My Wife Divorced Me! Help? SPOILERS

  1. So, I married one of those upper class hookers in Westcliff when I returned from the Spire the first time. I had an evil son with her and we lived in the Homestead (a $30,000+ home earned by proposing in front of Oakfield's Demon Door) The house does not come with a bed for the child and I had looked at my Family section of the Quests/Maps menu and it said that she was fine and wanted sex. So, I travelled there immediately and next thing I know she says she's divorcing me. I spent lot's of time with her and the kid, gave them presents and as soon as I won the LW from the Crucible, she left me. Why? What can everyone out there tell me about this?

    User Info: mikehross8800

    mikehross8800 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well i guess the only way to get her back is to find where she ran off to, (because normally they run out of the region but you then find them if you just walk across) and find the lady with the silver ring on top of her head and woo her a little more then just re-marry her. Then, take her back to your house, and if that dont work because thats where she divorced you, then go buy another house and set as marital home.
    Hoped this helped. Have Fun

    User Info: brandoneedscs

    brandoneedscs - 8 years ago 0 0

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