How much memory is used, total, in DLing Fable 2 as a whole, excluding KI and StF expansions?

  1. Fable 2 is now downloadable, and the first episode is free, which is great. The second episode is 4.8 GB, which is acceptable because the game is very in depth and graphic intensive with loads of spoken dialogue. My question is: I've come to the point where it needs me to purchase the third episode, but it's ALSO listed as 4.8 GB. Does each episode take this much memory? Fable 2 fits on one DVDrom, but to download it it takes 20+???? Or is the file length of the second episode the rest of the game and purchasing Eps 3-5 simply unlock the area for exploring? I'd like to know before I but the remaining eps, since I don't have the HD space to spare. Thank you all in advance!

    User Info: ZeroBassX

    ZeroBassX - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When I burned the Fable II disk to the hard drive (which is almost like downloading it) it took 7 GB for the game, the two downloads take about an extra 1-2 GB for both put together (500 MB each). So about 8-9 GB for everything, not to bad since this is the best video game in the world!

    User Info: Gimli1357

    Gimli1357 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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