What are names and places of the Legendary Weapons I don't have?

  1. I currently have the Daichi, the Red Dragon, the Rammer, the Enforcer, the Chopper, the Rising Sun, and the Wrecker, if that matters.

    What are the others?

    User Info: C810

    C810 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. there is a legendary weapon for each type of weapon.

    Hammer- Hammerthyst(oakfield demon door)
    Axe- Chopper(beat the crucible in perfect time)
    Katana- Daichi(beat archons knot)
    Long Sword- Malestrom(donate to the temple of shadows)
    Cleaver- Rising Sun(donate to the temple of light)
    Mace- Calavera (westcliff demon door)

    Blunderbuss- Enforcer(Gile's farm cellar)
    Turret Rifle- Perforator(wraithmarsh demon door)
    Turret Pistol- Red Dragon(get 1st in westcliff shooting range, 175 pts)
    Crossbow- Rammer(get all 50 gargoyles and go to gargoyles trove to get your prizes)

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Other Answers

  1. The Hammerthyst, from the Oakfield Demon Door.
    The Maelstrom, for sacrificing your spouse to the Temple of Shadows
    I can't think of any more off hand.

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  2. What's the Wrecker?

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