Where is Rose? (spoilers)

  1. I just beat the main story and chose the "needs of the few". When I returned I got a note from Rose saying she was in a forest, and there was a scary man there but he knew me, and she was safe. Can I find her, or is she in some other realm?

    User Info: anxmaster

    anxmaster - 8 years ago

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  1. The man is Scythe, from fable 2. You can't see her again. Ever. But you might see her in Fable 3.

    User Info: Project_Six

    Project_Six - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. I'm not sure, but I think she means she is in heaven. My question is who is the man with the hood she mentions, because that's the only thing that makes me doubt about that.

    User Info: BorisSoad

    BorisSoad - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. I thought heaven as well. Because you chose the needs of the few, you did not bring back all those lost to the spire. My thinking was that it could possibly be Bob, the man you met while working as a guard in the spire saving Garth. I don't know, but it matches the description.

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  3. The man is from Fable 1. Its not heaven but you can never find her in the game so don't waste time looking for her.

    User Info: coolguy735

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  4. I think the man is Scythe from fable one.It saids he was a skinny robe man.
    Scythe is a skinny robe man and a nercomancer or immortal or something like that.

    User Info: DeadeyeSilver

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  5. DeadeyeSilver: "I think the man is Scythe from fable one.It saids he was a skinny robe man.
    Scythe is a skinny robe man and a nercomancer or immortal or something like that."

    I believe he is right. Scythe in my opinion, and from what I've gathered by reading the Tales of Albion/Travels of Albion stuff on Lionhead's site as well as in books found in Fable 1 and 2, is actually Archon himself. And the forest Rose is in, well I'm hoping that's in Knothole Island (the DLC coming soon) Wouldn't surprise me if we saw Scythe there, considering that they introduced him or at least more of him in The Lost Chapters esxpansion for Fable 1.


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  6. You might see Rose again in DLC but in just the Normal Game Never shes alive, but not able to talk to or anything

    User Info: Wow_1000_Gamer

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  7. As far as i understood the letter you get from her she's in samarkand with garth, although i may be wrong.

    User Info: plaguepit

    plaguepit - 8 years ago 1 0
  8. the man she refers to is pribably scythe, the archon, original hero/will user, who all over heros descend from. He's a character from fable 1 who we assume is immortal
    which suggests that rose is alive somewhere, but i doubt that either of them will turn up again, seeing as scythe is only mentioned on the loading screening notes, and other than that doesnt appear in the game

    User Info: alphaftw

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  9. What i think the story with rose is that when she wakes up the person with the hood is jack of blades and the reason he is still alive is because hes immortal and someone in albion must have found his mask.

    ps. some people think the person is the hero from fable 1 it could not be because i read in a book that the old hero died from too many open wound.

    User Info: JT58UH68HYG5F

    JT58UH68HYG5F - 8 years ago 0 2
  10. I belive the hooded man is probably scythe from fable and hope that they are in some DLC but it may also be Jack of blades also from Fable 1 however it seems his mask was destroyed pretty good in the lost chapters version.

    User Info: E_V_I_L42

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  11. Well, she's not alive anyhow. So you can't find her. As to who she talks about, it's a mystery.

    User Info: GamerrGirll

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  12. Also if she were still dead as many of you think...how would she be able to write a note and it to get to you?

    User Info: E_V_I_L42

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  15. The man is Sythe from Fable, there is no dought about that, he is mentioned in the game as an Immortal (something Maze the Cheep %$#@^ tried to be) so i is him. I think that it isn't heaven though. If it were heaven, why would the card be worded like "Bring back all of your loved ones that you lost", Pete(my dog, that is what I named him) came back to life, so why would he come back, but not Rose???????? She is in a place that you can't get to so don't bother looking for her. Plus also the fact that she doesn't know that you left, you bacame a hero, your old now, and all of that other good stuff. So yea, she is in Albion and she is with Sythe.

    User Info: Kainscommando

    Kainscommando - 8 years ago 2 3
  16. You never see her, as far as I know. I know Peter Molyneaux is still working on DLC, and the newest expansion coming out has to do with Theresa the Blind Seer.

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  17. You know what just occurred to me? That place you went to when you died... The perfect world? It was surrounded by a forest. Who knows? Maybe she's there.

    User Info: Lady_Alessia

    Lady_Alessia - 8 years ago 2 0
  18. You will never get to see Rose again. For the people who are saying who Rose is with from the letter could be anyone unless Lionhead said in an announcement or something of where she might be. You will read or hear rumors of where she is and the only way to find out is to wait for Lionhead to come out with an answer.

    User Info: KingKaineng

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  19. I think it is Garth, because he wears a hood, he knows Rose and your character, and the place he is in now is a heavily wooded area. Also he said he would return one day, and maybe he will return with Rose.

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  20. No you cant find her in any of the dlc

    User Info: dark_lorican

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  21. Rose is, unfortunately, unfindable.

    As for who she's with?

    Scythe is a likely candidate.

    Or, just as likely, it could be the Hero of Oakvale. But, if he's alive, I doubt Reaver would still be around. I know MY Hero of Oakvale would've razed Bloodstone to the ground trying to find and kill Reaver.

    User Info: Schizoninja

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  22. -chuckles as he reads all the answers- Or Perhaps it was Lionhead Studios not putting alot of thought behind it and leaving it open like this to make everyone try and think who or what she was with. Appearantly it seems like this is a big topic with no answers from the company yet....so the safe conclusions and true answer to this is....

    It is an open ended letter given to you because they could not find a way to realistically program her back into the game and the letter was described a man who literally could be about anyone in the fable universe considering all it was is skinny and hooded and scary. Therefore making you anticipate who or what it is that in turn will hopefully make you that more eager to go purchase Fable 3 when it hits the shelves.

    User Info: wyndestalker999

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