Is thereasa evil? (spoilers)

  1. I reckon that lady grey used her witch powers to come back as thereasa and banished thereasa to the graves, and that thats why in the end of the game thereasa is so obsessed with the spire, because lady gray thinks it can grant her power and also that it is the biggest building in albion.

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    Ryol - 8 years ago
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    I reckon she is evil and that lady gray did take her bofy for her own.

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    Ryol - 8 years ago
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    Lol, I do remember that she was the first heros sister, and she probably didn't anything evil in the first game because well SHE WAS THE HEROS SISTER!! Also, you don't know how Molynuex thinks, she could be evil and maybe Lady Gray has a part in this. So don't bash me, because you think i'm wrong, you don't know how the story is going to turn out so don't make petty assumptions about something you din't know! I've made a reasonable guess as to what might happen. So don't assume it won't, cause it might.

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    Ryol - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Thereasa is not evil, if you get the See the Future download ( Note: spoiler ) you find out she wanted the Spire so she could help others see into the future with it's magical powers!

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Other Answers

  1. No thereasa is not evil she wants the spire becasuseit can preduce magic

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  2. Well first off...what??? Lastly from my understanding (mostly guess work though...) shes just really pissed at the world and wants to left alone... thats my guess wheres your's.

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  3. I think she is.....All old people get aggitated at the world and she's as old as you can get in the game lol We basically stopped the Lord from running in her yard lol

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  4. No, if she was she would have horns and second in what game have you played the main character was evil????

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  5. Lady Gray didn't have witch powers, the people of albion just thought whe was a witch and killed her for it. Besides, and the end of Fable if you let her live then she said that she was leaving, that she didn't belong in this world. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the oracle said that she went north and away from everything. I think that she took the Spire is because maybe she thought is was the one plac she could be alone in, a place she could get awa from it all, just like she told her brother, 500 years before.

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  6. Lets make this clear. Lady Gray is not a witch! What comes to Theresa, shes a 500 years old hero, so definiftely she cannot be evil. But the Spire? Maybe she as some sort of mage she's just curious about it.

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  7. She`s the sister of the hero from fable:the lost chapters. Don`t you remember??!!
    Now if you play that game you will notice that she is anything but evil.And she is not lady gray.
    Cuz lady gray had no magic powers.She was just a mad woman.And theresa in fable:the lost chapters saw the future,remember?
    And she is still telling the future right?
    So,NO.She is NOT lady gray.

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  8. Dude, Lady Grey is DEAD remember? Theres even a side quest where you bring her BACK to life. She could not have "used her witch powers (which she does NOT have) to come back as Thereasa and banished Thereasa to the graves". No ya know what? Just do the Quest 'Love Hurts' and dont be so moronic next time you play a game. -_-

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  9. Ok my bad, your not a moron it's just that I married Lady Grey and thats kinda hurtful. >.>

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  10. Lol at all of you,
    she isnt evil, looks too good for that

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  11. Who better to give the ultimate source of magic to than a possibly immortal mage that doesn't want to be involved with the rest of the world. Theresa keeps the troublemakers out and doesn't alter the course of the world. If only more ultimate weapons were so well guarded.

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  12. I think she is going to be the focus of Fable III (if there is one). I dont know. The way she says "Begone" at the end seems sort of wicked. Just because she helped defeat Lucien doesnt have to mean shes not evil. But, I think she is just one very old woman who has had a lot of years to think about all the horrible things that happened in her life.

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  13. WTF? theresa is not evil. in fable1 she had her eyes cut-out because she didnot tell the bandits where her brother was, that seems like a good deed to me.

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