How do I solve Wraithmarsh Demon Door?

  1. I'm having a problem with having people follow me, i know that you need to 10 people to follow you to the Demon Door and im gathering people at Fairfax Gardens and so far i can only gather 5 people and the other people run away from me, what's going on?

    User Info: FoxhoundXIII

    FoxhoundXIII - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Just a few more tips.
    -You can get a quick crowd by paying the bard to tell a tale.
    -It might be easier to clear out the Banshee's/Hallow men, then Fast Travel to Bloodstone, get your followers, and Fast Travel back. That may be fast enough to keep the way clear, and the type of people really doesn't matter.

    User Info: kuvuplan

    kuvuplan - 6 years ago

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  1. Its your clothes. I had this same problem, i was completely evil/corrupt, and I was in spire guard clothes and eye-patch. and they all ran from me. I could only get 3 people to follow me. It was because my clothes were scary/agressive. I changed into a mage robe and messy hair, with pauper boots and wizard hat, things that add attraction and poshness. I wnt back to bowerstone and had no trouble getting 12 people.

    Also, you dont need the snobs in fairfax gardens. 10 or 12 people from bowerstone or oakfield will do most of the time. you need about 45-50K renown to get enough followers.

    User Info: HybridTheory13

    HybridTheory13 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. More renown, More followers

    User Info: chaostoday

    chaostoday - 8 years ago 2 1
  2. Get your renown maxed out. Gather a bunch of followers from Fairfax that are aristocrats or at least middle class citizens. Then return to the door.

    User Info: Shinobi_99

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  3. The other people are probably scared of you. Do some Sock Puppets, or Farts or something funny, so that they wouldn't flee. You also need renown to gain more followers. Being evil can also make you scary, so try getting some 'good' points.

    User Info: XboxHelper

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  4. Get a lot of reknown (if youve gotten the achievement then your good). Make sure you do not have an evil/corrupt alignment, and if you do then just lower the rent on all your homes and donate lots of gold to the temple of light. Just go to Bowerestone Market (Town Square) and get about 12 people to follow you (in case any of them die). Teleport to the Drowned Farm in Wraithmarsh. quickly kill the banshee (time control spell helps), ignore all the undead, and make a run for the door. Wait a sec, then the demon door will give a long speech, giving you time to relax. Inside *SPOILERS* is the terry cotter's army. You can find some miscellaneous books or something, but all that really matters is that there's a chest in the very back that has a legendary turret rifle.

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  5. You have to have at least 10 followers but like cream said bring extra in case the banshee kills any of them

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  6. When your renown is high enough go to Fairfax Gardens or the pub in Bowerstone Market and get at least ten high or middle looking class people to follow you. then fast travel to the wraithmarsh demon door or the closest spot near it and just stand in front of the demon door with your crowd of people. the door will say a few lines from a play. This may take a few seconds but be patient. The door will open and inside there will be a home where a little boy lived. Go inside and explore and get a few important items. Then go into the cave by the house. A bunch of statues are in there. Hack and slash your way to the back of the cave and open a chest to get the legendary weapon the perferator. You can use the statues as target practice. Then exit when ready. You will find a few diary entries by the little kid. I would read them, there pretty interesting.

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  7. u gotta be famous and u gotta get 10 poeple to follow u. when u get to wraithmarsh, just run to the demon door dont fight. THEY WILL FOLLOW U.

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  8. What i did was i bought a lute and played it to that demon door myself ^ ^ but beware the inside of that demon door is very.....very creepy!

    User Info: Wildheart28

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  9. wildheart, you're thinking of the Bloodstone demon door, not the Wraithmarsh one.

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  10. Are u evil they run from u, if your currupt they hate u or its your clothes if u wear bad clothes they run

    User Info: gfdsgjshdfgjhfd

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  11. You need 50,000 renown to get 10 people. (you'll get an achievement for doing so) if the 10 people don't work, get 10 people from castle fairfax, because you need high-class people.

    User Info: Project_Six

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  12. 50 k renown + good guy will get you the ten followers, simply put if they don't like you they wont follow you no matter how famous you are. If you just so happen to be evil donate money to the Temple of Avo (Assuming you never helped Scorm earlier) to rise your purity rating this will stop them from running from you so that you can do a few expressions to get them to like you, when they do tell them to follow you. Also having any kind of level 4 or 5 clothes will help you to get them to change their opinion of you.

    User Info: seph_101

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  13. You need to be good and pure and have 10 followers but if u run into a banshee cast timecontrol and finnish it off b4 it can scare off ur followers.

    User Info: Fable2RoxUrSox

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  14. Wildheart28 Is right all you need is to play the lute for 45seconds then finish your "Performance" and claim your prize. REMEMBER TO SPRINT INTO THE HOUSE AND TURN YOUR VOLUME UP HIGH!!!!!!

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  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Or else the prize will me bad!

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  16. Just do the nice exspresions and when they like you then get them to follow you to the demon door

    User Info: chazza9498

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  17. Get more renown, and i did this when i was evil so i had to take off my clothes.

    User Info: RoyDavis587

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  18. The best way to get people to follow an evil character, I found, is to buy the Monk clothing, as well as the Noble clothing. Equip a few pieces from both sets, so that you can get the Good benefit, as well as the Attractive benefit.
    That should trick the citizens into thinking you're a nice person so that you can lead them to the Temple of Sh--I mean, Demon Door.

    User Info: zombiegamer23

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  19. If you are a good character, you should have no problem getting anyone to follow you. If you are an evil character, you had better do one of the following: do a lot of nice gestures in a heavily populated area until their bar is maxed out; wear a costume that embodies "good", the best one being the monk outfit; or adjust the rent on all the houses you own. Either way, you need to get enough renown points to convice 10+ people to follow you, so I would suggest to wait until the end of the game. Now just set the Demon Door as the target, teleport as close as possible, and follow the yellow line. The only problems that might arise are hollow men or, more often, a banshee. The issue is that, if your not quick enough, the banshee minions might kill too many of the people following you, so the moment you see this creature, cast the highest level slow time spell you have and dispatch of it quickly. One more warning: when you finally arrive at the Demon Door, it might tell you that you don't have enough followers; I know that this happened to me at least three times. I've never figured out exactly how many nedd to be with you before the door was open, but I needed 13 people before he would let me in; you may only require less, but get as many followers as possible just to be on the safe side.

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    spandy15 - 6 years ago 1 0

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