Theresa=CC sister?

  1. I keep hearing people saying that Theresa is the sister from the original Fable, and some even claim a guaranteed scene that outright says it. Which scene is this?

    User Info: Vashtrigun0420

    Vashtrigun0420 - 8 years ago

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  1. She remembers Oakvale as it once was, which has been dead for 200 years. She knows a lot about the Hero's Guild, which has also been dead and gone for centuries. One of the loading screen messages hints that they're one and the same, as well.

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  1. Uhm, she's blind, a prophet, and she's REALLY old. That's all the proof I needed. I'll keep seeing if there's a scene. *shrug*

    User Info: faythe1215

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  2. I think on one of the items it presents her as theresa
    or it says theresa goes to do something whilst saying theresa
    possibly at the end before garth leaves
    or on one of the cards but i think she is theresa before that

    User Info: 7nationbunny

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  3. well now remember this.
    the Theresa on the first fable got her eyes CUT out
    the theresa on the second fable still GOT eyes..... they are just blind and white.

    User Info: DeadeyeSilver

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  4. Maybe after theresa got her eyes cut in out Fable I
    she like imbued glass balls and stuck `em in her head and because of that they are white and she can see into other dimensions or whatever

    User Info: DRIFTA23

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  5. If she has the power to live for centuries and foretell the future. I think she would be able to make it so here eyes don't appear as gross scar tissue.

    User Info: TheGrimDoogle

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  6. Well i think it said at the end of Fable lost chapters that she went to another land in search of something and she could have got an eye transplant or maby she found some super powerful curse that gave her eyes that see into the future but she had to own somthing evil

    User Info: Zerus94

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  7. To sum all of these ideas up into one:

    It is very likely that it is her. If you ask enough questions to the great prophet things or whatever in Fable: The Lost Chapters, it well tell you that Theresa went off to a distant land. She had had her eyes cut out early in the first game, but she may have gotten glass (or real :O) replacements in said "distant land". Now, in Fable II, Theresa is a master of the Will and a prophet, just like in the original. Also, being that 500 years have passed between the games, the fact that she seems a bit old is reasonable. She has hero blood, and therefore can live a long time, (remember Maze, Scythe and the Guildmaster in Fable 1?) so there is a good chance it is her. I haven't seen any cutscenes explaining it, (or I just don't remember) but I'd like to believe it.

    The only problem with the theory is that if you *SPOILERS!!!* killed your sister *ENDSPOILERS!!!* in the first game for the Sword of Aeons, which is clearly stated in the beginning of Fable 2, (sans the sister bit) then she must be dead...but then...oh I dunno.

    User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

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  8. I highly doubt they would have chosen the name Theresea for a blind seeress unless they intended it to be the same blind seeress from fable one. They would have given her a different name if they wanted any doubt as to her identity.

    The book nazgl5 refers to does not say the hero killed Theresea, it says he wielded the sword of aeons against jack of blades. However, this same book says accounts of the hero and his deeds vary widely and are unreliable, so it basically effaces itself.

    User Info: Trelmayas

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  9. in the "see the future" DLC, it shows her in oakvale before it became wraithmarsh, so yes, she ie.

    User Info: HybridTheory13

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  10. She is the sister in fable 1 cause she said oakvale is different from what she rembered she knows about the hero guiled yes she had her eyes cut out but she had a colthe around them the hole game so they could still be there u just got to infer and belive i beat fable 8 times i and am pretty sure im right abd i agrree with tremayas why would they reuse the name and make a character with same abilities and plus her clothes look alot alike from both games and if they made the game from the stand point that the hero put on the lack o blades mask at the end of the first hed be still alive and everything would be gone

    User Info: scruffypolo

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  11. The canon ending to Fable one was that you obtained the Sword of Aeons. Which means you killed her.
    But at the same time, it is also speculated that Avo's Tear, the sword you get if you throw away the sword is another form of the sword.
    With that in mind, the hero could have gained the 'Sword of Aeons' in it's good form, Avo's Tear, and not killed Theresa.
    The fable 1's hero was also the strongest hero ever known aside from Fable 2's hero and Theresa herself in Fable 2.
    So it makes perfect sense that she could live 500+ years and ON, without a curse like reaver had from the Shadow Judges, because of the amazing heroic blood.
    Plus the fact that she is blind ( except has white eyes in fable 2. ) it makes sense her eyes are white. She's a master of will. She could easily replace her scarred holes with eyes if she can also teleport when nobody else can.
    Or the eyes may just be an inconsitency accidently put in by the developers.

    All that is NOT counting the fact that she is in Oakvale in See the Future DLC.

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  12. To clear this up Theresa is an archon, Scythe saves her after you sacrifice( as the official story for Fable 2's plot goes) and fully unlocks the lost bloodline of the Archons in her this curse repairs the cuts on her eyes but does not repair her vision FYI when it said jack of blades cut out her eyes it was not ment to be taken litterally she still has the eyeballs they are just severly cut and unusable the reason they are glowing is she uses all of her will energy to keep them looking as real as possible causing "Will Threads" to gather inside her eyeballs creating the glowing blue eye effect.....

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