What Augments are in this game?

  1. I played the original Fable and liked it a lot. I have also been playing Fable 2 only recently. What I want to know is what augments this game contains and what they do for me.

    User Info: guardianspartan

    guardianspartan - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are several augments in Fable 2: there is the golden touch augment which gives you 50 gold for every kill you make, the gold burden which also gives you 50 gold for every kill but at the cost of some attack power. There is the killerwatt augment (my fav) which causes electrical damage and the flame augment which causes fire damage. tthere are also some that dont really matter like the fear itself augment which makes all who see you weilding the augment fear you more, and the bewhitching augment which makes you more attractive. Also one of my fav is the rare devastation augment. it greatly increases your attack power, but as far as i know, it can only be found in a silver key chest in Wraithmarsh. How you use them and for which weapon will determine an augments effectiveness. Have fun with them all

    User Info: ivenoideawhatim

    ivenoideawhatim - 7 years ago 0 0

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