How do I get the teddies in the colosseum?

  1. I have the king teddy, but cannot get the other two. I dont quite understand the whole telescope thing. please help

    User Info: dougals1988

    dougals1988 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Telescope is where the Teddy bear will appear.

    I got it seemingly at random after casting spells and shooting enemies.

    Apparently near the telescope there are gargoyle heads around it. Shoot the gargoyles until you knock off the real teddy bear, and the Wizard will then be able to be picked up. You might have to hold down Y to zoom and give you some control on aim. You can pick up this between rounds, which makes it easier to scope out the room without getting hit.

    The last one is difficult.
    You have to hit a score of exactly 1985.
    Different enemies give a different amount of points. You normally hit that score when you are fighting bandits.
    It is easier to control your score if you do not pick up any multipliers and do not kick any chickens.
    I got it with some luck. I managed to hit 1685 or something... once I saw an 1XX5, I saved my game. I then reloaded a dozen times from that point to hit the right combination of chicken kicks, multipliers, and Bandits. (The bigger ones give multiples of 10's thus leaving the 5 alone, while the smaller ones did not) Important note, chicken kicks are not subject to the multiplier. It is worth 100 points, even with a multiplier of 1x and 10x.

    Most people just replay the Colosseum enough times to magically hit 1985. After enough tries, you start to learn how much each bandit is worth, and some herding techniques to hit the one you want.

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    kuvuplan (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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