Why did my game quit running?

  1. I started doing the book of the extremly dead mission (the one where you have to kill 100 hollow men in the bowerstone graveyard.) While doing the mission i noticed the demon door right away and rememerd how easy it is to open. So I decided to open it quick and get an easy reward. As i was going in I read a message across the top saying something along the lines of "leaving the area will cause the game to reset to the nearest check point." I was unable to quit going in the door by the time I finished reading and reverted to right after I started the quest. This time however I was (and still am) unable to use any of my weapons or magic, hollow men appear, but they do not attack, townspeople either run or stand still and I can't interact with them, and finally, whenever i try to go to the menu it comes up with the "scene paused" box. This is my only save on this character, my other character still works fine. Is there anyway to fix this problem at all?

    User Info: Starman907

    Starman907 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Unfortunately, this is one of the few gamebreaking bugs. Im not sure if you can fix it.

    Try going to: www.fable.wikia.com Some fixes might be there.

    User Info: Pappy1193

    Pappy1193 - 8 years ago 0 0

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