What is the Best Sword/Melee Weapon in game and How do i get it?

  1. Including
    -Master weapons w/ auguments ( what aguments) and
    -Legendary weapons
    ( for example in fable1 , the weapon u got for donating 35k to temple of light and being mostly evil)

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  1. Well, aside from some "self augmented weapons"

    Its the Daichi. You go to the 2nd floor of Garths tower where he activates the portal to wraithmarsh, and there wil be a ledge that you can jump off and you'll go into a hole and enter a dungeon. I believe its called archons knot? (Could be wrobg about the name but not the location)

    Its a really small dungeon, and there might be a silver key in it (its very obvious if there is) and once you get to the end, leave the dungeon and outside of the exit there will be a treasure chest with the weapon in it.

    There might be 2 chests, not sure but the Daichi is there. Make sure you dont jump off the ledge or fast travel without getting it.

    And I dont think there are any monsters in the dungeon. Just 2 really small puzzles.

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  1. I would just like to say that yes the Daichi is the best, but if for some reason you want to make one yourself, get a master cleaver and put in a lucky charm augment and a fire augment(not sure if thats what its called) and you will have a very good weapon.

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  2. The Archon's Knot is available after the quest "Cullis Gate" or whatever ports you to Wraithmarsh. After that when you go to the bridge connecting both towers (of Brightwood Tower) there is a gap between the railing, dive down and the dungeon it self is pretty self-explainatory.

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  3. I agree that the daichi is the best, i shall not explain as the others have but it is better than the wep you get for beating the crucible perfectly and much easier to find.

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  4. Dichi is the best Period no other weapon can match it no matter what augments u put on it

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  5. Any of these three are great

    Location: Already stated in above answers
    Damage: 96
    Type: Melee/Katana
    Speed: Fast
    Augments: Killerwatt (Electrical Damage), Devastation (More Damage), Bewitching (Makes you more good looking)

    Red Dragon
    Damage: 41
    Type: Pistol/ Not sure but I think clockwork because my hero doesn't reload all 6 shots like a turret pistol would
    Fire Rate: REALLY F*****G FAST
    Reload Speed: 0.75
    Range: 35
    Augments: Devastation (More damage), Lucky Charm (More damage, take less. I think)
    Location: Score 175 in the Westcliff shooting range

    The Rammer
    Damage: 119
    Type: Crossbow/ Repeater Crossbow
    Fire Rate: Normal
    Reload Speed: .75
    Range: 45
    Augments: Ghoul (Drains enemy health when you do damage. NOTE: completely refills health when you headshot an enemy), Flame (Does fire damage), Bewitching (Makes you more attractive)

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  6. And if your into large melee weapons like hammers, axes and maces, there is a weapon in the Oakfield demon door called Hammerthyst. You can find the Augmented hammer in the windmill.

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  7. the Daichi is (imo) the best melee weapon. its fast and the low power of it being a katana is cancelled by the devastation and physique levels (assuming your hero is high physique)

    its really easy to get, after you get to bloodstone, brightwood tower goes up for sale (you do NOT need to buy it though).

    just jump through the space in the railings to the left of the cullis gate (where the statue used to be). its on the second floor. then you will fall into archon's knot.
    (when you fall into archons knot, there is a gargoyle right behind you.)

    shoot/hit/magic the flit switches to see the route through the spike traps (the candles make a map) then bloodlust roar at the statue to unlock the switch, then follow it through the spike pit square by square. the corridor chest gives a cursed warrior augment. carry on outside, then to the right (on a stone circle thing), is another chest containing the daichi. tadaa!

    killerwatt (it does electrical damage)
    devastation (EVEN MORE DAMAGE! :P)
    bewitching (makes you more attractive)

    it is a very good weapon, and it easily wipes out mobs with flourishes if your surrounded.

    also for a ranged weapon, the perforator (wraithmarsh demon door) is brutal for evil characters, the fear itself is great for shop discounts :P.
    but for a good character go for:

    the red dragon (1st prize westcliff shooting range)
    the rammer (50/50 gargoyles)
    any (decently) self augmented 'master' turret weapon (the ghoul augment is brilliant)

    but the daichi will basically abolish the need to thin enemies from afar, as it will shred them up close with max physique.

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  8. Btw:
    the silver key is pretty obv (its in one of the spike traps), but if you miss it you can re-enter archons knot anytime afterwards, just jump back down from the tower.

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  9. For melee, I'd say a master katana with the lucky charm and and ghoul augment. Sure the Daichi does more damage, but the life draining qualities of this weapon more than make up for that. For ranged the rammer is definitely the best, with life drain, reasonably fast reload, and more damage than any other weapon except the enforcer, which has no range and does pitiful damage at any distance besides point blank.

    I've heard that in one of the DLC's there are weapons with four augment slots available, which could make even more powerful weapons.

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  10. In my opinion the master hammer is the best (the one with two augment attachments on it. Though it is not a blade, it is extremely powerful

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  11. yea after the seeing the future DLC, u can get a weapon with 4 open augmentsslots, in the collesium. So u could probably get an even more powerful weapon

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