How do I get Bandit Gloves and Boots?

  1. How do I get them? I've been searching every where on the internet cant seem to get the infomation on where to find them. Its really getting on my nerves. Help? The best infomation i've gained is this "thug" but what does it mean?


    WWEKINGJERKO - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What if the the people like caren the thug and other people like that don't have gift expressons on the head and u don't have knothole island how do u get them then.

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    codeman316 - 8 years ago

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  1. Okay, according to the Clothing Guide by gottaluvme2841 (which is located right here on GameFAQs for your viewing pleasure, the only way to get the Bandit Gloves/Boots WITHOUT the Knothole Island Premium DLC is to accept them as gifts from "Thug" NPCs.

    "Thug" NPCs can be found in Bloodstone and possibly in Westcliff if you haven't yet paid Barnum the gold needed for the Westcliff Development quest. You'll recognize them once you've found them as they usually have weapons on their backs and have "Thug" in their names (An example of this would be "Bob the Thug"). There's a 2% chance that the item being gifted to you by a Thug will possibly be Bandit Gloves/Boots IF the NPC is not your spouse.

    Of course, if you have the Knothole Island Premium DLC, you can find the Bandit Gloves inside a chest in the temple that you go to during the Knothole Island's Big Freeze quest (the exact location is the first chest on the path of ice suspended above a floor filled with icicle spikes. You will have to go this way to find the Sun Totem so unless you choose not to open any chests, you shouldn't miss it). Unfortunately, the Bandit Boots haven't been found anywhere on Knothole Island yet, so you'll still have to collect them as a gift from "Thug" NPCs.

    I hope this helps you in your quest to find the Bandit Gloves and Boots.

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  1. Im not sure that the Bandit Gloves or the Bandit Shoes are a available item AT THE MOMENT.

    Lionhead Studios might release them in the next DLC they're putting out in January. BUT,they may not.

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  2. I believe that they can only be attained as gifts from villagers that either like you or fear you depending where the villager lives.

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  3. you can find them for the knothole island DLC there in treasure chests along with some swwweeeeet knight armor

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  4. Bandit Boots are available from the Knothole Island stall vendor once you meet certain requirements. First, you must have completed the 3 Knothole Island quests to get the vendor to start selling clothes. He starts off with Tart Gloves and Boots. The second requirement is maxing out the island economy. The Knothole Island region tab in the menu needs to be 5 or 6 stars, the stall vendor should have an economy rating of $875. The last requirement is to make it to Bloodstone and trigger the Reaver Quest. If you warp back at this point, the vendor should have the Tart Clothes, All Weather Chapeau (Charlie's Hat) and the Bandit Boots. If he doesn't, go to the weapon store and sleep for a day then come back. They should show up in a couple of days at the most. If they don't, check the economy to make sure it is still maxed out. If they still do not show, come back after defeating Lucien. If at any point the Bandit Gloves show up, buy them. If you don't, they will go away and and you will get neither the boots nor gloves to trigger until after Lucien.

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  5. here's how the complete bandit outfit and harlot outfit looks like.
    bandit outfit:
    harlot outfit:

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