What do the stars below item names mean?

  1. I've got the "Hal's Sword" from the LEC and it like all other weapons it has 5 star slots below it's name and I'd like to know what that means. It only has 1 star filled in right now and I'd like to know what the point of the stars is and also if only 1 star means it's crap or if it's about to break or something. I'm not familiar with how weapon stats work in fable 2. Also information about armor would be helpfull too. I'm still using the Hal's armor set and I have no idea if anything else might offer better protection. Unlike Fable 1 which stated protection ratings for all armor and clothes Fable 2 doesn't seem to do that at all so I have no idea if some clothes offer better protection than others or if there's even armor in this game. I have not found any actual armor like there was in the first Fable.

    User Info: Bleedingyamato

    Bleedingyamato - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The stars show the items rarity. One means common, five means one-of-a-kind(Hal's Sword is five stars, your's having only one is probably a glitch) or extremely hard to find. The clothes in Fable 2 have no protection value whatsoever. There is no armor like in the original Fable.

    User Info: Lastbetrayal

    Lastbetrayal - 8 years ago 0 0

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