How do I exactly obtain the items from the fate chamber chest?

  1. Ive visited the web page, played the game, received the items, signed my account (the E-mail linked with my gamertag, with its password), and appears a message that the items were redeemed successfully, and then tried to open the chest.....NOTHING....>>What now?? Please be complete in your answer.

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    HUNTERCRUX - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm pretty sure it's bugged, you can't open it. What I do not know, is if it is Lionhead's Bug, or XBox Live's bug. Or both. I'm pretty sure they know about it. There used to be people calling a 1-800 number for help on the subject.

    You can trade for the items from people who can successfully open it.

    Here is my last thorough answer:

    My 3 other untested theories:
    1 Different game servers work, others don't.
    2. Spend MS Points on the Pub Games XBox Live Arcade games.
    3. Spend MS Points on the Knothole Island and See the Future DLC. //Getting the GOTY/Platinum hits is not enough?

    And explanation on number 1:
    How many players are playing Fable II, right now? How many of them have Orbs set to Everyone and are in the Marketplace? Do you really think that number is 20 or so Orbs you would see at any given moment?
    I heard somewhere that 1024 was the hard limit for Xbox live servers, as the number of users each server can handle at one time. When Fable II first launched, there may have been 10 servers to used to host it. Each of those were configured properly for the chests. As time wore on, and more people started playing, more servers were added, but the Chest was not configured correctly and people using those servers were unable to open it.
    It's a theory/guess. If it were true, then logging in and out, and switching realms enough time ought to be enough to get onto the "right" server and open the chest. But you would need to log onto a legacy server, which could very well be full. You have no control over which server you are placed on and there is no info for which server you are on. It will either work, or it won't, and these days, most of the time, it doesn't work.

    More proof to the multiple Server Theory:
    Have you tried trading objects between two of your characters through a non-friend in Bowerstone Market Place? In my attempts, after switching characters, I would usually be unable to find that character again, and my stuff was effectively lost. One time I had a Party Chat going on with them, and I was able to see their orb flash on my screen, for a partial second, then nothing, for several minutes. I leave the zone and come back to get another flash. It wasn't until I friend-ed them, that I was able to see them.

    Also, on the xbox live Fable II forum, there is a 100 page+ thread regarding this topic. Some people have been unable to open this since June of 2009 or so.

    Oh yeah!

    One thing I recall reading once, was that an unpatched version, I think pre--GOTY could open the chest. So you take a Classic or Limited edition, clear you System Cache, launch the game and don't connect to Xbox Live. And cross your fingers.

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