Where can I find 4 or 5 star exp potions, and rare potions?

  1. Potion List
    Obsidian Java Potion
    Mustela Java Potion
    Enriched XP Potion
    Pure Experience Extracted
    Adept Skill Potion
    Expert Skill Potion
    Troll Strength Potion
    Thunder's Strength Potion
    Concentrated Will Potion
    Undiluted Will Potion
    Potion of Life
    Resurrection Phial

    Any locations of these potions will do fine. Any links will do as long as it answers my question.


    this link will not do.

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    DounutMan - 6 years ago
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    Thanks Bobs2010

    Any other locations thank aren't stores would be appreciated

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    DounutMan - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I normally find 4 & 5 star potions in the potions shop in Bowerstone Market - To the left as you come across the bridge. I buy up everything from the shop keeper and then goto sleep for a week in the tavern, pop back and he has everything back in stock.

    Then buy everything up again..... you get the picture. :)

    If you are looking for these to boost your EXP, then the above is perfect. Just remember to use all the potions up every other week in between buying your next lot and you will soon have enough EXP to buy every spell etc that you would ever need.

    It should be noted that depending on your level you may not have the higher level potions in the shop, but as you boost they will become available and if you boost in the centre of town people will start to love you and give you gifts.

    User Info: Bobs2010

    Bobs2010 - 6 years ago 1 0

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