Lady Greys Head Glitch?

  1. This Glitch happened to me:

    Switching quests after obtaining the head, but before handing it to the gravekeeper can result in a quest breaking glitch (only tested with clearing fairfax castle of bandits). The same glitch can happen if you save and quit with the head before handing it to the gravekeeper. The gravekeeper becomes un-interactable. Stepping across his doorstep then visiting him down in the basement causes him to use the dialog from when you first knock on the door. Going back to the door allows you to restart the quest. The game recognizes that you have the first two items and you can immediatly turn them back in to him. Your current quest is then to retrieve the head, which you have already done. You cannot turn in the head, and you cannot re-retrieve it. Leaving the area can cause this whole cycle to start again.

    Is their a way to get it to reset, because I accidentally saved in the middle of the quest. And if not can I Get in to the area where the last silver key is without buying the mansion?
    Or can I some how sell the head so it reappears in the coffin?

    User Info: DarkFuryBeast

    DarkFuryBeast - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Your right, I ended up restarting the whole game. Only difference is I bought the rare DLC(Halo Armor, Elite Sword, Captain Dooms Cutlass, etc.) which made it easier to replay it. Warning to all who do this quest, make sure you start and finish it before you quit the game.

    User Info: DarkFuryBeast

    DarkFuryBeast - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well in fable this quest has MANY MANY MANY glitches (as in lady grey) and u can not reset the quest and i think u cant get the last key without the mansion and if u want to fix this you will have to restart on to a new person sorry.hope i helped

    User Info: rootbeerman12

    rootbeerman12 - 6 years ago 0 0

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