What is the best strategy for getting red viens, and being good?

  1. My friend, I noticed something weird when we were playing co-op on Xbox live, he had red viens, any way You guys can tell me how to get it, also, I need to know how to be good quickly, so some tips please

    User Info: winner1215

    winner1215 - 8 years ago

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  1. You actually can get red veins. It has to do with evil or corruption. I'm not sure, because I haven't done an evil guy yet. It may be random, as LionHead wanted to make everyone's character unique. As for being good, lowering your rents and prices only reduces corruption, not makes you good. To be good, donate to the temple of light, play the lute for people, or (this one is odd) get a girl to like you, and sleep with her (make sure she's not a whore, though; they give evil points)

    User Info: GobbieMarauder

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  1. I had blue veins over me and that was because I had a lot of will skills...

    To get good quickly donate like 500k to someone

    User Info: dogbitez

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  2. You only get blue veins at that comes from leveling up your will. Even if you are very evil you don't get red veins. It must have been a glitch. To be good, donate to the beggars, lower rents and prices at your stores ( rents to 0 and decrease prices 100% or as far as possible to do it as quickly as possible), and donate to the temple of light.

    User Info: nicu95

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  3. red viens are possible just like the blue viens but its really rare. It has something to do with how you started your character. I think whatever you do made a difference. For example when you added skill before physice, maybe you will end up to have some change. I havn't tried this yet, but i see that the majority of the people have blue will lines. I really hope the next character i get will have red will lines. Many people say being 100% corrupt and 100% evil makes it red. I don't know.

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  4. it doesn't have to do with evil and corruption I had a character that was at 100% on both and still no red lines.

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  5. When you are corrupt you get additional "scar" type marks on your body and they make you unattractive. It has happened to me with all THREE characters I made. Whether you are Evil or not will make you get those red scar-like lines on your body.

    As for the being good really quickly thing. Go to the Temple of Light and donate 2500 gold at a time. anything 2500 - 5000 will net you 50 good points. It is better to donate that way because the maximum good you can gain at a time is 75 and that requires 5000 gold or higher at a time. So it is easier on your wallet to donate 2500 twice for 100 good than to donate 5000 at a time for 75 good.

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  6. as for the lines, you said yo were playing co-op, and maybe it was just the gmes way of making sure you didt mistake yourself for the other player? then again i dont have live yet and havent seen this. Just a thought.

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  7. My char is at full evil and almost all the way on corruption and has both red and blue veins. i didnt start getting the blue ones until i unlocked a few will skills and the red lines appeared as soon as i started doing evil deeds like sacrificing people at the temple of shadows.

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  8. This isn't an answer, just a response to comments.

    Yes, having red "veins" tracing your body is possible with either 100% evil or 100% corruption (not completely sure which). They aren't actually veins though, or scars. They are something like an additional body-feature added for the purpose of looking completely demonic, like how Fable 1 had you lose some hair and your extremeties becoming something like dark stone.

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