"The Rescue" wife and daughter glitching?

  1. Well, my wife has a habit of glitching and not being there when I try to go see her. So, when I got the prompt to go visit her and start the quest "The Rescue", I wasn't exactly surprised to find she wasn't anywhere to be found. Eventually, though, after I randomly slept in my house once, she showed up.

    The weird thing is, my daughter showed up too. On top of that, my wife no longer has the golden ring above her head indicating that I'm married to her, and I can't manage to start the quest. Each time I talk to her she either gives me a(nother) gift or doesn't do anything. does anyone have a clue as to what I can do? I've done every other quest in the game (except Castle Fairfax) and would like to complete it 100%, so this is kind of a necessity.

    User Info: jaleblademaster

    jaleblademaster - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yeah i had this problem too, what i did is i went in and out of the hobbe cave (or where ever you are) and she eventually show up, if not your just gonna have to restart the quest, or you could even resort to killer the old bat and getting a new one!.

    User Info: yukimura60

    yukimura60 - 7 years ago 1 0

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