. We'll see. Keep smokin' these guys out. Razor's
    out there, it's just a matter of time. I'll see ya'.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Straight up.
    Hey, it's me. Look, I'll be straight. I'm all for helpin' someone who's
    been cheated, but I gotta get somethin' outta this deal. You flush out the
    Blacklist and I'll provide you with safe houses. In return, you turn a blind
    eye to any side bets I put down on ya'. It's a perfect deal, you'll see. Get
    that Rog guy to help you out. Just don't let him figure out what's goin' on.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Inside scoop on the cops.
    It's Mia. I got some info on the cops that might help out. You can lose the
    cops by ducking out in hiding spots. You just gotta make sure you're outta
    their line of sight. the're scattered throughout the world. Cruise around
    and scout 'em out. Later.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Pursuit milestones info.
    Hey, I've got some news about those pursuit milestones. Apparently, these 
    things are thrown out there by Blacklist racers. The're challenges to anyone 
    who thinks they got what it takes to beat their records. If you wanna get 
    your name out there, this is the way to do it. The more pursuit milestones 
    you beat, the more notorious you'll become in the Blacklist
    From: Rog
    Subject: Vic's ready to race.
    Alright, Vic's up. He's the meathead I was tellin' you about Razor's knock 
    around guy. He's callin' you out. Run 'm off the Blacklist. That should send 
    a message to Razor and his crew. I'll watch your back until you get this 
    Blacklist Racer 12: Isabel Diaz  (Nicknamed Izzy)  (LOJ79)
    There's two more cars in the car lot that will be unlocked now. The Renault
    Clio V6, and the Toyota Supra. I recommend you upgrade on of your own cars or
    buy that Toyota Supra, it'll help you out alot if you didn't get Vic's 
    pinkslip. You'll also unlocked Camden Beach, so the races might get  tougher
    and they'll be some more tight corners.
    Izzy's Bio.  (DG48J)
    Izzy is definitely a chick you don't want to mess with. She knows 
    everything there is about cars, on and off the road. She's got her ride 
    wired tight. She comes from a long line of race fanatics. Everybody she 
    runs with is either a cousin, friend or uncle. They all stick close so 
    don't get on her bad side.
    Izzy's Car  (LGL6E)
    Izzy drives a Mazda RX-8. It's quite fast, but don't worry, the races will be
    easy. You may however have to restart them sometimes, but usually Izzy will
    get stuck on a few corners during the race. You don't have to win her 
    pinkslip, but it would help you alot. But your Toyota Supra is just as good 
    when you upgrade it.
    Races  (K8436)
    Number of races: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Race # 1
    Omega, 2 laps
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: High
    Becareful, this is your first race in Camden Beach. They'll be many new 
    corners and new areas. The cops show up in this race, so just ignore them. It
    is not a long race, but it has many new tight corners to you, so use your 
    speedbreaker often when you'll need it.
    Race # 2
    Highway 99 and Route 55
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: High
    It's quite an easy tollbooth to win. Just make sure the cop vehicles don't
    flip or slow down your car alot or you'll have a bit of trouble. Otherwise,
    this should be an easy tollbooth to win, also some of this tollbooth takes
    place on a highway, so keep up yout top speed.
    Race # 3
    North Bay and Chase
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: High
    More police will join in on your tollbooth, so ignore them. You'll have to 
    travel a bit more in this tollbooth, but it should still be quite easy. Just
    becareful near the start of this tollbooth race, near the first and second 
    tollbooth there'll be some corners. Use your speedbreaker! It'll help!
    Race # 4
    Highway 4 and Clubhouse
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Woot, no police in this speedtrap. One of the speed cameras is near the start
    so use your NOS and try to get a perfect launch. The speed cameras aren't 
    located after turns, so this race should be easy.
    Race # 5
    Bay Shore and Boardwalk
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Your first drag race. You need to shift manually using the L2 and R2 buttons.
    If you loved Need For Speed Underground and Need For Speed Underground 2 drag
    races then you'll hate these drag races. I don't call them drag races, I call
    them traffic dodging. The cars in drag races have a set location, so remember
    the location of the cars and avoid crashing and you'll be okay.
    Race # 6
    Campus and Challencor
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: Low
    An easy sprint race. Not really much to say, exept for traffic. Remember to 
    use your speedbreaker to avoid crashes.
    Race # 7
    Rock Ridge and Union
    Reward: $3000
    Cop probablility: High
    Most of this sprint is on the highway, so keep up your top speed. Ignore the
    police, they slow you down and soemtimes crash your car. If you're having 
    trouble with this then I think that you should tune up your car a bit.
    Milestones  (H4G7J)
    Number of milestones: 5
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Milestone # 1
    Trade Paint
    Reward: 19000 bounty
    Objective: Tag 8 police vehicles then evade the pursuit to complete this 
    Simple, you might see you have a new heat level. If you're having trouble 
    then see my police guide. Anyways, tagging 8 police vehicles should be easy,
    if you're having trouble wait till the numver of police on you goes down, 
    then tag the police vehicles.
    Milestone # 2
    Pursuit Evasion
    Reward: 19000 bounty
    Objective: Evade a pursuit in less than 3 minutes to complete this milestone.
    Quite easy, do it on heat level 1 if you're having trouble. Using pursuit 
    breakers and you have more space and more pursuit breakers to use in Camden
    Beach as well. You shouldn't have trouble with milestones...yet...
    Milestone # 3
    Pursuit Time
    Reward: 19000 bounty
    Objective: Make a pursuit last for 4 minutes then evade the pursuit to 
    complete this milestone.
    Use heat level 3 for this, so you won't accidently evade the pursuit.
    Milestone # 4
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 5500 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 114 MPH.
    I'm not going to explain about photo tickets anymore, they're pretty easy and
    self explanatory.
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 5500 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 121 MPH.
    Races Against Izzy  (HJ59K)
    Race # 1
    Chase and Britstol
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    A short easy sprint. Sometimes Izzy will get stuck, it's really funny.
    Race # 2
    Diamond, 2 laps
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probability: None
    Another easy race, much longer than the other sprint. Just don't get too 
    cocky or you might lose. 1 Mistake is all it takes for you to lose, just one
    mistake...Anyways, you've beaten Izzy! You don't have to get her pinkslip,
    but it'll help you a bit.
    SMS Messages  (LOJU3)
    From: Mia
    Subject: Nice job.
    Hey, it's me. I heard you got into Camden Beach. Good work. Looks like that 
    Rog guy is pullin' his weight. I hooked you up with another Safe House
    closer to the coast. It saves you from havin' to drive back to Rosewood. 
    Long way to go if the cops are on your tail. Stay alert. You don't want to 
    get caught off guard.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Get more than one car.
    The police track your car. To make it to the top of the Blacklist you gotta 
    have a bunch of cars to drive. When the hear on one car is gettin' high, 
    park it. As you win races and evade the cops with another ride, the parked 
    car will lose heat. Backup cars are also cool to have in case your favorite 
    ride gets impounded. If you don't have a car to drive, it's game over. You 
    need to plan what cars you want and which cars you're gonna upgrade, or else 
    you'll run out of money. Remember, if you're really tight for cash you can 
    always sell one of your cars.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Mia's making some cash.
    Hey, I've been diggin' around and it looks like that Mia chick is layin' alot
    of cash on you. I don't like her. I also found out that she has a real long 
    record. That means the cops are probably watchin' her. I'd stay away if I 
    was you.
    From: Razor
    Subject: Thanks for the wheels!
    It's your pal Razor. Heard you're back in; I hope you enjoyed your vacation. 
    Maybe I should call you sweetheart now, huh? Glad to see you're a sucker for 
    punishment though. And by the way, thanks for the ride. Be seein' ya.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Stay on target.
    Hey. I heard you were rollin' the streets. If Rockport is anything like this
    you're gonna have a lot of worked rides to take out. I hear Razor's been
    rattlin' a lot of people out there. I wouldn't worry about it though. He's 
    just tryin' to throw you off your game. Stay on target. He'll pay soon 
    enough. See ya' later.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Izzy wants to go for it.
    It's me. Looks like that Izzy chick wants too take you on. She's tellin 
    everybody she's gonna kick you back to Rosewood. I wouldn't let that stand 
    for too long. Don't underestimate her just 'cause she's a chick. That girl 
    can drive. I'll call you after you take her out.
    Blacklist Racer 11: Lou Park  (Nicknamed Big Lou)  (9HJ6H)
    Now we're getting somewhere. Already on Blacklist number 11 huh? Let's check
    out the car lot and see the new cars. There's a Mazda RX-8, you can buy it if
    you didn't get Izzy's car, and tune it a little and sell your Toyota Supra. 
    Or if you got Izzy's pinkslip sell her car and tune up your Supra. There's a
    Cadillac STS in the car lot, but I don't recommend you to go and buy it. It
    sucks, really sucks. There's a Ford Mustang GT in the car lot as well, but 
    I'd rather you'd stick with the Toyota Supra or the Mazda RX-8 for now, you 
    just don't have enough money to waste on cars all the time.
    Big Lou's Bio.  (D5JG3)
    This slab of Korean muscle considers himself a real ladies man. He's all 
    show. Rumor has it he panics around the cops and bails on races the first 
    chance he gets. Along with that they say he has problenms working the clutch
    so he's slow off the line. I wouldn't count on it if I was you.
    Big Lou's Car  (AQW3M)
    Big Lou drives a Mitsubishi Eclipse. He's really easy to beat, his car is bad
    you could get his pinkslip, but his car is awful, and you should sell it and
    get money. Big Lou's car is easy to beat, the bad thing is the tracks.
    Races  (KIU3M)
    Number of races: 8
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 5
    Race # 1
    Beacon and Station
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    The starting part of this sprint is tough. There's many tight corners near 
    the start. After all those turns the ending of this sprint will be easy, just
    becareful of those turns near the start. Use your speedbreaker if you have 
    Race # 2
    Hill Crest Boundary, 2 laps
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Pretty easy circuit. Not much to say here, except for traffic. Also, some of
    this course goes on the highway, so keep your top speed high and you'll win
    this race easily.
    Race # 3
    Seaside and Fisher
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: High
    Another easy race. Just watch out for police vehicles, they'll crash into you
    and will lower your top speed, and top speed is very important in speedtrap
    races. NOS should be helpful if a police vehicle lowers your top speed. 
    Becareful though, a few of the speed cameras are loacted near tight corners.
    *Cough*, speedbreaker, *cough*.
    Race # 4
    Chase and Water Front
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Once again, when you're heading to the first tollbooth you have a few corners
    nothing you haven't ever seen before. If you take the shortcut between the
    first and second tollbooth, you might have to cross a billboard. Don't worry,
    it's just a pursuit breaker, but it'll lower your speed alot, don't take the 
    shortcut there.
    Race # 5
    Route 55 and North Bay
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    It should be an easy tollbooth race to beat. The only thing worth menetioning
    is the gas station shortcut between the second and third tollbooths. Use your
    speedbreaker here to avoid crashing your car into the gas station.
    Race # 6
    Bristol and Bay Shore
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Watch out for the 90 degree turn at the end of this sprint race, it may cost
    you the race. Everything else in this race should be quite easy.
    Race # 7
    Heritage and Rosewood
    Reward: $4000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Basically watch out for cars. This is longer than your last drag race you've
    done. You might have to restart this drag race many times to do the traffic.
    Remember, cars respawn in the same locations in drag races.
    Milestones  (PQV48)
    Number of milestones: 5
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 3
    Milestone # 1
    Cost to State
    Reward: 30000 bounty
    Objective: Get a cost to state of 20000 then evade the pursuit to complete 
    this milestone.
    Really easy, crash into stuff. If you want, wait until only 1-5 cops are on
    your back then destroy everything. Going to Rosewood's Circle might help you
    as there's alot of signs and cars.
    Milestone # 2
    Reward: 30000 bounty
    Objective: Dodge 2 roadblocks then evade the pursuit to complete this 
    Easy as well, just drive around the place on heat level 3 and you'll get 
    roadblocks often. Use your speedbreaker, and if you're having trouble see 
    the police section.
    Milestone # 3
    Reward: 30000 bounty
    Objective: Get 4 infractions then evade the pursuit to complete this 
    Easy as well, just see the basic section if you still don't know what 
    infractions are. But you should know what they are, you're on Blacklist 
    number 11 for god's sake.
    Milestone # 4
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 6000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 118 MPH to complete this 
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 6000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 118 MPH to complete this 
    Races Against Big Lou  (LYBD5)
    Race # 1
    Circle Rose, 2 laps
    Reward: $0
    Cop probablility: None
    Easy race, use your speedbreaker often and you'll eventually win this race.
    Race # 2
    Switchback, 3 laps
    Reward: $10000
    Cop probablility: None
    Same course except it's in a different direction and you need to do 3 laps.
    Long race, use your speedbreaker often, and your NOS often as well. After a
    little while you'll win this race and you'll beat Big Lou. No, you don't need
    Big Lou's pinkslip.
    SMS Messages  (567N2)
    From: Rog
    Subject: Nice job finishing Izzy.
    Guess Izzy's racin' days are over. Keep burnin' 'em up. I'll catch you later.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Cross has your file.
    Hey, it's me. I heard that cop, Cross, is takin' a strong interest in you. 
    He drives a Corvette C6, so watch for it. His Street Racin' Unit's on the 
    look for you. If you see those guys, don't let them surround you. They 
    travel in packs of three and always try to box you in. Trust me, that's how 
    they took me out. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Use pursuit breakers wisely.
    By now I'm thinkin you're using the Pursuit Breakers to ditch the cops. 
    Here's the deal on gettin the most outta the Pursuit Breakers. Don't use 'em
    if you don't need to. You might get a few laughs by makin the donut fall 
    down, but save it for when the cops are on your tail and you need some 
    breathing room, or when you're tryin' to lose the last one before backup
    arrives. Learn where the police are in the world and plan your route so that 
    you drive by as many of 'em as possible. When you get to the Pursuit Breaker 
    make sure you got a lot of cops close by you. Makes no sense if they're way 
    behind or in front of you. If you time it right you can get 'em all with one 
    Pursuit Breaker.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Speedtrap race pointers
    Speedtrap racing is a little different than other types of races, gettin 
    across the finish line first doesn'tt determine the winner. The goal is to 
    get the highest total speed recorded through a series of speedtraps. You 
    need to plan your routes to make sure you're at maximum speed when you drive 
    past 'em. Some of the traps are gonna be at the end of a corner slow down so 
    you don't hit the walls and then hit the gas quickly. Your radar detector 
    will warn you about any upcoming speedtraps. Wen it goes off, it's usually a 
    good time to use your nitrous for that extra boost of speed.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Big Lou wants to lock a race.
    Alright, Big Lou wants to lock in a race. He's waitin' for you to make a 
    Blacklist Racer 10: Karl Smit (Nicknamed Baron)  (L05G1)
    There'a another two cars at the car lot. The Mercedez-Benz SL 500, and the
    Mitshubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. You shouldn't buy any of these cars, you
    need to focus on upgrading your own car. And anyways you'll probably want to
    save cash to upgrade Baron's car. 
    Baron's Bio.  (GJ48D)
    This flake calls himself Baron. He's a rich guy from the coast. He  things 
    garage custom is an excuse for being broke. As far as he's  concerned, if 
    it's not name brand, it's nothing. Go show 'm what home grown rides can do.
    Baron's Car  (OMFG4)
    Baron drives a Porche Cayman S. He can be really tough to beat, and you'll 
    want, YOU NEED, his pinkslip. His car is the best car for now. Way better
    than Vic's Supra, and Izzy's Mazda. Baron will also be tough to beat, not
    that though, but still quite tough. Some people I know think Baron is the
    thoughest Blacklist racer to beat, but don't let that scare you.
    Races  (LG95K)
    Number of races: 8
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 5
    Race # 1
    Lap Knockout
    Ocean Hills
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: Low
    The beginning of this race is easy, not much to say, try not to crash into 
    the invisable barriers. The ending of the race however, is full of turns, 
    so I highly recommend you use your speedbreaker. Everything else is quite
    Race # 2
    Lap Knockout
    Bay Shore
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: Low
    There's 3 big jumping shortcuts in this race. Be careful, they're flip your
    car and lose all control, but you'll gain a big lead. I recommend you use 
    this shortcut, be just to use your speedbreaker. This is make you gain a 
    very big lead unless you flipped your car, then you'l probably have a little
    lead from the other racers. Anyways, this is easier than the last knockout
    Race # 3
    Highway 99 and Union
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: Low
    An easy tollbooth race to win. There'll be some tight corners, but they'll 
    be easy. After that near the end it'll be all about speed. This tollbooth 
    race is ridiculously easy.
    Race # 4
    Waterfront and Bristol
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: High
    This tollbooth is once again easy. The only thing you might have to worry 
    about is the police. Just ignore the police and focus on the tollbooths. 
    After you'll have to evade the pursuit, but you already knew that.
    Race # 5
    Stadium and Highway 1
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: High
    This race will have some tight corners, but you should know how to handle 
    them. Police vehicles will join in the race, ignore them and focus on this
    sprint. The police are very annoying in races, very annoying. Oh and near
    33% of the race, this will be a 90 degree turn, be sure to use your 
    speedbreaker to easily take the corner with top possible speed.
    Race # 6
    Hospital Switchback, 3 laps
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Not much to say about this race. Except for don't use the shortcut through
    the hospital, it's not worth it in this circuit race. 
    Race # 7
    North Bay and Seaside
    Reward: $5000
    Cop probablility: Low
    It's been a while since your last speedtrap race. This one is easier than the
    last speedtrap race that you've raced. All of the speed cameras are located
    in straight lines, and this is a fairly short race, very easy.
    Milestones  (QB58N)
    Number of milestones: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Milestone # 1
    Reward: 35000 bounty
    Objective: Get a bounty of 10000 in a single pursuit then evade the pursuit
    to complete this milestone.
    Not that hard, now you can feel free to immobilize those state pursuit 
    vehicles for bounty. 2500 Per vehicle, can't complain.
    Milestone # 2
    Cost to State
    Reward: 35000 bounty
    Objective: Get a cost of state of 30000 in a single pursuit then evade the 
    pursuit to complete this milestone.
    Smash and bash everything. The easiest way to stack up your cost to state is
    to drive over to Rosewood's Circle, then smash the signs, mailboxes, lamps,
    and citizen vehicles. Also immobilizing state pursuit vehicles racks up a 
    nice amount of cost to state.
    Milestone # 3
    Pursuit Time
    Reward: 35000 bounty
    Objective: Make a pursuit last 5 minutes or longer, then evade the pursuit
    to complete this milestone.
    Do this while doing the other milestones. Not hard, maybe tougher than the 
    other milestones for the other Blacklist racers, but still easy to complete.
    Milestone # 4
    Reward: 35000 bounty
    Objective: Go through 4 roadblocks then evade the pursuit to complete this
    Simple, remember to use your speedbreaker while you go through roadblocks,
    it will help you alot. 
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 8000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 108 MPH to complete this 
    Milestone # 6
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 8000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 114 MPH to complete this 
    Milestone # 7
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 8000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 139 MPH to complete this 
    Races Against Baron  (GL49C)
    Race # 1
    North Bay and Harbour
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    The start of this race takes part in Rosewood's Circle. Be sure to use all
    the shortcuts, including that parking lot shortcut near the very beginning of
    the race. Be sure to take that shortcut at the end as well. Remember to keep
    your top speed up, and Baron will fall behind your car.
    Race # 2
    Harbour and Ocean
    Reward: $12000
    Cop probability: None
    Not much to say, be careful about the traffic. Use your speedbreaker and this
    race should be a piece of cake to win. Now you've beaten Baron, you NEED his
    car, it'll help you signifigantly in the upcoming races and Blacklist racers.
    Now, onto the SMS messages.
    SMS Messages  (5GK52)
    From: Razor
    Subject: Things are gonna get rough.
    Well, well, well looks like the hero boy is movin' up in the world, huh? 
    Don't get too excited punk, you still ain't rollin' my streets. And if I 
    have anything to say about it...you never will.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Getting your heat down.
    Pay attention to the heat of the car you're drivin', each car you own has 
    it's own heat level. The best way to keep the cops off your back is to make 
    sure you don't let your heat get too high for the car you're drivin'. Each 
    time your heat moves up a level, police tactics and vehicles step-up too. You
    can cool your ride's heat by driving a different car and by winning races or
    evading pursuits. If you wanna cool-it-down faster, change it looks, 
    different paint, body kits, spoilers, etc. Now all changes make the same 
    difference, but they all help. Remember, if you're gonna lower the heat of a
    car then make sure you drop it down a level for the best results against the 
    From: Rog
    Subject: Baron's dying to race you.
    Alright, you got that Baron guy's attention. He's dying to race you. Don't 
    Blacklist Racer 9: Eugene James (Nicknamed Earl)  (KQ2ME)
    Now we're onto the one digit Blacklist racers. It'll be getting tougher, 
    both the races and milestones. They'll be 3 new cars in the car lot that you
    have now unlocked. The Vauxhall Monaro VXR, Pontiac GTO, and the Porsche
    Cayman S. The Vauxhall Monaro VXR is one of the worst cars in the entire 
    game, I'd rather drive a...I'd better not say, let's talk about the GTO. Now
    the GTO is a great car, when you upgrade it, however you might want to save
    money on yourself and wait for the better cars. Now the Cayman S is a super
    great car to buy if you didn't get the Baron's pinkslip. The Cayman S will
    help you alot through the game, I drove the Cayman S until Blacklist 
    number 5. Now, let's see what's the deal with your next Blacklist racer, 
    Earl. You beat Earl, and then you'll get into Rockport.
    Earl's Bio.  (LK5N2)
    This guy hails from the lower eastside of Rockport but not rides on the
    coast. He's a big fan of imports and goes out of his way to take on the big
    Note: Gee, that's a short bio.
    Earl's Car  (Y684M)
    Earl will be driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, this is a really
    bad car. Earl however, will still be a little hard to beat, as the tracks 
    you'll race him on will be long and full of many hard turns. I personally
    had a lot of trouble when I first raced Earl. Don't bother getting his 
    pinkslip, his car sucks.
    Races  (MGK68)
    Number of races: 8
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 5
    Race # 1
    Dunwich Bay, 2 laps
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Another easy race to win. Just watch out for a very sharp turn near the end
    of the race. This race is a little long, but not as long as the races you
    will be doing near the very end of this game ;).
    Race # 2
    Seaside and Camden
    Reward: $1500
    Cop probablility: Low
    Watch out again for traffic. You usually don't need to use NOS in this race
    but you might need to. Use your speedbreaker if you're sbout to crash into
    a car and you might have enough time to turn.
    Race # 3
    Skyview and Waterfront
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: High
    A nice, eays, and short tollbooth race to win. The time for the beginning 
    tollbooth and the last 2 tollbooths might seem intimatating, but don't 
    worry. Ignore the police in this race, don't let the police lower your speed
    or do anything that will cause you to crash into a wall or anything...
    Race # 4
    Sea Gate and Horn
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Yay, another speedtrap. The speed cameras near the end of the races will be
    after some turns. The key is speedbreaker + NOS. After you use your 
    speedbreaker you must use your NOS to keep your car balenced and to gain if
    not lose any speed. Harder than your last speedtrap race you've done.
    Race # 5
    Hollis and Chanecellor
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: High
    Easier than the last speedtrap race you've done. It's really easy, except 
    for the police. Ignore the police, once again don't let them lower your 
    speed. The police in a speedtrap race can be deadly if used in the correct
    manner. Anyways near the beginning of this speedtrap race a speed camera 
    will be near a turn, other than those things, everything should be quite 
    Race # 6
    Bristol and Route 55
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Possibly the longest tollbooth you've had, so far. Don't worry, usually the
    bigger the tollbooth the easier it can be completed, except for the 
    challenge series' races. Watch out near the end of this tollbooth race, 
    you have to cross the Prison shortcut, use your speedbreaker.
    Race # 7
    Boundary, 3 laps
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: Low
    No shortcuts are in this race, watch out for some sharp turns near the
    middle and the end of the race, they can make you lose the race. Hey, be
    happy, at least there aren't any police vehicles in this circuit race.
    Race # 8
    Lap Knockout
    Fisher Road
    Reward: $6000
    Cop probablility: Low
    A very long race, but not that long compared to the races near the end. 
    Anyways the Prison shortcut is open, you can gain a huge lead, but be 
    careful not to flip your car while going on the shortcut. Other than that 
    shortcut, there are no other shortcuts.
    Milestones  (08M2C)
    Number of milestones: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Milestone # 1
    Trade Paint
    Reward: 46000 bounty
    Objective: Hit 12 police vehicles then evade the pursuit to complete this
    Not hard, you should be able to complete this milestone in one police wave,
    they shouldn't need to call for backup.
    Milestone # 2
    Reward: 46000 bounty
    Objective: Gain 30000 bounty in a pursuit then evade the pursuit to complete
    this milestone.
    Immobilizing police pursuit vehicles gets you quite alot of bounty, it'll be
    easier to complete then you'd think.
    Milestone # 3
    Pursuit Evasion
    Reward: 46000 bounty
    Objective: Evade a pursuit in less than 3 minutes to complete this
    Try to do this on heat level 1 if you're haivng trouble completing this on 
    heat level 3.
    Milestone # 4
    Reward: 46000 bounty
    Objective: Go through 6 roadblocks then evade the pursuit to complete this
    Easy to do, be sure to use your speedbreaker to easily smash through the 
    police vehicle roadblocks.
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 16000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 149 MPH
    Milestone # 6
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 16000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 136 MPH
    Milestone # 7
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 16000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 139 MPH
    Races Against Earl  (8MWN2)
    Race # 1
    North Bay Cannery
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    Very easy speedtrap race to beat, Earl's car sucks really bad, he shouldn't
    score many points. You can easily beat this race without any troubles.
    Race # 2
    Camden and Route 55
    Reward: $16000
    Cop probability: None
    A long sprint, many turns and everything I was saying before. Earl usually
    goes to the truck shortcut, so you can pass him there, and remember, if you
    fall behind you're usually not going to catch up to Earl again. This is 
    probably the longest sprint race you've ever done so far, it'll take around
    4-6 minutes to complete this race so don't get tired and lose your focus.
    Good you've beaten Earl, you're in the top 10 in the Blacklist, and you've
    also unlocked Rockport! You've also unlocked heat level 4.
    SMS Messages  (LG59K)
    From: Mia
    Subject: Top 10.
    Hey, you've cracked the top 10. I had no idea the set up on coast went this
    deep. Keep up the good work. I'll be in touch.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Police chopper info.
    Hey, you're really makin' a mark out there. I got some info on that police 
    chopper. If they're on you, just duck out under some cover. They may be 
    fast, but they can't see through objects. Just make sure they don't see you 
    drivin' into the spot or they'll call in ground units.
    From: Mia
    Subject: Great run.
    Hey, it's me. Great run. I'd love to see the look on Razor's face now. Keep 
    it up. Rockport is just around the way. I gotta go, later.
    From: Earl
    Subject: Whole lot of green.
    Earl here, wassup? Didn't think it would be easy did ya? Let's see you hold 
    it down after the word goes out that you're worth a whole lot of green. See 
    ya fight your way outta that.
    From: Rog
    Subject: #9 doesn't think he can take you.
    #9's ready. He's heard all the hype and the word is he's not so sure he can 
    take you. Jump him right away. He's the only guy stoppin' you from gettin' 
    into Rockport. Let's get this done.
    Blacklist Racer 8: Jade Barret (Nicknamed Jewels)  (LY7M5)
    We're half way through the Blacklist (rounded up). There's 2 cars that 
    you've unlocked in the car lot. The Subaru WRX STI Impreza, and the Mazda
    RX-7. You shouldn't buy any of these cars, even if you have the money. Just 
    stick with your Porsche Cayman S, and upgrade it a bit. Jewels should be an
    easy Blacklist racer to beat, except for her drag for some people. You've
    unlocked heat level 4 so milestones should be much harder to beat now.
    Jewels' Bio.  (58MG2)
    This sweet thing goes by the name Jewels. She's all about big block and 
    muscle. She's got a lot of mileage under her wheels so don't be tempted to 
    do anything stupid. She's got some serious power under her hood.
    Jewels' Car  (0975M)
    Jewel drives a For Mustang GT. You can try to win her pinkslip if you'd like
    but in my personal opinion the Fort Mustang GT isn't that good of a car. 
    Jewel will be easy to beat, the only thing people complain about Jewels is 
    the drag race you must do with her and how the van always hits them...you 
    know...makes me laugh everytime complains and asks how to avoid it...no 
    offence intended.
    Races  (46JD1)
    Number of races: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 5
    Race # 1
    Lap Knockout
    Cascade, 3 laps
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Thing is a long tough course. It'll have many hard corners and turns for you
    but it shouldn't be too hard. If you have your Porsche Cayman S, then this
    race will be a piece of cake. Remember to use your speedbreaker on some of
    the turns. Remember to not make any big mistakes that'll make you fall in 
    last place!
    Race # 2
    Lap Knockout
    Highway 200, 3 laps
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Just like the other lap knockout race, except this one is slitghtly longer,
    and also can be slightly harder. The same rules apply to this race just like
    the other lap knockout race.
    Race # 3
    Dunwich and Bayshore
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    An easy speedtrap to beat. All of the speed cameras are loacated in easy,
    straight places, so you really shouldn't have any trouble with this race. 
    There's a shortcut you should use near the middle of the race to help 
    increase your top speed and your lead...not that lead isn't good...or bad...
    Race # 4
    Rose and Rock Ridge
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: High
    Once again, you'll have to beat a speedtrap race while dealing with the
    police. This time the police will be heat level 4 if you havn't of noticed.
    Unless you painted your car, be sure to paint your car, it'll help alot 
    since police vehicles tend to ram you and make you crash, making you lose 
    your top speed. Watch out, some of the speed cameras will be located after
    turns. This is defenatly harder than the last speedtrap race you've raced 
    Race # 5
    Heritage and Diamond
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Very easy sprint race to beat. The only important factor that's worth 
    mentioning is the prision shortcut at the end. You'll have to use this 
    shortcut, but be careful not to crash or flip your car or anything bad.
    Race # 6
    Union and Highway 99
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    Another easy race to win! Be sure to keep your top speed high in the last
    few tollbooths on the highway near the end of this tollbooth. Even easier if
    you have the Porsche Cayman S car.
    Race # 7
    Waterfront and Highway 99
    Reward: $8000
    Cop probablility: Low
    The starting part of this tollbooth race can be a little hard, but it should
    be quite easy unless you crash your car alot. The ending is the same as the
    last tollbooth race, and takes place on the highway again. Remember to once
    again keep up your top speed.
    Milestones  (65N3F)
    Number of milestones: 7
    Target to challenge Blacklist racer: 4
    Milestone # 1
    Trade Paint
    Reward: 60000 bounty
    Objective: Hit 18 police vehicles then evade the pursuit to complete this
    Becareful, because you're on heat level 4 now. Read my pursuit FAQ section
    if you're realy having trouble with this milestone. It should be really easy.
    Milestone # 2
    Pursuit Time
    Reward: 60000 bounty
    Objective: Make a pursuit last 6 minutes then evade the pursuit to complete
    this milestone.
    Do this milestone while doing the other milestones. 6 minutes actually isn't
    really much time. Just be careful again since it's your first time on heat
    level 4.
    Milestone # 3
    Spike Strip
    Reward: 60000 bounty
    Objective: Go through 2 police spike strips and then evade the pursuit to 
    complete this milestone.
    Easy again, just use your speedbreaker to steer away from the spikes. You 
    must be on heat level 4 for spike strips to appear.
    Milestone # 4
    Reward: 60000 bounty
    Objective: Get 5 infractions then evade the pursuit to complete this
    Easy to do, I recommend that you do: speeding, exsessive speeding, resisting
    arrest, hit and run infractions. Those are the easiest to complete.
    Milestone # 5
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 24000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 147 MPH to complete this 
    Milestone # 6
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 24000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 147 MPH to complete this 
    Milestone # 7
    Photo Ticket
    Reward: 24000 bounty
    Objective: Go through the speed camera at over 132 MPH to complete this 
    Races Against Jewels  (J7HN3)
    Race # 1
    Camden and Ironwood
    Reward: $0
    Cop probability: None
    Don't worry, it's a nice short easy to beat sprint race. Jewels is usually
    slow and you'll flying way ahead of her. So you'll have no worries about
    this race....now onto her drag race...MUHAHAHAHAHAAA....I mean...haha...erm.
    Race # 2
    Union and Rock Ridge
    Reward: $20000
    Cop probability: None
    This is going to be a very hard drag race. It wasn't for me when I first
    played this, but many people whine to me and complain how hard it is to beat
    this challenge. Use the same rules for any drag race except near the end of
    the race there will be a van or citizen vehicle. There are ways to get past
    this. See, this van crosses your path and your car gets totaled..alot...and
    since cars respawn in the same spot...you get the picture. Now, to overcome
    this van you must use your speedbreaker to go on the side walk. You must 
    race super fast to get there before the van gets there. Or you could wait
    until Jewels totals her car and go slowly across the drag. Either way works.
    SMS Messages  (O964N)
    From: Mia
    Subject: Way to go!
    It's Mia. Way to go. You're officially #9 on the Blacklist. Take a good look
    around Rockport City. I hooked up another Safe House for you. It's nearby. 
    Get familiar with the location. You might have to get there in a hurry. 
    From: Mia
    Subject: This Blacklist crew is organized.
    It's Mia. Can you believe this? I never knew that Rockport set up was so 
    tight. These racers have everything planned out. I rolled these streets for 
    a long time and never knew this was going on. Get out there and see how far 
    this goes. I'll catch up with you later.
    From: Razor
    Subject: That Rog guy.
    What's up, it's me. Yeah I know that Rog guy he's watching your back. I'm 
    just wonderin' you know, why's he doin' it. It's a little weird if you ask 
    me. But then again, who am I to judge. Maybe you guys met in jail. Later.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Razor's paying people off to take you down.
    Hey, I just got word that Razor is paying guys off to take you out. I don't
    know how deep it goes, so watch yourself. Don't trust anyone until this
    blows over. I'll catch up with you later.
    From: Rog
    Subject: Jewels is ready to race.
    Yo! You're up. Jewels is ready when you are. She may be a sweet girl but 
    remember, take her out and you're #8 on the Blacklist.
    Challenge Series (CHLLR)
    The challenge series has nothing to do with career mode. You must complete
    certain challenges (only time trials, a sprint, and milestones). You don't
    have to complete the challenge series. Beating the challenge series only 
    unlocks 1 car, only useable in quick race. I'll list all of the challenges.
    Walkthroughs for the challenge series will come later.
    The Police Guide (GYJD3)
    Here's the actual police guide. It contains alot of information about police
    vechicles to police tactics and how to evade pursuits and all that stuff. I
    recommend you read this section very thoroughly if you have trouble on 
    Police Vechicles   (GFG3U)
    This section will explain in depth information about police vechicles. The 
    amount of bounty for immobilizing a certain police vechicle, and how hard 
    they are, and how tough they'll be.
    Police Civic Cruiser  (PPGD3)
    Police Civic Cruisers first appear at heat level 1 and only heat level 1. 
    Ramming into these at 50-100 MPH will instantly immobilize them. These cops
    have terrible control and crash into walls alot. They have slow acceleration
    and have trouble keeping up with you if you're going above 100MPH. No need to
    use pursuit breakers on these police as you can immobilize them by ramming 
    into them. You get 500 bounty for immobilizing a police Civic cruiser. Only 5
    of these cops can chase you at one time. Any more is a glitch. 
    Undercover Police Civic Cruiser   (FKRJ5)
    Undercover police Civic cruisers appear at heat level 2 and only level 2. 
    Ramming into these will sometimes immobilize them, but not as often as
    regular police Civic cruisers. These cars are coloured black/dark blue. These
    cops have better control than normal civic cruisers, but these shouldn't be 
    too hard, in fact it should be quite easy handling these cars. These cars 
    also have faster acceleration than the normal Civic cruisers. These cars will
    start using rolling roadblocks and roadblocks on you; if you're having
    trouble with them see that section. Only use the pursuit breakers when you 
    really need them. You get 1000 bounty for immobilizing a undercover police 
    Civic cruiser. Only 10 undercover police Civic cruisers can chase you at one
    Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser   (LD46F)
    Now it's a big step up from the Civics. These cars weight more and don't get
    pushed easily. Police GTOs appear at heat level 3 and only at heat level 3. 
    Ramming them at higher speeds (150 MPHish) will sometimes immobilize them. 
    These cops are much more agile and faster than your old civics. These make 
    more roadblocks and use rolling roadblocks much more often on you. Use the 
    pursuit breakers often; these cars don't get immobilized easily and you have 
    a large cluster of them on you at one time. 15 GTOs can chase you at once; 
    but sometimes it goes higher when you see SUVs and smash through roadblocks 
    (glitch). You'll get 2500 bounty for every police pontiac GTO cruiser you 
    Undercover Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser   (L365F)
    These are just like regular GTOs exept these weight more and are harder to 
    immobilize. You should now use pursuit breakers to immobilize them, you'll 
    sometimes immobilize them by ramming into them at high speeds, but only very
    rarely. They now put spike strips in their roadblocks, see that section if 
    you need help. Getting out of undercover police Pontiac GTO rolling 
    roadblocks is a challenge. 20 of these cars can chase you at once. You also
    get a whopping 5000 bounty for each undercover police Pontiac GTO cruiser
    you immobilize. Remember, don't underestimate these cars.
    Police Corvette   (ERGH3)
    Now, it's a GIANT step up from GTOs. These Corvettes can be a living hell. 
    Trust me these Corvettes are hard for most people, but not for me ;). Now, 
    these Corvettes can travel very fast, and their AI is very good. They'll use
    rolling roadblocks, roadblocks, and spike strips alot more often. Every 1/100
    times you'll immobilze a corvette. Always use pursuit breakers to immobilize 
    these cars. You'll never get out of a rolling roadblock with corvettes, trust
    me, it's hard. 25 Corvettes chase you at once. You get a nice 20000 bounty 
    for immobilizing one Corvette. Be careful around these Corvettes. Be very 
    Undercover Police Corvette   (LJK35)
    I really don't see much of a difference between these and normal police
    corvettes...Except these are heavier and faster as always. They can also use
    roadblocks, spikestrips, and rolling roadblocks alot more. Don't even try to
    ram one of these. Trust me, don't. Use pursuit breakers to reduce the amount
    of cars on your back. You get 25000 bounty for immobilizing one undercover
    police Corvette. These can be a little tougher than normal Corvettes, but 
    don't underestimate these cars either, they're tougher thsn normal Corvettes.
    Cross   (CRSS25)
    Cross drives a black Corvette. He appears in heat levels 5,6 and 7. He stays
    behind you rather than using tactics on you and he records what you do and
    tells the police force via radio what to do. He's the most skilled driver in
    roadblock according to the loading screens, but his car is lighter than a
    regular police corvette, just do a 180 and ram him if you get a chance. If 
    you immobilize him he won't appear until you evade and do another pursuit.
    You get 100000 bounty for immobilizing him, you get 200000 for immobilizing a
    police car then immobilizing Cross in a combo. You get 300000 for
    immobilizing 2 police cars then Cross' car in a combo. Complicated I know...
    SUVs   (B456G)
    Light   (KDL35)
    Light SUVs come for you at heat level 3. These go at 150-200 MPH and ram you
    in the hood of your car hood to stop you off cold. Ramming these back will
    usually end in the SUV getting immobilized, but don't ram them back. Just in
    case...these come in at 2 at a time and after they smashed you, they drive 
    away from you and reappear later. These can appear in roadblocks aswell, and
    if you need help on roadblocks, see the section on roadblocks. You get 10000
    bounty for immobilizing one.
    Heavy  (PFO34)
    Heavy SUVs come to ram you at heat level 4,5, and 6. These go faster than
    the light SUVs, and these are heavier. Avoid these at all costs unless you 
    want to be busted. These still come at 2 at a time and if they smash you they
    will drive off unless you're on heat 6. If you're on heat level 6 they'll 
    chase you like cops instead of ramming you. These appear in roadblocks and
    spikestrips. Becarful and once again, don't underestimate them. You get 20000
    bounty for immobilizing one on heat levels 4 and 5. You get 25000 bounty if 
    you immobilize one on heat level 6.
    Other Police Vechicles (FGD46)
    This section contains information of "other" police vechicles, so far the 
    only other police vechicle is the police helicopter.
    Helicopter (HCG54)
    The police helicopter comes at heat levels 4 and above. You can't immobilize
    a helicopter. The helicopter sends extra police cars to get you and helis
    make it harder for you to evade the pursuit. You need to keep driving until
    the helicopter runs out of gas and goes away to refuel. At heat levels 5 and
    above it rams you. Dodge it, if it rams you you'll probably spin out of
    control. There's a glitch where a helicopter can be part of a roadblock/
    spikerstrip, don't hit the helicopter. It's like hitting a wall and you'll 
    get busted. Only 1 helicopter can chase you at a time. Heading in a tunnel
    or overpass with no police cars watching you to evade the helicopter early.
    Police Bounty For Immobilizing Police Vechicles (PBFIPV)
    Police Civic Cruiser                   - 500
    Uncover Police Civic Cruiser           - 1000
    Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser             - 2500
    Undercover Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser  - 5000
    Police Corvette                        - 20000
    Undercover Police Corvette             - 25000
    SUV Light                              - 10000
    SUV Heavy                              - 20000
    Supercharged Heavy SUV                 - 25000
    Cross                                  - 100000/200000/300000
    Heat Level-Police Car Chart  (HL5PC)
    Police Civic Cruiser                    1
    Uncover Police Civic Cruiser            2
    Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser              3
    Undercover Police Pontiac GTO Cruiser   4
    Police Corvette                         5
    Undercover Police Corvette              6
    SUV Light                               3
    SUV Heavy                               4-6
    Supercharged Heavy SUV                  7
    Cross                                   5-7
    Maxiumum Police Cars Per Heat Chart  (MPCPH)
    1               5
    2               10
    3               15
    4               20
    5               25
    6               30
    7               35
    Police Tactics  (PF36F)
    This part will explain the tactics the police will use against you to try to
    bust you with. Some of these tactics are deadly and will easily get you
    busted if overlooked. Later I might add more tactics if I find anymore.
    Rolling Roadblocks  (WNS26)
    On heat levels 2 and higher police use rolling roadblocks on you. A rolling 
    roadblock has nothing to do with a roadblock. It's when a group of police
    cars box you in from all corners to slow you down and bust you. Find a hole
    to squeeze through. But on higher heat levels prevent too many police cars 
    from going too close to you because at higher heat levels you can't escape
    their rolling roadblocks. You can hear the police when they say they're going
    to do a rolling roadblock. Also, use the speedbreaker to make sharp turns at
    high speeds to avoid them from grouping around you. Remember the rear ends
    of the police cars are weak; hit the rear to push a police car out of the way
    to also avoid these rolling roadblocks. Remember, rolling roadblocks are very
    deadly at higher heat levels as the police cars are heavy, but don't worry,
    there are many ways to avoid rolling roadblocks stated above.
    Roadblocks (C364F)
    On heat levels 2 and above the police will use roadblocks on you to try to
    bust you. Roadblocks are police grouped in a line blocking the road, when you
    see one you'll know what I mean. Hit the cars in the rear as the rear ends 
    weigh less than the front. Use the speedbreaker to aim for the rear when 
    you're going at very high speeds. It's important you hit the rear or you'll 
    flip around and get busted if you hit a police car's front engine. Trust me
    roadblocks are hard in higher heat levels as the police cars will weight 
    more. Be going at LEAST 50 MPH to hit a roadblock, otherwise do a 180. You 
    can also use the speedbreaker to aim for a hole in the roadblock to squeeze
    through on heat levels 2 and 3. You'll find out why when you reach level 4 
    and their spikestrip roadblocks. Remember watch out if the roadblock has SUVs
    hitting more than one SUV light or heavy will usually result in you going to 
    0 MPH and getting rolling roadblocked and ending up getting busted.
    Spike Strips (SPKSE)
    On heat levels 4 and higher police will use spikestrips. Spikestrips are 
    small metal spikes on the ground in a roadblock. Hitting a spikestrip will
    flatten out your tires and you'll not be able to accelerate and you'll get 
    busted. It's possible to hit a spikestrip with 1 tire and evade the pursuit,
    but it's hard. Use the speedbreaker to aim for a police car to hit. Don't 
    look for holes as they probably have spikestrips in them. Spikestrips are
    the most deadly police tactic in the game. You could do an hour pursuit with
    10-20 million bounty and hit a spikestrip and get busted. Beware of the 
    SUV Tactics (FHE2K)
    On heat level 3 and higher the police will use SUVs. The SUVs ram you head-on
    to your car's hood. If they get a good hit you'll be stopped cold. The SUVs 
    travel at 150-200 MPH. After they hit you or miss you they'll drive away and
    come back later. Use the speedbreaker to do a sharp turn to dodge them. Don't
    underestimate SUVs, they're very heavy and you don't want to get busted. They
    don't appear on the GPS so you need to pay close attension to make sure you
    watch out for any SUVs that are heading your way. Remember to always conserve
    your speedbreaker, you'll never know when you'll need it. You'll need to pay
    more attension at heat level 4 and 5 than 3. On heat level six however, 
    things get different. They don't ram you head on at heat level 6. They'll be
    like normal cops, they'll chase you and use the rolling roadblock on you. 
    Except the heat level 6 SUVs are the heaviest police vechicle able to be 
    immobilized. Don't worry, just concentrate on making sure the SUVs don't keep
    up with you; they're slow, it takes a while for them to build up their good
    Radio   (BFH45)
    Police use radio to communicate with each other on all the heat levels, pay
    close attension as it can tell you when an SUV is coming, or which side of 
    the road has a spikestrip. But on higher heat levels the police use codes; 
    number codes...I'm going to list them. Be sure to remember these codes, it
    can be the key to evading the police. Please email me if you have any more 
    codes or if any of these codes are incorrect. My T.V is old and it's a little
    hard to hear some of the codes at times (like when there's a helicopter). 
    Update: I've been playing some pursuits for my guide, and I wrote down some
    of their codes. Please email me if any of these codes are wrong so I can 
    replace them.
    Police 10 Codes Section (P10CS)
    This section will contain the polices' 10 codes. Useful if you want to know
    what they're talking about on the radio.
    10 67- If the police say this then they're going to put up a roadblock, on 
    higher heat levels they'll say this if they're going to put up a spike strip:
    example: "10 67 on the left, repeat, 10 67 on the left!".
    10 75- If the police say "10 75!", then they'll put up a rolling roadblock on
    you, becareful.
    10 59- When you hear the cops say this, it means they're going to do the PIT
    move on you. 
    10 73- Same as 10 67...
    10-65- This means a SUV will be heading your way. Keep that finger on your
    PIT moves (LD34F)
    A PIT move is when a car rams the rear of your car at a certain angle to 
    make your car spin out. At heat levels 2 and higher they do they alot. Use
    NOS to quickly avoid it. There's no way to tell when they're going to do the 
    PIT move on you. If they spin out your car use the speedbreaker to regain 
    control of your car. If you dodge it right they'll crash their own car into
    a wall or truck and get immobilized on lower heat levels. You can also brake
    and ram them back at lower heat levels. This police tactic the police use 
    is one of the least dangerous tactic.
    Tactical Police Tactics Chart  (TPTC4)
    Now, this is a chart showing what levels the police will use certain tactics 
    on you. Useful for quick reference without scrolling through the whole guide,
    even if my guide is only...50KBs as of yet...
    Rolling Roadblocks       2+
    Roadblocks               2+
    Spike Strips             4+
    SUV Tactics              3+
    Radio                    All
    PIT moves                2+
    Surviving Tips (SVG35)
    This section will teach you how to remain unbusted in pursuits. This is like
    a conbination of heat levels and police tactics. This section can help you
    quite alot on those hard milestones you're never able to complete without
    getting busted. This is really about endurance in pursuits..good section to
    help you on your Rap Sheet and Career mode. Enjoy!
    Heat Level 1  (LOW2G)
    Now, surviving a heat level 1 pursuit is quite easy. In fact you might 
    accidently evade a heat level 1 pursuit, and I'm not surprised by that. The 
    only way for you to get busted is if you press the reset button or if the 
    police do a dirty move on you (like ram you into the wall and your car will
    be at 90 degrees, but your car can't accelerate and the game doesn't auto-
    reset your car). Basically stay on the highways, the cops are harder to lose
    on the highway, and you'll usually accidently evade heat level 1 pursuits.
    Heat Level 2  (PYV34)
    Heat 2 is a big step up from heat level 1 if you're a new player to the Need
    For Speed pursuit games. The police will use many new tactics and their
    cars are much better. Stay on the highway so that the roadblocks only cover
    half of the highway road because the highway has so many lanes. Watch out for
    PIT moves and rolling roadblocks and you should be fine. Remember, never let
    more than 2 cars get near you (like infront or to the sides of you).
    Heat Level 3  (LEDX7)
    Heat 3 manly introduces new cars. Their rolling roadblocks can be quite fatal
    if you have just unlocked level 3 heat. The police make many more roadblocks
    so I highly recommend that you should stick to the highways. I personally 
    recommend doing your pursuits on Highway 99 (Rosewell's highway), rather
    than those other highways you've just unlocked in your new Barrow. After you
    beat the game you'll think heat level 3 is nothing, so keep practicing if you
    keep getting busted.
    Heat Level 4  (TJVw3)
    The key once again to maintaining those heat level 4 pursuits is to once 
    again, stay on the highway. Always use your speedbreaker on roadblocks, all
    it takes is one spike strip to end your pursuit. Don't let the helicopter 
    scare you, it can't do anything...yet...The main thing is watching out for 
    those spike strips; they're super deadly X.X!
    Heat Level 5  (UTHL7)
    Stay on the highways for lots of space. Rolling roadblocks will be tough to 
    get out of with 25 police cars on you. Watch out for that helicopter; it
    appears in roadblocks (super rarly), and will hit, yes hit you, swerve around
    a bit to dodge it's hits. WATCH OUT FOR SPIKE STRIPS; USE THE SPEEDBREAKER!!!
    Trust me, most people don't use the speedbreaker, guess what happens to them.
    They get busted and have to beat the game using cheats...
    Heat Level 6 (Challenge Series)  (QEDV3)
    Note: This is for challenge # 69 in the challenge series, not career mode. 
    Now in this challenge you'll have to last 30 minutes in a pursuit. 10 minutes
    in level 5, 20 minutes in level 6. Now, heat levels 5 and 6 aren't that 
    different from each other. Now, the key to last 20 minutes is to save your 
    NOS and speedbreaker for when you really need it. Try to "conserve" your 
    speedbreaker, for expample: after you activate the speedbreaker and smash
    through the spike strip/roadblock immediantly get out of speedbreaker mode.
    Don't waste it. NOS is good for getting out of rolling roadblocks, which are
    as hell to get out of! #.#!
    Heat Level 6 (Career Mode) (QD3VE)
    Same as for challenge series, just only 5 minutes. You only do heat level 6
    once in career mode, and it needs to last for only 5 minutes or higher. 
    Basically the same as challenge series, except for career it's only 5 minutes
    instead of 20 minutes.
    Evading Tips   (DSRB35)
    This section consists of ways to evade the police for each heat level, except
    for heat level 7. It'll also teach you how to evade if you're new to the
    Basic Evasion   (ERJ3D)
    This part of my guide will basically teach you how to evade pursuits. Firstly
    you must have 1 or 2 cops on your tail. You can evade with more cops but it's
    harder. Anyways you can use a pursuit breaker to immobilize your last cop or
    make sharp turns and speed away from the cop. After that, get the hell out of
    where you immobilized your last cop/place you evaded the cops. They'll call 
    in backup which'll send cops at you. After you driven a little bit away from
    your last known location drive slowly at 10-50 MPH. Use your police detector
    to make sure a cop doesn't find you. After a 'cooldown' bar should appear.
    When this bar fills you've evaded your pursuit. The filling speed depends on
    your heat level. If it's filling to slowly use your GPS to find a hiding spot
    and that'll make your cooldown bar fill really fast. Useful for evading level
    5 pursuits. If you go to yoursafehouse while you're cooling down the pursuit
    ends and you'll automatically evade it.
    Helicopter Evasion  (HE4ED) 
    This section basically teaches you the best way to evade helicopters without
    scrolling through the whole guide.
    If you have police on you but you want to evade a helicopter (like if you 
    want to use the Stadium glitch) then keep driving. I recommend you get on the
    highways if you haven't already and keep driving. The helicopter needs to 
    refuel after you travel a certain amount of miles (depends on your heat 
    level). So basically keep driving and you'll lose that helicopter. No, if you
    wait 30 seconds for the helicopter to go away, it won't work. It depends on
    how many miles you go.
    If you don't have any police on you but you need to evade the helicopter to
    evade the pursuit then you'll looking in the correct place! First of all, 
    head to a tunnel/overpass. Wait there for a couple seconds and your detector
    should come up. The helicopter will wait outside the tunnel/overpass and sent
    in backup units against you. Using your trusty detector if a cop is coming 
    you should try to head in a different direction. (Most tunnels or overpasses
    are Y shaped). If not, then stay in the tunnel but avoid getting busted. The
    helicopter will think you escaped somewhere else and will go away. Now evade
    those cops and you're good to go!
    Heat Level 1   (KHDJ1)
    Evading a heat level 1 pursuit is easy. Only 5 cars to evade/immobilize, and
    a nice big backup time. Simply ram all the cars and the bar fills fast. The
    only part is worrying about finding car while in cooling mode. Remember just
    get a mile or two from your last known location. The cooldown bar fills so
    fast it's funny. Sometimes I accidently evade level 1 pursuits with my
    Gallardo. Remember to go into town and stay off the highways, sharp turns 
    help you evade the pursuit. Only stay on the highway if you don't want to end
    the pursuit and you're trying to get milestones on heat level 1, or stay on
    the highway while you're in cooldown mode.
    Heat Level 2 (LHDJ2)
    Evading a level 2 heat pursuit is slightly harder tha evading a level 1 heat
    pursuit. After you immobilize those 10 cars you'll have a large backup time,
    only slightly smaller than the backup time for level 1 heat pursuits. 
    This is be a little more careful. Sometimes you'll find a roadblock in
    cooling down mode, if this happens, just do a 180 and come back to the 
    location which had the roadblock before and it'll proabably be gone. The
    cooling down bar is slower, so if you want you could find a hiding spot, but
    you probably won't have to. Again stay off the highways. Highways are evil!
    But when you're in cooldown mode, highways...are okay :#.
    Heat Level 3   (KH6J4)
    Now it'll get a bit tougher. Firstly you'll need to immobilize 13 or 14 of 
    those police GTOs. You'll need to use a pursuit breaker to get rid of the 
    last car or two. This'll easily fill the evasion bar. Note: The Backup time 
    is shorter than heat level 2's. This is why I recommend you use a pursuit 
    breaker. Now, while you're in cooldown mode roadblocks appear more often,
    and more cops will come to search your last known location. I recommend using
    a hiding spot, it'll make you easily evade a heat level 3 pursuit. Don't
    worry, no SUVs will come. You'll never see an SUV while you're in cooldown 
    mode, except for heat level 7, all the cops in that are supercharged heavy
    Heat Level 4   (KH291)
    Now it's tough. You'll need to immobilize 18 or 19 police cars then use a
    pursuit breaker and get out of there. Lots of undercover cops will search the
    area, sometimes you'll see the helicopter on your GPS fly across you without
    finding you, but sometimes it'll randomly spot you. Backup time is short and
    that helicopter doesn't make it any easier. To avoid a helicopter without 
    cops head for a tunnel or an overpass. Then the helicopter will call backup
    to search that tunnel/overpass, watch out for them and wait a little. After
    a little while the helicopter will fly off thinking you escaped somewhere
    else. To avoid a helicopter with cops on your back, keep driving, the 
    helicopter will eventually run out of gas and goes away to refuel itself.
    No you can't immobilize a helicopter. People say it takes 30 seconds of 
    driving to evade a helicopter but no, it depends how many miles you go. 
    Depending on your heat level will depend how much gas the helicopter has.
    The cooling down bar is really slow, use a hiding spot, or better yet; use 
    your safehouse. Drive to your safehouse while in cooling; but be careful, 
    there's probably alot of police cars looking for you on your way to your 
    safehouse. If you think evading a heat level 4 pursuit is hard, you haven't
    seen anything yet.
    Heat Level 5   (655J1)
    Welcome to living hell. Many people can get milestones, but can't evade a 
    level 5 pursuit for their lives. Even I have trouble 1 in 10 times evading a
    level 5 heat pursuit. Firstly you must immobilize the cars use a pursuit 
    breaker. Then, drive THE HELL AWAY from their. Lots of cops will search for 
    you. Helicopters will search for you. Roadblocks everywhere. Backup time is
    so low. Spikestrips everywhere! Cooldown bar is slower than a greased snail!
    The key is to get the hell out of their. After around 5 miles (use your GPS)
    go to your safehouse or a hidng spot. I recommend going to your safehouse
    because even though their are more police cars on your way to your safehouse
    than the way to your nearest hiding spot, sometimes the police will find you
    at your hiding spot. Yes, it has happened to me many times, mostly on heat 
    level 5. When you're in your hiding spot, usually there's only one way out of
    your hiding spot and the police block it, and there's no space there to 
    accelerate to move that police car out of the way. Then you'll get busted.
    Take my advide; when in cooldown mode, head for your safe house. Feel free to
    immediantly go to your safehouse when you're in cooldown mode, as long as
    it's not near your last known location.
    Heat Level 6 (Career) (SPOILERS) (UBF3P)
    Now, heat 6 in career mode can only be done once in your entire career mode.
    Heat level 6 is the same as in the challenge series. The only thing that's 
    different is the way you evade it. Don't try evading the pursuit, your bar
    will NEVER rise. First of all you should head to Northern Rosewell, this is
    the end of the game you should know where it is. Now, make the pursuit last
    for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes into the pursuit Mia will call you and tell 
    you the only way to evade the police is by using the old bridge. Since you're
    in Rosewell it'll be a very short distance, your speed doesn't matter, but 
    use NOS just in case. After you jump the bridge you'll get a cutscene and 
    you'll evade the pursuit. 
    Heat Level 6 (Challenge Series) (KDDJ1)
    On the last challenge in the challenge series (next to last for you black 
    edition owners), you must last 30...yes 30 minutes in a pursuit. After 10 
    minutes into the pursuit you'll automatically go into heat level 6. Now, as
    I've mentioned before heat 6 and 5...are basically the same thing. Anyways
    when you immobilize all 30 cars and pursuit breaker blah blah you enter 
    cooldown mode. Oh no! This is a challenge in the challenge series! No 
    safehouses to use. When you enter cooldown, you MUST MUST MUST!!! find a 
    hiding spot. I don't like using hiding spots except on lower heat level 
    pursuits but you must use one here. The backup time is super low. Watch out
    for roadblocks and spikestrips, and the cooldown bar is super slow. Keep
    trying, you'll eventually get it.
    Busted    (BTS35)
    This section says what happens if you get busted. After your busted meter 
    rises you'll get a cutscene of the police putting you in their car. The bust
    will be permanent on your Rap Sheet. You'll have to pay a fine for all the
    infractions you did on your car; don't worry it's usually $10000.00 to
    $30000.00 at most. If you can't pay you can use impound marker and you won't
    have to pay anything. If you use a marker you won't get an impound strike on
    your car but if you pay in cash you'll get an impound strike on your car. If
    you have no money and no markers they'll take your car to the impound. If you
    get 3-5 impound strikes on your car they'll take it to the impound. Do some
    races (or redo for that matter) and eventually you'll get a message from your
    SMS that your car can be released from the impound; but you'll have to pay a
    fee. If your only car gets impounded it's game over.
    Glitches                         (GLHSS)
    Stadium Glitch (STAD3)
    Ever wanted to end a level 5 pursuit easily? Well then this is the glitch for
    you! Simply go in the Stadium and activate the pursuit breaker and stay on 
    the Stadium. Don't wander to the road around it. The police try looking for 
    you on that road around the Stadium, they'll never come for you directly in
    the Stadium. The only exception is when you have a helicopter, the helicopter
    can send backup directly inside the Stadium, so make sure no helicopter is on
    you. Here's the link to the Stadium.
    Bus Station Glitch  (HRE35)
    First of all, look in the middle of your world map, for a circle, it's near 
    a bridge that goes to RockPort. Once you find it, you'll find a building with
    glass, break through the glass and go up the ramp. Stay at the very end of 
    that ramp. The police can't get to you and you can score alot of bounty 
    overnight without any work. After you get your desired bounty you'll have to
    evade it the old fashioned way. My description isn't all that good so look on
    the forum to find some topics explaining the glitch. Here's the link of a map
    showing where the Bus Terminal is.
    College Glitch   (COGT3)
    This glitch will also help you attain alot of bounty without any work, in
    Rosewell circle, see that heart shaped road? Enter ad take the left path. 
    After before you see a little jump just before you make the jump hit the 
    reset button. Don't worry, the cops will have taken the jump and are trying 
    to get to you from under the jump. Helicopters just circle around there. 
    Here's the link to where the Rosewell College is.
    More glitchs coming soon! Email glitches to me and I'll give you credit!
    Odd Roadblocks  (O67KB)
    This glitch isn't meant for helping you. Sometimes when randomly in pursuits
    the roadblocks might be made from the cars from your last heat level in that
    pursuit. (Say you started a heat level 4 pursuit then raise it to 5 in one
    pursuit, sometimes you'll still have heat level 4 cars in road when you get
    to level 5 for a few minutes. This doesn't happen often and it's due to when
    the game doesn't load heat level 5 cars properly. Also in this section is 
    sometimes citizen vehicles will be in roadblocks and helicopters will be in
    roadblocks. The helicopter in roadblock glitch might not be a glitch, but the
    citizen one is a glitch for sure. Sometimes trucks crash head-on with 
    roadblocks and go flying 500 feet in the air. Citizens might use rolling 
    roadblocks on you.
    Stadium Bounty  (STDBT)
    This section explains the Stadium Bounty glitch, by yojimbo453.
    Hey I found a way that is most likely already known but im going tell you 
    guys anyway :p . Yes it is to do with the stadium, so here goes. This is how 
    I did it, well anyway it worked for me, as I couldn't beat BL2 until did this
    anyway you start driving along the inner fence from where that ramp that 
    takes you on the highway take any direction, clockwise or anti, but keep 
    going you'll find that a wall block it off from being a perfect circular 
    track, have the cops follow you in this circular circuit :) . But STAY AS 
    CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE FENCE!! because you will avoid roadblocks and spikes,
     now keep going around until you get the desired amount of bounty, but avoid 
    crashing as you may regret it. Now the cool thing about this is that every 
    time you go past the on ramp on the highway, if there is a spike strip or 
    roadblock there, which there usually is at high heat levels, it counted as 
    dodging them even though they are on a different road. And once again that 
    is why you stay close to the fence as possible. 
    To end the pursuit, just simply go into the Stadium and you should get the 
    evade if you doing this reasonably good and then go into the hiding spot 
    which is relatively close to there. Easy. I got 2 million bounty of this. 
    The only bad thing is that sometimes there are cops in the stadium when you 
    are going to end it, especially at high heat levels, which leaves you with 
    only 2 options: 
    1) make a break for it and get out of the stadium, and if you are going to 
    attempt this which I recommend you don't, I suggest you use that ramp to get
     yourself on to the highway. 
    2) Keep on going around and trying again, which is what I did and on my 3 
    time in to it, there weren't any cops. NOTE when you try, and go into the 
    stadium make sure you pass right through , because if you turn around you'll 
    most likely leave the cops there. NOTE 2 if there is only a few cops there 
    just take them out by ramming them. I find that clipping there boot, they 
    flip more easier. NOTE 3 ( don't worry this is the last one :) ) Make sure 
    that when you decide to stop the helicopter isn't there or else it will 
    reveal your location to other cops. 
    No Roadblocks/Spike Strip  (NRSSP)
    Ever just hate those roadblocks or spike strips? Well I recently found a way
    for you to never encounter spike strips! Simply go to Rosewood's Golf Course
    (map coming soon), stick to the Golf Course and there'll be no roadblocks or
    spikestrips. Just becareful of the sand traps, they slow you down, alot. Oh,
    one more thing, SUVs can still get you, so be aware of that. 
    Fequently Asked Questions      (FAQ24)
    Q: I need help with the milestone for Blacklist racer X! 
    A: Read the guide.
    Q: The Bus station glitch doesn't work!
    A: Rarely cops will come up the ramp, the bus station doesn't always work...
    Q: Can I host your guide on my site?
    A: Depends on the site.
    Q: How do I unlock heta level 6 in career mode again?
    A: You can't. The only way to replay heat level 6 is to do the second last
    challenge in the challenge series for black edition owners, last challenge
    for normal game owners.
    Q: What car should I use for pursuits?
    A: It's a matter of opinion, as all cars have max stats with ultimate parts.
    Q: Should I have more than one car?
    A: Yes, using 2 cars for pursuits is better than one.
    Q: What car you do you use for pursuits?
    A: I personally use the Lamborghini Gallardo, and only that car. But you can
    choose whatever car you like; all cars can have max stats. I like the 
    Lamborghini Gallardo because it has the best handling in the game, in my
    opinion, because it has alot of handling in stock version.
    Q: How the hell did you get 100000000 (100 million) bounty?!
    A: Patience. Besides, doing pursuits are so much fun ^_^. 
    Q: What's the Black Edition contain?
    A: This is a police pursuit FAQ!
    Q: Why don't you tell us hint and tips for heat level 7?
    A: Because I don't have the Black Edition, but however that might change, 
    because I know alot about heat level 7 even though I've never played it.
    Q: Do police lay roadblocks and spike strips in a race?
    A: Nope, be thankful, be happy!
    Q: Why are the milestones so hard, but the races are easy?
    A: Because races have rubber-band AI. Pursuits don't have rubber-band AI. If
    you have no idea what rubber-band and AI means...look in those Walthrough
    FAQs. Police come in large groups on high heat levels and most people have
    never played Need For Speed: Hot pursuit, I played it; I loved pursuits.
    Q: What happens if your one and only car gets impounded?
    A: It's game over. You lose.
    Credits            (CRUDK)
    Me for making this guide.
    My parents for giving me a computer.
    yojimbo453 For telling me about the Staduim Glitch he found.
    Hmm...That's basically it...
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