Where can I find these demon doors (FAQ and board not helping :())?

  1. I need to find thr Rookridge and westclif but vague descriptions like middle of the eastern part of your map doesnt help not to mention thats what they said for bower Lake and it was more towards the bottom. Plz help

    User Info: godeneagle08

    godeneagle08 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Rookridge. Transport to Rookridge Road from the Regions section from the quest menu. Follow the road until you reach a cliff (there is a path further on which u can use to get on the cliff. There should also be bandits on this cliff). From the bottom of the cliff you should easily find the demon door. The Westcliff Demon Door is a little harder to find. About the middle of the Westcliff Road map, you should see a hut sort of hidden to your left. There is a set of steps to the right of this hut which leads to a mini camp site (this will also be on your map). Follow the road (after you have gone up the steps) and near the end of the road there will be a hidden path to your left. The Demon Door is here. It is sort of glowing too.

    User Info: HeadIVIAN

    HeadIVIAN - 8 years ago 0 0

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