I DON"T GET THIS THERESA THINGY!?! *spoilers contained*

  1. Ok so yo know how like theresa in the end, evily says "but the spire is mine" why is that? what does she want? what is the point of her in the beginning? why did she just come out of nowwhere and help us? Why do we know nothing about her? Is it even a her? Would she relate to fable 3? WTF?!?

    User Info: hawkerzero

    hawkerzero - 8 years ago

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  1. Theresa helps you becuase she is your great great great great aunt. She is (in my opinion due to the hints in loading screens and my experience playing both fables) the sister of the hero in fable 1 and she keeps the spire so she can keep it from evildoers

    User Info: Clipper22

    Clipper22 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. It would be very risky that another human (whatever) owe the Spire... Can you imagine if Reaver could ask a wish?!!! Maybe in a DLC we can return to the Spire and confront her or know why the Archon wished the Old Kingdom's destruction... (Remember, in the trailer appear some kind of demon, like a Balrog...)

    User Info: anthonyzucabar

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  2. Also Clipper if you think about it. It is very possible that Theresa is an immortal like Garth was in the first Fable. There is also a book called the immortals that talks about all of this as well. I agree that Theresa is the sister of the Hero in the first one and that the game follows a path completely divergent yet similar to both endings in the first Fable. At the end you have the choice of killing Theresa and obtaining the Sword of Aeons or casting the Sword into the depths of the abyss. Based on the story told when first entering Wraithmarsh and discovering that it was once the Darkwood Marshes and evil caused it to overgrow and envelop the town of Oakvale, I believe the hero followed an evil path. Maybe Theresa was immortal in the first Fable and it follows the evil path or maybe something happened to the hero after casting the sword into the abyss. But for all intensive purposes the history of Theresa is still a mystery until future DLC becomes available. Also, remember that we never see Theresa's eyes in the first fable after the incident. She is always wearing a bandage due to the blindness. And given that this is many, many years later, it would explain all of the mysterious wisdom she has gained in her lifetime.

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  3. I agree that Theresa is the same Theresa from the first game but there are hints in the game that show that the hero decided on taking the good path, like the book that you can find in the bower lake tomb before you get to the guild part of it that states that he threw the sword into the abyss and wielded the good sword. Also, isn't it revealed that Reaver was the one who betrayed Oakvale?

    User Info: therealthesteve

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  4. Yeah reaver did betray oakvale if you read a book i think or when you buy his house i cant remember pretty funny buying his house though and Theresa is probly planing to hold the spire for syth (how ever you spell it Aka the undead mummy mage you meet in fable lost chapters) so that he can destroy the world again if he has 2.

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  5. If you get the, See the Future download from XBOX LIVE, you find out that she wanted it to help others see into the future.

    User Info: Gimli1357

    Gimli1357 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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