How you get open the chest of temple?

  1. It said go fable and see how open chest for ancestor that left you?

    User Info: subzerodark

    subzerodark - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    This might be slightly off topic, but I can't get the heroes tale to load, any suggestions (I'm using flash 10, btw, and it didn't work with flash 9).

    User Info: Allanon6666

    Allanon6666 - 9 years ago

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  1. When doing the Mini-Game just follow a path that you desire first, then refresh and redo it another way and try to rack up all 5 Items then start a New Game to get the items.
    Note: You can't open the chest again once its been open, hence why you have to start a whole new game.

    The Chest is the chest at the end of the old "Hero's Guild"
    If you have the LE Fable II, Hal's Armour and Sword should be in there with it all when you open up the chest.

    You get an Item or 2 depending on which ways you go
    These are the items:
    Chicken Suit
    Feign Attack Expression
    Apocalyptic Pink Dye
    Hero Doll
    Lionhead Tattoo

    Hope that helps a little.

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  1. You have to do the little shows on the website and then put in your x-box live info afterwards, and then you open the chest.

    User Info: PoisonBurn

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  2. the little shows meaning the heroes tale and the chicken kicking, you have to do the heroes tale 3 times to get all the items and you just do chicken kicking to get more money I guess.

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  3. Never mind, I found the answer, which is load it up in IE7. Hopefully I've helped someone by making a fool of myself, lol.

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  4. You can't unless you have the LCE edition. Thats why you put the code in then you open the chest, you have to be online.

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  5. Just wondering, what is in the chest?

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    Do the Hero's Tale three times, selecting a different crown at the end each time.

    You get:

    Chicken Suit
    Feign Attack Expression
    Apocalyptic Pink Dye
    Hero Doll
    Lionhead Tattoo

    User Info: Iamvegito

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