My spouse dissapeared, how do I finish Retribution?

  1. To be specific, I married Lady Grey (does it matter?). And she lives in the demon door (i think called Serenity, the one at Oakfield). So, at the end of the game, I choose the revive family option. But whenever I go to serenity I can't find my wife, but my son is there. So that means I can't finish the Retribution quest.

    How do I fix this, or find a way around this?

    User Info: iph_626_stich

    iph_626_stich - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. NPCs can't reliably travel through loading screens and demon doors if they are not following you. The exception to the loading screens issue is the quest the Rescue. There is no reliable exception to the demon doors issue. Test it out if you want. Get someone to follow you, go to Serenity Farm and tell them to wait. Leave and come back. You will never find them again, seriously. Unless you are married to the person and have set Serenity Farm as your marital home. This is a good way to get rid of annoying NPCs without getting evil points. Also, you can give someone a ring to get the door open, then just leave them inside the demon door without finalizing the marriage and they are gone forever.

    You would think Serenity Farm would be the best place to keep your family, and throughout the better part of the game it is, but it seems best to move them someplace else before the end of the main quest or the activation of the quest the Rescue. Make sure it isn't Brightwood Tower, though. You can buy Brightwood Tower and do the related quest before facing Lucien, but once you have completed the main questline, the Brightwood Tower quest reappears. Nice for getting a second Diamond of Sorrow, not so nice if you married Lady Gray and thought it would be a great idea to set her up in a house in one of her favorite regions. She was gone and I could only find my son. For-freaking-ever. Many people have reported issues with the Rescue quest in which spouses are gone or children are gone.

    The way to avoid these issues seems to be:
    1. Do not use Serenity Farm as your marital home near the end of the main story.
    2. Do not have multiple spouses, especially with children, near the end of the main story.

    Note: Do not move your family to a new house while your child is still an infant. It can create a scenario in which you never find your spouse or your child.

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Other Answers

  1. Try torturing the information out of the kid.... Electricity should loosen his tounge >:D

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  2. I have this same problem on my original save and I believe there is no current way to fix this glitch. I too had married Lady Grey, and upon completion of final main quest she disappeared. I could no longer complete the quest retribution.

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  3. So you guys too huh i had the same prob and she was gone at the same time as I was near the end.

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  4. Yea I think its a game prob cuz the guy leaves after Love hurts so mybe she goes to after awhile.

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  5. yea I got an answer it was a bug ur not suppose to marry her you have to start over now sorry.

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