What are the highlights (read: most fun parts) in post-storyline play?

  1. I finished the game and was wondering what the "highlights" are in the aftermath. If it matters, I chose to revive all the people who lost their lives in Lucien's destruction at the Spire. I also have millions of dollars, so I won't be needing answers about ways to increase my wealth. I just want to have some fun! :)

    User Info: abnormal2004

    abnormal2004 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, for me, I enjoyed the Fairfax Castle acquisition and small mini-quest as well as the acquisition of other fun properties to own. After that, it's achievements, DLC, playing your character however you want. Mine has gone from pure good to pure evil to corrupt good to corrupt evil an insane number of times. There is still stuff to search for and legendary weapons to get. The point is post-storyline play is supposed to be far more expansive. I get random sidequests all the time that I have never done before based on familial problems. Don't worry: the game will still throw twists after the main storyline.

    User Info: TwelveShots

    TwelveShots - 8 years ago 1 0

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