What is with the statues that drop the masks?

  1. Can you pick them up? How many is there? And do they mean anything?
    Some one help me.

    User Info: gunnerdex

    gunnerdex - 8 years ago

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  1. No, you can't pick up the masks. I want to pick them up, too!
    There are 6 expression statues.
    1. Bowerstone Cemetary, a Vulgar Thrust produces a flit switch that opens a tomb up the hill containing a Noble Lady's Hat, Porcelain doll and one other gift item I don't recall.
    2. Bowerstone Cemetary, Point and Laugh expression opens the door of a tomb just down some stairs from the statue itself. The tomb contains the expression books required to play dead for both your character and your dog.
    3. On Bloodstone road the first tomb on the right. Open the door, hit on the statue (use a Pick up Line), and it opens another tomb down the path containing a silver key.
    4. Archon's Knot, (only accesible by jumping off Brightwood tower near the cullis gate after reaching Bloodstone) impossible to miss, requires Bloodlust Roar and lets a flit switch out of a cage which allows progression in the dungeon leading to the best weapon in the game, the Daichi.
    5. Twinblade's Tomb, (in Wraithmarsh, accesible during Love Hurts quest), can't miss it, requires Chicken expression and allows progression in the dungeon to find Lady Grey's Upper Body.
    6. Nightmare Hollow, (accesible in Brightwood tower quest) just off the path near a small bridge. Requires Chicken expession (and yes you can do it the first time through, just get very close to the statue and your expressions will appear). Opens the door to a house across the bridge. There is an emerald in the chest in the house. Odd that with all the expressions, two require the Chicken expression, although it is ridiculous good fun.

    I'm pretty sure that is all of them. Hope that helps.

    User Info: ashynioki

    ashynioki (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. As you've likely found out on your own, doing the correct emote near one of these guys makes them drop their mask, etc. This will often open up some door, or create a flit-switch, etc. More or less...they make something good happen.

    User Info: kinggimpo

    kinggimpo - 8 years ago 0 1

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