Is it possible to lose the halo?

  1. Can you do evil acts to get it to go away?

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    jstgfs - 8 years ago

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  1. I'm sure it's not what people are claiming it to be. Purity makes your appearance 'pure' so to speak. You receive a fair-pale complexion and bright blue eyes (depending on how good or evil you are). Whereas, corrupt will provide you with a 'corrupt' appearance, such as pimples, green eyes and a bad smell as flies will flock to you (results may also vary depending on your good or evil levels).
    Now I played through the game as a saint. 100% Pure and 100% Good. Then, at the end, I celebrated... with a serial killing (what better way to forget what you've lost and enjoy what you earned?) during which, I became, unspeakably evil. This resulted in my fair skinned, blue eyed character with a halo, becoming deathly pale and I lost the halo (the skin tone actually did become a death-pale kind because I was evil). However, I didn't receive horns (because I was still 100% pure). After a while I realised that the halo is only given to those who are both good and pure and horns are given to those who are corrupt and evil.
    So... in short: to get rid of the halo, don't be all pure or don't be all good. I hope that helped.

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  1. no, in fable 2 the evil good set up is completely different. There is PURITY-CORUPTION
    an EVIL-GOOD, purity is in food and coruption is in rude emotions. Evil is breaking, killing, stealing, resisting arrest, ect.. Good is good deeds like giving a gift or doing somthing nice...
    ok so
    evil: gives you horns
    good:::: gives you love and respect and love of villagers
    purity::::: gives you the halo above your head
    coruption::::: gives you red skin and feared by all villagers other then spouces, children, and other villagers that love you


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  2. This is why it is possible to get both of the horns and halo...


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  3. To get rid of your halo you need to be more corrupt. Simply doing evil acts will not get rid of it otherwise you'll just be evil but pure...pure evil! I'm not really entirely sure that will even work though...sorry. I know that being total evil and total pure will give you pale skin and bright eyes, you'll start to look like more like a vampire. And if your total good but total corrupt, your skin will be a bit darker and look like you haven't bathed and your eyes will be a yellowish/green (I'm colorblind so don't quote me on that lol) Oh and you'll have flies buzzing around you. ; ) What I'm saying overall is that to get the horn or halo effects you have to be more leaned to the left or right in both purity and good or corruption and evil. However I have noticed that it is easier to get the horns than it is the halo. One of my heroes did have the halo at total purity and about 80-85% good though. Just experiment. There are also a multitude of ways to becoming more corrupt. Eating foods like pies and fish are good ways to make you more corrupt (go for the fish in case you want to keep your figure). Drinking beer and wine; getting drunk will do it too. Extramarital sex, sex with hookers, paligamy, and just not getting a job are other ways. Constanly sleeping will do it too I think. The best way I have found however is to buy a house and set the rent to +100%. (The next time you play Fable 2 you could be in for a surprise)

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  4. Thats odd though, cause while playing through the story line my character was at 100% pure for a while and never had the halo, however once my good got to around 80% the halo appeared

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