See The Future and Knothole Island add ons Explanation?

  1. I bought the Premium Edition of Fable II and I think it came with all the add ons, but what difference is their between the Knothole Island add on and the Knothole Island Premium add on?. Also what editions of the game came with what add ons and to what degree? And does LE have everything? And if I already have the add ons, would they stop me from buying and downloading them again from the market place?

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    I ended up finding most of this out myself, I just forgot that I still had this question on GameFaqs. Thx anyway.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Thats a lot of questions. Okay the non-premium add ons will get Murgo and the sumbarine guy at the docks but they will have excuses for getting missions (Muro says "Stock must arrive" and sumbarine guy says "Leaks in sumbarine"). They will give you a few items and thats it. In the premium editons, well I guess you know you get the missions. Question 2 is that the pre-order gave you hals armor and a energy sword weapon. The standard edition gave you the game. The limited edition gives you hals armor, the energy sword and both DLC/Add on packs. The limited edition is for those people who got the game late but get free DLC/add ons. When you buy something off the marketplace; You NEVER need to buy it again. Once the purchase has been confirmed, you will download your DLC. If you wish to download the DLC again, than you just go on the download button for the add ons and it will let you download it for free (It will say "Download again" ) but only for the account that purchased the DLC.

    If you need any more help or do not understand, message my gamertag at XXxxFOODxxXX

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