Why wont the chest in the guild cave open for me?

  1. I have done a heros tale all 3 different times on fable2.com and i have done chicken kickin'. everytime i come to the chest it STILL prompts to go to fable2.com. i read in a forum somewhere and it says to save outside the chest. go to dashboard. signout. signin as a non-gold LIVE member. signout again. sign back in with the origional profile with LIVE gold. load the game back up and the chest should open within a reasonable amount of time. none of these work for me! could someone please help me figure this out???

    User Info: GreedViolence

    GreedViolence - 7 years ago


  1. Sorry, you are out of luck, it's bugged, Lionhead studios may or may not know about it, and I do not know how to tell them directly.

    From www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/927246-fable-ii/answers?qid=206216 which I answered, and is a very similar location.

    I am pretty sure this service is broken/bugged, and has been for a few months for new players. I would love to fill out a bug report for it if I knew how/where.

    I have been unable to open this as well, and it has been nearly a month. Every time I finish one of the flash games and attempt to get an award, I get an error message indicating a server error or I've already claimed the prize.

    I do know that when it is properly connected, the dog will bark and indicate there is treasure in the box.

    I had a theory, that the Knothole Island and See the Future DLC is required. But when I got the Platinum Hits version, which has it built in, it did not open.

    One thing I read somewhere, is that order matters. You have to do one crown (middle?), then another (Right?), and finallly the last one (Left?). But with the inability to reclaim the prizes, we are unable to reset the order and are SOL.

    What copy of Fable II do you have, GreedViolence?
    What type of Live account to do you have? (Gold or Silver) I'm currently using Gold, from the 1 month free trial. I guess you have a Gold and Silver account?

    What do you need the chest for? I was able to get the Completionist Achievement without using the book. I was also able to get the Hero Doll from somebody else who had already opened the chest and is able to purchase them from the Jeweler in Bowerstone. I then had to trade with other people different dolls as normal anyways, to get the Dollcatcher Achievement.

    When I got the Platinum Hits version, which has the DLC content built in. I immediately got 2 quests opened and was awarded 3 Achievements I had finished earlier as soon as I turned it on. Re-installing, deleting the Free versions of the DLC, and whatnot, I was still unable to open the chest, and I still got Teresa Dolls.

    At this point, your best bet is to get somebody who can open the chests to open it for you, and give you the loot. The good news is that the Guild Chest doesn't take too long to get to with a new hero.

    You can be given items by anybody by going to options->game->Orbs and set to Everybody. Then wait a bit for your Xbox to sync with the servers and people should begin to appear. Left trigger to select on, hit A to interact, and there should be a gift option. Upon gifting somebody, the game auto-saves after the item is deleted from your inventory, but it is not auto-saved on the receivers end, so be aware of saving after receiving something to keep it for good.

    User Info: kuvuplan

    kuvuplan (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Im having the same problem, it sucks

    User Info: troyherald

    troyherald - 7 years ago 0 0

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