How do I beat the crucible 8/8 perfect rounds??

  1. I'm a pretty high leveled character but i need to know the best way

    User Info: GILG4MESH

    GILG4MESH - 8 years ago

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  1. I slammed through 7/8 with high powered inferno and shock wills and the Master Katana.
    The troll always gets me, though, but I've managed to get the time ALMOST qualifying with level 4 blades.

    User Info: caillien

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  1. Kill everything, and do it fast.

    User Info: hylianarmy

    hylianarmy (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. I strongly recomend to do it in the cooperative mode.

    User Info: santoscabuzzo

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  3. I was able to get a perfect 8/8 useing a inferno in slot 5 and Time control in the 3 slot and raise the dead in lower 2 slots. But they might penalize you some time for spaming time control so mix it up with Strength attacks as well as skill attacks. Watch out for exploding barrel or shoot them to get quick kills.To beat the Troll in the last round use Time control almost right a way, get as safely close to it, power up inferno to level 4 or 5 to quickly rack hit points. Remember to get behind it and power time control and inferno.

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  4. I was able to do it twice. The first time was co-op. We beat the first 7 levels easilly with shock wills. For the troll one of us drew his fire while the other shot him. I also did it sole. I again went through level 1-7 with the shock will and my war hammer. I used the rifle revolver and inferno spell to take down the troll. Barely got the time by the skin of my teeth.

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  5. Get the daichi( its the best weapon in the game). its near brightwood tower

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  6. If its the troll your worryed about then just focuse on killing the troll (killing the smaller enemys only as needed) oh and be quick about it even with that it took me a two or three times. but it is doable.

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  7. Time control works well. When you use it "Time" still goes on as normal. So when you get 2:30 on a 2:45 round and it says round completed in 3:53 you still get the perfect round so it's very useful.

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  8. Ok as a pro at fable 1& 2 i recamend u do what i did i'll tell u step by step, (1) go get some realy good wepons i recomend the stores in west cliff or blood stone. get the master sord and the master terit rifle. i also strongly recamend getting the will spell that summons gost that will fight for you becuse it is like you are playing with a team mate. (2) go back to the crusible and go in and this is impotant go in and start the crusible after the doors close on you save your game befor starting the round. now go and do the round finish it quick and get perfict round. now save agien keep doing that every time you get a perfict round that way if u don't get a perfict round you can always go back and load yours last saved and try angien and agien. this tecneq is very helpful. also when you get to the last round summin your gost spell and keep your gosts out as long as posible becuse as long as they are out the rock troll will not be on you but if your gost spell dies he will go at you agien so kep the spell on as long as posible and atack fast. thats all i can give you so good luck to you. xxxxxx[]======>

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  9. xxxxxxx[]=====> Glitchgood out

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  10. What i did was stocked up on potions, got the best weapons i could get at that time, and went in and hit everything that moved. I did this on my first try so just keep on moving, use traps effectively, they work, kill the ones that pose more of a threat first, when you fight the final guy, just keep on rolling, ignore the minions and keep on shooting and use a good balance of melee and gun through the whole thing.

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  11. Finish the game first. Then make sure that all your skills are maxed out (if possible). Wear clothes that give you aggression (i recommend spire guard outfit). and ether master or legendary weapons ( i used master Longsword and the Perfector). now, when in each round find a good spot then just stay still and snipe them down if the are far away. But, on the Hobbes run around the pit once real fast because they like to hide.

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  12. P.S. don't use magic unless it's to time control level one to warp around the enemy really quick.. ;P

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  13. the round i mainly had trouble with was room #5, the one with the bandits on the bridge.
    The weapons i recommend using are the master longsword and master flintlock rifle, or pistol if you want to get it done faster.
    for the troll, try to roll around and get his back pores first, but dont try to aim, just shoot. as for the hobbes that spawn throughout, quikly aim at them, and shoot for their head if you have the sub-targeting upgrade, should kill them in one or two shots.
    as for the bandits, stay at the starting point and shoot as many as you can in the head then use alot of florishes when they reach you.

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  14. I recommend using level 5 inferno to kill any enemies that are close by, like the balverines. And using either the Red Dragon or The Perforator for the troll and the room with guards that spawn around the edge.

    When you get to the final stage, walk in slowly and you should see the troll standing completely still above ground. When you see this, get out the Red Dragon and shoot as fast as you can. This will hurt the troll by destroying the tenticle things, but it won't add time to the counter. Once the troll disappears, enter the area and start rolling around the troll until the tendrils appear and shoot them as fast as possible. I used this strategy to bring the troll down in no time at all.

    I would advise against using time control, the game uses the time that would have normally passed as the time that is counted. Ex: if you beat a level in thirty seconds in real time, that is the time that will be added to the counter. Beating a level in five seconds with time control on won't add only five seconds.

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  15. Best wepons to use are the daichi from the brightwood tower secret area and the enforncer aka the cannon

    User Info: dark_lorican

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