Why Do My Happy Spouses Keep Divorcing Me?

  1. This has happened to me twice. I periodically check the family status on my quests screen and return to shower expressions, gifts, and sex on my spouse whenever the relationship status changes from happy to fine. But in two cases I have returned home while the relationship was still listed as happy, to find my spouse (one was a hubby, the other a lesbian wife) announcing a divorce. Even weirder - they both showed max love on the bars when divorcing me. I had been away from home for perhaps 2 weeks (game time) in both cases, but then one of them waited for me for 10 years while I was in the spire!

    User Info: Antheia

    Antheia - 9 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I married the second spouse after the first divorced me. I have not tried having 2 spouses at once, though I understand it's possible. I think the problem is that I didn't visit enough, but that begs the question why was the relationship status happy? I would think they would become unhappy due to my absence, then eventually leave. Am I misinterpreting the relationship status meaning somehow? I have a new spouse now, I'll see how this one goes.

    User Info: Antheia

    Antheia - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I have had multiple spouses a few times, but I never let the relationship status change from happy to fine. Here's how I do it. The higher class your spouse is, the more of a pain they will be to keep happy. Marry commoners for the least irritating spouses. A good choice is Alex from the Till Death Do Us Part quest, unless you can't stand the voice, then pick someone else. Always set the budget to at least twice what they want. Put the best furniture in your house. Add a trophy or two if you want. Visit each spouse before and after completing any quest or job. If you are in the town where your spouse lives, make sure to visit, use expressions and boink 'em. It is okay to wait until they ask you, but if it says 'wants sex' in the families tab, ask and ye shall receive. I also give only 4 and 5 star gifts, making sure to alternate or they get bored. Cash is also an acceptable gift. If you give large sums of gold to a happy spouse, you can expect at least 2 or 3 decent gifts next time you visit. If you have a child, make sure you don't ignore him/her, and remember to increase your budget as soon as the baby is born. Try to keep track of which spouse you visited most recently and take turns. I have never had a spouse divorce me, even when I inadvertently flirted with and gave gifts to others in front of my spouse, murdered multiple people in the same town and was caught.

    Interesting note: If you want to have sex with your spouse more than once a day, marry a prostitute. You can pretty much always just give a thumbs up and go to town.

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Other Answers

  1. It's probably because you didn't see them for a while try to get a spouse after you have completed the game. Hop I helped ; )

    User Info: PrincessPlum

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  2. Wait...Did you say multiple spouses? It's common sense that they'd hate you after they found out about each other.

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  3. I had two wives in different towns. I told one to follow me and forgot about it and went to the town where the other wife is and what do you know...we appeard right next to her, both were asking 'what are you doing with my husband?' and both almost instantly divorced me and moved out the region.....

    User Info: JSF2

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