How do I solve the demon doors in fable II?

  1. Need to find out how to open the demon doors specificly the one that talks about meat. If you've opened any other demon doors that would be
    appreciated as well.

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    jaden7396 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    West cliff demon door requires you to corrupt yourself.

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    jaden7396 - 8 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    How do you get the blow kiss emote i messed up and didn't ask my wife to marry me in front of the demon door in oakfield and now he says he wants to see us kiss

    User Info: ringhunter1

    ringhunter1 - 8 years ago

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  1. Here is how you open all of the Demon Doors in Fable II

    (1) Fairfax Garden - this one wants you to open all of the other Demon Doors, it will also tell you which ones you haven't opened yet.

    (2) Bowerstone Cemetary - just kick a chicken at it (the chicken has to hit it)

    (3) Oakfield - there are two ways to do this one, you can either get married in front of the door. Or if you are already married just have someone who is in love with you follow you to in front of the door and blow a kiss to them.

    (4) Brightwood - this is the most annoying one in my opinion. First you have to give it some cheese. Then you must have dreadlocks and chops. Then you need to wear a yokel's (farmer's) hat, a posh shirt (the noble one worked for me), and then you need to wear the skirt that the harlot's (whores) wear in bloodstone. after that he starts saying some random stuff and then opens up.

    (5) Rookridge - this one is simple, just have your dog do some tricks in front of it, it takes like four or five.

    (6) Bower Lake - for this one you need to do some expressions for it in a certain order, they are laugh (not scary laugh), fart, point and laugh, insult (the finger), vulgar thrust, growl, blood lust roar, worship, dance, and blow kiss

    (7) Westcliff - when I went to this one my evil was maxed out so it opened up all the way immediately, so I'm assuming it wants you to be evil or perform an evil act in front of it (it's easier to just be really evil)

    (8) Wraithmarsh - it goes on about wanting a big audience of people to tell a poem or something like that to. So just have a lot of people follow you (I had as many as I could) and then just go up to the Door (the people will follow you through the cullis gate).

    (9) Bloodstone - another easy one, just play your lute in front of it and stop when it tells you to.

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  1. There are chickens near it, kick one of them into it's mouth and that one opens.

    One in wraithmarsh you need to have 12 people following you, one in oakfield you need to blow a kiss at it, and the otherone i know is over at rookridge but you need certain emotes, last one i know but don't know how to open is in fairfax gardens.

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  2. This is what I have on Demon Doors so far...

    [u]Brightwood Demon Door[/u]:

    1. Cheese (Done)
    2. Dreadlocks
    3. Mutton Chops
    4. ??? (haven't done the Dreadlocks and Mutton Chops yet)

    [u]Fairfax Garden Demon Door[/u]:

    1. Wants to know what the Brightwood Demon Door has.
    Haven't completed yet, will do when I get home.

    [u]Oakfied Demon Door[/u]: (Done)

    1. Engaged, affection, etc... (Basically, just get someone in love with you over there, and blow a kiss at her. That's all I did.)
    Got a house out of it, and a Legendary Weapon (Hammerthyst).

    [u]Rookbridge Demon Door[/u]: (Done)

    1. Dog Tricks (4-5 trick I think)
    I got some Life Potion, nothing major.

    [u]Cemetery Demon Door[/u]

    1. Meat (Apparently you have to kick a chicken at the door, or give him a Crunchy Chick. It seems this particular Demon Door loves the live meat)
    Haven't completed yet, will do when I get home.

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  3. If I remember correctly the cemetary demon door simply has a master longsword in it. Nothing really important unless yer cheap. It doesn't even have any augment slots.

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  4. When I opened the Cemetary Door (you DO have to kic a chicken into it) I got three different EXP potions, not a Master Longsword. Is it likely that each treasure behind the door is randomly generated for each player...?

    User Info: Attelocin

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  5. The Master Longsword was from the one in Bloodstone, not in the cemetary, the one in the cemetary does give you 3 different exp potions. All the one in Bloodstone wants is you to play the Lute until he says to finish it and he opens, real easy.

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  6. Wut about the barrow lake demon door?

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  7. Check this:, within all the pages, info to open every demon door is provided.

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  8. The one Fairfax has to be the last door remaning. He'll mention the doors that are still closed and tell you to go open.

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  9. Wraithmarsh only requires 10 followers.

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  10. This site helped me out alot -

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